Inline Ice Fishing Reel

A fishing reel is a device attached to your fishing rod that stows and controls the rods line. In this article we will discuss inline ice fishing reels and other types of popular reels on the market.

Inline Ice Fishing Reels

Different Types of Fishing Reels

Spin Cast

Spin cast reels are made for beginners since it is very user-friendly and easy to use. Mostly used by kids who just started to fish. All you have to do to release your line is press the button on the back of the reel when your casting forward.


Spinning reels are by far one of the most popular reels on the market. Most spinning reels are located at the bottom most part of the rod. When casting, you will have to open the bail and clench the line with your fingers to keep the lure from falling. It is important to note that this is an open-faced design.

Bait Casting

Bait casting reels are the most advanced compared to the spin cast reel and spinning reel. It is the conventional reel. Preferably use by fishermen if they are planning to catch bigger and stronger fish. Operating the bait casting reel requires more skills because you will be the one to control the line using your thumb.


These reels are slightly similar to the bait casting reel but not meant for casting. Trolling bigger fish is easier with this reel especially those species on various depths.

Inline Ice Fishing Reel

The inline ice fishing reels are famous because of their zero line twist. Your line is also less likely to come unspun. Overall, it is the best option when you are fishing in any deep or shallow water.

Inline Reel vs. Typical Spinning

  • Inline fishing reelInline reels give you a minimal spin on your jig.
  • One of the biggest advantages is that an Inline reel does not have any line twist. This is very great to use when catching bigger fish. Spinning reels have more problems with twisted fishing lines.
  • The line is never spinning in circles, making it more natural. You also avoid having your bait move around and face in many different directions.
  • Inline reels are much easier to use, especially with ice fishing.

Choosing the Best Inline Ice Fishing Reels

One feature of a good inline reel is the trigger system. With inline reels, all you have to do is pull the trigger when you cast for the spool to freely spin. Making it very easy for you to cast at further depths. You will also want to choose a durable reel that can withstand cold weather conditions.

In ice fishing, the automatic spinning feature of the inline reel will save you time from untwisting your lines. The more time you have, the more traps you will be able to set.


Make sure you look at multiple brands and review the features prior to buying an inline reel. Just like any other fishing gear, the gear you choose matters. Take the time to find the best ice fishing reel for your rod.

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Ice Fishing Spoons Tips to Hooking More Fish


Have you been looking for the best ice fishing spoons, but you cannot find any on the market?

If you want to find the one you’ve been searching for, then tinker your current spoons and do as you wish to make it as effective in catching fish as you want it to be.

As for ice fishing, tinkering with your angling spoons is not that common yet. That is, when we are comparing to open water fishing. Some anglers are already doing this, and the results are promising. Try to tinker with your own to increase your spoons visibility and attractiveness to fish. You will end up going home with a bucket full of fish.

Putting On the Prism:

Prism is an adhesive tape with foil on the outside. Anglers will cut the prism into the shape they Angling_Spoons_For_Hooking_on_the_Iceneed and tape them to their lure. This will cause your lure to shine thus attracting predatory fish to your line.

The prism helps reflect light off your spoon. This helps increase your spoons visibility to the fish, even in cloudy waters.

Prism tapes come in a variety of colors. You can tweak the color of your spoon to make it more attractive and alluring. Walleyes, for example, are more attracted to a color combination of green, red, orange, and yellow. Taping your spoon with these colors can increase your spoons visibility and your chances of hooking a walleye.

Making Some Sound:

Making rattling sounds in your ice fishing spoons can also increase your spoons visibility. This will draw the attention of marine predators towards your bait. Having your lure produce sounds to basically queue the fish for “food.” There are already many lures on the market today that have dangles and other additions to produce sound. You can buy them, or you can make your own modification to your favorite spoon.

Just attach a plastic or steel worm rattle onto the belly of your fishing spoon to add these sounds to your lure. Don’t worry about the movement of your spoon. The rattles are lightweight, so they will not affect how your spoon moves through the water.

Toss In Some Feathers

Plastic_Ice_Angling_SpoonsThe feathers help you provide more flash and color to your lure. They are light, so just like the worm rattle, they won’t affect the fluidity of your spoon. Alos, be sure that the feathers compliment the size of your spoon.

Super-Size Those Hooks

Don’t miss a trophy size catch because your hook was too small. This means that the fish can easily escape your grasp. Larger hooks give you a more prominent chance that the fish will be caught. Don’t settle for the defaults attached to the bait when you purchased. Tinker around and replace it with one that’s super-sized.

Make your bait noticeable to the fish by producing a sound under water. Then once they hear it, further attract them with your spoon’s colors and shimmering flashes. As the fish draw closer towards your bait to grab their “food,” this will make sure they won’t get away. Catch them with your new monster hooks.

Increase the visibility of your ice fishing spoons more efficient by tinkering and modifying them.

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Ice Fishing Perch How To’s

Ice Fishing Perch Feature

Ice Fishing Perch Feature

Perch are among the marine life that are most commonly sought after by ice anglers. This is because they have sweet and moderately soft meat making them a desirable meal. When ice fishing perch there are a few things you must keep in mind.

Some Tips for Ice Fishing Perch:

If you want to catch more Perch, the first thing you should be aware of is the location you’re angling in. Live baits and attractive lures are of no use if there aren’t any fish in the area you are ice looking for Perch in.

Secondly is how you present your bait or lure. Seeing everyone on the lake catching Perch except for you can be discouraging. It is not only about finding the location of these fish. In order to catch them, you have to attract them and get them interested in your bait.

You can try ice fishing perch anytime of the day. However, some factors such as the changing of light can affect their movement and feeding habits. These fish are usually active both at night and during the day.

Perch Ice Angling Location:

Perch_Angling_In_Frozen_WatersDuring summer, Perch are usually scattered around the lake making them harder to find. However, winter provides ice anglers with extra luck for hooking Perch. They tend to pop up in large schools from the deep parts of the lake during the cold season.

Similar to the Sunfish and Crappie, Perch can be found in the deep water. Unlike these fish, they will inhabit water at further depths as well. They prefer to remain closer to the bottom of the lake, like the Walleye, especially when they’re hungry.

In the early days of winter, they can usually be found near the weeds in the shallow areas. Drop-off (or break points) of the lake are another area they choose to linger.

During mid-winter, minnows, and zooplanktons are the main food for Perch. They move into the deep basin of the lake. At this time, you may find them in nearest the deeper sections of the lake or waterbed.

Later in the cold season, Perch start to spawn. When this starts, they tend to move near the weeds and vegetation to lay their eggs. This is why you will find them swimming in multiple domains throughout the year.

Now that you have an idea on where you should go ice fishing perch, the next challenge is how to hook them.

Perch Ice Fishing Presentation:

Vertical spoons with live bait on the hook will help substantially with catching Perch.

One of the best ways to attract a Perch is by jigging your lure. This is done by quickly moving your lure about a foot from its original position under water. Then you allow it to drop back by moving the tip of your rod up and down.

Raise and then drop your rod about every five to ten seconds. If you do not have a sonar with you, start at the bottom of the water. Gradually pull your lure up while still jigging, until you get a bite. If your lure reaches the surface, cast your lure again and start jigging it.


You would be very lucky to hook a Perch on your first attempt of jigging. So don’t become discouraged. Try again, and your chances of catching them will go up.

Now that you have an idea on how to find them, get your equipment ready and start ice fishing for Perch.

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Building a Homemade Ice Fishing Sled

Homemade Ice Fishing Sled Feature

Homemade Ice Fishing Sled Feature

Carrying around your ice fishing gear can be exhausting. When you’ve been out on the ice all day, you need a simple solution that won’t wear you down. An ice fishing sled can help make lugging your rod, reel, traps, bait, and equipment around a lot easier.

homemade Ice fishing sleds

How to Make a Homemade Ice Fishing Sled

First, you will need some basic materials:

  • A snow sled
  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Waterproof adhesive/buttons
  • Drill
  • Waterproof cloth
  • Steel pipes

Homemade ice sled build1. Creating the Design

Homemade ice sled buildAs simple or as complex as it can be, plan your equipment the way you want it. Consider what you will be hauling inside of it. You may want to build your homemade ice fishing sled solely as mobile storage for your equipment. Maybe you want a more complex one which will serve as a shelter during cold winds.

When planning the design, it is also important to know how far you go for ice fishing. What are the temperatures like? How is the snow at your regular fishing spots? Knowing these answers will give you an idea on how you should build your toboggan.

2. Buy the Necessary Equipment

You can get a basic plastic sleigh if you want to use it just for storing your things. However, if you need one that you can sit on or use as shelter, opt for a larger sled.

Whatever type of toboggan you buy or build, you should consider a waterproof cloth to keep your equipment dry. Make sure it can cover all the gear that your sleigh will be carrying. The best way to make sure the cover will work is to measure the base of your sled. You want your waterproof cover to be twice as big as the base.

You will also need a steel pipe that should be at minimum 12-feet in length. These measurements will need to be adjusted to the size of your sled.

3. Assemble the Structure

See to it that the length of the pipe is just enough for your sleigh. Then, bend each end of the pipe using a pipe bender to make a curve on both ends. Attach the sled and the pipe by drilling holes at each end of both, then bolting them together.

Fishing equipment sleigh4. Add the Cloth on the Sled

You may want to attach your cover by putting on a waterproof adhesive or screw the cloth around your sled as your cover. Leave one end open for you to load and unload your equipment. For a better and more optimal cover, you can have buttons attached to your sled and cloth to cover your sleigh or leave it wide open without a covering cloth.

Fishing equipment sleigh5. Accessorize

To make it more personal, you may also want to mount a large storage bin or a cooler to your sled. Whatever accessories or mountable equipment you add, make sure you have them placed at the right corners to keep your sled balanced.

Wrap Up:

You don’t need to buy an expensive sleigh in stores. You can make a durable homemade ice fishing sled for yourself at a lower price. When you opt to make your own equipment, personalizing becomes a lot easier.

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Ice Fishing Jacket to Keep Your Core Insulated

ice fishing jackets feature

ice fishing jackets feature

When angling on a frozen lake during the winter time, frigid temperatures will be a serious factor in your experience. Ice fishing is more fun than regular fishing, given that you are well prepared. You will need to bring your best ice fishing rod, your reel, and all the bait/tackle you can think of. Did you prepare for the bitter cold as well? You will need a warm ice fishing jacket to keep your core well heated.Insulated ice fishing jackets

Fishing in the dead of winter can be very annoying if you are not prepped for the freezing temperatures. Make sure you wear the proper ice angling apparel for fishing in the cold, including insulated shirts, warm pants. Layer both your top and bottom half of your body by wearing bibs and finally, an ice fishing jacket.

What Makes Good Ice Fishing Clothing?

Underwear and other clothing made with cotton will NOT help you stay dry and warm. Cotton absorbs moisture to your body, either from the environment or your sweat after dragging your sled and boring your fishing holes. When the moisture begins cooling on your body, you’ll start to freeze.

You should choose ice angling apparel made of materials which draw moisture off of your body. Clothes made from polyester are a great alternative. Moisture from the cold and sweat are not absorbed by polyester fabric which means you will stay dry and warm.

Insulated ice fishing jacketsInsulated ice fishing jacketsHow to Dress with the Proper Ice Angling Apparel?

Knowing the materials of the clothes that you should use, the next step is the kind of clothing you need to wear. To keep you warm, layers of insulated clothing should be worn. Each layer has its purpose to help you retain your internal temperature.

The innermost layer, composed of underwear, long underwear, and socks should be made of materials that pull moisture from your body. Make sure all undergarments fit you so they can properly hold the moisture and draw it off from your body. This component is crucial in keeping you dry.

The second layer (or layers) of your ice angling apparel is for regulating your body temperature. The primary purpose of this layer is to hold the heat in your body, but not sweat. Drawing moisture both from the environment and your body is the point here. A cotton-polyester blend will do the job, and so will a blend of polyester-wool.

Ice fishing jacket

This is also the most adjustable layer where you can customize your clothing based on your activities and the weather conditions. So if you are initially wearing a hoodie and a vest you can remove the vest when you get too warm. After hiking through the snow and setting up your shelter, you will probably be sweating. Just put it back again when you feel that it’s getting colder.

The third, outermost layer is your protective layer. It should protect your insulation clothing from snow. Snow will eventually melt into your ice angling apparel and should help you keep the warmth in the core of your body. Get waterproof and wind-proof ice fishing jacket or bib, and boots with thick soles and sound insulation. Make sure that the outermost layer can also draw out moisture.

After layering your clothing, keep the other parts of your body warm with insulated hats, scarves, and gloves.

Striker Angling Apparel

Using an anglers jacket made by Striker can give you the best possible insulation that you can find. Their brand is a leading contender when it comes to ice angling apparel and gear. Check out the wide variety of options they offer.

Now that your body is set for ice fishing, you won’t have to worry about going home early because you’re freezing.

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