Ice Fishing Plastics vs. Live Bait

The issue as to which is the better bait, live or artificial, has long been discussed by many anglers. Particularly in ice fishing, more and more ice anglers are becoming convinced of how useful ice fishing plastics are when it comes to catching larger fish. Advantages of Plastic Ice Fishing Bait You don’t have to …

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Inline Ice Fishing Reel

A fishing reel is a device attached to your fishing rod that stows and controls the rods line. In this article we will discuss inline ice fishing reels and other types of popular reels on the market. Different Types of Fishing Reels Spin Cast Spin cast reels are made for beginners since it is very …

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Ice Fishing Spoons Tips to Hooking More Fish

Have you been looking for the best ice fishing spoons, but you cannot find any on the market? If you want to find the one you’ve been searching for, then tinker your current spoons and do as you wish to make it as effective in catching fish as you want it to be. As for …

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Ice Fishing Perch How To’s

Ice Fishing Perch Feature

Perch are among the marine life that are most commonly sought after by ice anglers. This is because they have sweet and moderately soft meat making them a desirable meal. When ice fishing perch there are a few things you must keep in mind. Some Tips for Ice Fishing Perch: If you want to catch …

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Ice Fishing Jacket to Keep Your Core Insulated

ice fishing jackets feature

When angling on a frozen lake during the winter time, frigid temperatures will be a serious factor in your experience. Ice fishing is more fun than regular fishing, given that you are well prepared. You will need to bring your best ice fishing rod, your reel, and all the bait/tackle you can think of. Did you …

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