Okuma Solterra Graphite Lever Drag Reel Review

Okuma Solterra Graphite Lever Drag Reel

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 3.8/5

Gear Ratio




- Corrosion-Resistant, Lightweight Graphite Body

- Stainless Gearing System

- Forged-Aluminum Spool

- Efficient Drag System

- Level-wind

- Extremely suitable for jigging and trolling the bottom


- Some users might find them too bulky for their liking

- Doesn’t come with any tools

- The manual has minimal instruction


Okuma Reels Comparison



Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

Many people define fun as hitting the sea to catch a big fish. If your idea of fun is similar, you might know that when it comes to catching and hauling in beefy fishes, you need a powerful, durable, and efficient trolling reels. Well, there’s no dearth of quality saltwater reels, but most of them cost $500 or more.

If you want quality at an affordable price, perhaps your best bet is Okuma Solterra Graphite Lever Drag Reel. It is just as powerful as some of the top-raking reels but costs significantly less.​

Main Usage

Built more for jigging and trolling at the bottom, Okuma Solterra Graphite Lever Drag Reel is a well-oiled beast which beginners and seasoned users would love to own. Whether you usually fish for pelagic species (like Wahoo, Dolphin, Tuna, Marlin, Tripletail, King Fish, etc.) or often are in the Gulf hunting Sharks and Tarpoons, this reel will prove to be a worthy companion.

What’s more it is also extremely suitable when you drop and jig for Grouper and Snapper. In short, with this saltwater reel, you can catch anything between 10 lbs and 100 lbs.


Those who’ve used it just love its line capacity which remains true and nice even when you put on extremely heavy braided line. Furthermore, its clicker is loud and crisp, just the way most people into deep sea fishing like. Additionally, thanks to the spool tension present on the side, you can easily set the drag just the way you want.

Product Features

Reel Body:

As the frame is made of graphite, Okuma Solterra is a suitable choice for those looking for a lightweight reel.

Graphite has strong corrosion-resistant qualities, and that’s why this lightweight reel is something you would want to own if your favorite playing field is saltwater, not freshwater. Thanks to a strongly constructed housing, Okuma Solterra Graphite has no flimsy or loose parts. In addition to a cool exterior, the reel has no back play and the risk of mechanical breakdown is extremely low.

Reel Size:

As Okuma Solterra Graphite has a really good handle and crank, users enjoy the ability to exert a good pressure and torque on fish. This reel is designed to deliver superb performance while on the water.

You are sure to enjoy using it as you can easily catch different-sized fishes with it. Catching pelagic species, like Tuna, Dolphin, King Fish, Wahoo, Martin, as well as Tarpon and even Sharks is easily possible with this reel, which is an excellent alternative to Diawa and Penn, both of which cost three times as much.


Reel Gear Ratio:

This is a great option for all those who are looking for a high-speed retriever. Okuma Solterra Graphite Lever Drag Reel has a gear ratio of 6:1. The higher the gear ratio, the higher the speed of retrieving. A gear ratio of 6:1 or more is considered ideal for high-speed retriever. So if you are looking to add a high-speed reel to your arsenal, you should strongly consider Okuma Solterra.


The fact that the reel has virtually no back play is another plus point, because it makes using the reel easy and simple. The clicker too is smooth and which doesn’t let you down at all as you snooze.

Drag System:

The heat-resistant Carbonite drag system of Okuma Solterra is something that customers like a lot. The quality of drag system can have a huge impact on your fishing experience. If the drag smooth system is uneven or constrictive, pulling out the line steadily becomes a problem.

Similarly a poor-quality drag can result in frequent broken lines, which basically means losing your catch. Thankfully, all these problems are miles away when you use Okuma Solterra for its drag system is not only of high-quality, and thereby minimizes the risk of broken lines, but also smooth and non-constructive. You can easily pull out the line at whatever tension that you set the drag.


If you like hunting for big fishes and want a quality reel that doesn’t cost a lot, you should check out Okuma Solterra Graphite Lever Drag Reel.

This reel has nearly all the goodies that high-end trolling reel offers, but its price tag is almost three times less. This is a strong, efficient, durable reel for those who fish in saltwater.

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