Piscifun High Speed Conventional Levelwind Review

Piscifun High Speed Conventional Levelwind

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4.1/5

Gear Ratio




- Piscifun high-speed standard levelwind gives you the setup abilities to provide precision short distance casts.

- When it is matched to a Piscifun rod, both the reel and the rod seemed good balanced.

- In addition to this, this product is very durable and the affordable.


Though some of the customers were happy with the price of the product, some complained that the reel broke too quickly. For this reason, they said they are not satisfied with it at all.



Fishing has been a favorite hobby as well as a profession for a very long time. A lot of people are interested in catching big as well as small fishes. Trolling is one of the very popular methods of fishing in which one or more fishing lines, bait fish are drawn through the water. This can be done from the behind of the moving boat or even sweeping from one side to another. This method has become popular because of the broad number of fishes ranging from Wahoo to Walleye.

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

Using the right trolling reel is one of the top requirements of catching fish through this method. If the angler fails to select the right one then, regardless of how professional he is, he will not be able to get an adequate amount of fish by trolling. Well, what basically a trolling reel is?

The trolling reels are a lot like the traditional bait casters, but these are not made for casting. Because of its simple design, the fishermen from around the world love trolling reels. There are hundreds of trolling reels present in the market, but you need to choose wisely to get your dream result.

Main Usage

You might want to know what the main usages of this Piscifun high-speed conventional levelwind are. Well, there are lots of features of this product which makes an excellent trolling reel. Piscifun high-speed conventional levelwind has been designed very simple, and there are just a few options which you need to be concerned with.

The body is made of aluminum alloy frame and side plates. Experts say that you need aluminum construction for larger species. This product is made of aluminum and definitely the best option for catching big fishes. The aluminum is strong enough to endure the stress caused by the big tuna, sharks, marlin, etc. Piscifun high-speed standard levelwind also have forged and machined anodized aluminum spool. The stronger brass main gear helps in quick retrieval. The ratio of the gear is 6.2:1 and weight is around 8.40 oz.


The primary uses of this are, bait casting reels, casting reels, spinning reels, surf fishing reels, trolling reels, spin cast reels. Expert anglers recommend this aluminum made the trolling reel. You can use this Piscifun high-speed standard levelwind for the large, fast and powerful fishing.

Product Features

The Reel Body Or Frame:

The reel body or the frame of Piscifun high-speed conventional levelwind is made of aluminum alloy frame along with side plates. It also has forged as well as machined and anodized aluminum spool. The frame of Piscifun high-speed standard levelwind is a classic in a standard design, but it has some modern improvements as well. The frame and the spool of the Piscifun high-speed standard levelwind are cold-forged as well as CNC machined aluminum for firm rigidity and stability.

Reel Gear Ratio:

The reel gear ratio of Piscifun high-speed conventional levelwind is 6.2:1. The reel gear ratio of 6.2:1 means that, when the larger drive gear, which is connected unswervingly to the handle of the reel, is turned a full revolution by the reel handle, then the small pinion gear which links to the spool, turns six revolutions making the spool to the same thing.

The reel gear ratio is one of the standardized measures of the speed. So, from 6.2:1 ration we can signify that Piscifun high-speed standard levelwind has good speed.


Ball Bearings:


Piscifun high-speed standard levelwind contains three +1 shielded stainless steel bearing system along with anti-reverse. This makes this product an excellent trolling reel for both freshwater and saltwater.

As it also has a twin drag system provide smooth drag under heavy loads. For this reason, you can pull heavy and big fishes from the water. It is very suitable if you are someone who is interested in fishing in the saltwater.

Drag System:

Piscifun high-speed conventional levelwind has carbon round drag system which gives it smooth as well as consistent drag pressure across the whole drag range. It has a disc type drag type. One of the key features of this product is that it has precision machined stainless steel spool shafts along with the drag washers. So, it is perfect for the big fishes. It should also be noted that the waterproof mechanism in the reel is very helpful for saltwater fishing because when it is splashed onto it, it does not disturb the drag system.


In spite of having some cons, it is very popular among the anglers. The price of this is exquisite compared to the other ones available in the market. In summary, Piscifun high-speed standard levelwind is a great reel for the cost.

It is a durable, trouble-free and simple reel to maneuver with whether you are right handed or left handed fisherman. This reel is of excellent quality and also works very smoothly. Whether you a professional or an amateur you are going to love this product. Experts in this field say that you will be able to catch the adequate amount of fishes if used in the right way. So, what are you waiting for? For the best and the most satisfactory result, get it right away.

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