The Best Otter Ice Fishing Gear You Can Get

Are you a hardcore ice fishing enthusiast? Maybe you are somebody who is starting to get serious about frozen fishing life. Wanting to take your angling game to the next level is admirable. Looking into otter ice fishing gear is going to be the best place you can start.

From small ice gear and accessories to medium storage bins, and even up to the large sleds and shelters, otter ice fishing has everything your anglers heart desires.

Angler Storage Box Benefits

Customizable_Rod_Holder_by_OtterOtter Outdoor Sportsman’s Caddy is a convenient angler storage box that is easy to attach. It has a large, spacious storage compartments, and a layer tray has additional cup holders and lure storage. If you have a lot of little compartments for your smaller equipment and accessories, you can have them all stored in one easy to use angler storage box. The Outdoor Sportsman’s Caddy can be attached to the seat rail.

Best Ice Rod Case You Can Buy

The Otter Sportsman’s Rod Case is a perfect case for your ice angling rods. You will feel more secure about the safety of your rods with the best ice rod case. This durable yet lightweight rod case made from polyethylene plastic by Otter Outdoors. The interior of the case is foam-lined to keep your poles protected from unexpected shocks and shakes. This best ice rod case can carry up to six rods and their reels. With holding all these items you still have space for preventing the rods from being compressed inside it. Be assured of the safety of your rods with Otter Sportsman’s Rod Case.

Perfect Adjustable Rod Holder

Otter’s Adjustable Rod Holder helps keep the security and stability of your rod. This will help you with fishing on the ice for hours at a time. The holder is made from powder-coated steel. It can be adjusted so that it can mount almost any kind of pole. You can maneuver your rod to place it where you want for your convenience. The Otter Outdoors Adjustable Rod Holder can also be installed and mounted on your sled, fishing shelter, and it will even work if your other gear isn’t Otter brand.

Otter XT Pro Cottage Ice Shelter

Featuring 16.8 square feet of space, Otter’s XT Pro Cottage Ice Shelter is designed to keep your warm and comfortable under the iciest of conditions. Otter’s Thermal-TEC 1,200-denier layering system of the shelter blocks wind and light. This allows it to lock the heat inside and reduce condensation. This acts as a thermal inner shell to keep you nice and toasty. The Otter XT Pro Cottage also has a rear access door and is packed with a deluxe padded swivel seat.Snow_Shelter_for_Ice_Angling_by_Otter

Otter 1/4 Zip Pullover

This 100% Polyester Pullover by Otter with an incredibly soft fleece interior helps reduce the moisture from the outdoors. This is incredibly helpful while you are trying to keep dry. With it being so light weight, it is comfortable to wear all day long. It is embroidered with the logo of Otter on the chest. Another logo is located on the upper back of the zip pullover. The Otter 1/4 Zip Pullover also has a vertical breast pocket for smaller ice gear and accessories and comes in multiple sizes.

Improve efficiency and get more serious with your outdoor ice fishing activity this winter with convenient, efficient, and the best otter ice fishing equipment, with ice gear and accessories. The best ice rod case, angler storage box, adjustable rod holder, Otter XT Pro Cottage, and the Zip Pullover provide you with what you need and what you want for your ice angling service. With otter ice fishing equipment and accessories, you will be prepared for anything the ice will throw at you.

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