Okuma Raw II Spin Reel Review

Okuma Raw II Spin Reel

Okuma Raw II Spin Reel 1

Rating: 3.7/5

Gear Ratio




- Long lasting design: anglers have no cause for worry now. The Raw II has been built to last in the worst salt water conditions.

- The Aluminum rotor. Helps in strengthening the structural integrity and the reels precision.

- A quick set bearing with an anti-reverse feature. The rollers resist reverse forces and maintain movement in the normal direction.

- An anodized spool and machined aluminum

- Corrosion resistant qualities.

- The dual force drag system with inbuilt carbon washers.

- A water tight drag seal with Hydro Block.

- High density gearing with reliable strength.

- A robust aluminum handle that comes in various sizes.


- The reel does not have as many bearings as other designs.

- No floating shift.


Okuma Reels Comparison

  • Okuma Avenger ABF Feeder Reel
  • 6 ball bearings and 1 anti-reverse bearing
  • Enhanced baitfeeding system
  • Multi-disk drag system
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Okuma Magda Pro Line Reel
  • 2 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Level wind line guide
  • Mechanical line counter function
  • Lightweight corrosion resistant frame and side plates
  • Okuma Cold Water Trolling Reel
  • Ability to set precise drag settings
  • Self-lubricating gear system
  • Multi-disc drag system
  • Lightweight frame and side plates
  • Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel
  • 10 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Quick-set anti-reverse bearing
  • Precision Dual Drag Force system
  • Hybrid spool design
  • Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel
  • 7 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing
  • 5.0:1 gear ratio
  • Multi-disk, oiled felt drag system
  • Left-hand or right-hand retrieve


Okuma Raw II Spin Reel has been designed with the security features that deep sea anglers need. If you ask anglers, they will tell you that the world of fishing is filled with surprises.

Okuma Raw II Spin Reel2

Some of these are pleasant while others are scary and near horrific. Anglers venture in deep seas where they have no idea of the risks that might befall them. To secure their catch and make their ventures worthwhile, they need appropriate tools. They need tools that not only deliver regarding catching fish but also resist the onslaught of aggressive sea monsters.

Anglers need to tame and guard against the ocean’s aggressive big fishes. The Raw II Spin Reel from Okuma Fishing is designed with just what the anglers are tackling the big fish need to tame their catch.

Main Usage

Okuma Raw II Spin Reel pumps have been built with the capacity to pump out up to 50 pounds of drag pressure. These reels have been made to resist corrosion. Thus, anglers in deep salt water bodies can go about their fishing activities with a relaxed mind and focus their energies on work.

Okuma Raw II Spin Reel 3

It is made of aluminum alloy with remarkable corrosion resistant qualities. The dual force drag system with incorporated carbon fiber stack; a brainchild of Okuma, gives this reel all that an angler needs to rein in the big ones from the depths of salt and fresh water oceans seas.

Product Features

The proprietary T480 Aluminum Alloy:

It is a new invention from Okuma. The unique non-anodized T480 is a revolution in the angling industry. It has the resistance characteristics to withstand over 480 hours of continuous exposure to salt water solution. Its structural integrity remains uncompromised. Experienced hands in angling know that no other reels have the capacity to remain structurally stable after exposure to salt sprays lasting this long.

In fact, 480 hours is the standard timeline that marks catastrophic failure by the conventional reels, including some of the most highly regarded ones on the market. It is, therefore, clear that anglers can count on the Raw II for a much longer lifespan for their reel and more reliable fishing capacity when dealing with the big fish. Every angler will, certainly, appreciate decades of flawless service from a single reel.

Elliptical Gearing System That Is Precision Based:

Uses oscillation gears that are elliptical shaped. These gears give an exceptional line lay, a constantly engaged gearing stance, and enhanced smoothness.

You can also count on durability with this feature on Raw II. The spool doesn’t jump as it commonly happens with other reels; thanks to the smooth spool stroke.

Okuma Raw II Spin Reel 4

Corrosion Resistant Coating Process:

Okuma Raw II Spin Reel5

The CRS bonds to the metal. This result effectively protects against corrosive damage for the long term. The corrosive resistant coating process is a special technology invention by Okuma. It’s a combination of the HDG gearing system with Corrosion X HD coating to both internal and external parts.

The Dual Force Drag System (DFD):

The system combines both spool surfaces to exploit the high-end drag force, its efficiency, and smoothness in general fully. Multiple discs felt drag system is mounted on the top end of the spool and guarded by the Hydro Block mechanism. The multi-disc felt drag works in combination with the secondary drag system installed below the spool. It also ensures enhanced stability for the reel.


Anglers need reels that make their fishing activities easy and the fun they are meant to be. It is evident that Okuma Raw II Spin Reel gives a combination of characteristics that make it stand ahead of other conventional reels.

The anti-drag characteristics coupled with the durability features added already make it worth anglers while. It is the design aimed at dealing with the big fish that makes Okuma Raw II Spin Reel conspicuously different and better.

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