Quantum Accurist Reel Review

Quantum Accurist Reel

Quantum Accurist Reel 1

Rating: 3.6/5

Gear Ratio




- If you are interested to buy Quantum Accurist Reel then you must know that, it is a very good deal in such an attractive price.

- Apart from this, Quantum Accurist is very lightweight and efficient.

- This product also have durable multi-coated finish, quick release side cover, maxcast skeletal spool, continuous anti-reverse and available in both right and left hand.


- Quantum Accurist Reel is such a baitcasting reel which needs constant maintenance. Reel butter is very necessary to maintain this.


Quantum Reels Comparison

  • Quantum Cabo Spin Reel
  • 7 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Continuous anti-reverse
  • Left and right hand retrieve
  • TiMAG titanium bail wire
  • Quantum Optix Reel
  • 3 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Double anodized spool
  • Lightweight, stainless steel bail wire
  • 4.7:1, 4.9:1, or 5.2:1 gear ratio
  • Quantum Triax Reel
  • 7 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Stainless steel bail wire
  • Double anodized aluminum spool
  • Smooth, front-adjustable drag system
  • Quantum Accurist Reel
  • 7 Quantum PT bearings
  • Centri-Mag dual cast control
  • Energy PT ceramic drag
  • Flippin’ Switch
  • Quantum Inshore Reel
  • Polymer hybrid bearings
  • Aluminum body and side cover
  • LMS line management system
  • Extra-durable PT gears


Fishing has been one of the most popular hobbies of recent times. There are a lot of people who are very much enthusiast about fishing. They do not just have a different fishing rail for every different fishing method but also a wide range of fishing reels with all new technologies.

A study was made on the top 5 most preferred hobbies in the world and fishing was one of them. Nowadays, fishing is one of the most popular leisure sports as well as the hobby.

Quantum Accurist Reel 2

A huge number of people are not just enjoying but also loving it at the same time. For the best fishing experience, it is crucial that you are prepared with the right and appropriate kinds of accessories, for example, the reel, rope, bait and so on.

The tools of both long distances casting and surfcasting are mostly a very highly tuned reel along with a long fishing pole. However, let not the simplicity of these surf fishing reels fool you.

The kinds of the rods are large, and the reels can sometimes be very complicated. If you have time to master the technique, surf fishing reels are perfect for you. You must remember that this is not an easy procedure and you need a lot of time to ace this.

Main Usage

If you are looking for a good baitcasting reel, then nothing can beat Quantum Accurist Reel. This is the perfect one for any angler whether they are professional or novice. Quantum Accurist Reel is the ideal baitcasting reel for techniques like flippin’ and pitchin’.

This product is designed with a very special Flippin’ switch. This manufacturer has provided the angler the capability to place bait or a lure precisely where he wants it. Quantum Accurist Reel is overall a very good reel.

Quantum Accurist Reel 3

It is very smooth out of the box and can handle bigger baits like the large swim baits or buzz baits very nicely. The reel is heavy duty and very smooth. For this reason, if you are looking for a good baitcasting reel then you can consider it as well.

Product Features

This is one of the best surf fishing reels available in the market. If you are one of those fishers who are very much interested and enthusiastic about fishing, then you should get this one. This has all the best features you have always been searching in a surf fishing reel.

Reel Body and Frame:

The reel body and frame is the most significant part to consider. Reel body is also known as the housing. It can be made of graphite or aluminum or even the combination of both. In the cheaper spincast reels, graphite is used while in the high-priced ones aluminum is mainly used as it gives more strength to the reel.

While graphite is lighter, the aluminum housing is stronger. You need to make your choice depending which one is more important, strength or weight. However, graphite makes a great reel body and frame as well. While buying the surf fishing reels, you must know about the casting controls of the reel. Otherwise, you will not get the expected result from it. The reel body of Quantum Accurist Reel is made of aluminum which makes it very durable, so, you can be assured about your reel even under tough fighting with big fishes.

Ball Bearings:

Ball bearings are a very crucial aspect of surf fishing reel. For this reason, you need to choose a reel with the most ball bearings that your pocket can handle. It is always better to choose a reel that has at least four ball bearings.

There is nothing worse than buying a reel that does not perform well or is not smooth on the retrieve. Quantum Accurist Reel has 6+1 ball bearing made of steel. These steel ball bearings are adamant and due to the presence of 7 ball bearings this product shows very smooth performance at the time of catching fish.

Quantum Accurist Reel 4

Drag System:

One of the most important aspects of a good reel is the drag system, and the customer needs to be very conscious at the time of buying this.

Quantum Accurist Reel 5

The drag is responsible for the applying of pressure to the hooked fish and also letting out the line at the time of the fight. You cannot expect to catch a good number of fishes if you do not have a smooth and high-quality drag.

The Quantum Accurist Reel has ceramic drag system. Ceramic drag system is best when it comes to baitcasting reels.

Reel Gear Ratio:

Unlike the casting reels which contain a rotating spool, the spinning reel has fixed spool on it. There is also a ball that wraps the line onto the spool as the handle is turned. When we talk about the reel gear ratio, it signifies to the number of times the ball rotates around the spool with a single turn of the handle of the reel.

The reel gear ratio of Quantum Accurist Reel is 6.3:1 which makes it one of the highest performance fishing reels along with aluminum frame, gear side cover and also the flippin’ switch.


If you are really into surf fishing reels, then this is perfect for you. Each and every feature of this fishing reel is excellent. If you are a fishing enthusiast, then you should give it a shot. We guarantee you that will give you the best fishing experience.

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