How to Use Ice Fishing Traps

There are many ways to reel in a fish. That is why several different types of fishing gear have been created. One of the best pieces of equipment on the market today is ice fishing traps. The most commonly used type of trap is the tip up.

What Are Tip Ups?

Homemade Ice Fishing TrapsTip ups are very easy to craft and even easier to purchase. Several ice fishing trap parts are used to create this perfect fish catching mechanism, including tip up spool and tip up flags.

With this type of fishing trap, you can drop your line into the water and wait for the fish to bite. Once a fish is hooked on your line, the tip up flag will signal you. All that you have to do is reel in your line and see what you caught.

Ultimately, ice fishing traps are an excellent way to maximize your time while out on the lake. Below we have included a list of tips that you should know when using traps.

What to Know When Using Ice Fishing Traps or Tip-Ups

  • Spread apart a line of tip ups
  • When the flag goes up, run to your rod quickly. Make sure you set your hook gently to avoid losing your catch.
  • If the fish is fighting, let it run a little bit and don’t make it slack. Make sure you reel in slow and gradually.
  • It’s a long gradual struggle between you and the fish, have perseverance and don’t give up.

How to Use Traps?

There are many types of tip ups, but most of them can be utilized similarly. The following are some steps to using this kind of trap:

  1. Take the flag up and unhook it before pulling your fishing line out.
  2. Skim the ice out of your bored hole, making it clean before setting the trap. After, determine how deep the water is. You can either use sonar or just a weight to locate the bottom.
  3. Depending on the type of fish you are catching, you need to adjust your fishing lines for the accurate depth.
  4. You might need to use a bobber as a marker. This will allow you to reset the tip up quickly to improve the depth. It is also necessary for you to know how much line is out once you hook a fish.
  5. Once your line is ready, you can set your hook, apply your bait or lure, then gradually drop your line until it reaches your marker.
  6. You will know when you have a catch because the shaft of the trap will rotate, making the flag go up and start to spin.
  7. Carefully grab the line and pull the tip up away then feel the fishes movement while slowly and gently reeling it in.

Tip Ups Ice Fishing Traps

How to Catch More Fish Using Tip Ups?

With knowing the functionality of these traps, we can determine their value. The best ice fishing traps allow you to deploy more lines and catch more fish. Try setting up more tip ups in different holes with a certain distance. You will soon reap the benefits of these great tools.

Remember, it is important to know what kind of traps to use for various applications. When all is said and done, if you are a pro ice angler, this is a vital piece of gear you need to have.

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