Best Copolymer Lines


Intro – Basics of Copolymer LinesCopolymer lines occupy an interesting space in the world of fishing. Technically, copolymer lines are just monofilament lines.  ​However, they’ve been crafted with a blend of different nylon strands to create a line with a different feel. They also carry slightly different characteristics than standard nylon monofilament.At first glance, copolymer …

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Best Braided Fishing Line

Best Braided Fishing Lines

Braided fishing line is one of the strongest types of fishing line you can get. In the past, it was braided from cotton, linen, or other natural materials, but modern technology has changed the game, and most braided fishing line is now made from Dacron, Spectra, micro-dyneema, or similar advanced, man-made synthetics.Braided fishing line remains …

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Best Fly Fishing Line


At first glance, fly-fishing lines seem simple as can be. Look at the handle of your rod. It says “6”. That means you need a 6-weight fly line. Buy one, and you’re done, right?If only it was that simple. Unfortunately, the popularity of fly fishing and the proliferation of fly equipment has lead to many …

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Best Ice Fishing Line


Ice fishing may be divisive – some anglers can’t get enough of the meditative, wintery experience, and some would rather throw themselves into the ice hole and end their misery – but no matter what your personal opinion of this type of fishing, it occupies a niche all of its own.And naturally, like any niche, …

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Basics About Line For Bass Fishing

Bass Line Review

Bass fishing is one of the most popular hobbies and sports among fishermen, so it’s only natural that any aspiring bass fisherman would want to know what the best bass fishing line on the market is.Unfortunately, just like life, bass fishing isn’t that simple. There’s no one catch-all line that’s the most useful, versatile, or …

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Longline Fishing


“Long-Lining” is a newer fishing technique that’s quite specialized, and has made some big waves when it comes to deep-water crankbaiting techniques.Now, when you think of “longlining”, what may first come to mind is commercial fishing – longlining is the term used in the industrial fishing world for feeding out lines sometimes in excess of …

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The Basics Of Trout Fishing Line


Trout are actually quite different from many other smaller fish. Unlike a lot of other fish, trout have excellent eyesight, and generally, they live in clear, quickly moving waters, not murky, stagnant areas. In addition, trout are generally quite shy. This, combined with their great vision and clear-water habitats means that it’s very important to select …

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Best Monofilament Fishing Line

Best Monofilament Fishing Line

Monofilaments one of the oldest and most popular fishing lines on the market, and if you ask a non-fisherman to identify fishing line, monofilament is probably what will pop into their head. However, monofilament wasn’t always popular.When nylon monofilament was first created by DuPont in 1939, it was very stiff and wiry, making it quite …

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Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Top Fluorocarbon Lines

IntroAlthough when it was first introduced, its high-tech and advanced material limited fluorocarbon line to niche usefulness as a high-strength saltwater leader, it’s become one of the most popular types of fishing line on the market today. It’s renowned for a host of positive traits – low visibility in water, low price, high strength and …

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