Penn Senator Rod Review

Penn Senator Rod

Penn Senator Rod 1

Rating: 4.8/5






- Powerful, efficient, suitable for deep sea fishing

- Impressive design and build

- Provides a strong hook setting

- Great value for money


- Gimbel cover is a little loose and sometimes slides off easily

- The guide edges are not very smooth, and this might cause some issues while catching larger fish


Penn Rods Comparison


Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to the Special Senator Rod? Or perhaps maybe you don’t need the full AFTCO rollers present in the Special Senator Rod and want a fishing rod that has all the features of this rod minus the full rollers?

Penn Senator Rod 2

Either way, Penn Senator Road is a good option for you. It is also a good option for those who have not used a Penn rod before but are looking for a quality and affordable rod for deep sea fishing.

Just like the much-successful Special Senator rod, the Senator rod comes with a top-of-the-line blank with tubular construction and a sturdy, solid tip. It also features the same reliable, effective reel seat. It is just like its more-expensive sibling in all ways, except that in case of the full rollers it has AFTCO Roller Stripper. Let’s take a look at its main usage and key features.

Main Usage

The Penn Senator Rod is made for deep sea fishing. Consider it if you love the deep sea fishing and are looking for a powerful rod to reel in larger fish. With this rod in the hands, you can catch different types of large fish, from blue marlin and striped marlin to tuna, and even 50lb bluefin, as long as you ensure the line you are using matches the spec on this rod.

As expected, this is a powerful beast, a workhorse. The rod can cast long distance and offers good sensitivity so that you would know what’s happening when lure in under water.

Penn Senator Rod 3

Made of quality materials, the Senator rod is not short on resilience and will last many years with some basic maintenance. It has an impressively heavy line capacity, which in turn ensures that big clients won’t have any chance whatsoever to escape.

Product Features

Power :

Power denotes rod’s resistance or stiffness to bending. For deep sea fishing, you need a heavy rod, that is, one which bends at the top one-third portion. If you try catching larger fish with a rod that’s lighter, your efforts might end, more frequently than not, in broken tackles and lost fish, even if you are an experienced angler.

Senator rod is most suitable for catching large fish. It allows you to get the better of the client every time it fights back and reel 50 pounder or heavier with relatively ease.


This is a medium-fast action rod with a heavy line capacity and which flexes at top one-third of the blank. What does all this mean to an amateur angler like you? Well, simply put, this means that with this rod in your hands, you will have a great time at deep sea fishing. 

Pick the line according to the specifications on Senator rod and you’ll have no trouble larger fish, like bluefin, striped marlin, and tuna. It has a strong hook setting, which in turn allows you to cast long with super ease and full control.

Penn Senator Rod 7



While this rod has certainly got a lot of power, it is not heavy weight. And that’s because of its superior construction.

It has one-piece tubular glass blank with solid tip and aluminum reel seats, both of which ensure that anglers don’t find this reel bulkier or heavier. You won’t have any problem using it for hours, even when doing stand-up fishing.

Recovery, Sensitivity, and Brittleness:

Another thing that makes this rod stand out from the rest is that unlike other moderate-fast action rods, it recovers fairly quickly, allowing you to cast a long distance with ease. One of the most important qualities to look is sensitivity. If a rod is not sensitive enough, you will not get the signal that a client is knocking quickly.

With Senator rod, you don’t have to worry about this, though, and that’s another feather in its cap. This Penn product is a powerhouse, so you won’t have problem in reeling in larger fish which can cause many other medium action rods to break.


If you are looking for a workhouse that doesn’t cost a lot, you don’t need to look further than Penn Senator Rod, which is almost just as good as its sufficiently more expensive sibling, Special Senator.

With medium-fast action, superb resilience, long cast distance, and strong hook setup, this rod is definitely a winner.

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