Building a Homemade Ice Fishing Sled

Homemade Ice Fishing Sled Feature

Homemade Ice Fishing Sled Feature

Carrying around your ice fishing gear can be exhausting. When you’ve been out on the ice all day, you need a simple solution that won’t wear you down. A homemade ice fishing sled can help make lugging your rod, reel, traps, bait, and equipment around a lot easier.

homemade Ice fishing sleds

How to Make a Homemade Ice Fishing Sled

First, you will need some basic materials:

  • A snow sled
  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Waterproof adhesive/buttons
  • Drill
  • Waterproof cloth
  • Skiis or snowboards

Homemade ice sled build1. Creating the Design

Homemade ice sled buildAs simple or as complex as it can be, plan your equipment the way you want it. Consider what you will be hauling inside of it. You may want to build your homemade ice fishing sled solely as mobile storage for your equipment. Maybe you want a more complex one which will serve as a shelter during cold winds.

When planning the design, it is also important to know how far you go for ice fishing. What are the temperatures like? How is the snow at your regular fishing spots? Knowing these answers will give you an idea on how you should build your toboggan.

2. Buy the Necessary Equipment

You can get a basic plastic sleigh if you want to use it just for storing your things. However, if you need one that you can sit on or use as shelter, opt for a larger sled.

Whatever type of toboggan you buy or build, get a waterproof cover to keep your equipment dry. Make sure it can cover all the gear that your sleigh will be carrying. The best way to make sure the cover will work is to measure the base of your sled. You want your waterproof cover to be twice as big as the base.

The Deluxe Universal Ice Fishing Sled Cover by Trophy Angler will easily cover a Frabill 2110 with measurements of: 83 x 58 x 61.5 inches.

If you want to attach skis or snowboards to the bottom of the sled, you have several options. Some builders will buy used snow skis on craigslist for example. Another option is to buy some plastic sledding boards.

The skis or boards will make it much easier to haul your sled. This is especially true if you’re going to be weighing it down with lots of gear.

3. Assemble the Structure

Many builders use 2×4 sections to attache the skis to the sled. This helps list the sled up off the snow to reduce drag. If you’re going to be walking through deep snow with your sled, raising the sled will save you alot of effort.

  1. Cut a 6 inch section of 2×4 and attach it to the skis and sled. This is where bolts and screws will come in handy.
  2. Screw the skiis from the bottom up into the 2×4 sections.
  3. Countersink the screws into the skis so that they don’t catch on anything.
  4. Place the skis and 2×4 assembly under the sled. Position the sled so that it is well balanced.
  5. To mount the skis and 2×4 assembly onto the sled, simply screw down through the sled into the 2x4s.
  6. Make sure you fasten the skis, 2x4s and sled securely.

Fishing equipment sleigh4. Add the Cloth on the Sled

You may want to attach your cover by putting on a waterproof adhesive or screw the cloth around your sled as your cover. Leave one end open for you to load and unload your equipment. For a better and more optimal cover, you can have buttons attached to your sled and cloth to cover your sleigh or leave it wide open without a covering cloth.

Fishing equipment sleigh5. Accessorize

To make it more personal, you may also want to mount a large storage bin or a cooler to your sled. Whatever accessories or mountable equipment you add, make sure you have them placed at the right corners to keep your sled balanced.

Wrap Up:

You don’t need to buy an expensive sleigh in stores. You can make a durable homemade ice fishing sled for yourself at a lower price. When you opt to make your own equipment, personalizing becomes a lot easier.

Best Ice Fishing Glove to Protect from the Cold

It’s the winter season, and this is the time of year you grab your gear and go out ice fishing. However, you won’t be able to experience the joy and fun of this outdoor activity if you already feel like you’re freezing to death. The extremely low temperatures will undoubtedly make you cold even if you are wearing plenty of clothing. Using the perfect ice fishing glove will help you remain warm and toasty.

Icy_Angling_Gloves_Prevent_FrostbiteIt is important that you should wear the right clothes for ice fishing. Keep yourself dry, warm, and protected from ice, cold and snow with a pair of the best cold weather fishing gloves.

An ice fishing glove is paramount when it comes to freezing temperatures. Your gloves should more than adequately protect you from the elements. Just like a great pair of ice boots would do.

Using Waterproof Fishing Mittens

Make sure that the gloves that you decide on are the best waterproof fishing mittens you can find. The temperature outside is already freezing cold, the last thing you want to do is get your clothes wet. Using waterproof fishing mittens is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your appendages don’t become frostbitten.

Next, you will want to look at how textured the glove is. If your waterproof fishing mittens are textured, they will allow you to firmly grip your fishing pole. This will help keep you from losing your catch. No angler wants to hook that perfect catch and then turn around and have their fish get away. Don’t let this happen to you because you didn’t have the proper grip due to your gloves.

Use the Best Cold Weather Fishing Gloves for Your next Trip

While looking for the best cold weather fishing gloves, you need to be sure they will extend past your wrist. This might not immediately jump out at you as something that would be necessary. Just like every other piece of cold weather gear, the more, the better.

Winter_Gloves_Keep_Warm_While_FishingDetermine the type of material that you want to have your best cold weather fishing gloves to be made out of. Neoprene is a popular material choice because it is water-resistant. However, different kinds of neoprene can be chosen from as well. Think about what will be the best fit for the sort of cold weather fishing that you plan on doing, and from there you can make the best decision.

If you decide to go with a cheaper ice fishing glove that they probably won’t last you as long. Just go with a more expensive pair. This might be alright for someone who isn’t an enthusiast of ice fishing who only goes maybe once or twice a year. For the serious ice anglers, who love to be out on the frozen lake boring holes and waiting for the perfect catch, owning equipment that is built to last is imperative.

There is a lot of protective gear that is necessary when you plan on going out onto the lake for a day of adventure. Your ice fishing gloves keep your hands and fingers warm, and with the right pair, you will have the ability to grip the rod and pull in that perfect catch.


If you are not concerned with your gloves being 100% waterproof, then check out the pro angler glove by glacier glove:

Why Ice Fishing Tip Ups Are a Must

Have you tried setting up many holes to fish from simultaneously when you go ice fishing? Doing this can make sure you get as many fish as possible. Maybe you want to have some cooking or sightseeing time. Possibly, you’re wanting to squeeze in a 10-minute nap, but who will hold your fishing pole? You might want to look into some ice fishing tip ups.

What Are Tip Ups?

Angling_with_Tip_Up_on_the_IceTip-ups are also called fish traps, ice traps, or tilts. They help you as the angler detect a catch even if you are not directly holding your pole. Once a fish is hooked, the flag on your tip up will raise as its signal.

When combining tip ups with your fishing rod, you can have many fishing holes set up. This will help you by trying to catch several fish simultaneously. You can also sit back and catch some fish while doing something else. You could be preparing food, taking pictures, or playing with your kids.

There are a few different types of tip ups out there on the market. Some popular tip-ups include plastic discs, arctic fire, and traditional wooden tipped ones.

How Does an Ice Fishing Tip Up Work?

A tip-up is one of the most essential tools that can be used for fishing. These apparatuses allow you to suspend some live bait down into the ice while detecting fish that are biting your line without having to check your pole regularly. The use of these tools will allow you to spread out on the ice and effectively fish a large body of water.

There are many different brands out there, and ice anglers will argue bitterly about who makes the best ice fishing tip ups. Depending on the type of wooden tip-ups that you are purchasing will determine the ease with which you are able to get it installed into the ice.
Tip_Up_for_Hands_Free_FishingAnother one of the great things about ice fishing with tip ups, is that you will have the ability to hang your bait at varying depths in the water. This will help ensure that you are able to have the best possibility of catching not just one or two fish, but lots of fish and different types too.

When you have an ice fishing tip up, you can have many holes and poles going at the same time. These crafty devices give you the ability to do many other things and still catch as many fish as possible, without the fear of not being able to let go of your fishing pole. For this reason alone, a smart angler will see the benefits of using ice fishing tip ups.


Angling with tip-ups can help you make sure that your day of fishing is filled with catching lots of fish. No one wants to sit out on the ice, in the cold, and not catch any fish. Utilizing these amazing inventions will help you make sure that you are able to catch as many fish as possible. Go home with the bragging rights of a full day’s worth of fish being on your line.

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The Best Ice Fishing Boots to Prevent Frostbite

It seems to be that time of the year again when ice fishing is all you can think about. Or maybe you’re new to the ice angling scene, and you aren’t sure where to begin.

Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum, making sure that you have the right gear is important. Now that you have purchased a professional rod, you will need to protect yourself from the blistering cold. Using the best ice fishing boots is imperative because they make sure to keep your feet warm and protected.

Boots_to_Keep_Your_Feet_Safe_From_the_ElementsWithout the right equipment, you are less likely to have an enjoyable time. Don’t leave yourself unprotected from the frigid weather that you will be facing. Looking for the warmest snow boots for ice fishing will prevent serious illnesses and even possible nerve damage. The freezing temperatures that will be challenging you while out on the ice can cause serious frostbite if you care not careful.

What Brand Carries the Best Ice Fishing Boots?

There are many brands out there to choose from. Knowing what they have to offer is crucial in making the right decision for you. Ensure that you are receiving the highest quality product to protect yourself with while also getting one that will last.

Deciding which brand to go with when looking for the warmest snow boots for ice fishing can be a tough venture. There are a few things that you will want to take into consideration before you start your search. Some people think that by purchasing a thick boot (such as steel-toed boots), they will be protected enough from the elements. Well, they would be very, very wrong. If you were to make the mistake of buying steel-toed boots, you would quickly find your feet freezing due to the cold. The steel will hold in the frigid temperature and start to freeze very fast.

What Features Do the Warmest Snow Boots for Ice Fishing Have?

Whichever of the warmest snow boots for ice fishing you go with be sure that they have nice thick soles. The farther away from the ice that your feet can get, the better.

Excellent_Boots_for_Fishing_in_SnowAlso, pay attention to the thickness and height of the boots. If getting to your perfect fishing hole requires you to walk through snow then no matter how thick your soles or how warm they might seem at first won’t make a difference. The boots you acquire should be tall enough to keep the snow out. This means while you are making your way to your favorite fishing spot you can keep yourself warm and toasty.

It is also significant to remember when you are purchasing the warmest snow boots for ice fishing that they are very well insulated. The longer that we sit in a stationary position, the colder we will become. If you have decided on a pair of boots that are well insulated, you should have no problem keeping your feet warm while you patiently wait for your fish to bite.

When you are trying to do something that you love, obviously you will want to have the best time possible. That will be nearly impossible to accomplish if our feet are freezing. Invest in the best ice fishing boots to make sure that won’t happen to you.



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Best Ice Fishing Flashers for Icy and Murky Water

Fishing in the snow and ice can be fun and exciting past time used for leisure and relaxation. That is if you can actually catch a fish. If you are an experienced angler then you know sometimes they just aren’t around to take your bait. Get an ice fishing flasher to help avoid these frustrating situations.

Angling Accessory That Annihilates Guess Work

Ice_Fishing_Sonar_for_Your_ConvenienceThis amazing angling accessory will ensure that you come home with a catch every time. Get an ice fishing flasher as your newest addition to your angling accessory collection. They can provide you with a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. Not to mention just how cool the ice angling fish finder can be. They will help you detect if there are fish swimming around in the water.

After you bore your hole in the icy snow, then you can use these to watch for fish under the ice. There is no more guess work!

Once you have bored out your fishing hole in the ice, you will be able to quickly decide if you want to stay at that spot. If there aren’t any fish hanging around you can just go to another place and try again. The amount of time you spend typically looking for your next catch can now be spent actually catching fish.

When using an ice angling fish finder, you must know how to read it. All sonars aren’t like the ones we see in movies or on television. This incredible angling accessory can be tricky and complicated to understand at first. One of the biggest issues people have is getting the flasher tangled in their lines. This is why we have provided you with some great information on how an ice angling fish finder work. If you are a first timer and plan on purchasing this angling accessory, you should take a look at what is involved with using one correctly.

Set up Your Ice Fishing Flasher:

After you plug the battery in and turn the unit on you will need to drop the transducer into the hole that you bored. Older ice fishing flasher models need the sensor right underneathSonar_for_Best_Fishing_Under_the_Ice the ice in order to get a healthy signal.

The ice angling fish finder can reach up to 240 feet deep under the ice. By using a smartphone or a GPS, you can even find out the depth you will be fishing in. After figuring out the measurement of how deep the area you will be angling in, set the range a little deeper than the real depth. For example, if your actual fishing depth is 30 feet you should set your range to 33 or 35 feet.

Adjusting Your Gain:

Adjust the gain, which is the total amount of power the transducer gives off. The gain basically controls the signal of the of your flasher. It will send a signal to the bottom of the lake and then will bounce back to the unit. Then it will determine how far the signal traveled. As the area you are fishing in starts to get deeper, you will need to increase the strength of the flasher.

When dropping the lure down in the water, you should be able to see it on the screen clearly. It is represented on the screen as a bar that will move back and forth. This bar expressing your lure should be very thin so that you can tell it apart from the fish in the water. Distinguishing from other objects and movements on the screen is so much easier because of this.

Using an ice angling fish finder on your next trip, big or small, can enhance the experience that you have on the ice. Get an ice fishing flasher and take all the guessing out of your day.

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Ice Fishing Bibs for the Serious Angler

If you are an ice angler, you will want to make sure that you are warm while fishing. The best way for you to stay warm is by wearing the proper insulated clothing and gear designed to keep you dry, and sequentially heated.

There are many ways to stay warm when battling the cold such as layering. When it comes to your clothing, ice fishing bibs are one of the most compelling pieces of gear you should consider.

What Are Ice Fishing Bibs?

Tundra_Fishing_Bibs_Even_for_at_NightBibs are essentially coveralls for fishing. Most ice bibs are designed to keep you warm and dry from the worst weather conditions. The functionality of ice suits is what makes them essential. Many will include extra pockets for secure storage for your hooks, lures, bait and more, reducing the need for a tackle box.

When it comes to choosing your gear, make sure that you look at several different features. Since bibs come in many different options, be sure that you research each one thoroughly before your purchase. Some example questions you will want to ask would be:

  • What kind of insulation does the bib have?
  • How many pockets are available for storage?
  • Do you want the best ice suit for floating?
  • Is it a waterproof ice suit?

Individual coveralls will have different features such as attached cleaning cloths, magnet zipper snaps, built-in seat pads, knee pads and much more. These are all things should be considered when choosing your icy clothing.

Picking the proper gear will ultimately come down to what things you are most concerned with. When you know what features are a must have for you, you’ll be able to choose the best seam sealed suits for your particular angling needs.

The most important factor for most anglers is the waterproof ability of the fishing suit, degree of insulation offered, the stability of the seams and ventilation provided.

Features of the Best Ice Suits

When purchasing your icy clothing, you will want to make sure that the garments are functional. The best bibs will be practical while keeping you warm and dry. Here are a few types of best ice suits on the market in 2017:

Seam Sealed Ice-Suits

  • Seam sealed suits are ice fishing bibs that are waterproofed. Waterproofing is essential when going fishing. If your gear is not waterproof, you’ll have a lot harder time staying warm in frigid conditions.

Floating Suits

  • A lot of ice suits designs are made to be buoyant now. Making these types of bibs a smart buy for anyone fishing out on the ice. Unfortunately, ice fishing can be very dangerous. Picking the best ice suits that float is another safety precaution you can take.

Recommended Brand to Use:

Striker Brands – These suits are designed with sureflote technology that will keep your head above water even in the iciest of situations. The insulation that they provide will keep you warm all throughout the day while dealing with the frigid temperature.


It is important to remember that staying warm and dry will be easier with seam sealed suits oppose to those which are not. Seam sealed suits are designed for true waterproof functionality. When it comes to your angling adventure, ice fishing bibs are essential for complete weather protection.

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The Best Otter Ice Fishing Gear You Can Get

Are you a hardcore ice fishing enthusiast? Maybe you are somebody who is starting to get serious about frozen fishing life. Wanting to take your angling game to the next level is admirable. Looking into otter ice fishing gear is going to be the best place you can start.

From small ice gear and accessories to medium storage bins, and even up to the large sleds and shelters, otter ice fishing has everything your anglers heart desires.

Angler Storage Box Benefits

Customizable_Rod_Holder_by_OtterOtter Outdoor Sportsman’s Caddy is a convenient angler storage box that is easy to attach. It has a large, spacious storage compartments, and a layer tray has additional cup holders and lure storage. If you have a lot of little compartments for your smaller equipment and accessories, you can have them all stored in one easy to use angler storage box. The Outdoor Sportsman’s Caddy can be attached to the seat rail.

Best Ice Rod Case You Can Buy

The Otter Sportsman’s Rod Case is a perfect case for your ice angling rods. You will feel more secure about the safety of your rods with the best ice rod case. This durable yet lightweight rod case made from polyethylene plastic by Otter Outdoors. The interior of the case is foam-lined to keep your poles protected from unexpected shocks and shakes. This best ice rod case can carry up to six rods and their reels. With holding all these items you still have space for preventing the rods from being compressed inside it. Be assured of the safety of your rods with Otter Sportsman’s Rod Case.

Perfect Adjustable Rod Holder

Otter’s Adjustable Rod Holder helps keep the security and stability of your rod. This will help you with fishing on the ice for hours at a time. The holder is made from powder-coated steel. It can be adjusted so that it can mount almost any kind of pole. You can maneuver your rod to place it where you want for your convenience. The Otter Outdoors Adjustable Rod Holder can also be installed and mounted on your sled, fishing shelter, and it will even work if your other gear isn’t Otter brand.

Otter XT Pro Cottage Ice Shelter

Featuring 16.8 square feet of space, Otter’s XT Pro Cottage Ice Shelter is designed to keep your warm and comfortable under the iciest of conditions. Otter’s Thermal-TEC 1,200-denier layering system of the shelter blocks wind and light. This allows it to lock the heat inside and reduce condensation. This acts as a thermal inner shell to keep you nice and toasty. The Otter XT Pro Cottage also has a rear access door and is packed with a deluxe padded swivel seat.Snow_Shelter_for_Ice_Angling_by_Otter

Otter 1/4 Zip Pullover

This 100% Polyester Pullover by Otter with an incredibly soft fleece interior helps reduce the moisture from the outdoors. This is incredibly helpful while you are trying to keep dry. With it being so light weight, it is comfortable to wear all day long. It is embroidered with the logo of Otter on the chest. Another logo is located on the upper back of the zip pullover. The Otter 1/4 Zip Pullover also has a vertical breast pocket for smaller ice gear and accessories and comes in multiple sizes.

Improve efficiency and get more serious with your outdoor ice fishing activity this winter with convenient, efficient, and the best otter ice fishing equipment, with ice gear and accessories. The best ice rod case, angler storage box, adjustable rod holder, Otter XT Pro Cottage, and the Zip Pullover provide you with what you need and what you want for your ice angling service. With otter ice fishing equipment and accessories, you will be prepared for anything the ice will throw at you.

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Ice Fishing Rod Holders for Better Angeling Experience


Going out to fish on the ice is an exciting experience. If you love ice fishing you probably have a lot of equipment. Maybe you have gears and a variety of rods you want to bring on your trip. All these poles and ice angling accessories can be a hassle to carry especially if they are not organized properly. This is why they invented ice fishing rod holders.

Why Are These Ice Angling Accessories Helpful?

The_Black_Fox_Pole_Holder_Upright_PositionWhen it comes to your poles, they can become a tangled mess very quickly and then all of them will be unusable. You will then need to take the time to either change out the lines or untangle them. This isn’t what you want to be dealing with on your trip. When you decide you’re ready to leave your favorite fishing spot and head home for the night, you will be able to do so without as much work.

It is prudent for you to use ice fishing rod holders because they come in extremely handy. They provide you with the convenience of hands-free fishing. Use these to ensure your pole won’t go tumbling into the icy water when you need to go to the little fisherman’s room. Even text your friends or family without worry or struggle.

All you need to do is place your pole inside. Even if you have your hook still attached, you can slide the rod down. Don’t trouble yourself with removing the hook from your pole when you could be using these fantastic ice angling accessories.

The Best Ice Fishing Rod Holder by Black Fox Fishing:

You don’t have to break down your rod and reel. These cool fishing accessories allow you to keep all your equipment intact while you transport them. All you have to do is place your rod down inside, and you are ready to go!

It is incredibly quick and easy to set it up. About 3 seconds is all it takes. Just flip the legs around and place it where you want it to sit. The adjustable legs make it as sturdy as you need it to be so that it won’t tip over.


These are safer to use as well because the hook will be securely inside the holder when you pack up your things. Hooks won’t snag or puncture anything that you don’t want them to. No longer must you worry about a hook ending up in your hand while carrying all your angling accessories around.

They are specially built to withstand the iciest of conditions. Rubber stoppers on the ends of the legs provide added support to keep the holder from moving around on a slick surface.

Just place your fishing rod holders in the upright position on the ice and wait until a fish bites. Since you don’t have to hold your pole all the time you can still relax and grab a beer while waiting. So the next time you decide to hit the lake to catch some crappie, remember to pack your new ice angling accessories along with your pole.

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The Perfect Ice Fishing Chair for Your next Trip

You are on a frozen lake or out on the Arctic tundra eagerly awaiting the ideal catch. Standing around with nothing but ice and snow, you are probably going to need somewhere to sit down. At this point, the keeper deluxe ice fishing chair would come in handy. What should you look for in a seat like this?


What Should You Look for in an Ice Fishing Chair?

There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect ice angling chair. You might be thinking about purchasing one that will be easy to carry, but that wouldn’t be recommended. One that hurts your back after only 30 mins of sitting would make for a terrible outing. Finding one that doesn’t break down after a couple of uses can also test your patients. We have found one that is durable and comes with all the bells/whistles that an angler needs.

Here Are Some Tips on Choosing the Perfect Ice Anglers Chair:

An ergonomic seat will enhance your experience. It is specially designed to provide you with efficiency and comfort while being user-friendly and safe.

Choosing one with compartments and pockets would be ideal. For easier access to your essentials, Relax_in_Comfortable_Icy_Angling_Chairthe keeper deluxe ice fishing chair has a compartment under the seat for anything you might need. Lines, hooks, bait, there is enough room to store it all. There is also a cubby that can hold your tools, like the drill or the flasher you have. This perfect ice anglers chair even comes with a bait bag on the side to make baiting your line that mush easier.

One with straps can make the trudge to your favorite angling spot a leisurely breeze. Most fishing seats are meant to be hand carried. Transport becomes so much easier, especially if you have to hike to reach your favorite fishing hole. This strap keeps your hand free for balance, especially on slippery surfaces like snow and slush.

Built in Rod Holders to Free Your Hands:

Relax_in_Comfortable_Icy_Angling_ChairA seat with a built in rod holder is super helpful when you are sitting for extended periods of time without a single bite. Having a rod holder that’s attached to your seat is super convenient for keeping your hands free from obstruction. You can read or grab a beer while waiting for that perfect catch. The keeper deluxe chair comes with two that are sturdy enough to support a fish on the line. There’s no need to worry about you chair tipping over if you want to stretch your legs for a few.

Aside from durability and convenience, you also have to consider the material of used in a perfect ice anglers chair. Is the material waterproof? The frame must also be rust free if it is going to be getting wet.

Bonus: They also come with a cup holder! Keep yourself hydrated with an insulated bottle of water, maybe a beer if it’s that kind of trip.

Choosing the perfect ice anglers chair is important and can make your fishing experience go from just being a good time to being a grand time.

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Why Use a Tungsten Ice Fishing Jig over Lead?


When in the cold and crisp winter air over an icy lake, using a tungsten ice fishing jig can aid you in many ways. Making your trip and experience more enjoyable because of how easy these are to use is one major advantage.

Tungsten jigs are preferred over lead jigs for the effectiveness. Professional ice anglers will use these on their rods due to their ability to sink more quickly than a lead jig. Tungsten jigs are rapidly becoming the new hot topic amongst anglers all throughout the community. Here are a few reasons why Tungsten jigs are the best way to go ice fishing.

Why the Tungsten Ice Fishing Jig Has Grown in Popularity:

Tungsten_vs_Lead_Angling_Jig_for_IceMost anglers like to remove the excess slush and broken up ice after drilling their hole. This can be a big mistake since the extra slush and ice can provide you with an added advantage. Crappies can frighten easily when there is a bright light shining through the water. Bright light is exactly what a cleaned out hole in the ice will give the fish underneath. It is almost like you are warning them to stay away.
Professional ice anglers know that extra slush covering the hole will block sunlight and can give you and the fish you are trying to attract a more natural setting. However, the challenge of this added slush is getting through it without having to use much larger and more noticeable jigs. Jousting is a method used by most anglers during ice fishing. They do this by thrusting the jig through the slush using the tip of their rods. Heavy, metal tungsten jigs slide through the icy water quite smoothly, eliminating the risk of breaking your rod trying to punch through the slush. Why go through the risk and the trouble of jousting if you don’t need to?

Tungsten Jigs Provide a Fast, Heavy and Straight Drop:

Tungsten jigs are preferred to lead jigs due to them weight. One of these tungsten weights will sink more quickly than a lead one that is the same size. This gives you a more efficient cast which also means a more rapid catch. With this metal, it is faster to determine whether or not there’s fish in the water.

Professional ice anglers love the straight drop it provides. This allows you more control over your line, avoiding getting it caught in rocks or vegetation. The heavy jig will also enable you to create a cloud by stirring up the water when it hits bottom, thus, attracting more crappies. It also produces a clicking sound when it hits bottom, achieving the same effect. The straight drop also eliminates line twists and tangles.

Jigging, a Technique Used by Professional Ice Anglers:

Angling_Jigs_for_Fishing_on_the_IceSince it sinks quickly and smoothly moves in the water, Tungsten gives you the added advantage of aggressive jigging. Crappies easily attract to vibrations and fast movement. Slowly pulling in the jig triggers and lures the crappies to play catch.

Tungsten jigs can better mimic the crappie’s usual food. Given the same weight as larger lead jigs, using a tungsten ice fishing jig gives you the ability to teases the crappies with less effort.

Since it is 30 times heavier than lead, having a few of these heavy jigs will give you more of a chance to attract a larger catch. So why are you still using that old lead jig? Try what all the professional ice anglers are using now. Purchase a tungsten jig today and catch more with less effort.


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