Ice Fishing Crappie Tips and Tricks


Crappies can be found anywhere, but they are easiest to catch in icy and frozen lakes. When ice fishing crappie you need the right knowledge to ensure that you can hook as many as possible. They are also one of the most common fish species that can be found living underneath the ice. Crappies, the scientific name being Pomoxis, are quite fun and simple to catch. That is, if you are using proper winter fishing tactics.

Some Tricks to Catch More Crappie

First, you need to be aware of as much information as possible about the area that you are going to be cold water Pomoxis fishing in. Try to talk with some of the locals about the icy water you will be cold water Pomoxis fishing in. Ask about the other species of fish that are in the lake also.

Remember, the bigger the lake that you are ice fishing crappie in, the better. This will give you a greater chance at catching them. However, it can take some time to find the perfect spot.

Some Cold Water Pomoxis Fishing Tactics


One of the best winter fishing tactics is boring more holes to provide yourself a better chance to locate the fish. If you already find the location of the fish it is also important to know how to get the fish out of the water and on the ice safely. The best way is usually through jigging. It is in jigging where you raise your rod up and down gently to lure the fish out.

It is best to go cold water Pomoxis fishing in between sundown and right after dark. If you follow these time frames your ice fishing trip will be colder than usual, so you will need to be appropriately dressed. Pomoxis are mostly located in icy lakes around winter time because when temperatures are high, they prefer larger bodies of water.

Some Winter Fishing Tactics and Tools

There are certain winter fishing tactics you can use to benefit you and increase your chances of hooking Pomoxis. There are tools and pieces of equipment that you are going to want to have with you. Bring along a portable sonar, an auger (preferably an electric one), and a jigging rod with some jigs.

Fishing_in_the_Ice_for_CrappieA power auger is used to drill holes to locate the fish. You might need to dig many holes before you can find the best one and that is when this comes in handy. You can drill three holes roughly three feet apart. This will dramatically increase your chances of hooking one of these fish.
It is also imperative when you are ice fishing that you are using the correct bait. Using live bait will help you trigger a bite more quickly. Minnows are one of the most useful and efficient baits for bigger white crappies. Grubs can also be helpful; you just have to make sure that you attach them to a jig.

Where you plan on going cold water Pomoxis fishing will ultimately determine what equipment you will want to bring with you. If you know that you’re going to have a long distance to walk, it might be beneficial to bring with you a sled. These can help you can take your equipment to your perfect spot all in one trip.

When you are ice fishing crappie, it is important to know that it isn’t just about luck while you’re out on the ice water with your pole. Preparation and practice of some winter fishing tactics can help you catch more and have a day you won’t forget.

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Frabill Ice Fishing Shelter Review


It’s that time of the year again to go ice fishing! When going ice fishing, getting a great shelter from the cold wind will help you stay out longer on the ice and catch more fish. Frabill ice fishing supplies a variety of shelters that you can choose. From a single-sitter to triple-shelters, they have it all. When choosing a great ice shelter, there are so many things to consider. Here are some great features of best Frabill shelters which will help you understand why they are so great.

What are The Best Frabill Shelters Features?

Frabill is famous for creating great and modern-looking shacks and gears. Their shelters are simply exceptional aesthetically. The height of their shelters is vast, allowing more room for fishermen to stretch their legs inside. It is also very sturdy and firm, and it can handle a lot of rough wind. The pole system (the skeleton in a sense) of their shelters is also lighter and stronger than any other, and they also give you a lot of room for your lures, reels and multiple fishing holes.

Frabill_Shelter_for_Ice_Angling_ComfortPortability of This Ice Angler Shack

The best Frabill shelters are extremely lightweight and portable. It is easy to load one on your car or the back of your truck. It’s also smooth to slide on ice or carry around. They fold up perfectly in a non-bulky way and set up quite efficiently.

Removable Windows and Ventilation

Another one of the prominent features of the best Frabill shelters would be the removable windows. It will prevent the windows from cracking during times of unrelenting weather. These ice angler shacks also have a fantastic ventilation system called “Maxvent” which keep you safe from carbon dioxide poisoning if you have a heater running.

Integrated Rod Lockers

The larger Frabill sheds come with a built in rod locker beneath your bench. It helps to keep your poles and other tools organized. Also, it is an excellent way to keep your tools safe during transport.

Sound Insulation

The best Frabill shelters are a leading contender when it comes to providing the best possible insulation. It’s a helpful approach used to keep the chill out particularly during harsh days where the wind speeds are arduous. You can always stay safe and warm inside the best Frabill shelters. They also give you different options. You can choose from zero insulation to full insulation, depending on your needs.

Versatility and Customization


Frabill gives you countless options for your comfort. You can choose the best seats for you and your friends from their many options. These seats easily slide forward and backward on the trunks bellow. With big space inside, you can effortlessly add equipment for a more comfortable fishing experience. The spacious design of these shelters makes it easy for you to accessorize them. You can even hang up your fishing hooks and lures for your convenience.

If you are looking for a new shelter that you can share with a friend or two, the Frabill ice fishing shelters are for you. They’re packed to the max with cool features, and they are also user-friendly. You need the best Frabill ice fishing shacks for this upcoming winter. The season is here, so go to your nearest shop and choose the best Frabill shelter for you!

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Best Ice Fishing Suits and Apparel


Going fishing on the ice can quickly turn into a disaster if you are unprepared. You don’t just need your rods and reels. Acquiring the right ice fishing suits and apparel that will cater to your needs will make your fishing a more enjoyable experience. Now let’s talk about how to dress for the ice accordingly.

The Best Ice Fishing Suit

You will need the best ice fishing suit with features that will exceed your desires. Choose one that has a detachable, wired hood which will protect your head from the cold. An important characteristic of your ice angling apparel should be to keep you heated.

Warm and dry are two things that the best ice fishing suit must have. A waterproof and seam-sealed get up to prevent water from leaking inside is just as crucial. Chin guards are also quite helpful to prevent cold from seeping in. It should have sealed up zippers which will prevent leaks.

Another important feature your ice angling apparel should have is plenty of pockets for easier access to extra tools and equipment. It should be lightweight and breathable for when you’re moving all your fishing gear out into the water, you’re going to be exerting a lot of effort and producing a lot of sweat and heat.

This allows excess heat to exit your body comfortably while keeping the cold out so that you won’t freeze yet you won’t sweat to death either. For colder and stormy weather, get a storm suit with a built in insulating layer to keep you warm. The best brand for ice fishing suits that we have found would have to be Striker ice suit.Icy_Water_Suits_for_Angling_in_Cold_Weather

The Ultimate Ice Angling Apparel

1. The bibs should reach all the way up to your chest area. This a good way to keep the water from entering your inner garments if you accidentally fall into the water.

2. Side straps to keep it snug and fit onto your body.

3. Side pockets which allow you to reach into your pants and allows proper ventilation. They are perfect for storing extra fishing lines and lures.

4. Comfortable and breathable.

5. It should also be waterproof. You don’t want to get wet pants. That would mean a shorter trip, and that isn’t ideal for a great fishing experience.

6. Sealed zipper at the bottom which allows you to quickly use the restroom when nature calls.

7. Leak-proof zippers on the sides of both legs to make it easier to wear/take off when you have boots on.


Striker_Floatation_Suits_Great_for_Icy_Water1. For the warming layer within your ice angling apparel, look for ones with the highest warmth ratio. Polyester fleece is one of the best options out there for trapping a lot of heat. A front zipper makes it convenient to take it on or off.

2. For the base layer, choose ones made with polyester/polar fleece and again, with a front zipper so you can open it up easily when it gets too hot. It should always be made from a synthetic product which will help keep sweat away from your body and prevent too much warmth from building up. Never use cotton as a base layer because once it gets wet, it will stay wet, draining all the heat from inside your body.


1. As your insulating layer, your ice angling apparel should also be made with polyester fleece, for the same reasons as mentioned above.

2. Wool socks are a great way to keep your feet warm. Again, no cotton socks, they will end up getting wet and once they do they will stay wet.


Having the right ice fishing suit will give you a better experience while you are out on the frozen tundra fishing in the ice like nobodies business. So check out the striker ice suit today and see what you’ve been missing.

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Ice Fishing Spear for Your next Angling Venture


Using an ice fishing spear is a great way to spend the day under the some of the harshest and most challenging conditions. You may want to have a cup of coffee while waiting for the flag of your tip up to raise, or you may want to simply sit and relax. While fishing out on the ice, you are more likely to have less active movements and be more static. Next time you head out for the lake, leave your rod at home.

If you want a more challenging kind of fishing venture, then you might want to try catching a fish in a dark house while using quality ice angling spears.

Darkhouse quality ice angling spears take you to a more active and demanding ice fishing experience.

To give you a more detailed idea on what dark house spear fishing is, and how to get started, here are some points to help you out.

Ice Fishing Spear and Keeping It Dark

Ice spear anglers must be attentive to make sure their targets don’t notice them. If there is light, bright openings will be easier to see. Shadows will appear on the hole which can scare the fish away, making you miss out on your target. That is why these dark houses are black. It reduces the light passing through so the fish won’t be frightened away.

Quality Ice Angling Spears to Enhance Your Fun

Ice_Angling_Spear_in_DarkhouseIn this kind of fishing, catching a fish involves targeting them directly with only the use of a quality ice angling spears. If there are even slight noises, it may spook the fish away. Be sure to remain quiet and avoid carrying with you any items that may cause noise (like a cell phone with the notifications on).

Decoys and Lures

A good decoy, should attract fishes with just the colors and realistic movements. Different kinds and colored lures work well, while there are some recommendations available. Pike, perch, sucker, and panfish are some of the most popular lures used with quality ice angling spears. Red and white decoys are what is commonly used by professional anglers. Although, other colors can work just as well. depending on the conditions. Just to be safe, bring several different kinds of lures.

Circle the Hole

You are certain that your decoy can move properly to attract targets. Now, it is time to deploy your lure. Move it in such a way that it will appear to be a fish swimming in a circular motion to the fish you are looking to hook. Following the outer line of your hole will help to make the lure more appealing and getting other fish to check out your decoy.

Lure Them in From Behind

It is best to place the spear behind your target, so it won’t be as likely to be noticed. Before a fish goes near your lure, have your spear ready in the water. Then wait for the proper timing, spear the fish and snag your catch.

Invest in only quality ice spears. You don’t want to waste your time and money buying a dull one and then needing to spend the additional money on top of the original price you paid. Look for a high-quality spear that provides the proper balance. Ensure that yours is thick and heavy enough to put the necessary amount of force in as you throw it. Once you do just watch as it glides smoothly through the water.

Make your ice fishing experience a more exciting and adventurous one. Add more thrill and challenge to your winter outdoor experience. Get your ice fishing spear and decoy and get started with your first dark house ice fishing adventure.

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Choosing The Best Ice Fishing Rod Blanks


There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to your fishing rod, and this can quickly become overwhelming. If you just end up buying the biggest or heaviest among the ice fishing poles available, are you bound to only catch inadequate fish?

There is a lot that goes into building your own custom pole for your fishing excursion. If you do not choose the best ice fishing rod for your needs, you trip will surely suffer. This short guide will help you choose the best ice fishing rod blanks for your build.

What Type of Fish Are You Catching?

Fishing_Pole_and_Ice_BlanksBy knowing the type of fish that you are looking to hook, you will have a better idea of what the best ice fishing rod blanks for you are. Similar to buying high-quality fishing line, you want to make sure you purchase the right weight. Rod blanks are available in ultra-light, light, medium, and heavy.

An ultra-light rod will be ideal if you are looking to catch smaller fish like panfish. However, if you want to hook pikes or trout you will want to opt for a solid stock. It is vital to know what you are fishing for in order to pick the right blanks for your rod.

If you use a thick pole for a smaller fish, you might not notice that your bait is being slowly nibbled to nothing. On the other hand, if you use a lighter style rod when trying to reel in larger fish, your pole won’t be able to handle the weight.

Once you know the type of fish you want to catch, it is important to know what rod material you will want to use. Buying the right rod combined with a quality reel, will give you the upper hand.

Graphite or Fiberglass Ice Fishing Blanks?

There are three choices of materials that fishing poles are made from. These consist of graphite, fiberglass, and composite. Among the three, the most expensive are the graphite.

  1. Graphite-made poles are more sensitive and will produce maximum vibrations from under the water. Aside from that, graphite is a relatively lightweight material.
  2. Composite is a blend of graphite and other materials.
  3. Fiberglass rods, on the other hand, are less expensive than graphite. However, they do not create sensitive vibration like a graphite pole can. Fiberglass rods are certainly more durable and can withstand a freezing climate.

What Is Rod Action?

The ‘action’ that your pole supplies will have an impact on how your lure or bait moves. You will get to know if your rod is either a fast, medium, or slow-action rod by looking at which part of the rod bends.

  • If your pole bends at the tip, it is a fast-action rod.
  • Medium-action rods are those which flex in the middle.
  • A pole that flexes more towards the bottom (near the handle) is known as slow-action rod.

Fast or medium-action are the most popular because the rods are sensitive enough to notice a bite on your ice fishing lure easily. Even in the murkiest of waters, you will be able to notice a bite on your fast or medium-action rod.


Customizing Your Blanks

If you are looking for customization, the folks down at RODgeeks Custom Color Blanks, have some of the coolest ice fishing rod blanks on the market. They offer a variety of metallic and shimmering paint colors that will tantalize you and the fish you are looking to hook. Using a custom blank provided by RODgeeks, your fish will be jumping out of the water just to get a closer look.


Picking the right construction for your fishing rod is essential to having the best fishing trip possible. Now you can choose a conventional fishing blank for your needs, based on the tips provided in this article. So if you’ve been looking for the best ice fishing experience, look no further. Pick yourself out some rod blanks and go casting.

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Ice Fishing Tackle Boxes to Organize Your Gear


Fishing tackle is considered any fishing gear or equipment that is used by an angler to attract or catch fish. The most important thing to remember to bring with you when you are out on the lake are your ice fishing tackle boxes.

Completely Organize Your Fishing Gear

Before you start your fishing venture, it is crucial that you check your ice angler jig box for the essentials. If you need to, you can always bring more than one storage container. It just depends on what equipment you require and how long you plan on being out.

Ice_Jig_and_Tackle_StorageThere are many different tackle boxes that you can choose from to organize your fishing gear. An ice angler jig box is used to hold all the smaller accessories that are needed while you are out fishing. This is where you will keep your fishing gear and tackle to ensure they remain protected and organized. Different brands claim to have varying levels of quality, but first and foremost your tackle box is used to protect and organize your fishing gear.

Which of your many ice fishing tackle boxes you will need to bring along will vary depending on what fish you are planning to catch. If you are an experienced ice angler, having a checklist will make things easier for you during preparation.

What Should Go Inside Your Ice Fishing Tackle Boxes?

• Extra fishing line – these lines are wrapped into chords, so they will keep from being tangled. So storing them in a tackle box will help further keep them in their place.

• Lures or flies – these will vary in size, so an ice angler jig box that has larger compartments are better to use. There are different types of fishing lures. You may use artificial baits or flies depending on your preference or the kind of fish you are trying to catch. If you prefer live bait you might as well put them in a separate container. This will be handy especially if you are planning on bringing a lot.

• First aid kit- experienced ice anglers know you should bring insect repellent, rubbing alcohol, lotion, scissors, flashlights, tool kits and anything else you might find useful in times of an emergency.

• Swivels- these small devices are useful in order to prevent your lines becoming tangled. If they do end up tangled for any reason, swivels will untwist the lines.

Fishing_Tackle_Box_to_Carry_All_of_Your_Angling_Gear• Sinkers- these are heavy weights that are needed to increase the rate your hook will sink. It is important because there are some fish that remain only in deeper waters.

• Hooks- there is a variety to choose from depending on sizes, shape, points, barbs, and names. Any experienced angler knows you will need multiple hooks. When fishing some will even use multiple rods as to not waste time changing hooks and lures every time you have a nibble on your line.

• Swift knife and Nose pliers- these come in handy and are necessary in many ways during your angling. There will be a time when you need just to cut the tangled lines.

Key Takeaways:

Organize your fishing gear to be prepared with all your fishing tackle. You will be ready to go and start your fishing adventure. Experienced anglers will personalize and label their tackle boxes to provide better organization of their equipment. There is an ice angler jig box that you can buy that will hold a small assortment of things inside. The best way to ensure that you will have everything that you will need is to pick the best one for you.

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Need an Ice Fishing Sonar?

Sonar is a device that will help you get a better an idea of what is under the water that you are fishing in. It will help you locate the fish you want to catch.

There are many types of makes and models of these fish finders with different functions and features. All these options can make your decision of which one to buy that much more confusing. So before buying an ice fishing sonar, consider some of these things so you can have one that best fits you.Sonar_for_Ice_Angler

Portability of Sonars for Ice Angling

In ice fishing, as much as possible, you would want all your equipment to be both highly functional, sturdy, and lightweight all at the same time. Your fishing sonar should not be an exception to this. You wouldn’t want to bring with you a lot of bulky equipment and gear. Your poles and reels are already enough to worry about.

You may have chosen a medium sized ice fishing sonar. The battery this will require is large like that of a truck. This would mean that you are still losing the purpose of portability. The battery of your sonar has to be powerful. You don’t want to worry about it draining after a few uses. At the same time, it needs to be small for easy handling.

Many sonars today are made to be portable and come equipped with a powerful yet small-sized battery so you can carry them easily.

How Sonars for Ice Angling Work

Best_Fishing_Sonar_for_Icy_WaterTwo types of units are commonly utilized. First, there are the flasher units which show the real-time view of what’s under the lake. The second example would be 2D sonar units, which show a graph of the view below.

Although the flasher units use an older technology compared to the 2D sonars, it can still serve its purpose of scanning the bottom of the lake, and everything else in between it. If you need a fish finder solely for fishing on the ice, then the flasher units would be an excellent choice.

The 2D sonar, on the other hand, shows you a geographical representation of the view below. Some 2D sonars usually have a flasher mode option, which matches the effect of the flasher units. Most of the 2D sonar units however, only have a normal graph option. If you want one equipped with a flasher, make sure the sonar that you choose comes with that feature.

The Cone Angle

In ice fishing, you are more likely to be angling while stationary. The cone of the sonar beam will help you see the details on what likely is happening around your bait or lure. Make sure to get a clear and more detailed view of the bottom with a bigger sized cone.
There are many sonars for ice angling that you can choose from. Find out which best suits you and your needs. A great place to start would be looking into Humminbird Sonars. This brand is durably constructed and simple. Try out one of their sonars today and see what you have been missing.

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Eskimo Ice Fishing Essentials

Whether you are an experienced angler or new to ice fishing, you will want to have the proper gear to prepare for your trip. Here is our list of tackle essentials required for beginner and experienced anglers.


Fishing Rod

Having a quality ice fishing rod is the first thing you need to consider. There are multiple types of poles available including, graphite, composite, and fiberglass.

Depending on what type of fish you are looking to catch, there are also different rod weights you will need to take into account.

Rod Reel

Picking out a reel that works best for your new rod is essential. If you are going ice fishing, your traditional reel will not hold up in the extreme weather conditions.

The construction of your reel is important for many reasons. You want a reel that holds steady in the coldest possible weather. There are also fishing rod reels that offer line checkers and adjustable bait arms. Additional features and perks offered with each reel vary. Make sure you pick the best reel for your trip.

Lures and Bait

Picking a quality lure is crucial to include on your list. With this type of fishing, simple spinners, and typical baits won’t get the job done.

Some of the best lures to consider would be spoons, jigs, and swimmers. Make sure you take a look at the advantages of each before buying any.

The best type of lure for your angling trip will depend on what type of fish you are trying to attract.

Quality Fishing Line

Once you have picked out a rod and reel, you will need to get some fishing line. After all, no tackle is complete without the proper line.

Durability and weight will be the biggest deciding factors when choosing a fishing line. You should also note that visibility is crucial. Braided and thick colored lines can help you keep track of your line in the murky depths.

Eskimo Ice Fishing Shelter

Eskimo Ice Fishing has everything you need when it comes to accessories and equipment.

Eskimo Ice Fishing’s gear offers at least 20 different designs of shelters for advanced weather safety. Their sled shelters are portable and fully-insulated, to keep anglers protected from the most fridged temperatures.

One of the greatest aspects of Eskimo ice shelters is that they come in single or multi-person sizes. They also offer ice shelter replacement parts if something happens to your gear.

Depending on what sled shelter you consider, some include swivel seats for extra comfort. These insulated shades, allow you to enjoy angling with the ultimate wind protection.


Eskimo Ice Auger Blades

When it comes to your fishing gear, a real angler has an ice auger. Augers are necessary for boring your fishing hole. If you can’t drill out a hole in the ice, your fishing trip is over before it starts.

Eskimo Ice Fishing offers multiple choices for ice augers. You can grab one of their manual augers if you barely spend any time on the ice. Manual drills are also very ideal for cutting through thin ice.

If you are an experienced angler, you might want to check out their propane powered augers. These types of augers are ideal for boring multiple fishing holes quickly.

Eskimo Ice Fishing Augers also come with a centering ring attached, making it easy to reopen old fishing holes. Whichever type you choose, make sure you get an auger prior to visiting the ice.

Wrapping It Up

Regardless of what ice fishing skill level you are at, the essentials listed in this guide will get you started. Once you set out on the ice for the first time, you will realize that there is nothing like it. Happy angling!

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How to Use Ice Fishing Traps

There are many ways to reel in a fish. That is why several different types of fishing gear have been created. One of the best pieces of equipment on the market today is ice fishing traps. The most commonly used type of trap is the tip up.

What Are Tip Ups?

Homemade Ice Fishing TrapsTip ups are very easy to craft and even easier to purchase. Several ice fishing trap parts are used to create this perfect fish catching mechanism, including tip up spool and tip up flags.

With this type of fishing trap, you can drop your line into the water and wait for the fish to bite. Once a fish is hooked on your line, the tip up flag will signal you. All that you have to do is reel in your line and see what you caught.

Ultimately, ice fishing traps are an excellent way to maximize your time while out on the lake. Below we have included a list of tips that you should know when using traps.

What to Know When Using Ice Fishing Traps or Tip-Ups

  • Spread apart a line of tip ups
  • When the flag goes up, run to your rod quickly. Make sure you set your hook gently to avoid losing your catch.
  • If the fish is fighting, let it run a little bit and don’t make it slack. Make sure you reel in slow and gradually.
  • It’s a long gradual struggle between you and the fish, have perseverance and don’t give up.

How to Use Traps?

There are many types of tip ups, but most of them can be utilized similarly. The following are some steps to using this kind of trap:

  1. Take the flag up and unhook it before pulling your fishing line out.
  2. Skim the ice out of your bored hole, making it clean before setting the trap. After, determine how deep the water is. You can either use sonar or just a weight to locate the bottom.
  3. Depending on the type of fish you are catching, you need to adjust your fishing lines for the accurate depth.
  4. You might need to use a bobber as a marker. This will allow you to reset the tip up quickly to improve the depth. It is also necessary for you to know how much line is out once you hook a fish.
  5. Once your line is ready, you can set your hook, apply your bait or lure, then gradually drop your line until it reaches your marker.
  6. You will know when you have a catch because the shaft of the trap will rotate, making the flag go up and start to spin.
  7. Carefully grab the line and pull the tip up away then feel the fishes movement while slowly and gently reeling it in.

Tip Ups Ice Fishing Traps

How to Catch More Fish Using Tip Ups?

With knowing the functionality of these traps, we can determine their value. The best ice fishing traps allow you to deploy more lines and catch more fish. Try setting up more tip ups in different holes with a certain distance. You will soon reap the benefits of these great tools.

Remember, it is important to know what kind of traps to use for various applications. When all is said and done, if you are a pro ice angler, this is a vital piece of gear you need to have.

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Ice Fishing Depth Finders to Hook More Fish


If you are new to ice fishing or have loved the experience for years, it can be an excellent way to spend the winter months. Ice fishing is similar yet different than standard fishing in a few ways. You need to have more patience because you might need to go extended periods of time before getting a bite. Ice fishing depth finders make the frozen angling experience a more pleasant one.

Innovative Angling Technology:

Innovative_Sonar_Tech_for_Ice_AnglersAs with any hobby, there is gear and equipment that you will need. You already have the right poles, lures and protective equipment that are all essential to your trip. However, using other tools, such as ice fishing depth finders can make sure that you do not go home without a catch.

These depth finders are also known as sonar technology. Depending on preference and what exactly you are looking for will determine which type of sonar that you will need to purchase. Two different types of an angling sonar device that are readily available on the market.

Two Different Types of Depth Finders:

The first type is what is known as a flasher. It will give you a real-time look at what is below your feet. This is an older type of sonar that is available today and is still very reliable. There is only one drawback that some have with these types of depth finders. They can prove to be difficult to read when you are first getting used to the technology.

The second type of depth finder that is on the market is a two-dimensional angling sonar device. If you are not happy with the flasher models, this would be the way to go. Many of the 2D sonar models will provide an image like a graph. These help you visualize what is below the ice that you are fishing on.

Depending on which one you choose you can get one that has both types available. You can then use it to switch back and forth between the two versions. There are no models, yet that offers the two settings for use simultaneously.

Humminbird_Depth_Finding_TechRecommended Ice Angling Sonar Device:

One of the best brands we have found would have to be Humminbird. They come equipt with the latest and greatest depth finder technology. They have ones that are specially designed to be easily portable. This makes the angling sonar device more comfortable to carry with you to your favorite fishing hole. When you are dealing with the ice and snow, you need to have a device that is waterproof. Humminbird is remarkably universal and will remain so due to their innovative designs. These will help you lure in more fish because you won’t have to guess if there are any swimming around.

Everyone wants to have the best time they can while engaging in their favorite pastime. Going home after sitting on a freezing lake with no fish to show for it is not a satisfying trip. So by making sure that you have the right equipment to prevent that from happening to you. Do your research or talk with your angler buddies. They can help you make the right choice in your new angling sonar device.


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