Okuma Scott Martin Concept TCS Technique Specific Rods Review

By John Andrews | Fishing Rod Reviews

Okuma Scott Martin Concept TCS Technique Specific Rods

Okuma Scott Martin Concept TCS Technique Specific Rods

Rating: 4.5/5






- 30ton carbon construction

- Ultra-sensitive blank and perfectly optimized overall weight

- Hard aluminum oxide guide inserts

- Customized carbon for the reel seats


- Might not be suitable for dynamic angling

- The weight is a bit much for some people.


Okuma Rods Comparison


If you are an experienced angler you already know the utter importance that a great fishing rod will have on your performance. If you are a beginner and you are just starting to immerse yourself in the exciting outdoor world of fishing, this is where you begin from.

Okuma Scott Martin Concept TCS Technique Specific Rods

Consider the fishing rod to be your main weapon of choice. This is the thing which is likely to determine the way you perform, regardless of whether you are angling in a fast stream or chilling at the side of a lake.

With this in mind, the Okuma Scott Martin Concept TCS Technique Specific rods come with a range of interesting specifications. While it’s true that they have quite a lot to bring on the table, it’s also true that there are a few things that you might want to take into account.

Main Usage

The first thing that you need to understand is that the TCS Technique specific rods are the love-children of Okuma and Scott Martin.

Okuma Scott Martin Concept TCS Technique Specific Rods

In case you don’t know that’s the Forrest Wood Champion. They worked very hard in order to make sure that every single aspect of these rods are handled flawlessly. And, surely enough, the results are already here.

Product Features

Specifications :

The first thing that almost any angler would look at is the weight of the rod. This particular one comes with a line weight of between 17-65lb and lure weight of ¼ to 2 ounces. This makes up for a semi-lightweight unit which is skewing towards the rods with significant weight. However, it’s still quite lightweight.

The next thing that you might want to look out is the way the rod performs. All of the rods manufactured as a result of the mutual efforts of the company and Scott Martin come with 30-ton carbon blanks, ensuring splendid performance. The material in question is carbon which attributes to the light weight regardless of the significant capabilities.

Okuma Scott Martin Concept TCS Technique Specific Rods

Furthermore, the construction has flawless weight to balance ratio, making it easy to use and meticulous. The guide inserts are made out of hard aluminum oxide. This means that you can easily take advantage of them and use them with a braided line.

Tournament Prepared:

That’s right, the main intention of this fishing rod is to be used in tournaments. This is a concept which is rather different from conventional fishing. Why? Well, for starters, tournament fishing is only meant for advanced anglers. There are various techniques which need to be employed and applied in order to be successful at a fishing tournament

Okuma Scott Martin Concept TCS Technique Specific Rods

One of the things which are pretty characteristic when it comes to it is that tournament fishing entails incredibly dynamic action. You will be catching fish quite a lot, hopefully. Well, at least that’s what you should be prepared for. And, as you can probably figure out on your own, this is something which requires a perfect rod.

With the carbon blank which is incredibly sensitive, this Okuma rod will provide you with a certain edge. The rod is also not as light as you might want it to be, but this guarantees splendid casting control and higher range. It’s easier to cast with a slightly heavier rod, keep this in mind. What is more, the weight adds to the overall durability of the unit, which is something that you must take into account.

While it might be used as an angling rod in high and fast streams, the main designation, given the long overall length and slightly higher weight, is for slow-water fishing. However, it’s also worth noting that the rod comes with customized C-40X carbon reel seats which are conveniently located on the blank and spinning for easy installation and further usage.


All in all, this is a flawless fishing rod, designed by a professional, championship winning expert and a company with a lot of experience in the field.

What more could you ask? Even though we took the liberty of reviewing the TCS-C-731H model, keep in mind that Scott Martin and Okuma went on to produce 8 more models of the same TCS Technique specific rods, guaranteeing that there is quite a variety. Regardless of whether you are looking for short, long, lightweight or heavy rod, you will surely find it.

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