LiveTarget Lures Reviews for 2018

best live target lures for sale

Founded in 2007, LIVETARGET has been rapidly growing, and it’s not hard to see why. They pride themselves on designing realistic lures that are crafted perfectly to imitate real fish. They have a gigantic selection of lures across just about every category - jerk baits, floaters, crank baits, swimmers, divers, drop-baits, you name it.

Their quality is unmatched if you’re looking for a realistic lure. It’s no wonder that LIVETARGET has gotten a huge variety of pros and fishing personalities to use their product, including David Walker, Stephen Browning, and Patrick Campeau, among others.

Their design philosophy is a simple as it is complex. Fish will respond best to lures that look exactly like what they eat. This may seem like a simple goal. But the complexity factor is amplified when you try to create a lure that doesn’t just look sort of like a specific bait fish. It needs to be a perfect imitation. Many LIVE TARGET lures are nearly indistinguishable at first glance.

But their designers are dedicated to their craft, and they’ve created some of the best ultra-realistic lures on the market right now.

LIVETARGET offers over 750 models of lures. So, it may seem daunting to try and pick the best ones. If you’re interested in LIVETARGET lures, but not quite sure where to start.  in your journey of experimenting with ultra-realistic lures, we’ve put together a shortlist of some of our favorite LIVETARGET lures, useful in dozens of different fishing applications.


  • LiveTarget Sunfish Hollow Body Fishing Bait
  • Weedless design and a hollow body
  • Great variety of colors
  • 3.5' in length, 5/8 Oz
  • Streamlined design
  • LIVETARGET Yearling Baitball Rattlebait 3"
  • Lipless design for shallow waters and weedflats
  • Rattling action and swimming presentation
  • Mimics a school of baitfish
  • Versatile and durable
  • LIVETARGET Bluegill Squarebill Shallow Dive2
  • Ultra-realistic look
  • Subtle, but far-reaching rattle
  • Natural shape
  • Targets fish from 3/4 to 4 lbs
  • LIVETARGET Yearling Squarebill
  • Silent lure, designed to be sleek and subtle
  • Realistic design
  • Designed for topwater fishing
  • Attracts predators mimicking a school of baitfish
  • Livetarget Hollow Body Frog
  • Designed for swamp fishing
  • Hollow and realistic design
  • Perfectly imitates a frog
  • Weedlees design to avoid getting stuck
  • Livetarget Blueback Herring Swimbait
  • Ultra realistic, three segment design
  • Imitates real baitfish
  • Balls and body sections create vibration and sound
  • Suitable for mid-depth fishing
  • Livetarget Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait, Shallow
  • One of the best stickbaits out there
  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Good orientation and buoyancy
  • Recommended for experienced fishermen

Recommended Products

LiveTarget Sunfish Hollow Body Fishing Bait 

This LIVETARGET sunfish lure has been crafted with a hollow body, replicating the appearance of a juvenile sunfish that’s been pushed to the surface by other predatory animals. It’s made with a weedless design that lets you use it even in areas that are covered with surface weeds and debris – no need to worry about it getting stuck on anything.

It also comes in a tremendous variety of colors and varieties, meaning you can always “Match-the-Hatch,” which is LIVETARGET’s term describing selecting the perfect baitfish for the fish that you’re trying to catch. 

This model weighs in at 5/8ths of an ounce, and is 3.5” long, and the lightweight and streamlined design make it easy to “walk” around the surface of the water, either slowly to create a lazy loop, or quickly to kick up a bubble trail that’s sure to attract your quarry.

LIVETARGET Yearling Baitball Rattlebait 3"

This crankbait is specifically designed to imitate a tightly-packed small school of baitfish, and it’s lipless, making it perfect for shallower waters and weedflats, where you can quickly toss it out and reel it in, making use of its rattling action and naturally-swimming presentation. The rattle is subtle, yet loud enough to bring in fish from a large distance. When falling, it presents with a nose-down shimmy that imitates a wounded or confused baitfish, and this crankbait can perform at varying speeds.

 Presentation ranges from a more subtle wiggle at low speeds, ideal for fishing around rocks and weeds, to a more horizontal, quick side-to-side action that presents itself when you’re really trying to haul it in. It’s versatile and durable, with some users reporting only a few surface scratches after hauling in as many as 30 fish with this lure.

Overall a great choice for shallows and other places where you don’t want a deep diver, the rattle, presentation, and realistic design of this crankbait really reels ‘em in.

LIVETARGET Bluegill Squarebill Shallow Dive2

If you’re looking for more a diver for your crankbait, this LIVETARGET Bluegill is perfect for you. The natural shape and precision tooling creates the ultra-realistic look that LIVETARGET is famous for, and the durable lip helps you dive quickly to your desired depths. This particular model is best suited to target fish from ¾ to 4lbs and can be purchased in a natural colorway, or a more flashy metallic scheme if you’re looking to draw in prey from long distances.

All this is combined with a rattle that’s subtle yet far-reaching, and mimics the sound of a frightened Bluegill running frantically from a larger predator.

While you can use this crankbait just as you would any crankbait in your tackle box, we find that it best fished quickly, speedily, and with an unpredictable jerking motion – cast it out long and hard, let it fall to your desired depth (depending on your rig) and then begin reeling it in slowly, then quickly, then give it some quick jerks while pulling in hard. The rattle, presentation, and ultra-realistic design of this lure will do the rest.

LIVETARGET Yearling Squarebill

This jerkbait can be thought of as a silent, more subtle alternative to the LIVETARGET Baitball Crankbait. It has no internal rattle and is designed to be sleek and subtle, with a realistic design imitating a school of small baitfish. It’s designed to stick to the surface and comes in a multitude of colors and designs, so you can always find the right one for the situation at hand.

When topwater fishing is good, this is the bait you’ll want to turn to. Often, we find that fish will strike this jerkbait right after it hits the water, and even if they don’t, a flurry of quick jerks will perfectly imitate a pack of scared, wounded baitfish, and are sure to attract predators.

In addition to thetopwater suspension, where this lure excels, it can be rigged to sit slightly lower in the water, given its sizeable lip, if topwater fishing is doing you no good and you don’t want to switch lures. This versatility means it merits a spot in just about any angler’s tackle box.

Livetarget Hollow Body Frog

If you’re doing some good-old-fashioned swamp fishin’, this is the lure for you. Totally hollow, and with a realistic design that perfectly imitates a frog, this realistic, weedless lure sits perfectly on top of waters that are totally choked out with weeds and lily pads, or other debris.

It's realistic silhouette helps attract prey, and the weedless design ensures that it’ll never get stuck, even in the most crowded of areas, and the soft material used to craft this lure ensures that, after the fish bites, it’ll get snagged by one of the two incredibly sharp hooks that are revealed as it’s compressed.

Fishing with this lure is relatively straightforward, but after you get a strike, you’ll want to wait a couple seconds so that the razor-sharp hooks are exposed once this little frog gets chomped – otherwise, you risk losing your catch.

Though it’s certainly more specialized than the other lures on our list, this is an incredible utility lure perfect for swamps and choked up creeks and lakes where you risk losing sub-surface lures to weeds.

Livetarget Blueback Herring Swimbait

This Blueback Herring Swimbait combines LIVETARGET’s ultra-realistic designs with a three-segmented design that imitates the motions of a real baitfish. They’re available in multiple lengths and colorways, and their subtle presentation drives fish crazy.

In addition to subtle balls that create a vibration and sound that attracts fish, the body sections of this fish tend to knock against each other as they flutter in the water, creating even more sound that draws predators in from far and wide.

The moderate-sinking version of this lure tends to sink at about 1’ per second, making it suitable for mid-depth fishing, while a heavier, faster-falling version is available with a heavily weighted head, which is more suitable if you’re looking for a heavier, deeper, longer lure with which to catch larger fish.

Livetarget Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait, Shallow

Last but certainly not least is one of LIVETARGET’s best stickbaits, and arguably one of the best stickbaits/jerkbaits on the market. This shiny little lure is designed with subtlety and responsiveness in mind, which makes it a great stickbait.

A variety of color schemes flash to bring in fish from far and wide. The realistic silhouette stays oriented correctly in the water. The neutral buoyancy construction lets you sit it either on the surface of the water. 

Or weight it to slightly below the surface, and the lip design helps you dive a little deeper if you wish. The responsiveness is where it really shines. The subtlest rod motions will produce whip-fast reactions from this jerkbait, and the interior design creates deep knocks that will attract your prey from great distances.

It’s certainly not a jerk bait for beginners, but once you start to get a feel for the quick reactions and great control that this lure offers, you’ll never want to go back to cheaper stick baits or jerk baits again.


This isn’t a full list of LIVETARGET’s offerings, but it’s a great example of their diverse offerings, covering freshwater, saltwater, and more specialized lure types. The ultra-realistic lure market is only growing, and LIVETARGET is at the forefront of the cutting-edge design that helps gives anglers an edge on the competition.

So check out these lures. They’re not cheap, but quality design, attention to detail, and unparalleled realism come at a cost. Besides the results speak for themselves. Once you use one of these lures, you’ll never want to go back to cheap bait shop lures again.

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Best Bass Fishing Lures for Sale

best bass lures on the market

There are tons of bass lures out there, all promising great results, and demanding a place in your tackle box.

But which types of lures are worth looking into? Which brands are industry leaders, and which type of lure will actually net you that gigantic bass you’ve been looking for? In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of bass fishing lure types, take a look at the best brands manufacturing those lures, and then give some specific product recommendations on best the best bass lures.

Read along, and learn with us.

  • Yamamoto Senko Rubber Worms
  • Simple but effective design
  • Embedded saltformula
  • Side-to-side action
  • Unparalleled versatility
  • wLure Assortment of 6 Crankbaits
  • Multiple Colors
  • Excelent visibility
  • Wobbling action
  • Perfect for bass
  • Booyah Buzz Spinnerbait
  • Rotating mirrored blade with a clacker
  • Three weight classes
  • Simple to use
  • Best to be used near dawn and dusk, near the surface
  • Value Pack Spinnerbait
  • Perfect for small bass
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Not very durable, but affordable
  • Come in packs of 4-6 and vary in size
  • Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jigs Bait
  • Streamlined balanced head
  • Great swimming action
  • Ultra-sharp medium wire hook
  • Excellent in the 12-15 ft depth range

Best Bass Fishing Lure Types

Though there are tons of different lure types specifically intended for bass, these are the four basic lures you should be looking for.

Plastic worms

Despite all of the advances in bass fishing technology made over the years, it’s hard to beat the quality, versatility, and functionality of the classic rubber worm.

These lures are appropriate for patient anglers who are willing to pay close attention to their rod, and they can be rigged up in tons of different ways depending on the situation.

rubber worms


Crankbaits are very versatile, suited to most water conditions, due to the fact that they can cover a large amount of water in a very short time.

However, care must be taken to select the proper crankbait for your application - they come in a huge variety of weights, shapes, and sizes. This is because, generally, you’ll be fishing in a straight retrieve, with most action coming while you reel in. Take care to vary your reeling motions, jerking and yanking your rod a bit to produce erratic motion, and produce more strikes.



Spinnerbaits combine three very important traits into one lure - they attract bass very well, they cover large distances, and they’re relatively weedless, making them suitable for fishing even close to shore or large patches of weeds. The shiny spinners on end flash and twist, attracting bass, and on the other side of the “safety-pin” design, there’s a variable-weight lead-head, as well as a sharp hook. Given the spinning action of the spinner, they’re generally retrieved straight and need very little jerking to produce strikes.



These are the lures with the highest skill level on our list, but they create far too many strikes to be ignored. Jigs are fished at the bottom of the water, unlike our other selections, and must be carefully finessed to produce jerky, skipping motions along the bottom of the water to produce great results.

Bass also do take jigs when they’re on their way to the bottom, but primarily you’re going to be looking to get your jig on the bottom of the water, keep it there, and vary its action to attract fish. The two primary differences between jig styles have to do with sinking rates and the action it gives off on strike. There are different common styles, but the “arkie-head” style jig is the most versatile and widely used, and a good starting point if you’re interested in jigging.


Recommended Products

Yamamoto Senko Rubber Worms

Yamamoto is the go-to industry leader when it comes to rubber worms, and with quality products like this 10-pack of Senko rubber worms, it’s not hard to understand why. This product’s simplicity is its strength.

Available in tons of different colors, this thick plastic worm comes embedded with a salt formula that releases when it’s tossed into the water and slows its fall rate, which combines with its side-to-side action and tail motion to make it a very attractive lure for bass and other fish.

It can be fished in tons of different rigs, including wacky-style, weightless, Texas-rigged, or Carolina rigged. It’s so versatile, and that unparalleled versatility makes it a favorite of both novice and experienced anglers everywhere.

However, these lures should be thought of as disposable. The unfortunate side effect of their effectiveness and action is that they will be lost and eaten quite a bit, which, combined with their higher price point, should be taken into consideration. You will absolutely get incredible results, but those results do come at a price. If you don’t mind going through a couple boxes of this bait, you won’t be disappointed in the results - a cooler packed to the gills (sorry for the pun) with delicious bass.

Rebel Crickhopper Crankbait/Top Lure

This cricket-shaped crankbait can also be used as a top lure, if desired, but it does excel at crankbaiting, especially when it comes to bass. This cricket/grasshopper-shaped lure can also attract perch and crappie and other small fish, and it’s also remarkably effective on bullfrogs! To use this specifically for bass, one user recommends the following process.

Cast this crankbait as far as you can, and wait a few moments. Take in almost all of your slack, whip your rod to the side for a quick jerk, then repeat to the other side. If you’ve not gotten a bite, begin reeling in until your line pulls above the surface - this causes the unique action of this crankbait to do a sort of “waddle” below the surface that drives fish nuts! You’ll want to to keep reeling it in, just fast enough to cause a ripple behind it. If you manage to reel it all the way back in without a bite, just repeat the process.

It comes in quite a few colors, with the darker ones very suitable and visible for clear waters on bright days, and plenty of bright neon green and yellow colors for muddier, deeper waters. It’s recommended for use with a double-loop line knot and an 8-10lb test line, so it’s perfect for freshwater fishing for small bass and other game.

Booyah Buzz Spinnerbait

The Booyah Buzz Spinnerbait has a unique design, with a “clacker” that smacks against the rotating mirrored blade, creating both noise and flashing light to attract fish to the bait. A 55-strand silicone skirt covers a high-quality mustard ultra point hook, and this spinnerbait comes in weights including ¼ oz, ½ oz, and ⅜ oz, ensuring that you can have a variety of different weights for differently-sized fish. It also comes in a selection of bright colors for day fishing, as well as a pure white and pure black colors that are more useful during dawn and dusk.

This spinnerbait differs from some others in that it’s intended to be used quite near to the surface, where its unique clacking action can attract the most fish.

Because of this, it’s recommended for use when fish are already active - near dawn and dusk, when baitfish are active, and when the water is smooth, and you see that the fish are active. While you can easily fish at other times, this is when you’ll really have the best results, and reel ‘em in, one after another after another.

It’s simple to use, as are most spinnerbaits. Cast it far and strong, and begin reeling in, slowly but consistently - not so fast that there’s no trail or sound, but not so fast that it’s skipping across or making tons of noise. You want a steady middle ground. Keep reeling in steady, and repeat if you don’t get a bite. It’ll take a little while to get a bite, but you will get very consistent results once you master the technique.

Value Pack Spinnerbait

If you don’t want to shell out for a more expensive spinnerbait such as the Booyah Buzz, you’ll still get good results with spinnerbaits like these that come in packs of 4-6 in varying sizes, colors, and styles. While the length varies on each of these spinnerbaits, they are all 0.62oz lures, so your action should still be quite consistent. 

They’re perfect for bass in the ~5lb range. These are a great choice if you’re just getting started using spinnerbait, and aren’t sure about how you’ll like it (or are worried you’ll lose an expensive lure and be stuck out on the water SOL).

Though they’re not exceptionally durable, they’re a great deal for the price, and well worth your time to check out if you’re just getting into using spinnerbait.

Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jigs Bait

The Strike King Tour Grade is a top-grade jig bait, designed specifically to incorporate a streamlined, balanced head which provides unparalleled swimming action, along with a durable, fully painted and color co-ordinated Perfect Skirt which covers an ultra-sharp medium wire hook.

It’s also designed to work well with craw-style trailer rigs and comes in both a 0.25oz and 0.375oz weight.

The quality design ensures a snare-free, weed-free jigging experience, and when combined with an appropriate trailer, it mimics a baitfish incredibly well, delivering especially great results in the 12-15 ft depth range. It’s a great lure to use when it’s still cold outside, as you can lure in fish still lurking at the bottom of the water who are a bit more sluggish and inactive.

Naturally, you’ll want to cast this jig quite far and allow it to settle for a bit until it sinks to the bottom. Then, begin jerking it a bit and draw it in slowly, allowing it to skip and skitter against the bottom, kicking up mud and attracting fish. It may be slow going at first, but once you get the hang of jigging, you’ll love adding this lure to your bass arsenal for those colder days when the fish at the top of the lake just don’t seem to be biting.


Of course, there are far more lure types than we mention above, but given the quality and ease of use of the above lure types, they’re the best to get started with if you want to do some serious bass fishing. Once you’ve mastered these lures, you may consider a topwater lure like a popper, but we recommend mastering these basic bass lures first. All suitable for mid-weight bass and other smaller fish, they’ll give you a great starting point.

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Walleye Lures

Walleye Fishing Lures
Walleye Fishing Lures

Walleye fishing is fun, but it can be tough. There are many different things to take into account when you’re specifically fishing for walleye. One of themost important things to learn about walleye fishing is that seasonal variation will mostly determine what lure you use – walleye have pretty specific behavioral patterns that vary a lot throughout the year, so most walleye anglers usually keep a wide variety of lures for all season and water conditions in their tackle box.

Seasonal Changes In Walleye Fishing


If it’s springtime and you’re walleye fishing in the middle of a lake or river, you’re doing it wrong. You just won’t find anything. This is because during spring, walleye tend to congregate around the areas where they’ve spawned, even after the fish have all spawned.

This makes jigging one of the best ways to catch walleye in the spring, and they’re especially effective in the early spring, when walleye tend to congregate closer to shore, around rocky patches.

The walleye are generally only about 5 feet below the surface, and usually only 8-10 feet from the shore. This is because though the walleye are finished spawning, they still feel more comfortable near where they laid their eggs, and typically they will only abandon these hotspots later in the day when it gets a bit warmer, so you’ll do most of your springtime catching with jigs, rigged for shallower waters.

The best way to find these spots is to cruise around the shoreline with a crankbait trolling behind your boat – if you start getting lots of hits, you’ve found a good spot and should rig up a shallow-water jig, and start reeling ‘em in.

If you fish in the shallow waters, you’ll likely bring in mostly smaller males, who stay nearby the spawning beds. If you’re looking for larger females, they typically take off for slightly deeper waters later in the day and can be found nearby the spawning beds, but at a depth of around 10-15 feet, and they tend to venture farther away from the spawning beds later in the day. You can use pretty much any bait you want here – a swimbait, salted worm, or crankbait usually brings good results, and we’ll look at some of those.


Now the walleye, especially the big females, will have mostly left the rocky shore, though that’s still a decent spot to find some smaller males.

However, the best way to catch large walleye in the summer is by trolling or casting deeper into the lake or river – try to find an area of at least 25 feet in depth, preferably up to 35. This is where the large female walleye will be feeding on hordes and schools of baitfish like shad and herring.

The best baits to use here are swimming jigs, crankbaits and swimbaits, and spinners, all rigged (or specifically designed) to run at depths in excess of 15 feet. Compared to the spring, it’s much easier to catch walleye in summer months, as they’ll become much more active, and venture further from their previous spawning areas.


Fall can be a tough season to catch walleye. As the water cools and weeds start to die, they absorb oxygen and release a methane-sulfate into the water that is quite annoying to walleye and other fish, causing them to retreat to deeper waters. Their activity level also tends to drop off – in rivers; you’ll find them gathered in deeper, sheltered waters away from dying weeds in clusters, and in lakes, they tend to collect and suspend in waters 20-25 feet deep and become quite sluggish.

The best ways to catch these fish are with suspending baits and deep diver crankbaits which you can troll through the area, looking out on a fish-finder and feeling for strikes to pinpoint hotspots. This is certainly one of the harder seasons to catch walleye, though, so expect to have a tough time locating good fishing spots. If you keep at it, though, you’ll certainly be rewarded with some nicely fattened walleyes.

Product Recommendation

Cordell Wally Diver Triple Threat

The Cordell Wally Diver was specifically designed to catch walleye, and that’s what it does. This 3-pack comes with both flashy and subdued colors, and each lure is made with a deep-diving lip,high-quality hard plastic finish, and two high-quality hooks.

These are exactly what you’ll want when you’re trolling for walleye on hot summer days. Rig one up for 25’ depth, slap a couple grubs or live worms on the hooks, and find a walleye hotspot – you’ll get more fish than you know what to do with.

It can also be used as a cast-and-retrieve crankbait, with a great falling action, huge depth potential, and enticing action, if you’re not a fan of trolling. Its versatility and walleye-specific design are what earn it high marks from us, and if you’re just getting started fishing walleye, you won't want to miss out on this deal.

Rapala Shad Rap 08 Fishing lure

The Rapala Shad really is a workhouse. This classic balsawood lure is built to be totally versatile, with a great natural presentation both during low and high-speed retrieves, and a great trolling action that really brings in walleye. It runs true and straight and has a medium lip that runs at about 15’, just scraping the surface of the area where walleye tend to congregate in the warmer summer months

. This makes it great at attracting their attention, with its naturalistic silhouette, great rattling sound, and side-to-side “wounded baitfish” profile that Rapala is famous for.

This is a great crankbait to have for just about any walleye fishing excursion, especially in the summer and early fall. It’s also useful for locating walleye hotspots while trolling in the spring, so for its versatility, we’ve got to give it top marks, and it certainly deserves a spot in any walleye angler’s tackle box.

Strike King Red Eye Shad Bait

This lipless crankbait is perfect for springtime fishing when you’re trolling off of your boat to find the best walleye jigging spots. It’s versatile and can be rigged up for just about any depth, and since it’s lipless, it doesn’t dive too deeply, so you won’t have to worry about it dragging along the bottom.

It can also be used to seek larger females in those late spring days when they venture out farther from their spawning areas, either by trolling, or with a standard cast-and-retrieve action – the design of the crankbait means that it has a great side-to-side baitfish action at just about every speed, and the loud rattling does the rest.

It also has a great sinking action that attracts plenty of attention, making it a true triple-threat that’s sure to bring ‘em in by the boatful.

It’s also great for rigging up if you want to do some depth-trolling later on in the summer – it maintains a relatively neutral water column profile, so you can rig it for the perfect depth for snagging walleye.

Yoshikawa Bass Fishing Lure 3" Freshwater Soft Silicone Wiggle Tail Bait Black (pack of 12)

Walleye love worms, and whether you use it on just a jig or a standard hook, these silicone, salt-impregnated worms are sure to draw plenty of attention, especially if you rig them up to run about 15’ below the surface.

Unlike some other fish, walleye tend to shy away from strongly scented worms – garlic, shrimp, etc., and respond better to simple salt-impregnated lures. These worms are inexpensive and versatile and can be rigged up for walleye in just about any way you can imagine, and they present a natural profile and great swimming action with their soft, silicone body.

Worms are classic walleye catchers for a reason, and that reason will become clear as soon as you rig up one of these minnow-styled worms.

Lindy Fuzz-E Grub Jigs 2 in- 1/4-Ounce

Grub jigs are probably the single best lures with which to catch walleye in the early spring.

Combined with a small scented worm or tail, or a piece of live bait, this style of jig is exactly what you’re looking for when you’re trying to jig between rocks near walleye spawning grounds, and its compact profile helps it stay secure and strong even in rocky and weedy waters where the walleye like to congregate in the spring.

Northland FMS3-24 Forage Minnow Jig'n Spoon, 1/8-Ounce, Super-Glow Chub

If your normal jigs aren’t doing the job, this shiny spoon jig might just be what you’re looking for. It combines a natural minnow profile with a vertical, tri-tip hook, and while it’s flashy enough to help bring in fish, it won’t spook them like some other spoons.

It’s best fished earlier in the spring, with a piece of live bait or a small rubber grub, using a drop-method after you’ve found a good walleye hotspot, but it can also be used to cast and retrieve if you’re looking for a slightly more active technique.

It’s a great tool to have if your standard grub jigs or skirted jigs aren’t quite doing the job, and its versatility (and low cost) make it a great purchase for any walleye angler.

Terminator T1 Spinnerbait with Blades Willow/Willow in Nickel/Gold

If there’s one walleye spinner to buy, it’s this one by Terminator. It comes with a silicone skirted hook, dual-color, freefloating spinners, and a realistic minnow-head. It’s the perfect lure if you’re trolling for a walleye hotspot, and during the summer the flashy blades will help bring in walleye from far-and-wide.

It’s a little less effective during the spring and fall, as the more sluggish fish are more likely to be spooked by the flashy blades, but during the summer it can bring in walleye like nobody’s business.

While its application may be a bit more limited than other offerings, it’s just as good as a casting bait as it is at trolling, and it performs admirably in the summer, especially during cloudier water conditions, when its dual-color shine blasts through murky waters to bring in your prey from all around.


While there are other baits you can use to catch walleye, we think that these styles and products of baits are going to bring you tons of success.

If walleye is what you’re after, this is only the tip of the iceberg – you can find lots more information about walleye-specific products, techniques, and advice online, and with the advice in this guide, plus whatever else you learn, we’re sure you’ll be a master walleye fisherman in no time at all.

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Livingston Lures

Livingston Lures Review
Livingston Lures Review

Founded by Robert Castenada, Livingston Lures has made a mission out of combining classic, realistic lure design with cutting edge technology to create unique, diverse, and effective fishing lures.

Their main claim to fame is their proprietary EBS (Electronic Bait Sound) technology. A far cry from the rattling BBs or bearings used in old-fashioned fishing lures to create clattering noise, EBS technology is designed to mimic the sounds of baitfish in distress, using modern technology, piezo transducers, and a smart chip that emits the sounds in 4-seconds bursts upon contact with the water.

These high-tech, durable lures come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles, and you can choose between two basic model types – the classic EBS technology that activates one tone upon submersion, and a variable-selection Multitouch EBS offering that features four different sound modes, which can be activated by pressing various locations around the lure body.

With this high-tech technology integrated into tons of lures over dozens of different applications and presentations, Livingston Lures has quickly made a name for itself as one of the go-to lure brands if you're looking for a high-tech fishing solution that maintains a vintage, classic design.

If you're interested in upgrading from standard rattlers to a more high-tech solution, Livingston Lures is definitely the brand for you, so in this article, we're going to go over some of Livingston's most popular products, and give you some recommendations on the best lures to start out with.

Top rated Products

Fresh Water Series Pro Ripper Gold Shad

The Fresh Water Series Pro Ripper Gold Shad is a lipless crankbait designed with Livingston's proprietary EBS technology which mimics the call of an endangered shad and combines it with a brilliantly realistic design that presents a realistic profile and color. Featuring two Mustad hooks, this lure emits an electronic croaking sound that's sure to drive your quarry mad with excitement, projecting large distances through underwater sound waves.

It also utilizes a slow sinking action which gives it an attractive and realistic side-wobble on its descent and allows you to drop it slowly and accurately to depths of your choice, depending on your rig.

When pulled at a low speed, it maintains a lazy side-to-side wobble, while as it’s pulled faster, it begins to move more rapidly from side to side, accurately mimicking the motions of a fleeing baitfish. This, combined with its distinctive calls, attracts fish from all over, and combined with the huge variety of depths it can be fished at in the water column, makes it a great go-to choice when you’re getting the feel for a day of fishing.

Fresh Water Series Pro Sizzle Xxx Shad

This topwater jerkbait is specifically crafted to create a smooth, realistic profile and silhouette as it rests on top of the water, and its EBS technology emits low-pitched rattles and croaks that mimic the sound of an injured or dying baitfish. In addition to its silhouette and sounds, it features a small LED light that occasionally flashes to cause a little bit more visual interest, which is especially useful during muddier water conditions and overcast days.

It’s designed with a mid and rear hook, allowing a variety of strike angles to secure your prey, and given its sound and light design, it functions perfectly while being almost completely still.

However, best results are found by using this as it’s meant to be used; a top-quality jerkbait. Even slight twitches by the angler provoke quick reactions, and if you’re tired of just jerking this bait around, it’s very easy to “walk”. We recommend combining walking the topwater lure with momentary pauses and jerks – doing so will help you imitate a wounded fish, and combined with the EBS technology and LED flash, is sure to bring ‘em in.

Team Livingston Series Howeller DMC SQ    Chartreuse Shad

This crankbait has been designed with a medium lip designed to help it reach those middle water-column areas that are often so hard to reach with other lures, and it walks a perfect balance between shallower lipless crankbait and heavier, bottom-water crankbaits. 

Along with its large lip, it incorporates the natural profile of a baitfish and is available in a large variety of colors, though Chartreuse is generally a favorite. It also has EBS technology which emits loud, periodic calls and creaks, as well as an internal rattle.

The compact silhouette is designed for maximum wobble and motion, with a nice side-to-side action at low speed and falling that becomes more intense and pronounced with increased speed. This is a great lure to go for if you enjoy repeated casts and quick pulls, as its pronounced calls and motion will lure plenty of fish to mid-depth locations.

It’s also useful to fish in smaller areas where some crankbaits struggle with hang-ups – the compact design allows it to escape weedy or rocky situations where some other medium-depth crankbaits may get stuck, and the combination EBS and rattle technology is loud enough to bring out plenty of fish, even from secluded places.

Livingston Lures Team Series Walking Boss ll - Chartreuse Blue Shiner

If you love topwater walking – seeing fish circle, circle, circle, and then strike your bait hard at the very top of the water’s surface, you’re going to love this lure by Livingston. The Walking Boss II is specifically manufactured to provide an incredible topwater walking experience, with a long, sleek profile accented by a reverse-angled front lip that helps keep it on the top of the water, and helps give it a seductive side-to-side action that, combined with EBS technology, brings in the fish from far and wide. 

Unlike some of our other choices, this lure integrates the EBS Multitouch technology, meaning that you can vary its calls depending on the situation by switching to one of four built-in tones and calls, making it a very versatile choice.

The aforementioned double-cupped lip combines with the “broken-back” silhouette design to cause tons of splashing when walked along the surface, and makes it easy to dip, dart, and dodge around with this lure while you’re walking it along the surface.

. It’s hard to overstate how much of a pleasure this lure is to use while topwater walking – it’s quick to respond, easy to control, and it presents so accurately that it might even fool an experienced angler if they were to just glance at the water. If you’re a walker/topwater jerkbait fanatic, you’re not going to want to miss out on this lure. Its high-tech design plus classic function and presentation make it an absolute delight to use.

Livingston Lures Tournament Series  JerkMaster 121 - Chrome XXX Shad

If you’re more into mid-water jerkbaits, the Livingston Jerkmaster 121 is sure to do the job. Built with an internal weight chamber that suspends it perfectly in the medium-shallow depths of the water column, it integrates EBS technology into a slim silhouette that’s carefully designed both for realism and for attractiveness, mimicking the long profiles of baitfish favorites like shads and minnows.

This heavy weight also makes it easy to cast long distances without extra rigging, and it’s balanced so that even slight rod movements will cause big rolling actions which are very attractive to prey fish. Along with its EBS technology, it incorporates manual rattlers, so there is a huge variety of sound with which to attract faraway fish.

This lure is especially useful in muddier or darker waters – the loud sounds and bright patterns combine to make it very visible and obvious even in tougher conditions, and it works just as well in good weather, making it a great all-conditions suspender lure for your tacklebox.

B Venom 6 Tiger

It's not cheap, but the B Venom 6 Tiger has the feature-set to back up its high price. It features a two-section design that mimics natural swimming motion perfectly, multitouch EBS technology that features multiple sounding options, a variable weight-chamber that allows it to be used as a topwater, sub-surface, or suspending lure, and allows you to vary the sinking action from slow to fast, according to your needs.

Its massive customization options mean it can be useful in almost any situation, and combined with its incredibly reactive presentation, it won't take long for you to get used to the swimming action of this swimbait. With smooth reeling, it provides an underwater glide that's attractive and realistic, and with just a twitch of your rod, you can pull off 180-degree turns and jerks that are sure to attract the attention of larger fish.

While not everyone is into swimbaits, if you’re a swimbait fan or just getting started using swimbaits. 

This is absolutely one of the best, most versatile swimbait lures out there. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny.


Livingston Lures is constantly innovating – developing new smart chips that react better to immersion in water, crafting better bodies to hold their advanced technology, and always relying on the experience of veteran anglers and fishermen to develop a better product.

Their unique fusion of style, technology, and quality certainly make them an industry leader, and regardless of whether or not you purchase one of these lures, you should be keeping an eye on them. We wouldn’t be surprised if it was Livingston who discovers the next big innovation in lure technology.

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Bomber Lures

bomber lures review
bomber lures review


Bomber has a long history. Founded in 1944 by Ralph Wham, this lure company began with just one flagship lure - their “bomber” crankbait, designed specifically for deep dives, great action, and easy retrieval in the tough Texas reservoir waters that were often weed-choked and hard to fish. By 1947, they were cranking out 1000 “bombers,” a day, and their success has only continued.

Today, Bomber is known for their hugely versatile crankbait offerings. They offer dozens of models of crankbaits, including midwater and topwater crankbait lures, as well as their classic “deep diver” crankbaits, and even some topwater suspenders and other baits.

Crankbaits are what they’re known for, however. Their deep divers go down long and fast with the same wiggling action and great, steady retrieval that kickstarted their success over seven decades ago, and they’ve become one of the go-to companies when it comes to getting great quality crankbaits and lures at a price that won’t make you refinance your house.

  • Bomber Deep Fat-Free Shad
  • Excellent for greater depths
  • Tight wiggling motion
  • Very responsive on retrieval
  • Loud rattles
  • Bomber Saltwater Grade Magnum
  • Designed for harsh saltwater conditions
  • Durable polycarbonate body
  • Wiggling action
  • Super strong and durable
  • Bomber Saltwater Grade Badonk
  • Heavy-duty saltwater lure
  • High-pitch rattles perfect for windy days
  • Slow sinking twitching action
  • Excellent for topwater fishing
  • Bomber Triple Threat
  • Tough construction for durability
  • Realistic searching action
  • Crawfish-like exoskeleton
  • True-running nature
  • Bomber Suspending Pro Long
  • Unmatched realistic design
  • Wiggling and rolling action
  • Highly visible with 3D eyes
  • Available in many colors

Their massive selection includes both freshwater and saltwater crankbaits, and versatile and distinct crankbaits that are sure to fit just about any fishing application – from deepwater trolling to freshwater jerkbaits, or variable and versatile midwater fishing with great actions at all speeds of retrieval, you’re sure to find a lure to love if you take a look at what Bomber has to offer.

So we’re going to take a look at some of their offerings, which utilize their decades of manufacturing expertise, top quality materials, and great craftsmanship to create some truly unique and quality lures that are as fun to fish with as they are effective at their job.

Deep Diver Shad Crankbait - Bomber Deep Fat-Free Shad

This crankbait comes in both 2 ½ and 3-inch versions, both of which are great at what they do – diving. The gigantic lip combines with the streamlined “fat-free” shad design to create a superb diving action that’s both fast and ultra-realistic, diving deeply into the water to draw plenty of attention, especially when combined with its straight tracking, built-in-rattle, and ultra-tight “wiggle” that mimics the motion of a shad-like baitfish.

It’s available in a wide range of colors, so you’re sure to find one suitable for the water conditions that you typically fish in, and it’s outfitted standard with Excalibur Tx3 Rotating Treble Hooks that offer an incredible amount of versatility, bite-angle-catch, and secure hold once your prey has taken your lure.

Running depth is typically 12-18 feet, depending on the line used and the rigging (if any), so it’s not suitable for shallower streams and lakes. But if you take this little lure deep, it shines like no other.

Natural, attention-grabbing, and with a great retrieval action that’s smooth and realistic, you’ll love fishing with this lure.

Saltwater-grade Topwater Crankbait - Bomber Saltwater Grade Magnum Long A - Baby Striper

If you want some real versatility, you may be interested in this saltwater-grade topwater crankbait. Its high-quality finish, design, polycarbonate body and saltwater-grade 1/0 hooks make this a totally versatile lure, and though it’s made to saltwater spec, it can just as easily be used anywhere you’re looking to toss out a beautiful, functional topwater crankbait.

This is a larger lure - 7” long standard, so you’ll want to be sure to use it in larger lakes or areas where fish typically do munch on larger prey, though most users report some degree of success even in smaller fishery areas.

The lure runs standard at about a 1-3’ depth, and is very versatile, responding well both to steady, fast retrieval methods and slower, “jerkbait” style casts and retrieves. It can even be used to troll off of the side of large boats, with a consistent, natural motion that draws in plenty of strikes.

It can hold up to it, too. The polycarbonate body is bite-resistant, and the hooks are very securely attached, treble hooks that can really latch onto a bite, so you won’t have to worry about losing your lure (and your fish). You can just concentrate on bring it in, and figuring out how you want to grill it.

High-pitched Saltwater Grade Topwater Crankbait - Bomber Saltwater Grade Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch

If you like the sound of the Magnum Long A, but are in an area where a 7-inch lure is impractical, you may want to look into the Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch. This versatile crankbait lure is built in a 4” profile that’s natural, durable, and finished off with #2 saltwater grade treble hooks, and can be used both in saltwater and freshwater environments.

Like its bigger cousin, this lure is designed to run at 1-3’ water depths, and it features a specialized high-pitched rattle that transfers sound waves through the water at longer distances and higher sound ranges than most other crankbaits, allowing it to function spectacularly during more intense or unfavorable weather and water conditions.

It’s versatile, too. Far from being a standard “catch-and-retrieve” crankbait, this thing works well as a “walker” – toss it in and start “walking” the lure around in circles, and the natural swimming action combined with the high-pitched rattling of the lure will do the rest.

But if that’s not your style, you’ll also find great success with standard slow and fast catch-and-retrieve methods, as well as “stop-and-go” jerky methods of fishing.

Versatility. Durability. Quality. What else could you want from a lure? The Badonk-A-Donk delivers all of these and more and should be a staple in your tackle box if you often move from saltwater to freshwater fishing areas, or are just looking for a great topwater crankbait.

Bomber 4A 3-pack - Classic Crankbait - Bomber Triple Threat

This set of Bomber Crankbaits features 3 of the classic crankbaits that Bomber is famous for - the versatile, deep-diving Bomber 4A. It’s known for being as versatile as it is classic – it can be used to catch bass, walleye, pike, and just about every other kind of critter that eats small baitfish. It can be rigged for trolling (up to 9 feet in depth) or used as a casting crankbait that’ll dive 6 feet or more. And this triple-pack gives you three different colors, so you’ll be able to choose the right one for the occasion, at a low price.

It’s high quality too, featuring durable standard treble hooks and a high-quality polycarbonate body. The well-crafted profile mixes with the deep diving capability and loud, clear rattle of the body to create a side-to-side action that drives fish nuts both on the drop and the retrieve.

Because of its unparalleled versatility, low cost, and great quality, this 3-pack of the Bomber 4A earns very high marks from us. If you’re interested in Bomber lures but wary of spending a lot on a lure, this should definitely catch your eye.

Once you handle one of these lures and experience its all-weather, all-water, all-year-round versatility and great action, you’ll never want to buy another midwater crankbait.

Suspending Crankbait - Bomber Suspending Pro Long A Fishing Lure

This lure is great if you don’t like the standard cast-and-retrieve styles, and are looking for a mid-water suspending bait that’s a joy to fish with a more erratic, jerky motion. Built with 3 top-quality treble hooks, beautiful and bright polycarbonate construction that’s durable, and a neutral profile that runs at about 4’ deep, this high-quality lure is built to react to line-twitching and jerking with a natural, erratic action that simulates the motions of a wounded baitfish, and its responsiveness is surprisingly good for a larger lure – it measures 4 5/8’’ long and 9/16oz in weight.

The midwater running action of this lure is especially good in shallower waters and places where other crankbaits might have trouble staying in the middle of the water column, and the streamlined design ensures that you won’t have much trouble with weeds or rocks.

The versatility of this lure is great too – if you get sick of using a twitching motion, walking, or jerking this lure, it can easily be used as a standard cast-and-retrieve bait, and its heavy weight makes it a breeze to cast long distances.

Overall, this is a great addition for anyone who loves neutral-running suspending crankbaits, and it’s large enough to bring in quite the variety of prey, while still being fishable with most standard freshwater casting setups.


There’s a reason Bomber mostly sticks to the crankbait niche. They’re really good at it.

From the first “plug Bomber” developed in Texas over 70 years ago, to the modern offerings of deepwater, midwater, and topwater crankbaits that can be used in freshwater and saltwater alike, that are suitable both for casting and trolling, and that feature a massive size and style variety, Bomber continues to innovate and lead the crankbait industry.

So whether you’re in the saltwater, trolling for tuna and other huge, strong prey, or a freshwater angler looking to nab some smaller trout and other freshwater staples, Bomber certainly has a lure for you, and theirhigh-quality crankbaits deserve a spot in any fisherman’s tackle box.

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Heddon Lures

Heddon Lures Review
Heddon Lures Review

Heddon Lures was first established by James Heddon in 1898, in Dowagiac, Michigan. They can safely claim to be one of the very oldest lure companies in the world. Their reputation began to grow from the very start of beginning of the company when Mr. Heddon was manufacturing wooden frog “plugs” carved from broom handles.

What originally started as a boutique brand based out of a home kitchen expanded to Canada in 1910, and when plastic lure technology first surfaced in 1932, they became an industry leader, introducing their “spook” plastic fishing lures, which were named after their unique, transparent appearance.

These early prototype lures often fell apart due to novel plastic mixtures, but still, fetch a high price on the market as collector’s items today. Once their technique was refined, Heddon hard baits and plastic lures became known all throughout North America for their quality and innovativeness, and by 1950, Heddon Lures was creating more than 12,000 lures every day, and as they continued to grow, they expanded into rods, reels, and other fishing gear.

Vintage lures from Heddon’s past still fetch high prices on the used collectors market, and after its sale to EBSCO brands in 1955, some of these were discontinued, but many lures proved to be in such demand that EBSCO began remanufacturing them with modern materials, to provide a contemporary twist on Heddon’s past.

But this modern incarnation of Heddon lures isn’t stuck in the past – far from it. They’re still known around the world as one of the great innovators in the hard bait plastic market, and their sterling reputation hasn’t suffered. Their modern, cutting-edge designs bring great results at a low cost that makes them versatile and useful for just about any angler, and their product offerings are diverse and varied, with a lure for just about any kind of fish under the sun.

Recommended Products

Heddon Triple Threat

One of Heddon’s more unique products is their “torpedo” baits. These baits combine a realistic, bulky baitfish profile with rear flashing spinners that kick up plenty of water, make a ton of noise, and provide a lot of vibration and flash to create a unique and effective topwater bait. This three-pack comes with two different sizes and three different colors, and though these models are small, they can bring in just about any freshwater fish imaginable.

They’re best used in waters that are quite calm – when the surface is glassy and beautiful, that’s when the vibrating action and flashy blades of these lures do their best work, attracting schooling gamefish from far and wide, and creating massive, incredible surface strikes that you’ve got to see to believe.

It’s best fished with a jerky, cast-and-retrieve motion, with a varying pattern of casts and retrieves. Steady on one cast, jerky and slow on the next, fast and jerky - keep varying your casts, and you’re sure to grab the attention of a passing fish. 

It’s great for beginners because just about any casting technique works to catch the attention of passing fish, and you’ll make a lifetime angler out of a novice once they see the massive strikes that this topwater lure attracts. For all these reasons, we highly recommend this lure to topwater fishers who are looking for something slightly different than standard walkers, suspenders, and jerkbaits. It’s a blast to use, and the results speak for themselves.

Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure

The Heddon Super Spook Jr. is inspired by that classic, transparent topwater lure that first made Heddon Lures so popular – The Spook. This update is thoroughly modern, though, and this is a smaller incarnation of the larger super spook while maintaining the realistic “walking” action and explosive results that its big brother is known for.

It’s one of Heddon’s most popular lures, and is available in over two dozen colorways, ranging from bright neon transparent models to more naturally patterned, realistic lures, ensuring that no matter the conditions of the water or weather, you’ll have the lure you need. When fish are really biting at the surface, this is the lure to reach for.

It’s fished in the classic, “walk-the-dog” motion, splashing and causing an unmistakable ruckus on the surface, and a bit of erratic action causes a natural “wounded baitfish” presentation. 

That’s sure to attract your prey from the lower areas of the water column, especially when combined with the realistic, highly visible silhouette of this lure. The unmatchable design, action, and linefeel of this lure will help you figure out for yourself why the Spook has been a bestseller since it was first created in the 1930s, and topwater enthusiasts won’t want to miss it.

Heddon Rattling Sonar Flash Lure's

If topwater fishing isn’t your game, don’t worry. This adjustable depth swimbait features a totally customizable design, allowing you to float it wherever you want, and it also features a crankbait-style front compartment with rattling BBs, which along with its flashy, bladed design makes it irresistible to fish. It’s really versatile, too – suitable for casting, trolling, or jigging (even for ice fishing!), depending on how you set it up, and it excels in all of these applications

.Whether you’re casting or trolling, the blade design combines a side-to-side roll with a vertical shake that creates tons of vibration and flash on its own and is a lethal combination when combined with the internal rattle chamber, able to attract fish from all depths.

Its versatility, along with its unique design and flashy, loud rattle make it a must-have if you’re interested in a longer casting, deeper lure that maintains the unique design sensibilities of Heddon with cutting-edge materials and technology.

Heddon Moss Boss Lure's

This style of lure is probably the closest to the original plugs that James Heddon carved up in his kitchen in 1898. This lure is designed specifically with a wood, conical design that can help it punch through even the heaviest weeds and adverse conditions while remaining totally snagless. A living rubber skirt covers a sharp 4/0 hooks, and helps protect the hook from damage, and ensures easy motion even through the densest cover.

It also sinks slowly, but maintains its depth once it has sunk, so you can either use it topwater or let it sink down to the bottom of the water.

When fished topwater with a twitchy motion, this lure works with a sort of “skipping” action that imitates a frog or mouse skipping along the surface of the water, and when fished on the bottom of the water, you can work it towards yourself in a slow, jerky action that lets it kick up a little water and move the weeds, and attract plenty of attention from observant fish.

Whichever way you decide to fish it, this lure is second-to-none if you’re fishing in an area choked up by lilypads, moss, weeds, or other vegetation, and also bounces off rocks and other obstacles easily, allowing you to use it in places where other lures fall abysmally flat.

Heddon Swim n Image Lure

This lure is a great sub-surface, suspending topwater crankbait that’s designed for a true-running, realistic action when reeled in with a steady cast-and-retrieve motion. The small plastic lip helps it maintain a subsurface, shallow water position, and the wobbling, shaky action that it creates when reeled in at speed does the rest.

It presents with a really realistic look in the water, wiggling back and forth and displacing tons of water, especially when pulled in quickly enough to leave a trail, so it’s a great lure to pick if you love reeling ‘em in hard. It’s not limited to that, though.

With a slower, jerkier motion, you can bring this lure to the top of the water from its 2-3’ running depth, drop it down with a fluttering motion, and pull it up again, mimicking an injured baitfish that’s having trouble maintaining a consistent depth, and producinga lot of strikes.

Heddon Chug'N Spook Lures

Finally, we’ve got a true titan of the Heddon Lure family – the Chug’N Spook. This lure is quite a bit large than the Spook Jr, coming in at 4.875 inches, making it suitable for fish in much larger lakes and rivers. It’s been designed as a specialized version of the Spook, incorporating a loud knocking, a cupped lip, and uniquely weighted design that causes a ruckus on the surface of the water that’s second-to-none.

It’s easy to use, too – the uniquely weighted body helps you keep it just above and touching the surface, helping you maximize the amount of kick and commotion that you can cause.

This is a great lure to use if you’re looking to do some topwater fishing even in harsher water conditions – unlike some smaller, less fully-featured topwater lures, it can cause enough noise, vibration, and water-splash action to overcome even moderately windy days, and murkier water conditions.

It's high quality, unique and modern design, and weather-independent versatility make it a great lure to turn to whenever things get rough, but you don’t want to do deeper fishing or are fishing in a shallower area which requires a topwater lure.


Heddon has been going strong for over a century, and given the quality and ease-of-use of their modern, yet classically designed hardbaits, we can’t see them going anywhere anytime soon.

Their list of lures grows by the year, and though they focus much of their lure development on topwater and shallow-water lures, they continue to expand and develop new, modern lures that maintain classic styling and influence from days decades past.

Their classic designs, decades of experience, and top-quality products earn them the distinction of one of America’s best homegrown hardbait manufacturers, and their products don’t disappoint. Poke around and find one that you might like, and you’ll be reeling them in by the truckload, just like James Heddon when he built his first frog-plugs out of broomstick handles, all the way back in the 1890s.

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Hogy Lures

Hogy Lures Review
Hogy Lures Review

When you’re looking for great fishing lures, you only have one thing on your mind, and that’s catching the most fish possible. Catching all those fish requires the right combination of the skill, and the right equipment. If you plan on catching a variety of fish, than Hoy lures may be a great place to start.

Choosing the right type of lure for you is a decision based on what you’ll be fishing for. If you choose the wrong lure for the type of fishing you are doing, you’re going to be at a severe disadvantage. Set yourself up with one of the excellent lure choices from Hoegy, and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

What Makes Hogy Lures Great

Experienced fisherman Capt. Mike Hogan started Hogy lures in 2004 when he left the corporate world behind in order to chase his dreams of being in the fishing gear business. Mike has fished all over America, and literally field designed and tested each and every lure that Hogy carries. Everything Hogydoes is with catching big fish in mind.

Focused on Trophy Class fishing, Mike began designing lures that would be able to compete against the livebait fisherman. This competition with other anglers pushed him to develop more and more situation-specific lures that worked better and better and a saw a continued need for large softbait lures that closely imitate their livebait counterparts.

Today, Hogy products, along with their sister company, Standard Issue Tackle, are used to fish in all 50 states, and in 32 different countries around the world. Their custom softbaits are available in a number of different series offerings, and when used in combination with the right rigging and other equipment, put you in a prime position to catch a ton of fish.

Hogy Product Quality

Hogy lures are made using only the best plastics and other components. This means your baits can be trusted as being both soft and having great action along as being tough enough to withstand extended fishing trips.

Choosing a Hogy Lure

Many people view fishing as an activity to escape the hassles and complications of life. Consequentially, they want to keep it simple and not spend hours and hours fretting over which lures to use, especially if you are a beginner. Most young fishermen and women like to start with a simple kind of bait and hope for the best. Asking yourself a few questions before buying will allow you to make the most informed choice, things like:

What kind of fishing will I be doing?

How easy is the lure to put on?

Will the lure aid me in catching more fish?

Fortunately, the Hogy lures are easy to put on your rig, so you’ll be fishing in no time. Hogy lures are also renowned for helping their users catch more fish, so the real question remains in what type of fishing you’ll be doing. Here are the selections of Hogy Lures for a variety of fishing types, each sure to up your game!

Hogy 10” Rigged Jiggn

This lure works well on Lakers and Halibut. It is another long hard hook.

Hogy 7” HogyOriginal

This simple easy to use lure that mimics snook and lakers. It is easy to hook and a great lure for beginners.

Hogy Swimbait Hook Weighted

Like the Hogy H10BONE4 10” this lure is light and makes for an easy and long cast in the Ocean or Gulf. It only weighs 1 ounce so you may lose your lure with a Baracuda, but it could be worth it to haul in a big 9” to 12” prize catch. It is also good for catching eel.

Hogy 10” Hogy Original

This lure is light, and you can cast it long distances, as it only weights 3.2ounces. It is great for surf fishing for Barracuda, Tarpon, and Cobia. With its lightweight, it stays near the surface of the water but moves enough to attract the fish and reel them in with no trouble. You should reel the fish in fastso that you feel a burn for best results.

Hogy 10”

This is a long pink lure that looks like a minnow or a baby Pinkfish. It weighs 3.2 ounces and like the other Hogy Lures is an easy and deep cast that has good movement under the water. This makes it seem real and live to the fish.

Hogy Weighted Grip Hooks

These hooks are wide and give a lot of room for the fish to bite, with a small plastic lure on the end. The hook is sharp and makes it hard for the fish to escape or just nibble and swim on.

Hogy 7” Hogy Sand Eels Light

This is one of the lightest of lures, weighing only 0.3 ounces. It is a good lure for beginners and works well in clear or murky waters.

Hogy Weighted Grip Hooks

This is another light lure with a long sharp hook. You could have the lure and put live bait on it for extra effect.

Hogy 7” Hogy Original

This lure looks like a black minnow and is attractive to all fish. As it bobs through the water, it is visible in well-lit water, marshes and even in muddy water. As with al of the Hogy lures it mimics live bait and looks alive as it’s movement is like sea bait.

Hogy Hogy Flounder 5”

These lures look like an orange and yellow flounder with spots. They are good for catching striped bass as well as all fish eating fish.

Hogy Swimbait Barbarian

This hook and lure has a long hook and a bottle cork like end which hooks the fish easily.

Hogy 10” Rigged Jiggn

This is a 7-ounce lure which is long and yellow, and the hook sticks out from the bait.

Hogy Trophy Tarpon Lures Flats Kit

If you want to get an entire packet of lures you can order Hogy Trophy Tarpon Lures Flats Kit – Premium Saltwater Soft Baits and Hooks – The contents contain pure plastic and the finest contents for durability and success with all breeds of fish. They are great imitations of worms, mullet, houndfish, and ballyhoo. They make the hooks from the finest and most durable metals. This may be the Hogy product that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Hogy Pro Series 10/0 Barbarian Jighead 10 Pack

These lures are made from high carbon steel, with an extra-long shank. They have a needle-sharp hook point, and they come in a 10 pack. If you like to spend whole days on the water, this will keep you supplied

Other Hogy Products

Hogy Hogy x Strong Jig Head

This is another large hook with an enticing bait.

Hogy Tandem Quick Rig Mono, 14 inch 2 pack

This lure has two long 14 inch hooks that give the fish a choice of bites. It is one of the best because if the fish nibbles on one hook, it could bite the other.

When you go out in the boat and reel in that barracuda, Flounder, Weakfish, or any fish, you enjoy the experience and often do not have time to analyze how well you are doing. Many people fish just to relax and enjoy the experience of being with friends and family. Sometimes your enjoyment of the cool breeze or the heat beating down on you that makes the experience worthwhile.

Other times you enjoy fishing because there are some rough seas. You cast your rod out only to have to reel it in again because the boat has to go headfirst into a wave that is a remnant of last night's storm at sea. Yet, you hope the fish stirred up and head right for your boat. A half hour from now you can cast your rod back in because the waves miraculously got smaller. Surf fishing has added challenges after a big storm, but boy it is worth it to haul in your prize catch.


Winter fishing in Florida or the keys has the following psychological benefits. You can sadistically think of people up in New England who are shoveling snow. Or cleaning their windshields of frost with their long john’s, scarves, and heavy coats while you enjoy the 75-degree air and water. You have a tank top on or just shorts and sunscreen. You will be happy if you catch anything because the experience is still enjoyable.

Hogy Lures are among the easiest lures to use to attract fish. They are easy to keep, to put on, to cast, and they attract a plethora of fish. You won’t find a tremendous amount of user reviews online, but that’s because Hogy users are busy catching fish! Their high salesvolume and sometimes limited availability is a testament to their popularity. Get yourself one of these lures, and spend more time catching fish and less time fishing!

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D.O.A. Lures

DOA Lures Review
DOA Lures Review


D.O.A. Lures, founded by Mark Nichols, is totally dedicated to crafting incredible quality soft-rubber fishing lures that are impregnated with unique flavorings and designs that have a great ability to focus on individual fish.

D.O.A. offers a full range of lures, including jerkbaits, swimbaits, jigs, worms, and others, all crafted out of a special, durable, soft plastic design that floats and swims totally naturally, has a natural feel to predatory fish, and is crafted with scents and flavors that drive your prey wild.

  • DOA SM-310 Swimming Mullet Lure
  • Soft rubber body and a realistic appearance
  • Heavier design for long casts
  • Good for harsh conditions and obstacles
  • Great reel-in speed
  • DOA Jerk Baits Root Beer Chartreuse
  • Impregnated with baitfish essence
  • Subtle but lifelike presentation
  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Best used with a wide-gap worm hook
  • DOA Cal Air Head 310 Lure
  • Scent and taste impregnation
  • Realistic presentation
  • Neutral bouyancy
  • Swimming motion with great tail action
  • DOA Deadly Combo DC-OVAL-313
  • Combination shrimp/floater lure
  • Scent and taste impregnation
  • High quality cork floater with a good line-feel
  • Clear or gold shrimp

They’re also quite inexpensive compared to many top-grade, “realistic” lures that incorporate hard plastic and more realistic paint jobs, which makes them a great choice if you have a tendency to lose a lot of bait, or you’re just looking to augment your tackle box with plenty of high-quality lures, so that you’ve always got the right bait for the right situation.

In addition, their soft, rubbery design allows you to rig them in all sorts of ways, with whatever weights and hooks you prefer, so you’ve got total control over customizing your fishing experience, which is great both for seasoned experts, and novice anglers who are looking to increase their angling IQ through experimentation.

D.O.A has also expanded their offerings into combos and clackers, and even D.O.A. bait kits, which include a massive selection of baits targeted towards just about any water type, condition, or intended prey fish you can think of.

  • DOA FBB4S-336 Shallow Bait Buster, 4-Inch Silver/Black Back
  • Excellent walkbait for shallow waters
  • Realistic baitfish smell and taste
  • 4 inches long, 5/8 ounces
  • Realistic presentation and great design
  • DOA 62305 Deadly Combo Popper Clacker, w/3" Shrimp, Nite Glow
  • Specialized popper-clacker lure
  • Popper trails for extra noise
  • Works well with scented rubber baits
  • Nite-Glow shrimp
  • DOA Cal Shad Tail 3-1/2-Inch in Glow-Gold Rush Belly, 50-Pack
  • Shad-tail design with a golden color scheme
  • Realistic scent
  • Superb versatility
  • Great value for price

Their huge selection of baits range over freshwater, saltwater, and even into more specialized offerings, and they’re a great brand to turn to if you’re looking for top-quality, handcrafted rubber lures that are a little more fully featured than your typical inexpensive bait shop offerings.

D.O.A. is revolutionizing the world of inexpensive, rubber-based baits with offerings that combine a great quality with a remarkable presentation, and they’re certainly an industry leader when it comes to rubber baits.

In this article, we’ll go over some of their various offerings, across their jigs, swimbait, jerkbait, and other categories, as well as some basic beginner kits and some other specialized lures. So let’s get into it!

Castbait/Crankbait - DOA SM-310 Swimming Mullet Lure

The DOA SM-310 Swimming Mullet is designed with a soft rubber body, realistic jewel-set styled eyes, and an incredibly sharp, built-in hook. It’s made out of DOA’s classic shrimp-impregnated material, and it’s designed with a heavy weight profile that allows long casts, and serious speed while you reel it in.

The soft design and top-mounted hook make this an ideal lure to use in tough conditions where other, hard-plastic lured may tend to catch and snag. It’s relatively weedless, and the soft design means it can squeeze to get through tough obstacles like rocks and other snags, making it a great choice for dock fishing, shore fishing, or fishing in crowded lakes and stream with lots of obstacles.

While it will sink somewhat by itself, we do recommend rigging this bait up with some weights if you’re looking to go deep into the water column.

As the name may suggest, this bait is best used over long distances – it’s got a great swimming action at just about any speed, and reeling it in over and over with varying degrees of speed and quick, sudden stops and jerks is sure to bring in predators from all around.

Jerkbait - DOA Jerk Baits Root Beer Chartreuse

This pack of DOA Jerkbaits is specially impregnated with farm-grown baitfish essences that release upon contact with the water, which pairs with the subtle “root beer” colored body and chartreuse tail to create a great lure with a subtle presentation that maintains a flashy tail, and is sure to bring in fish with its sweet, powerfully attractive scent.

This multi-pack offering gives you plenty of lures, so you’ll be covered even if a powerful predator rips one off your line. Its soft design gives it a wonderful, lifelike movement and reactions to even slight jerks of the rod, and its responsiveness and clarity of motion are sure to make you a happy angler.

The body is heavy enough that it sinks slightly below the surface, so those of you who are unsure of your reactions and rod-feel may wish to pair it with a bobber or other surface indicator of some kind – the heavy body does sometimes cause false alarms.

This lure is best rigged on a wide-gap worm hook, and can also be used on jigging rigs if you’re more of a fan of bottom-water fishing. You can use just about any hook that’s large enough, though, which gives you a ton of choice based both on application and preference.

Swimbait - DOA Cal Air Head 310 Lure in Pearl and Red

The DOA Cal Air Head 310 Lure in Pearl and Red is an incredible swimbait. The soft design (of course, with DOA’s standard scent and taste impregnation) combines with an incredible, realistic presentation that’s accented by a natural tail motion, and this neutral-buoyancy lure can be rigged for topwater swimbaits, mid-and-deepwater rigs, and even jigging rigs, making it totally customizable and giving you plenty of options depending on your personal preferences, and daily fishing requirements.

No matter where you fish it, this bait is sure to please, and the soft plastic design means that it can handle adverse conditions that usually snag larger, hard-plastic swim and crankbaits, so you can fish without fear just about anywhere.

The presentation is great, with a natural wobble its descent and a side-to-side swimming motion with huge tail action that is really attractive to predators and varies in intensity depending on your cranking action, so you’ve got plenty of tricks to use when you want to vary its motion.

It can be rigged with just about any hook as well, and its medium size means it can be rigged with both large, powerful hooks for large prey, as well as smaller ones if you’re in a more confined body of water. It’s also appropriate for both saltwater and freshwater applications, adding to its already stunning versatility.

Combo Shrimp Floater Rig - DOA Deadly Combo Oval Float w/Clear Gold Shrimp - DC-OVAL-313

As mentioned, DOA doesn’t just exclusively focus on lures – they also offer some great combos, like a popper/clacker rig we’ll talk about below, and this combo shrimp/floater rig. This rig is totally ready to fish right out of the box – just attach it to your line, cast it out, and float it up.

 The natural shrimp design also includes DOA’s smell and taste technology, making it incredibly realistic and attractive to predators of all shapes and sizes. And the high-quality floater lets you just toss it in, let the currents take it where you please, and lock it in place when you’re happy with its position.

The high-quality weighted cork floater is covered in bright orange plastic which aids in spotting strikes and provides a good line-fell and reaction when a strike does hit, allowing you to feel for strikes even when it’s not in viewing distance.

And while it does come with a clear/gold shrimp on the end, there’s nothing to stop you from rigging up this high-quality float however you want, making it a great addition to any tackle box given its quality and versatility.

Shallow Swim/Walkbait - DOA FBB4S-336 Shallow Bait Buster, 4-Inch Silver/Black Back

If you’re fishing in shallow waters and looking for an ideal walkbait/shallow swimbait, this Shallow Bait Buster should be quite exciting to you.

Incorporating the realistic smell and taste of baitfish that DOA is known for, this lure goes even further, as it’s built to perfectly replicate the shape and color of a struggling baitfish, and has a wonderful action when “walked” near the surface of the water, kicking up plenty of splashes and making noise that’s sure to attract attention, even in the shallows.

It’s 4” long and weigh 5/8oz, and you can rig it up pretty much any way you want, including your own custom hooks depending on the fish you’re going after. Its realistic presentation, high quality, and great design make it a great choice for surface fishermen, and it’s particularly suited to shallow environments where harder plastic lures can often suffer due to obstacles and snags.

Popper/Clacker Rig - DOA 62305 Deadly Combo Popper Clacker, w/3" Shrimp, Nite Glow

Maybe you’re looking for something more like a standard crankbait with BB-rattlin’ action that drives predators wild. Well, DOA has a specialized popper-clacker rig that does just that.

Attached to the included Nite-Glow shrimp, the popper trails behind creating tons of noise that’s sure to attract the attention of predators, and can pair well not only with the included shrimp lure, but any DOA all-purpose lure, or even live baits, or the lures of competitors if you’re looking to add a little more noise to your rig.

It’s a great value, high quality, and can be used with just about any rig, but it’s especially effective when you combine the loud, realistic clacks with the scented and tasty rubber baits that DOA develops.

50 Pack All-Purpose Lures - DOA Cal Shad Tail 3-1/2-Inch in Glow-Gold Rush Belly, 50-Pack

Last, but not least, we’ve got the best value that we’ve maybe ever seen. This insane deal has 50(!) 3 ½ inch shad-tail lures, all of which incorporate an attractive golden color scheme, natural baitfish profile and silhouette, and the DOA scent-and-smell technology that they’re famous for.

These baits are insanely versatile. They can be jigged, suspended, run as topwater lures with floaters, run as swimbaits with clackers to imitate a standard crankbait, or walked and used as jerkbaits. It all depends on how you rig them, and we think that this pack of lures should be a go-to- for any fisherman looking to fill up a tackle box with versatile, high-quality lures.

It’s an incredible deal for some incredible lures, and if you only pick one product of this list, this is probably the one we’d have to recommend, based on value alone.

These lures can’t do everything, but they come closer than just about any other soft lure we’ve come across.


That about does it for our reviews of DOA lures. This is a great brand, and possibly the best soft-rubber lure brand out there, with a great combination of quality, inexpensive lures, and great naturalistic design that combines with the shrimp and baitfish impregnated soft plastic that can draw in predators from far and wide.

Regardless of if you’re looking to get away from the standard, hard-plastic lures, or you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend the money on expensive lures, DOA is certainly worth a look.

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Best Gambler Fishing Lures

Gambler Review
Gambler Review


Gambler Lures started out over 20 years ago with a mission to make the best bass fishing lures on the market. And they've certainly succeeded – Gambler can claim multiple BassMaster Classic Championships for their lures, and tons of other top tournament finishes. But they don't just make bass lures.

  • Gambler Lures Mean Fishing Jig
  • Shad-style body with a spinner
  • Double-sided design for vertical position
  • Realistic, natural behaviour
  • Great for beginner jiggers
  • Gambler Lures Game Changer Bait
  • Small lure, baitfish design with a spinning blade
  • Versatile, good for various fishing styles
  • Small and durable for hard-to-reach places
  • Falling presentation
  • Gambler Lures Swim Fishing Jig
  • Weedlees design for great swimming action
  • Best for bottom water fishing
  • Versatile enough to attract just about any bait
  • Excelent craftsmanship

As Gambler has increased in prominence, they've added more versatile offerings, focusing on inexpensive softbaits with smart design and plenty of customization, that can be rigged in almost any way imaginable.

Their offerings range from spinner jigs and weedless swimfishing jigs to stickbaits and jerkbaits, and a large variety of diverse "creature" jigs. Their lures are appropriate for just about any application, with a diverse lure selection that contains products appropriate for anything from saltwater trolling to small lake, freshwater shore fishing. Their products have even expanded to fishing accessories such as knives, tackle boxes, and apparel, among other accessories. But we’re not interested in that.

  • Gambler EZ Swimmer
  • Plastic design with a segmented tail
  • Side-to-side motion
  • Simple and cheap
  • Soft hookles construction
  • Gambler Ace Worm
  • Designed for natural, falling action
  • Realistic, squirming motion
  • Great for combining with weights
  • Very responsive
  • Gambler Lures Shakey Shad Fishing Bait
  • Hollow tail body
  • Vertical orientation in water
  • Excels in drop shotting
  • Natural presentation

No, what we're here to do is take a look at some of the very best lures that Gambler has to offer. Ranging from spinners and spoons to swimbaits and a huge selection of diverse jigs, this list of products is sure to have something that'll catch your eye, whether you're a seasoned bass angler or just a beginner learning to jig and rig for the first time.

Spinner Jig - Gambler Lures Mean Fishing Jig - Pack of 1

One of the most unique lures that Gambler has to offer, the Mean Fishing Jig combines a shad-style body jig with a spinner that’s complete with a shad-head. This realistic design is in contrast to most spinners and bladebaits which feature no natural designs at all – they’re only shiny metal, designed to lure in prey from afar. And while those types of baits may lure them in, they often fail to produce strikes.

Not so with this jig – the flashy bladed tail of the spinner brings them in, and the natural rubber body of the jig seals the deal, catching your prey firmly on the quality Gamakatsu hook.

It's also easy to jig with and use as a dropbait – the double-sided design keeps the blade profile and shad bait vertical in the water and ensures that you'll always get the right angle for your strikes, and the natural soft plastic behaves realistically in the water, swaying back and forth with both the actions of the rod and the currents, while the spinner flashes wildly to bring in bass and other fish from far and wide.

This is a great lure to go with if you’re beginning to jig, or learning other vertical fishing styles. It’s a great combination of realistic design and high-tech spinbait style, and its efficacy is only matched by its ease-of-use.

Spoon/Jig - Gambler Lures Game Changer Bait-Pack of 1

This lure can be thought of as the little brother of the Mean Fishing Jig above – it incorporates the same sort of naturalistic design but in a simpler, smaller package combining a baitfish design with a spinning blade attached just below the hook. This small profile allows it to be very useful in adverse conditions, such as windy weather that can sometimes blow larger bladebaits and spoons off course,

It's versatile, too – you can either fish it jig-style with a drop-and-retrieve method or employ a standard cast-and-retrieve method like you would with a larger crankbait or standard spinner.

Given its small profile and durable design, this lure is especially good for fishing among weeds and rocks, and other small, hard-to-reach areas where you may not be able to employ a larger jig or lure.

Rigged up to sink, it’s got a great falling presentation, and it’s very responsive to motions from the angler, so you can make it dance between rocks and weeds easily and effectively, and don’t have to worry about losing it due to its small size and streamlined design.

This lure is versatile and unique, and since it can be used both for jigging and dropbaiting as well as standard cast-and-retrieve methods, and can be used in adverse weather and water conditions, it’s highly recommended to help fill out your tackle box.

Weedless Swimfishing Jig - Gambler Lures Swim Fishing Jig - Pack of 1

If there's one style of lure that Gambler is known for above all others, it's their weedless swimfishing jigs. These jigs combine great craftsmanship, flashy skirts, and smart, weedless design to create swimfishing jigs that are a pleasure to use. Stick a worm or a swimbait on the end of the Mustad hook, and the skirt will protect it as you fish in even the rockiest conditions, and even through plenty of muck and weeds.

Once you rig it up, there are plenty of fishing options for this lure. The best way to run it is as a bottom-water swimfisher jig, as combined with an appropriate bait, it creates a ton of dust and commotion along the bottom of the water that’s sure to catch attention, and it rarely gets snagged even in adverse conditions, so it’s consistent and easy to fish with.

Its versatility is what really earns it high marks. It can be rigged with just about any bait, ranging from gigantic swimbaits up to 10" to smaller grubs, crawdaddies, and just about any other soft bait, or even live baits.

For that reason, it's a great addition to any tackle box for those who love bottom-water jigging or those who are interested in doing so in the future.

Swimbait - Gambler EZ Swimmer-Pack of 7

If you're not into jigging, don't worry. Gambler has plenty of other bait offerings, like these soft plastic swimbaits crafted with a segmented tail and natural profile, perfectly designed for a great presentation when it's swum at just about any speed and depth. It can be rigged with either a belly weighted hook, or a screw-in weight, depending on your needs, and its soft construction means that it can be used with just about any hook.

When reeled in quickly, the segmented tail flaps wildly from side-to-side, kicking up plenty of water and vibration, and when it’s reeled in slowly, there’s subtle, realistic side-to-side swaying motion that’s irresistible to fish. Combine that with its great sinking action, and there are plenty of opportunities for strikes on this bait, no matter how you choose to fish it.

That’s why we love it – rigged properly, it’s useful as a drop-and-retrieve bait, or with faster, more consistent reeling techniques.

No matter how you choose to use it, it presents naturally and draws in plenty of prey, and it’s customizable to just about any need, given its soft, hookless construction. The ways you can fish it are pretty much only limited to your imagination, (and your rigging gear) so we think it certainly deserves a place in your tackle box.

Stickbait/Jerkbait Worm - Gambler Ace Worm-Pack of 8

Gambler is also known for making some of the best worm stickbaits/jerkbaits on the market today. This specific Ace Worm is designed for a natural falling action that falls at a perfect, natural rate, and presents with a squirming motion that is as realistic as it is attractive to fish.

It’s best fished in either a Texas or Carolina rig, depending on your surroundings – if you’re in weedy waters, you may want a Texas rig so that the hook isn’t exposed to the weeds and won’t catch. If you’re in deeper, weed-free waters, a Carolina rig is the way to go.

You can even combine this worm with Gambler’s Rat’Lin Weights, which come in a variety of weights and sizes for all applications, and combine a great, all-brass construction with some added vibration which can help bring in fish during tougher conditions, or from farther away.

Once you've got it rigged, it's pretty much up to you how you want to fish it. These baits are very responsive to the motions of the angler, and when you jerk them around, they present with a great, natural profile to fish in the water and produce plenty of strikes. And given their value and the multiple color options, you'll always have the right one for your water and weather conditions, and won't have to worry if you lose one to an especially harsh bite.

Giggy” Drop Shot Bait - Gambler Lures Shakey Shad Fishing Bait - Pack of 10 (Green Pumpkin)

This is another one of Gambler’s top products, and it puts a unique spin on classic jigging and dropbait techniques. Paired with a giggy hook, this lure has been designed with a “hollow-tail” body that keeps it oriented vertically within the water, and gives it a unique, natural presentation in the water. Tie a drop shot weight on the end, rig it up to stay about 2-3 feet off of the bottom of the water, and you’ll swear that this thing is magic.

How you fish it from there is up to you – some prefer a jigging/jerkbait style where you twitch the rod around, causing the bait to dance around and react to your motions, and the motions of the water current. Others prefer to drag the bait, causing it to move actively and consistently a couple feet from the bottom. What you prefer to do is up to you – this bait can handle it all.

Drop shotting is a great technique to learn, and if you’re interested, this is a perfect lure for it.

The great thing about drop shotting is that it can be done just about anywhere, including really murky, weedy, or rocky waters, due to its mostly stationary technique.​ So whether you’re a drop shot master, or don’t even know what we’re talking about (here's a good beginner's guide) you’ll love this bait, combined with Gambler’s top-quality giggy hooks.


This is only a sampling of Gambler’s offerings, and we’re sure that if you keep on poking around, you’ll find a Gambler bait that’s perfect for you. They’re an industry leader when it comes to soft bait (and the hardware you need to rig them up) and they certainly get great results.

These lures are also relatively low cost compared to hard plastic lures, so they’re great if you want to beef up your tackle box with versatile swimbaits, jigs, dropbaits, and stickbaits, but don’t want to spend your kid’s college tuition doing it. So check out these products, learn more about Gambler, and find your next favorite lure.

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Top Rapala Fishing Lures
Founded in 1936, Rapala Lures is one of the oldest players in the game, and their experience and expertise show[...]
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Top Rapala Fishing Lures

rapala lures
Rapala Lures

Founded in 1936, Rapala Lures is one of the oldest players in the game, and their experience and expertise show through in lures that are crafted to be classic and exceptional both in quality and in performance.

The Rapala family of products has expanded rapidly, given the popularity of their lures, and now contains reels, knives, rods and reels and other fishing tools, and even clothing and storage.

But don’t let their focus on other products fool you. Rapala was founded to build the best traditional fishing lures on the market, and they’ve never once wavered in their drive to create beautiful, functional, and durable lures out of quality materials.

  • Rapala Original Floater 05 Fishing Lures
  • Balsa wood construction for low weight
  • Naturalistic minnow profile
  • Topwater lure with a lot of splash
  • Versatile , responsive and affordable
  • Rapala Skitter Walk 08 Fishing Lure
  • Crafted for walking action
  • Immitates wounded or struggling baitfish
  • Weighted tail and off-kilter design
  • Natural silhouette and realistic eyes
  • Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure
  • Running dephts from 3' to 8'
  • Excellent responsiveness and heavy casting weight
  • Internal rattles for noise
  • Wounded fish side-to-side action

And despite their functionality and high quality, these lures won’t break the bank, which makes them great for a new angler who’s looking to build up a quality tackle box, or a more experienced fisherman who’s looking to replace some older, worn out, or lower quality lures.

They have a huge lure diversity, too. Crankbaits, jerkbaits, swimbaits, topwater walkers, suspenders, jigs, saltwater-focused lures, and plenty of others make up a lure selection that’s as expansive as it is quality.

So with so many options out there, you may not know which lures to look at if you’re interested in Rapala’s offerings. Well, you might have guessed it – we’ve put together a list of some of the best and most diverse offerings that Rapala has to offer, and everyone from the greenest, driest fisherman to the most grizzled veterans are sure to learn a thing or two about Rapala lures, what they offer, and which products are right for them.

So read on with us, and learn about Rapala and their products. You might just find something that catches your eye.

  • Rapala 1 1/2 inch Ultra Light Minnow
  • Crankbait designed fo realism and attractiveness
  • Loud rattle
  • Side-to-side movement with a wobbling action
  • Great underwater presentation
  • Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures
  • Specially designed BB chamber for extra noise
  • Realistic design with 3d eyes and external scales
  • Designe for long casts and versatility
  • Lipless design for less snags
  • Rapala Jointed 07 Fishing Lures
  • Neutral bouyancy and shallow to medium depth
  • Designed for extra long casts
  • Excellent for difficult conditions
  • Good for very slow retrieves

Topwater floater - Rapala Original Floater 05 Fishing Lures

The Rapala Original Floater 05 Brings incredible topwater fishing performance at a low price. Its balsa wood construction provides a lightweight, robust design, which pairs perfectly with a naturalistic minnow profile that provides a wonderful topwater silhouette, and it’s built with VMC black nickel hooks, which provide a great quality hold, and plenty of staying power.

This 1.5-inch model is complete with a small lip to encourage topwater splashing and natural motion, and it comes in over a half-dozen different colors and finishes. And at the low price, you can easily pick up a model suitable for any weather or water condition.

This lure can be fished in just about any way you could want to fish a topwater lure – it’s very versatile, and can be used with steady retrieve methods, stop-and-go retrieval methods, or even more technical twitch/jerkbait methods.

The light weight of this lure provides incredible reaction to angler motion, so this bait can respond quickly even to slight motions of the rod, which helps when you’re trying to create a natural topwater presentation.

It’s a simple equation – stunning versatility meets very low cost, and you can bet any topwater fisherman worth his salt has got a Rapala Original in his tackle box.

Walker - Rapala Skitter Walk 08 Fishing Lure

If walking action is your thing, you’re not going to want to miss out on the Rapala Skitter Walk 08 Fishing Lure. This lure is perfectly crafted for the Rapala® "Walk-the-Dog" Action known by anglers worldwide, with a weighted tail and off-kilter design perfectly suited to walking on the surface of the water. It’s also crafted with a natural silhouette, realistic eyes, and color options ranging from hyper-realistic to flashy golds, pinks, and neons that are sure to draw in predators, and the VMC SuperSharp hooks make sure that whatever grabs on stays on.

Fish tend to strike this lure at one of two times – either right after it hits the water, or after you’ve started walking, pause, and resume. And this lure does walk brilliantly. It gives you just the right amount of natural motion, along with splashes and noise that perfectly imitates a wounded or struggling baitfish, and catches the attention of predatory fish from great distances.

You’ll have the best results walking it in a relatively small area, and recasting often, as we find that this bait attracts strikes upon water-entry quite often indeed, so you’ll want to take advantage of that.

Jerkbait - Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure

If you feel like jerking something around, and nothing but a specialist will satisfy, the X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 lure is going to be just what the doctor ordered. Whether right at the surface, or at its max running depths of 3-8 feet, the X-Rap gives you unparalleled responsiveness and its heavy casting weight means you can really chuck it out there, even without too much extra rigging.

It’s designed to sink to the appropriate depths with a side-to-side motion, and then suspend and roll to the side to trigger bites and to cause the internal rattlers to attract farther fish. Retrieval will cause the classic Rapala “wounded fish” side-to-side action that has made it a favorite of anglers worldwide.

It’s an incredible shallow suspender and jerkbait, and if you’re looking for a more laid-back fishing style with less toss and retrieval, you certainly can’t go wrong with this lure.

Ultralight crankbait - Rapala 1 1/2 inch Ultra Light Minnow

Rapala is probably most famous for their crankbaits, and the Rapala 1 ½ inch Ultra Light Minnow is no exception. This thing can really pull in fish, and its finely designed body combines with a small lip to create a unique wobble and rattle that is incredibly attractive to fish. It’s also designed for realism and attractiveness to fish, featuring almost a dozen colorways, all of which have external, raised scales and realistically painted eyes.

The action is what you’re really going to love, though. This little lure is weighted enough to give it a pretty long cast on its own merits, though you may want to rig it up with some more weights if you’re going for a really long cast.

And once you let it sink a bit and get it moving, it’s a delight to reel in, and the loud rattle from this crankbait combines with a quick, realistic presentation in the water which combines side-to-side movement with a quick wobbling action that draws in predatory fish from far and wide.

If you’re in the market for an ultra-light crankbait, but want one with fully-featured performance, a long cast, and a great underwater presentation, you’re not going to want to miss out on the Ultra Light Minnow.

Rattler Crankbait - Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures

This Rapala Rattlin 05 is one of Rapala’s best and loudest. It features a specially designed BB chamber which creates a ton of noise, yet is still realistic and attractive to fish. It’s crafted with a dedication to realism, with holographic 3d eyes, exposed external scales, and a bunch of different colors.

It’s designed to sink, and designed for long casts, and the balanced design always ensures a good profile and presentation when it’s sinking in the water, and when you need it most. It’s also incredibly versatile, with a realistic presentation and effective responsiveness at a huge variety of retrieval rates from extra-slow to as fast as you can crank your reel, and the lipless, compact design allow you to use it in areas where other lures might snag, such as in weedier waters, near rocks, or even during shore-fishing.

Given its great presentation both during motion and while stationary, we recommend fishing this lure with a jerky retrieval method – toss it out as far as you can and let it sink for a while, then reel it in a bit, pause, reel it in a bit faster, pause, reel it in slower, and so on. Varying the speed and pausing every couple seconds allows the lure to move from a wobbling, stationary position to a more steady forward-facing fluttery swim, and causes a ton of noise from the finely-tuned BB chamber to attract your prey.

There’s a reason Rapala is renowned for its unique lipless crankbaits, and this Rapala Rattlin’ 05 is no exception. If you’re a crankbait lover, you owe it to yourself to try this lure out. It’s versatile effective, and above all… it’s fun to use!

Jointed Rattling Crankbait - Rapala Jointed 07 Fishing Lures

If you’re looking for a crankbait that’s a little more high-tech and natural, you may be interested in this Rapala Jointed 07, which has been designed for a neutral buoyancy, shallow-medium running depth, and an extremely long cast which combines with a loud rattle, realistic presentation, and straight-and-true retrieval action that makes this a pleasure to fish with if you’re looking for more of a swimbait experience.

This is a great lure to turn to in harder water conditions too, or when fish seem like they’re a bit tetchy or wary, and won’t bite other lures.​

The natural presentation is aided by the jointed design, and it produces a very lively, baitfish-in-distress action that even the most stubborn and grizzled fish won’t be able to ignore for long.

It’s also suited for super-slow retrieves, as the jointed body ensures a natural presentation even when you’re barely moving it – the water will push it around for you, and the smartly-jointed design and rattles will help do the rest – so it’s a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like casting and retrieving constantly, and is looking for more of a laid-back fishing experience.


Rapala has remained one of the kings of high-quality lures for decades, and it seems unlikely that will change anytime soon. Their combination of experience, smart design, and high quality at a fairly low price point make them the go-to lure of tons of experienced anglers, and that’s because their lures get results.

So whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, you should check out these lures, and give the rest of Rapala’s offerings a look. They’re not as cheap as your dime-store bait shop lures, and they’re not as expensive or cutting-edge as some of these johnny-come-lately lure companies, but they have endured the test of time, andfor a good reason. These lures work. What more could you want?

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