Why Ice Fishing Tip Ups Are a Must

Have you tried setting up many holes to fish from simultaneously when you go ice fishing? Doing this can make sure you get as many fish as possible. Maybe you want to have some cooking or sightseeing time. Possibly, you’re wanting to squeeze in a 10-minute nap, but who will hold your fishing pole? You might want to look into some ice fishing tip ups.

What Are Tip Ups?

Angling_with_Tip_Up_on_the_IceTip-ups are also called fish traps, ice traps, or tilts. They help you as the angler detect a catch even if you are not directly holding your pole. Once a fish is hooked, the flag on your tip up will raise as its signal.

When combining tip ups with your fishing rod, you can have many fishing holes set up. This will help you by trying to catch several fish simultaneously. You can also sit back and catch some fish while doing something else. You could be preparing food, taking pictures, or playing with your kids.

There are a few different types of tip ups out there on the market. Some popular tip-ups include plastic discs, arctic fire, and traditional wooden tipped ones.

How Does an Ice Fishing Tip Up Work?

A tip-up is one of the most essential tools that can be used for fishing. These apparatuses allow you to suspend some live bait down into the ice while detecting fish that are biting your line without having to check your pole regularly. The use of these tools will allow you to spread out on the ice and effectively fish a large body of water.

There are many different brands out there, and ice anglers will argue bitterly about who makes the best ice fishing tip ups. Depending on the type of wooden tip-ups that you are purchasing will determine the ease with which you are able to get it installed into the ice.
Tip_Up_for_Hands_Free_FishingAnother one of the great things about ice fishing with tip ups, is that you will have the ability to hang your bait at varying depths in the water. This will help ensure that you are able to have the best possibility of catching not just one or two fish, but lots of fish and different types too.

When you have an ice fishing tip up, you can have many holes and poles going at the same time. These crafty devices give you the ability to do many other things and still catch as many fish as possible, without the fear of not being able to let go of your fishing pole. For this reason alone, a smart angler will see the benefits of using ice fishing tip ups.


Angling with tip-ups can help you make sure that your day of fishing is filled with catching lots of fish. No one wants to sit out on the ice, in the cold, and not catch any fish. Utilizing these amazing inventions will help you make sure that you are able to catch as many fish as possible. Go home with the bragging rights of a full day’s worth of fish being on your line.

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