MarCum Showdown 5.6 Digital Sonar System Review

MarCum Showdown 5.6 Digital Sonar System Review

MarCum Showdown 5.6 Digital Sonar System 1

Rating: 3.7/5


Screen Resolution




• The sensitivity can be turned down and eliminate unnecessary clutter


• The sensitivity can be turned down and eliminate unnecessary clutter

• The return policy is not favorable

• The arm used to stop the transducer is made of plastic



The MarCum Showdown 5.6 is an 8,000 watts digital fish finder with the power to discern ½ -inch target separation and comes with an infinitely adjustable zoom and loads of features. It is the right tool for anglers who want to find the best fishing spot quickly.

MarCum Showdown 5.6 Digital Sonar System 2

The unit features an LCD and is considered as an excellent fish finder for anglers who engage in ice fishing. This unit has been tested and found to work well whether you are fishing in ice or fresh water.

The unit comes with a colored screen that is easier to use and enables the angler to see when the fish approaches the jig. The unit is of high quality and user-friendly.

Main Usage

The MarCum Showdown 5.6 comes with a moveable zoom that can infinitely be adjusted. It comes with 25 sensitivity settings, 10 levels of interference rejection, and an internal heater that aid the LCD during extreme weather conditions.

The unit is the most advanced ice finder out there. It has a higher resolution LCD, utilizes a 12 V 9A battery, and comes with a custom neoprene waterproof case that keeps it dry in wet conditions. The unit features a multi-Level high contrast grayscale that allows the angler to see a fish as it approaches the bait. It can be switched to Ice-mode and comes with internal heaters that can be activated to aid the LCD during extreme conditions.

MarCum Showdown 5.6 Digital Sonar System 3

It features 1000 W RMS and a peak to peak power rating of 8,000w target separation and can be separated to 20’, 40 ‘ 80’ 120’ and 240’. The transducer comes with 25 sensitive settings including 10 interference rejection settings that help to eliminate noise coming from the nearby units.

Product Features

Screen Resolution:

The clarity of the images you see depends on the resolution of the screen that is being used to view images. It determines the number of dots that can be put together in the row and the column.

The MarCum Showdown 5.6 comes with a high-resolution LCD that enables the angler to see the fish at the bottom structure more clearly. The unit features a 5.6’’ screen that comes with a 12 V 9 amp battery that powers the screen for many hours. It has a waterproof case that ensures the system is kept dry and guarantees super-crisp display all through.


This is an 8,000w digital fish finder with the power that allows the anglers to view the depth of silt-laden water and resolves and separates bottom structures from the target. It has more powers and utilizes more peak to peak power to increase the objects clarity. This enamors power makes the unit efficient and can be used to display readings fast.

The unit translates the sonar waves into clear readings to help the angler to make up his mind on what needs to be done so as to catch more fish.

It is an ideal unit for anglers who plan to fish in deep water or salt water bodies. With the 8,000w power, it can drive its interference system and zoom the images for clarity.

MarCum Showdown 5.6 Digital Sonar System 4


The MarCum Showdown 5.6 features the new standard screen that allows for greater details. The screen can show up millions of colors and make it possible to view and see every detail of anything taking place underwater.

The screen is bright and allows the angler to see what is happening even when it is cloudy. Other than getting a clear view of all the activities taking place underwater, the screens enable the angler to enjoy the pictures and make decisions that help them to make more catch.

Cone Angles & Beams:

It is an important feature angler consider when choosing a transducer and refers to how wide the beam can be at the bottom of the boat. The MarCum Showdown 5.6 comes with a dual beam cone that allows the angler to toggle between 20-degree cone angles. That makes it easy to target a wider area.

MarCum Showdown 5.6 Digital Sonar System 5

It makes the unit ideal for anglers planning to fish in the ice. It can collect and bring to the screen pictures and structures of everything that happens under the bed.

At a sweep of 20-degrees, the unit can cover a wider area and will send clear images of anything within the 240 range. It is a dual beam transducer that allows the angler to cover more water.


The MarCum Showdown 5.6 features a 20-degree transducer capable of an output of 8,000-watt power. This is enough power that allows for target separation. The transducer has an intuitive interface that makes screening of the images gathered quickly. Ideally, the transducer emits and receives sonar waves. 

When the waves are sent into the water, they bounce off objects under the water. They are then picked by the transducer and translated into pictures that can be seen and understood by anglers. The transducer can be mounted and installed easily to allow the angler to send and receive signals that lead to better images. The unit features transducers with 25 sensitive settings that eliminate any noise and can magnify any depth to 25 per cent and makes it easy to detect fish in water. The images can be zoomed for clarity.


If you are an angler, buying a Fishfinder with the power to provide incredible discerning and which allows you to see everything underwater including a lure that is surrounded by fish is not just amazing, but can help move your angling career to another level.

The MarCum Showdown 5.6 is designed to give anglers some new level of experience. It is a high-quality unit that works well in almost all weather conditions.

The unit is easy to install and use and will give you all the details you need to help you catch more fish. It provides details that are easy to read and interpret.

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