Kayak Fishing for Crappie

Kayak Fishing for Crappie

Kayaks are many fishers’ favorite water vessel because of the many benefits it gives. All year long, anglers catch crappie using kayaks in lakes, rivers, and ponds. Kayak fishing for crappie provides plenty of opportunities for anglers, and in this short guide, we will discuss the benefits of kayak fishing for crappie. This includes kayak trolling for crappie, and even more expert kayak crappie fishing tips.

Benefits of Crappie Kayak Fishing

Tips on How to go Kayak Fishing for CrappieThere are many reasons why some fishers love kayak fishing. Kayak fishing presents two main advantages:

1. Unlike motorboats which often can’t fit in areas that are too tight, kayaks can easily slip in and out with no troubles at all. You also won’t need boat ramps to launch a kayak so you can use it in pretty much any lake or river.

2.It will give you the comfort to sit while fishing, and sitting down also means you’d have a smaller profile and better stealth opportunities.

These benefits make crappie kayak fishing more comfortable and manageable especially for those who are not used to using motorboats. Let’s talk about some more practical kayak crappie fishing tips.

Kayak Trolling for Crappie

Trolling is a great and efficient way of catching plenty of crappies. You need to have multiple rods and a rod holder. Kayaks have different measurements and dimensions than motorboats, so you need to get a rod holder that will properly fit the size.

For example, you need to take into account the height of the kayaks front hatch and get a rod holder that will fit it. A useful tip for crappie fishing here is to use the side mounting hole on the base as this will let you lay the tubes out flatter, making them easier to see from the seat.

Kayak Fishing for Crappie-Tips and Tricks to Hook More CrappieKayak trolling for crappie presents unique challenges. For one, maintaining the speed is challenging when you’re rowing. However, speed is often the key to catching finicky crappies. If you’re going at the wrong speed, you can pass by an entire school of crappie without a single bite. To counter this, use a trolling motor to help you set and maintain speed. You also need to be quick enough to set the hook once you see your line moving since crappies are known as light biters. To do this, keep the rod holder as close to the seat as possible.

More Kayak Crappie Fishing Tips

*Using a sonar finder in a kayak is difficult since there is really nowhere to mount it, so consider using mobile applications. Yes, there are mobile sonar fish finding applications that use a sonar unit. The unit transmits the sonar signal to a smartphone or another mobile device. These portable fish finders are convenient and affordable, too. This will make crappie kayak fishing easier.

*Use the same locating techniques that you would in a motorboat. Crappies stay near structures and covers, and being in a kayak gives you the advantage to go near these structures more quietly.


Kayak fishing for crappie presents numerous advantages to fishers, making fishing a whole new experience. Many anglers modify their setups when kayak trolling for crappie to find what works best for them. So experiment with your setup and be creative. With these kayak crappie fishing tips, you too can have a productive and fun crappie kayak fishing trip.