Okuma’s Nomad Inshore Saltwater Travel Rods-NTi-S-703ML-M Review

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Okuma's Nomad Inshore Saltwater Multi Action Travel Rods-NTi-S-703ML-M (Blue/Black, 7-Feet)

Okuma Nomad Inshore Saltwater Multi Action Travel Rods 1

Rating: 4.1/5






- It is lightweighted

- It is strong


- The rods are pricey


Okuma Rods Comparison


Okuma Nomad Inshore rods are great products that take less than 30 minutes to get any hard fighting fish on the boat. Thus, it is recommended that you consider buying Okuma’s NTi-S-703ML-M, which is 7 feet long and comes in blue and black colors. 

Okuma Nomad Inshore Saltwater Multi Action Travel Rods 4

The rod is easy to carry and has two tips that give the angler the flexibility of choosing between the lighter and the heavier tackle depending on the prevailing fishing conditions.

It is a big reel, sturdily built with a nice action and can be relied on even in the toughest fishing conditions. The rod comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Main Usage

Okuma NTi-S-703ML-M travel rod delivers a concise selection and is an all-around destination rod that offers novice and experienced anglers a better experience. This is a three piece rod constructed with European spigot Ferrule connections. Despite being a 3-piece rod, its performance can be compared to that of a 1 piece rod yet it can easily be packed into a padded and waterproof case and transported on a plane.

The rod has two tips, a lighter and heavier one. These tips increase the rods versatility and give the angler more options. It is a rock solid rod that comes with premium components, which improve its quality. This makes the rod a great solution for serious anglers. 

Okuma Nomad Inshore Saltwater Multi Action Travel Rods 3

Okuma NTi-S-703ML-M travel rod blank is made of durable graphite with a carbon wrap on its outer part. It is 7’ long with split butt rear grip and comes with an ALPS anodized aluminum reel seat and a durable cork.

Product Features

Power :

It is a medium and medium heavy rod with a line weight of 10-17 lb and can be used to fish species such as bass. The medium rod can lift 1/8- 3/8 lure weight while the medium heavy is capable of carrying 3/16 – ½ Oz weight. It is an ideal rod for surf casting, is strong and capable of getting the fish out quickly.

It is the best rod to buy if you are planning to go fishing in a thick and heavy cover waters. The rods blank is made of durable graphite, which is resistant to flexing. However, note that this rod is stiff and should be handled with care.


The Okuma NTi-S-703ML-M travel rod is a 3 piece 7’ rod that is suitably designed for long distance casting and has the power required to fight even the large fish. The 3 pieces allow it to fit well in a suitcase making it an ideal rod for travelers who like fishing. 

It requires less effort to cast and guarantees longer casts. The length makes the rod suitable for anglers targeting big fish. It covers more open water and allows the angler to move the line faster. The rod has a greater mechanical advantage hence allows the angler to cast it further with precision.

Okuma Nomad Inshore Saltwater Multi Action Travel Rods 2


It is a moderate action rod which bends at the top ½ of its length, enabling the angler to fish both small and large species of fish. Also, it allows the angler to control the hook setting and gives the fisherman a chance to fish in varied situations. The rod allows the angler to fish a wide range of fish species.

Okuma Nomad Inshore Saltwater Multi Action Travel Rods 5

Okuma NTi-S-703ML-M travel rod is capable of absorbing fish jerks, which is a good thing to the angler since it helps them tire the fish fast.

It enables the angler to fight the fish longer as it does not give the fish a chance of disengaging. This puts the angler in a vantage point, allowing them more control as they fight the fish.


Okuma NTi-S-703ML-M travel rod is made of graphite and is well balanced. It should be held in the middle for optimal balance. Okuma makes use of lightweight EVA split grip which reduces the weight significantly. Its zero fore grip design helps to improve the rods balance. Also, the anodized aluminum reel seat is strategically located to further improve the balance.


If you are a serious angler looking for a rod that gives you more value for your money, Okuma Nomad Inshore rods could be the best options for you. 

The rods are made of graphite meaning that they are light weighted and sensitive. They feature ALPS guides and are ideal for fishing larger fish. They are well balanced and come with a durable cork and rear grip.

This is a versatile rod that could be used in the different fishing scenario. They are top quality rods that are worth every cent spent on them.

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