Pelican Sport Strike 100X Angler Kayak Muskie/White Review

Pelican Sport Strike 100X Angler Kayak Muskie/White

Pelican Sport Strike 100X Angler Kayak Muskie-White 1

Rating: 3.7/5



Length vs. Width



- Has enough pad eyes for seat replacement

- Has enough storage space at the back

- Comes with rod holders

- Can carry handles


- It is not stable

- Not ideal for rough water fishing

- The rod holder is made of a weak plastic

Pelican Sport Strike 100X is a new product that comes with plenty of space for storing gear and fishing poles. It an excellent kayak for anglers who spend most of their time on small lakes and rivers. It is sleek, budget friendly and comes with a drain plug. 

Pelican Sport Strike 100X Angler Kayak Muskie-White 2

The boat balances the space and the features quite well. The hull is made of premium RAM-X material, is durable, and is lightweight. Ideally, this vessel weighs 53 lbs and floats gently on the water.

The unit is designed to be used for fishing and come with a flat bottom base that makes it stable and quite maneuverable.

Main Usage

The Pelican Sport Strike 100X is a great product, is a Sit on Top Kayak made of a hard shell. It is fast, stable, and has very good maneuverability. It is an ideal unit that is used to fish in moving rivers and still water lakes. It's one of those units that glides smoothly over water.

The vessel has ergonomic band seating system and comes with plenty of space that can be used to carry the catch of the day and has ample storage in the rear bay. The unit is tough and can comfortably pass over rocks and stones without sustaining damage.

Pelican Sport Strike 100X Angler Kayak Muskie-White 3

This is easy to use canoe that has greater maneuverability and comes in simple design which ensures that you don't miss on any useful features. It has three-rod holders that can fit a wide variety of rods. This makes it a great set up for any angler who plans to go fishing using a kayak.

Product Features

Maneuverability vs. tracking:

The Pelican Sport Strike 100X tracks fairly straight compared to any other flat bottom kayaks which have a tendency to drift off the course with ease. This implies that the vessel is the answer to anglers looking for a boat that can be used to reel in big fish.

However, maneuverability and tracking could be a big issue if the day is windy. At 10 mph, the strike 100x turns itself into a sail, and the angler needs to be experienced to control and maneuver the vessel. It is a good vessel for anglers who plan to spend most of their day on flat and slow moving rivers. It turns exceptionally well and glides well hence it can be used to cover plenty of water without being fatigued.

Stability vs. Speed:

The Pelican Sport Strike 100X is stable and an ideal vessel to use when fishing because fishing requires a lot of movement including reeling in fish. It's a pretty stable kayak. Anglers need to ensure that the seat and foot pegs are adjusted before setting out on a fishing trip. The boat has a high degree of initial stability, and therefore it is suitable for newbie anglers.

The unit is stable and has a minimum side to side wobble, meaning that new anglers will have nothing to worry about.

However, seasoned anglers may find it unsuitable because they will prefer kayaks with greater secondary stability. Notice that the unit is wider and much shorter hence it is ideal for fishing in small and protected areas that are close to the shore.

Pelican Sport Strike 100X Angler Kayak Muskie-White 4


Basic kayaks are propelled by pedal and paddle power. However, it is possible to get those that are leg-powered and those that are propelled by an electric motor. Each one of them comes with its benefits. Pelican Sport Strike 100X is pedal powered, a thing that makes them the darling of newbie anglers.

This is a unique kayak that measures 10' long and is 30.5'' wide. The unit has a wide surface area in front of the seat which has been added to allow the angler to stand up and is suitable for sight fishing and touring. In fact, these specifications make it easier to have the unit to be power propelled. It also gives this sit-on-top kayaks plenty of speed and capacity.

Type of construction:

The type of construction featured by a kayak is an important factor that anglers consider when buying a kayak. Kayaks constructed from polyethylene are heavier and very tough. This is why they are mostly chosen by anglers who fish in rocky areas.

Pelican Sport Strike 100X Angler Kayak Muskie-White 5

Pelican Sport Strike 100X feature Ram-X construction and is built on a multi-chine flat bottom hull.

This is a multi-layer polyethylene that comes with an advanced resin and is exclusive to Pelican. The material has a high impact resistance and can easily regain its initial shape even after going through a great impact.

The material is UV- protected and is one of the benchmarks of quality in the industry. RAM -XTM feature multi-layer polyethylene that comes with an advanced resin that imparts glossy finish and provides a significantly more rigid standard polyethylene.

Length vs. Width:

Long Kayak hulls are better than short kayak hulls regarding speed. Notice that the longer the kayak hull, the less maneuverable it is. Pelican 100x is 10' long and 30.5'' wide. This makes the unit glide effortlessly across the lake. The canoe has enough space to keep everything you need when planning to spend your day in the water. The unit is ruggedly and lightweight. It can easily be transported in your car.


If you are planning to buy a kayak, consider buying Pelican Sport Strike 100X. The canoe is stable and is efficiently designed. It has a lot of initial stability that makes it a good choice for beginners

However, the vessel has other features that make it a good vessel for seasoned anglers. It is 10 ft. wide and provides excellent storage space. The unit has a larger rear section and has proved to be an excellent unit for fishing.

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