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LiveTarget Lures Reviews for 2018

By Robert Johnson | Lures , Reviews

Founded in 2007, LIVETARGET has been rapidly growing, and it’s not hard to see why. They pride themselves on designing realistic, smart, and top-quality lures that are crafted perfectly to imitate real fish, and they have a gigantic selection of lures across just about every category – jerk baits, floaters, crank baits, swimmers, divers, drop-baits, […]

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Gambler Review

Best Gambler Fishing Lures

By John Andrews | Lures , Reviews

IntroductionGambler Lures started out over 20 years ago with a mission to make the best bass fishing lures on the market. And they’ve certainly succeeded – Gambler can claim multiple BassMaster Classic Championships for their lures, and tons of other top tournament finishes. But they don’t just make bass lures.Gambler Lures Mean Fishing JigShad-style body […]

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The Basics Of Trout Fishing Line

By Nick Simpson | Lines , Reviews

Trout are actually quite different from many other smaller fish. Unlike a lot of other fish, trout have excellent eyesight, and generally, they live in clear, quickly moving waters, not murky, stagnant areas.In addition, trout are generally quite shy. This, combined with their great vision and clear-water habitats means that it’s very important to select […]

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rapala lures

Top Rapala Fishing Lures

By John Andrews | Lures , Reviews

Founded in 1936, Rapala Lures is one of the oldest players in the game, and their experience and expertise show through in lures that are crafted to be classic and exceptional both in quality and in performance.The Rapala family of products has expanded rapidly, given the popularity of their lures, and now contains reels, knives, […]

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Best Monofilament Fishing Line

Best Monofilament Fishing Line

By Robert Johnson | Lines , Reviews

Monofilaments one of the oldest and most popular fishing lines on the market, and if you ask a non-fisherman to identify fishing line, monofilament is probably what will pop into their head. However, monofilament wasn’t always popular.When nylon monofilament was first created by DuPont in 1939, it was very stiff and wiry, making it quite […]

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storm lures

Storm Lures

By Nick Simpson | Lures , Reviews

Storm Lures is certainly an interesting company – their corporate motto is “Think Like A Fish.” They’re dedicated to truly understanding what makes fish take the bait, and how to best simulate realistic baits and appeal to huge varieties of fish with consistent, versatile products.For this reason, they offer one of the widest varieties of […]

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Top Fluorocarbon Lines

Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

By John Andrews | Lines , Reviews

IntroAlthough when it was first introduced, its high-tech and advanced material limited fluorocarbon line to niche usefulness as a high-strength saltwater leader, it’s become one of the most popular types of fishing line on the market today. It’s renowned for a host of positive traits – low visibility in water, low price, high strength and […]

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Daiwa Reels Review and Comparison

By Nick Simpson | Reels , Reviews

Daiwa reels are manufactured by following the three core values that the brand stands for: challenge, originality, and innovation. As a globally recognized brand, Daiwa prides itself on offering high levels of quality, precision, and performance to drive standards within the fishing industry.Founded in 1958, Daiwa was the first company to develop an open-faced reel, […]

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