PENN Squall Star Drag Review

PENN Squall Star Drag

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4.5/5

Gear Ratio




- Lightweight graphite frame

- HT-100 drag system for greater efficiency

- 6+1 stainless steel ball bearings

- Gear Ratio of 6:1 for smooth retrieve

- Tested for durability and quality

- Made from high quality components


- Getting used to setting the optimal friction on its spindle takes some time

- Gold color plate of aluminum over the reel gives it a cheapish kind of look


Penn Reels Comparison

  • Penn Battle II Spinning Reel
  • Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire
  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • 5.2:1 gear ratio
  • Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel
  • Varying gear ratios available
  • Sealed HT-100 Slammer Drag system
  • Watertight design for saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • Superline Spool with Line Capacity Rings
  • Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel
  • Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire
  • Techno-Balanced rotor for smooth retrieves
  • 4+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Penn Clash Spinning Reels
  • 8 sealed stainless steel ball bearings
  • Dura-Gear technology
  • Full metal body
  • Leveline Oscillaton System
  • Penn Squall Level Wind Reel
  • 2+1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Switchblade lugs
  • HT-100 drag washers
  • Level wind line control


Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

Are you looking for a strong yet lightweight reel that can effortlessly cast a long distance and gives ample support to haul in heavy loads? You should check out PENN Squall Star Drag, which has all these qualities, plus some more.

An efficient surf casting reel, it casts 150 yards easily, feels just like an extension of your hand, and features a great line capacity. Ideal for surf, PENN Squall Star Drag holds its own magnificently well in salt water.

Main Usage

A surf cast with a conventional reel, PENN Squall Star Drag has a lightweight graphite frame. Graphite, as you may know, is lighter than aluminum and better suited for saltwater fishing because it has superior anti-corrosion qualities.

Thanks to an efficient drag system, you enjoy smooth drag, even under heavy loads. Additionally, the anodized aluminum spool included in this reel ensures you get optimal stability while fishing and optimal smoothness as you reel in the line. PENN Squall Star Drag, with gear ratio of 6.0:1, is a high-speed retrieve.


Furthermore, its 6 shielded stainless steel ball bearings ensure that the reel performs well in all conditions and your retrieves are silky smooth. As stainless steel ball bearings have upto a ten time longer life than standard ball bearings, you don’t have to worry about replacing them for a long, long time.

Product Features

Reel Body:

Reel bodies are usually made of graphite, aluminum, or a combination of both. PENN Squall Star Drag has a graphite body, which has superior corrosion-resistant properties, an important feature to consider when you are looking for a saltwater fishing reel. If you buy this reel, you won’t have to worry about durability, because it will easily serve you many years. Another advantage of graphite frame is that, compared with aluminum,it is much lighter.

So pick PENN Squall if you are looking for a lighter reel. The reel is superbly constructed and has no flimsy parts.

Reel Gear Ratio:

Tested for quality and durability, PENN Squall Star Dreg is a great choice for those looking for a high-speed retrieve. You can’t go wrong with this reel, which, thanks to its 6:1 reel gear ratio, offer a fast, smooth, and efficient retrieve.

A high speed reel is considered ideal for those small-sized and sometimes medium-sized species of fish. Another thing in the favor of this PENN Squall Star Dreg is that it performs really well at long distance casting, though you might first have to get used to this reel. In case some sand gets in your reel, just clean it with fresh water.


Drag System:

The quality of the drag system, more than anything else, will determine your experience with a reel. If the drag system is not of high-quality, you can expect a lot of broken lines, as a result your fishing experience will be below par.


Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about dealing with broken lines with PENN Squall Star Drag as its drag system is probably the best in this price range. It has a smooth, consistent, and non-constrictive drag. You will find that the line pulls out smoothly and steadily.

Ball Bearings:

Ball bearings placed inside the body of a reel lend it support, stability, and smoothness. Ball bearings count is an important piece of product specs that you must look at carefully. Generally speaking, you must not settle for a reel with less than four ball bearings. However, four is the lowest figure; as a matter of fact, the more the ball bearings, the better the reel will perform and smoother the retrieves.

PENN Squall Star Drag has 6 ball bearings in the body—and that’s a pretty good number. It also includes a roller bearing inside the roller, something which almost every reel includes.


A lightweight graphite frame and side plates, efficient HT-100 drag, live spindle design, 6+1 stainless steel ball bearings, and zero backlash make PENN Squall Star Drag a great surf casting reel. If you want a reel that can cast a long distance and has no trouble in handling heavy challenges, you should strongly consider PENN Squall Star Drag.

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