Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak Review

Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak

Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak 1

Rating: 4.8/5



Length vs Width




Kayak fishing is undoubtedly becoming one of the hottest trends amongst both beginner and advanced fishermen. This is something which brings the traditional joy of this endeavor and it adds up a lot of excitement and even adrenaline. It is absolutely no wonder that more and more people are getting into it quicker than ever.

Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak 2

Of course, in order to go kayak fishing, you’d have to buy a kayak – as obvious as it may sound. And, unfortunately, this is where things become a little bit trickier.

Choosing a unit of the kind, especially given the tremendous abundance of options on the market, can be something very overwhelming. This is even truer for someone who has little to no experience in this endeavor and doesn’t know the first thing about kayaks.

Fortunately, this is where we come into the picture to provide you with a helping hand. We’ve taken the liberty of providing you with a quick overview of the Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak – a great unit which is capable of serving you as a great entry-level kayak or as something suited for more advanced undertakings.

What is the kayak good for?

The extruded hardened PE material of the hull alongside the fairly long design of the kayak makes it the perfect fishing, sit-on-top unit. It is, however, not advisable for you to use it white waters or any other quick currents as it is definitely not designed for anything extreme. This is a sit-on-top kayak, which is great for fishing.

The pedal-propulsion kayak is perfect for still water fishing in lakes, dams and ponds, slowly moving rivers and even some mildly offshore undertakings, provided the waves are not substantial.

Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak 3

Other than that, this is the perfect fishing kayak. The propulsion is perfectly easy, which will provide you with serious opportunities. At the same time, it comes packed with additional convenient benefits which will make your Sunday fishing trip more interesting and enjoyable than ever. Now, once we’ve covered the basics, let’s dig a little bit deeper.

Product Features

Length vs Width:

Right off the bat, this is a 14ft, 4-inch long kayak which makes it a bit longer than the accepted average. There are a few things which derive from this fact. First – it’s capable of developing some more serious speed. It is also going to be a lot more stable later on when you’ve started sailing. However, the length is going to deprive you of the enhanced maneuverability of shorter units. This is something that you should account for. This is also why it’s not the perfect beginner unit on the market and it’s more geared towards experienced people.

The width of the kayak, on the other hand, is 33-inches. This is pretty standard and it provides a good combination of secondary and initial stability. This means that you would not have any issues loading and onboarding the unit at the beginning and managing not to flip over later on.


The product is made out of high-end polyethylene. This is a material which is resistant to salt water as well as to sever sun rays. It is going to ensure that you will be capable of using it for quite some time. This is also something which makes the investment worth it.

The l-beam hull construction is something which is going to provide you with great tracking capabilities and enhanced performance. Even though the kayak is fairly substantial in its dimensions, it is incredibly lightweight. At 62 pounds, the unit is easy to carry and to transport.

Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak 4

As a matter of fact, the last thing is the only inconvenience. When you buy an extruded, hardened kayak, you have to buy kayak holders for your vehicle as well as to set additional storage space in your garage. This is something which will add to the overall expenses of the purchase and is capable of being a slight burden. Of course, it’s also something that you’d have to deal with any other PE kayak.


Here comes the good part. This is a pedal-propelled kayak and the paddle is only used for navigation and added maneuverability. The pedals are conveniently located and the distance between the seat and them is well-thought out to provide you with maximum comfort.

Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak 5

Now, this propulsion system is superior to regular, paddle-propelled units. Your legs are far stronger than your hands and this will provide you with additional sailing capacities.

You will be able to get from one point to another a lot quicker and you would also be able to maneuver easier. This is going to enhance your casting capabilities as well as your bait placing.

Additionally, the extruded construction is going to provide you with a splendidly stable platform for standing so you can fish easier. There is enough storage space on the kayak to keep all of your equipment and more. What is more, a lot of the accessories are incredibly convenient. These include cup holders, rod holders, ergonomic seat and others of the kind. 

The maximum carrying capacity of the kayak is set to 625 pounds which is more than enough for a one person with all of his fishing and potentially camping equipment as well. This is the main reason for which we tend to believe that this is amongst the best options on the market. It combines a range of convenient accessories and it is made in a manner which promotes easy propulsion and navigation, despite its substantial dimensions.


This is a great fishing kayak and it is also going to ensure that you are given the opportunities to fish in a range of different water conditions. That’s not something that a lot of other options are capable of doing.

Even though the kayak is quite expensive in comparison to regular paddle-propelled ones, it is actually on the lower end of the price range when it comes to other competing kayaks on the market.

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