Penn Rampage Boat Rod Review

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Penn Rampage Boat Rod

Penn Rampage Boat Rod 1

Rating: 2.8/5






- It is cheap

- It is a resilient rod


- There have been complaints of the rod getting chipped and scratched when being used


Penn Rods Comparison


Getting a quality rod is not always a walk in the park; it requires some research and experience before anglers can determine a rod that can faithfully serve them. Penn Rampage Boat Rod is one of the few rods in the market that promises to reward anglers for every effort they put in.

Penn Rampage Boat Rod 2

The rod has been subjected to rigorous tests and has been found to perform exceptionally well whether you are spinning or flying it. This is an ideal rod if you are looking for something that packs up well and suitably designed for hiking. The rod looks great and is affordable.

Main Usage

Whether you are using this rod as a spinning rod or a fly rod, it is important to note that it is one of the rods on the market that guarantees to bring to your boat a largemouth bass in the range of 1- 3 lbs. The rod can also guarantee to haul a 3 lbs. Channel catfish to your boat. The rod comes in great sizes and is nice in your hands.

The Penn Rampage Boat Rod was designed to be a workhorse for anglers who spend most of their time in the water. It is durable and suitable for a variety of fishing conditions. Unlike other rods, this amazing pole was constructed with a tabular glass bank that gives it the extra strength that helps it hold strong even when faced with a hard fighting fish.

Penn Rampage Boat Rod 3

The rod comes with a heavy duty Pack Bay reel seat whose job is to ensure a secure lock and eliminate any flex when it is under a heavy load. It comes with guides built of heavy duty stainless steel frames, aluminum oxides inserts and rubber Gimbal that helps to reduce the pain associated with tackling a hard fighting fish.

Product Features

Power :

The blank of the rod ultimately determines the performance of the rod. The blank determines the power of the rod which in turn determines the technique that can be used for any given bait. If the right bait is chosen, it gives the angler the power they need to land the type of a fish they may be pursuing. It determines the amount of force that is required to bend the rod.

The Penn Rampage Boat is a heavy duty rod designed for anglers who need a pole with a powerful backbone. It is ideal for surf fishing, deep sea fishing and can target bass and other types of big fish.


Being a heavy action rod, the Penn Rampage Boat Rod flexes in the upper third of the rod. It is an extra fast rod that will bend 3-4 inches before it transfers the power to the blank. It plays a critical role in balancing the rod and enables the angler to fight the bass effectively. 

It works well with heavier baits and allows the fisherman to drive the hook into the fish's mouth. It is suitable for baits with a single hook. It can be used on a jig spinnerbait and Texas plastics. It is a heavy action rod is ideal for fighting bass fish.

Penn Rampage Boat Rod 4


It is also an important aspect that anglers consider before buying a rod. It determines whether the angler fishes for a longer time or not. Penn Rampage Boat Rod is a heavyweight but quite sensitive. It allows the angler to feel when the fish bites the tip and is quite resilient. The rod has a line weight of between 12-20 lbs.

Penn Rampage Boat Rod 5

How fast a rod recovers after it has been cast is critical to anglers. Penn Rampage Boat Rod is a fast action rod that recovers pretty fast.

The blank is made of a tabular glass, which will not only load well but will recover faster. The rod outcasts any other rod found in its category.

About sensitivity, the rod performs better. It enables the angler to detect and transmit the filling as soon as a fish moves closer to it. Tabular glass bank is less brittle, meaning that the rod is ideal for anyone who plies his trade in dirty waters or those infested with weeds.


If you are a regular angler, you need a rod that will not let you down by breaking. The rod should be stiff and of high quality.

There are plenty of rods you can choose from but none of them will give you better service than Penn Rampage Boat Rod. This is one of the rods that is affordable, sturdy and will give you the desired service.

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