PENN Battle II Combo Review

PENN Battle II Combo Review

PENN Battle II Combo

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4.1/5






- PENN Battle II Combo I a versatile rod and reel combo

- Can handle from small to large fish

- Easy casting process


- Be sure not to exert pressure exceeding the rod limits. It can snap



PENN Battle II Combo includes a rod and a reel. It is the successor of Penn Battle. It includes an 8 feet rod made of composite graphite.


It also features aluminum oxide guides that enhance the casting experience. Anglers can now enjoy the versatility of a strong and light rod in this improvement of Penn Battle.

Main Usage

The combo presents anglers with a comfortable fishing rod; equipped with the trendy EVA grip handles that not only help to enhance control when holding the pole but also strike an effective balance that works to make it feel much lighter.  

The reel is made of metal all round with the rotor construction. It comes with a side plate and a strong drag engineering tweak to help you stay in control when tackling big fish. The combo features a reel with Drag Carbon fiber washers and an anodized aluminum spool. It is a six ball bearing reel system. Other features of the reel worth mentioning include the all-important anti-reverse bearing.

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

Anglers need such a system to control the process when fighting big fish. It comes with a heavy duty aluminum bail wire and line capacity rings that let know how much line remains on the reel when securing your big catch other features included in the rod and reel combo are highlighted below.

Product Features

Rod Action and reel tune-up:

The reel comes with an important anti-reverse gear. The heavy duty aluminum bail wire is not only great for a wide range of applications including salt water environments, but it is also a great choice for adventure fishing where you are to encounter surprises beneath the water surface. 

A line capacity to handle up to 15 lbs of fish. The rod is a fast action pole that can cast long. The reel on its part can hold up to 200 yards of line. It is a sensitive pole with a graphite composite construction. It comes with aluminum oxide guides to facilitate smooth casting and prevent sticking in the casting process.

Power :

The rod offers remarkable power in its range. It can comfortably carry the stress involved in handling fish like the drum. It has been reported to secure fish of up to 60lbs. With its resilience, an angler can focus on securing the big catch as opposed to worrying about the effectiveness of the tools in use. 


It’s a thumbs-up for the rod for strength and power. With the capacity to accommodate both mono and braided lines, an angler has a rod that is versatile and handy when needed most.


PENN Battle II Combo includes a light and portable rod. The graphite composite construction material offers a unique combination of qualities of lightness and strength in one pack.

Despite the light weight, the rod has the capacity needed to accommodate heavy lines including the braided options. The weight of the rod is further complemented by the use of light metals in the construction of the reel.

PENN Battle II Combo is a versatile option for both home ground fishing expeditions in the nearby streams and rivers but also delivers with efficiency when you venture in the deep sea water environments.or when traveling.

Recovery, Sensitivity, and Brittleness:

The composite graphite provides high sensitivity. The EVA handles are designed with an allowance for fingertips to pick up signals of the events unfolding at the hook end of the line. The strength inherent in the rod construction material means that the rod recovers fast and steadily. It has the stiffness needed to avoid line batting and to interfere with the casting.

Brittleness is reduced using the same graphite composite design principle. You have a strong rod that provides high sensitivity and recovers fast, but it also has a steady flex that reduces its chances of breaking under high stress.


PENN Battle II Combo is a great choice for both inshore and offshore fishing missions. The rod is fitted with EVA grip handles that are renowned for their comfort and sensitivity. 

The aluminum oxide guides are also a great choice for smooth casting. They also provide you with the freedom to venture in harsh salt water environments. The graphite composite presents anglers with a highly sensitive rod that helps them secure most of the targets

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