PENN Pursuit II Combo Review

By Nick Simpson | Rod and Reel Combo

PENN Pursuit II Combo

Penn Pursuit II Combo 8 Feet MH 1

Rating: 4.3/5






- It is inexpensive

- Can be used in both salt and fresh water


- The blank is made of graphite which is a little bit brittle



Are you looking for an amazing but an affordable combo? If yes, consider buying the amazing PENN Pursuit II Combo, which is available on the market at an extremely competitive price and is capable of carrying a 25 mono without a problem. This is a rock solid combo with a great feel and which comes with a rod and reel that are well matched.

Penn Pursuit II Combo 8 Feet MH 2

The reel has a smooth drag, is sturdy, and can be relied on to help competitive anglers finish the season in great shapes.

With this combo, frozen reels and broken rods will be an experience of the past if it is cleaned and serviced regularly.

Main Usage

PENN Pursuit II Combo is well-balanced, affordable and quite durable. It is dependable and can be relied on to catch countless snooks, roosterfish, and black drum. It is fun fishing with this reel. The reel has a great drag system made using high-quality components, comes with 4 shielded stainless steel bearings and an anti-reverse bearing.

It also features aluminum oxide guides and machine anodized aluminum spool. The rod comes with a graphite constructed blank that guarantees maximum sensitivity. Also, it features graphite reel seats and Techno-balanced rotor that is credited for the smooth retrieve associated with this combo.

Penn Pursuit II Combo 8 Feet MH 3

The combo is beautiful, comes with a great price, and is a symbol of great craftsmanship from Penn. In general, PENN Pursuit II Combo features a 1 piece rod constructed from graphite composite and is a medium action rod. The rod is 7 feet long and can handle a line of 15-20 lbs.

Product Features


The PENN Pursuit II Combo features a fast/extra action rod that bends very little in the upper 1/3 of the blank. This is what makes the rod suitable for anglers who engage in large game fishing. It is an ideal rod for anglers who fish in areas covered with weeds.

The rod is designed in such a way that it allows the angler to set the hook hard and target bigger fish like musky, largemouth bass and pike. The rod is ideal for long casting and can be used for worm and jig fishing. The fast action enables the rod to remain sensitive and allows for quick hook setting.


It refers to how stiff the rod is and its ability to resist bending. In our case, PENN Pursuit II Combo consists of a moderately stiff rod that bends in the upper third of its blank, making it an ideal choice for anglers pursuing medium and large sized fish.

The rod can manage a line weight of between 15 lbs. and can handle a lure of 1 lb. Using this rod to pursue medium-sized and bigger fish is exciting since the angler will always come out victorious and runs low chances of breaking the line.

Penn Pursuit II Combo 8 Feet MH 4


The length of the rod is an important factor that determines how far the rod can be cast and the ability of the angler to fight and haul the fish onto the boat.

Penn Pursuit II Combo 8 Feet MH 5

The PENN Pursuit II Combo is 7' long. It is a one-piece rod that is extra sensitive - thanks to its strong graphite blank.

The rod is neither too short nor too long and puts the angler in a better position to control the proceedings while engaging the fish in a fierce fight. It enables the angler to engage the bigger fish without fear of losing the fish or breaking the rod.


The PENN Pursuit II Combo is well balanced, is sensitive and eliminates chances of the angler getting tired no matter the fishing period. It features aluminum oxide guides that easily release the line during casting with reduced friction, which allows the angler to cast rod farther. Also, the combo comes with graphite reel seats and Techno-balanced rotor that further increases the rod's balance.


If you are an angler looking for a shorter rod that casts as far as a 12 or a 15-foot rod, you need to try out the PENN Pursuit II Combo, which comes with a reel and a rod that guarantees you long distance casting and a smooth drag.

The set has a comfortable grip, a great retrieve, and is affordable. The rod casts accurately is lightweight and a great travel tool. It is one of the rods recommended for saltwater fishing and performs better than most rods in its category.

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