Redington Crosswater Combo Review

By John Andrews | Rod and Reel Combo

Redington Crosswater Combo

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4.3/5







Anglers who are always on the move require fishing gears that are portable but which can be used in the various fishing environment. Redington Crosswater Combo is an outfit that is a complete setup. It consists of a fly line, leader, a reel, and a fly rod.


This is a medium fast action outfit that is easier to cast and can be relied on by amateur anglers.The combo is an ideal one for novice anglers who are stepping into the water for the first time. The rod comes set up with a pre-pooled reel and with an aluminum fabric.

Main Usage

The Redington Crosswater Combo is a medium-fast action fly rod that comes with fresh and updated colors. Also, it comes with alignment dots that allow you to set up the outfit easily. 

Anglers are allowed to choose between the right and the left-hand reel depending on their preference. It is a versatile rod with a moderate fast action and is easy to cast. The combo comes with piece configuration. The rod has a visible alignment that makes it easier to assemble it and start fishing. It has a strong center disc designed to help improve the braking system especially when battling it out with a hard fighting fish.

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

The combo was designed for novice anglers irrespective of whether they are young or old. It is easy to cast, affordable, and a great quality gear. It comes with rods that can manage line weights of 4-9 and a lure weight of up to 2.5 lbs.

Product Features

Power :

The Redington Crosswater Combo comes with a medium power rod that requires less force to bend. The pole is capable of handling a weight of 4-9 lbs. no wonder that it is an ideal rod for newbie anglers. It feels light in the hands, but it is capable of offering similar services to what you would get when using high-end rods. 

The rod is stiff and reacts fast. It can be used to catch medium sized fish although experienced anglers can effectively use the combo to pursue bigger fish like musky. Notice that it can also be used to catch small fish like panfish.

Rod Action:

The Redington Crosswater Combo comes with a medium-fast action rod that flexes in the first ½ of its length. This makes it ideal for targeting most fish species. The rod can be used to target small and larger species. It has excellent control and hook setting allowances and can suitably be used when fishing in difficult conditions. 

The rod can accommodate a large range of lures, and so it is the best tool for anglers targeting different species of fish. It absorbs shock and is better at fighting the fish since it ensures that the hook does not rip through the fish's mouth.

Recovery, Sensitivity, and Brittleness:

Redington Crosswater Combo comes with rods constructed using graphite. It consists of a blank made of graphite fiber, which makes it extremely sensitive. Graphite is lightweight and quite tensile. 

In fact, this is what makes it less brittle and recover moderately when it is cast. When the line leaves the guide, there is very little friction, which allows the rod to be cast far. Graphite gives the rod the sensitivity the angler requires when pursuing even the smallest fish



The Redington® Crosswater is designed for all types of anglers. It comes with a 9' long pole that can be cast farther and allows the angler to retain some control.

The rod is neither too long nor too short and allows the angler to reach the target but remains in charge and control of the proceedings. It is an ideal rod for anglers who want to cover more water. 

This is a rod designed to make it easier for the angler to set the hook and haul the fish onto the boat.


The Redington Combo has been subjected to rigorous tests and has been found to perform well in all conditions. It is a well-matched rod that comes with a gorgeous finish. 

It has a nice rod tube and can be used to fish the trout with ease. Its reel has a smooth drag while the rod has a nice action tip and can effectively be used to fish the big red bull.

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