Okuma BC-C-762H Battle Cat Heavy 7-Feet 6-Inch Casting Rod (2-Piece) Review

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Okuma BC-C-762H Battle Cat Heavy 7-Feet 6-Inch Casting Rod (2-Piece), White

Okuma BC C 762H Battle Cat Heavy 7 Ft 6 Inch Casting Rod 1

Rating: 4.4/5






- The fluorescent indicator tip is a great invention for night fishing

- Reinforced for the optimum durability

- Comes with the famous Okuma warranty that gives you confidence in the specs highlighted


- It is not a very effective option for J hooks

- The two pieces reduce the sensitivity levels compared to single piece rods


Okuma Rods Comparison


Okuma BC C 762H Battle Cat Heavy 7 Ft 6 Inch Casting Rod 2

The BC-C-762H Battle Cat Heavy is a heavy duty rod that comes in two pieces. That means that you can carry it along when going for your fishing missions inshore. It is fitted with E-Glass rod blanks and EVA grips that are well known for their tough grip and comfort.

Main Usage

The rod has been designed to rein in the large catfish that prove quite elusive for many anglers. It features a reduced cork and butt section. It is a two piece blank. So you can easily split it and carry it in your fishing cargo with ease.

Besides, although it is a two piece fishing rod, it still offers anglers the ultimate sensitivity for setting the hook in a timely fashion and hard enough not to let off the catch. The rod has an excellent night fishing feature that makes you see the movement in night conditions. 

Okuma BC C 762H Battle Cat Heavy 7 Ft 6 Inch Casting Rod 3

The indicator gives an angler the freedom to continue fishing for as long as they wish without being limited by visibility issues. Another impressive feature on BC-C-762H Battle Cat Heavy is the stainless steel double welded guides that you need if you are going to handle the heavy loads in salt water conditions.

Product Features


BC-C-762H Battle Cat Heavy is a portable rod, by all means. Anglers can easily disassemble when they need to pack it and reassemble when they need to swing into action. It is tuned to handle heavy lines effectively. With a line rating of 17.0 oz, the rod offers robust strength while remaining light for easy movement while fishing.

The lure capacity is equally impressive. You also have a rod that can carry heavy lines to handle the stubborn big bass, tog, and musky. It is what you need to net the catfish in their sizes and weights. The rating of this rod is placed at between 15 to 0 lbs.


This is a heavy action rod. The powerful E-Glass rod blank gives it reasonable power when the catfish or bass is pulling at the lines.

It is also a rod that offers anglers fun filled fishing experience because it offers quite a bit of flex that allows for the hook to stay in place. It is fitted with a steady grip that gives the angler the needed steadiness in fights with large catfish or bass.

With a line weight of between 15 to 60 lbs, the catfish has no chance; if the angler has, even the minimum experience with stubborn fish.

Okuma BC C 762H Battle Cat Heavy 7 Ft 6 Inch Casting Rod 4


The rod is a 7 foot, 6 inches long length. It offers progressive but steady flex that you need for netting that heavy load. It is a two piece rod so that you can have it on the go. 

Okuma BC C 762H Battle Cat Heavy 7 Ft 6 Inch Casting Rod 5

The action is impressively fast and gives you an advantage when handling stubborn fish because you get to set the hook powerfully and tightly with a fast reaction rate.

So there are no qualms about digging deep and steadily into the mouth of that catfish. I was also pleased with the great casting distance that hits the 45-yard mark with ease.

Recovery, Sensitivity, and Brittleness:

The rod offers fast action and quick recovery that gives you the ultimate sensitivity to pick up signs of a fish playing with the bait. The E-Glass blank also gives an effective signal transmission. It is tough and yet flexible enough to accommodate a lot of pressure from heavy lines and fish loads.

The seven feet, six inches length gives anglers adequate control of activities that arise. The strength and toughness of the rod make it a fast recovery option that also makes casting enjoyable and accurate. There is little play after bait delivery. It is also a goof length for the angler to fight with the catfish while retaining most of the gravitational advantage.


BC-C-762H Battle Cat Heavy features the stainless steel guides that make it a great option for adventure fishing that could stray into harsh salt water environments. It is also fitted with a heavy duty stainless steel hook keeper.

The reel seat on the rod is made of anodized aluminum hoods. These are impressive features that give it versatility and compatibility with a range of reels. The rod offers ideal attributes of heavy duty fishing.

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