Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel Review

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Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel

Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel 1

Rating: 3.6/5

Gear Ratio




- Offers a wide range of fishing line options for the angler.

- It is also one of the few reels that offer a left-hand model.


- The breaking system is relatively weak. You must push the lever to the max to obtain the desired effect.

- It is rather heavy.


Baitcasting Reels Comparison



Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel comes in attractive black and white options. It features a low profile but durable and light frame.

Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel 2

The frame is made of tough aluminum. It has both ACS centrifugal cast controls and magnetic braking properties. With 10 external adjustments and equally impressive 6 internal adjustments, you have a reel that hands you full control of your fishing activity.

Main Usage

Anglers will be happy with the precision of operations; thanks to the above features. It is one of the greatest options for fluke fishing ever. The 7 PT ball bearings give the reel an upper hand when it comes to retrieving rate and durability.

Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel 3

The dual cast controls give the anglers the advantage they need with big lure and equally large and strong fish that don't simply accept being hooked without a fight. The reel comes with some features that no angler can afford to ignore; especially when they are interested in that medium bass fish or hope for some fluke fishing.

Product Features

Body and Frame:

The body and frame of a reel tell a story of its durability and how easily it can be handled. Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel comes with one-piece aluminum design frame that provides the needed structural integrity for handling varying types of fish and maneuvering in a wide range of fishing environments.

It is strengthened with the hard ceramic coating of titanium nitride on the line guide; a feature that also keeps it durable. The reel is carefully sized to a medium range for easy handling in a boat fishing or standalone bait casting stunts. The design of the spool is also carefully thought out. It complements the intention to keep it medium-sized.

Drag Casting:

The ceramic drag system should tell you that you are up for a reel that is designed and built to last. When it comes to casting, it is the ease with which the drag comes off the spool that counts. Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel offers a strong and easy drag.

The 7 PT ball bearings guarantee a seamless and steady drag; especially when you most need it. You will appreciate the steady drag properties of Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel when you have that large bass or pike at the end of the line on the hook. 

Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel 4

With this reel, you can handle fish of up to 17lb on the line. The reel also offers a great casting distance with a steady and reliable line control back-up technology.

Gear Ratio:

Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel offers a great gear ratio of up to 7:0. You get lots of torque advantage with such great a ratio. Apart from the sheer ratio information, the system is anchored on a strong base with 7 PT bearing that guard against corrosion. It has a brass PT main gear for strength and durability.

Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel 5

The most outstanding feature on Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel is the flipping switch that allows the angler to engage the gear fast and precisely. A high gear ratio such as the one given on this reel is what allows anglers a fast retrieve option. The spool is also proportionately sized to offer fast line retrieve.


The design and size of the spool offer great bait casting control. The quick spool spinning properties ensure that you get a fast casting experience. The centrifugal internal casting controls keep you in the fishing game all the time. You do not have to worry about some huge fighter fish throwing you off balance and making you lose focus.

The external magnetic braking system is a demonstration of the attention to details given to the design of the reel. The perfect pool spin control comes in handy when you intend to fish in unfamiliar waters. The spool on this reel overlaps the reel frame just so the line does not entangle in the spool housing.


Quantum Accurist PT Speed Baitcast Reel provides an unmatched lockdown power that every angler desires for a reel. It has a great gear ratio that, combined with other features, helps in attaining fast retrievals. The centrifugal cast control and magnetic braking present a strong case for precision, even in heavy wind.

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