Maxcatch for Traveler 7-piece Fly Rod IM10 Carbon Travel Rod Fly Fishing with Cordura Tube(Size:5/6/8 wt) Review

By Nick Simpson | Fishing Rod Reviews

Maxcatch for Traveler 7-piece Fly Rod IM10 Carbon Travel Rod Fly Fishing with Cordura Tube(Size:5/6/8 wt) 

Maxcatch 7 pc Fly Rod IM10 CTRFFCT 1

Rating: 4.8/5






- Well-rounded fly fishing rod with the necessary potential

- Perfectly optimized weight and balance

- Splendid fast action for high precision casting


- A bit expensive


Fly Rods Comparison

  • Eagle Claw Featherlight 3/4 Line Weight Fly Rod
  • Fiberglass and graphite 2-piece rod
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Fits 3/4 or 4/5-line weight
  • 6’6” length
  • Eagle Claw Featherlight 5/6 Line Weight Fly Rod
  • Aluminum and Cherry wood reel seat
  • Slow-action
  • Fiberglass construction
  • 7 line guides
  • Piscifun 4-piece Graphite Fly Fishing Rod
  • 30-ton Toray carbon fiber blanks
  • Advanced Ceramic Ring Stripping feature
  • Sensitive tip flexes
  • Durable backbone and rod butt
  • Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 3/4 Starter Package
  • Includes reel, line, backing, and leader, rod sock and case, fly box, and Nine flies
  • Slow action, mid-flex graphite design
  • Comes with carrying case
  • 7-foot length
  • Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package
  • 9-foot rod
  • Disassembles into four pieces
  • Lifetime fly rod warranty
  • Slow action, mid-flex design


Maxcatch 7 pc Fly Rod IM10 CTRFFCT 5

When it comes to fly fishing, there is one component which is absolutely critical and important and that’s the fishing rod. Nothing will provide you with more opportunities and is going to define the overall action in the river as much as a great fishing rod, specifically accommodated for fly fishing.

The one which is the subject of the current review attempts to do just that. And, if we have to be completely honest, it manages to do it quite conveniently.

Main Usage

It goes without saying that this is a fly fishing rod. To anyone who is even slightly aware of this particular type of fishing, the weight, overall design and designation as a whole will point towards fly fishing. The rod is lightweight, portable, and well-rounded and it allows particularly quick action in the river – all components that one will definitely look for.

And, when we say portable, we truly mean it – the model comes in 7 pieces which means that you can reduce it down to a few inches of length, stack it in the pack and put it in the back of your trunk. You’d barely notice it’s there. 

Maxcatch 7 pc Fly Rod IM10 CTRFFCT 3

However, this doesn’t mean that you should underestimate its performing capabilities. This fella is without a doubt powerful and it’s going to allow you to tackle some stubborn mountain salmon better than a lot of the options on the market. With this being said, let’s have a look at the things which make it rather special.

Product Features


5 pounds of weight is absolutely inconsiderable when it comes to it and that’s what makes the rod so special. It’s particularly lightweight which means one thing and one thing only – fast action in the river.

Fly fishing is about the perfect cast. And, when it comes to it, this perfect cast could easily take a dozen of throws. You need to make sure that your arm doesn’t give up on you after the first 15 minutes and the weight of the rod is going to be the most important component which will make sure that this doesn’t happen.

The lightweight of the rod is brought to you thanks to the special construction. The main material is IM10 Carbon fiber which is 100% authentic. Furthermore, there is an AAA-grade half-wells cork grip which is also something that attributes to the overall insignificant weight while at the same time guaranteeing proper control and flawless balance.


Generally speaking, balance is one of the properties which you shouldn’t be so much concerned with when it comes to fly fishing. The more important aspect here is the control and the overall capability of precise bait casting.

However, it’s worth noting that the rod does manage to bring about a very well-balanced sensation when holding it. This is thanks to the aforementioned high-class cork grip as well as the overly well-thought design and construction.

Maxcatch 7 pc Fly Rod IM10 CTRFFCT 6


The lifting power of the rod is significant. The 100% IM10 Carbon is a material which is going to withstand a significant weight and that’s particularly reassuring, given the fact that salmon could be particularly stubborn and very strong to tackle.

Maxcatch 7 pc Fly Rod IM10 CTRFFCT 2

At the same time, it’s also worth noting that this entire thing comes in a package which is, get this, less than 60 cm long. As we mentioned above – it truly is portable.

There is a Cordura rod tube as well as a cloth bag in the package and it has an incredibly easy setup which wouldn’t take you more than a minute with the lining. This is brought by the convenient tip-over-butt ferrules and the alignment dots which allow quick assembly and even quicker disassembly.


In any case, most of the people are quite skeptical when it comes to a multi-piece unit, especially when the pieces are 7. However, accounting for the needs of the traveling fishermen, this particular rod is pretty much everything you’d look for when it comes to fly fishing. 

There truly isn’t a lot that could be criticized on when it comes to it. Sure, it comes with a more considerable price tag but this is to be expected and respected, given the high-end quality and tremendous capabilities that the rod has to offer. This is undoubtedly amongst the best buys out there.

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