Redington Crosswater 590-4 Fly Rod Outfit (9’0, 5wt, 4pc) Review

Redington Crosswater 590-4 Fly Rod Outfit

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4.2/5







​Shopping for a fishing rod and reel is something quite challenging too. It’s going to require you to spend a lot of time and effort, and it’s not for everyone, especially not for a beginner.

 Fly fishing is challenging. It requires smooth dragging abilities, quick casts, accurate positioning of the fly, tremendously fast reflexes and most of all – appropriate fishing set. We are here to provide you with a convenient whole-package fishing outfit consisted of rod, reel, line, tube and fishing box.

All of this comes at a very affordable price and you wouldn’t have to worry about going after each one of the products separately.

What is the set good for?

Given the specifications of the different components that we are going to take a look at shortly, this is a great set for beginner to intermediate fly fishermen. This is mainly due to the specifications of the rod.


However, the set is perfect for fishing enthusiasts who do not want to go ahead and spend a considerable amount of time wandering around shops or different e-stores.
Now, let’s go right ahead and take a look at the different components included in the outfit.

Product Features

The Fishing Rod:

This is one of the most important components that you have to consider. It comes with medium action capabilities. It’s going to bend from the halfway line onward. What is more, it’s going to recover slower than fast-action rods, making it easier to handle and to navigate in the hands of the unexperienced fly fisher. Regardless of whether you are going dry fly or nymph fishing, the rod will do you good.

Keep in mind that this is a 5-weight powerful rod which means that it’s not going to bend that much, hence making the control easier. They don't perform too great in saltwater but if you are aiming for some medium-sized to lighter fish, you shouldn’t have any issues.

The Reel:

The reel comes with lightweight construction which is designed for perfect versatility. That's mean it introduces a great amount of counterbalance, making everything stand out and ensuring enhanced fishing endurance. You can easily go for longer sessions without feeling tired. The large arbor design is going to ensure quick and easy retrieves while at the same time you can rely on significant drag.

The reel is rigged for left-handed retrieving which is suited for right-handed cast. This is what the majority of the fishermen demand but if you want to reverse it, you can easily order a rigged reel for left-hand retrieving.

This is something important and you should definitely take it into proper consideration.


The Tube:

The tube is something that brings in a lot of convenience and even though a lot of people disregard it, it’s something to consider if you truly care for details. The tube comes with internal pockets and straps to keep the four pieces neatly stored and conveniently packed. This is something that brings quite a lot of comfort.

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

The Box:

The box is waterproof and resilient and it is designed to fit perfectly in a range of different fishing vests and pockets. You can keep your flies securely stored there.


All in all, it goes without saying that this is something that you get if you are looking for convenient ready-to-use fly fishing combo kit for a reasonable price. 

The kit is affordable, which also makes it quite accessible and it’s appropriate for beginner level fishermen.

It’s easy to handle and would allow you to quickly enter into the exciting world that is fly fishing. This is definitely going to spare you a lot of time as well.

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