LiveTarget Lures Reviews for 2018

best live target lures for sale

Founded in 2007, LIVETARGET has been rapidly growing, and it’s not hard to see why. They pride themselves on designing realistic lures that are crafted perfectly to imitate real fish. They have a gigantic selection of lures across just about every category - jerk baits, floaters, crank baits, swimmers, divers, drop-baits, you name it.

Their quality is unmatched if you’re looking for a realistic lure. It’s no wonder that LIVETARGET has gotten a huge variety of pros and fishing personalities to use their product, including David Walker, Stephen Browning, and Patrick Campeau, among others.

Their design philosophy is a simple as it is complex. Fish will respond best to lures that look exactly like what they eat. This may seem like a simple goal. But the complexity factor is amplified when you try to create a lure that doesn’t just look sort of like a specific bait fish. It needs to be a perfect imitation. Many LIVE TARGET lures are nearly indistinguishable at first glance.

But their designers are dedicated to their craft, and they’ve created some of the best ultra-realistic lures on the market right now.

LIVETARGET offers over 750 models of lures. So, it may seem daunting to try and pick the best ones. If you’re interested in LIVETARGET lures, but not quite sure where to start.  in your journey of experimenting with ultra-realistic lures, we’ve put together a shortlist of some of our favorite LIVETARGET lures, useful in dozens of different fishing applications.


  • LiveTarget Sunfish Hollow Body Fishing Bait
  • Weedless design and a hollow body
  • Great variety of colors
  • 3.5' in length, 5/8 Oz
  • Streamlined design
  • LIVETARGET Yearling Baitball Rattlebait 3"
  • Lipless design for shallow waters and weedflats
  • Rattling action and swimming presentation
  • Mimics a school of baitfish
  • Versatile and durable
  • LIVETARGET Bluegill Squarebill Shallow Dive2
  • Ultra-realistic look
  • Subtle, but far-reaching rattle
  • Natural shape
  • Targets fish from 3/4 to 4 lbs
  • LIVETARGET Yearling Squarebill
  • Silent lure, designed to be sleek and subtle
  • Realistic design
  • Designed for topwater fishing
  • Attracts predators mimicking a school of baitfish
  • Livetarget Hollow Body Frog
  • Designed for swamp fishing
  • Hollow and realistic design
  • Perfectly imitates a frog
  • Weedlees design to avoid getting stuck
  • Livetarget Blueback Herring Swimbait
  • Ultra realistic, three segment design
  • Imitates real baitfish
  • Balls and body sections create vibration and sound
  • Suitable for mid-depth fishing
  • Livetarget Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait, Shallow
  • One of the best stickbaits out there
  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Good orientation and buoyancy
  • Recommended for experienced fishermen

Recommended Products

LiveTarget Sunfish Hollow Body Fishing Bait 

This LIVETARGET sunfish lure has been crafted with a hollow body, replicating the appearance of a juvenile sunfish that’s been pushed to the surface by other predatory animals. It’s made with a weedless design that lets you use it even in areas that are covered with surface weeds and debris – no need to worry about it getting stuck on anything.

It also comes in a tremendous variety of colors and varieties, meaning you can always “Match-the-Hatch,” which is LIVETARGET’s term describing selecting the perfect baitfish for the fish that you’re trying to catch. 

This model weighs in at 5/8ths of an ounce, and is 3.5” long, and the lightweight and streamlined design make it easy to “walk” around the surface of the water, either slowly to create a lazy loop, or quickly to kick up a bubble trail that’s sure to attract your quarry.

LIVETARGET Yearling Baitball Rattlebait 3"

This crankbait is specifically designed to imitate a tightly-packed small school of baitfish, and it’s lipless, making it perfect for shallower waters and weedflats, where you can quickly toss it out and reel it in, making use of its rattling action and naturally-swimming presentation. The rattle is subtle, yet loud enough to bring in fish from a large distance. When falling, it presents with a nose-down shimmy that imitates a wounded or confused baitfish, and this crankbait can perform at varying speeds.

 Presentation ranges from a more subtle wiggle at low speeds, ideal for fishing around rocks and weeds, to a more horizontal, quick side-to-side action that presents itself when you’re really trying to haul it in. It’s versatile and durable, with some users reporting only a few surface scratches after hauling in as many as 30 fish with this lure.

Overall a great choice for shallows and other places where you don’t want a deep diver, the rattle, presentation, and realistic design of this crankbait really reels ‘em in.

LIVETARGET Bluegill Squarebill Shallow Dive2

If you’re looking for more a diver for your crankbait, this LIVETARGET Bluegill is perfect for you. The natural shape and precision tooling creates the ultra-realistic look that LIVETARGET is famous for, and the durable lip helps you dive quickly to your desired depths. This particular model is best suited to target fish from ¾ to 4lbs and can be purchased in a natural colorway, or a more flashy metallic scheme if you’re looking to draw in prey from long distances.

All this is combined with a rattle that’s subtle yet far-reaching, and mimics the sound of a frightened Bluegill running frantically from a larger predator.

While you can use this crankbait just as you would any crankbait in your tackle box, we find that it best fished quickly, speedily, and with an unpredictable jerking motion – cast it out long and hard, let it fall to your desired depth (depending on your rig) and then begin reeling it in slowly, then quickly, then give it some quick jerks while pulling in hard. The rattle, presentation, and ultra-realistic design of this lure will do the rest.

LIVETARGET Yearling Squarebill

This jerkbait can be thought of as a silent, more subtle alternative to the LIVETARGET Baitball Crankbait. It has no internal rattle and is designed to be sleek and subtle, with a realistic design imitating a school of small baitfish. It’s designed to stick to the surface and comes in a multitude of colors and designs, so you can always find the right one for the situation at hand.

When topwater fishing is good, this is the bait you’ll want to turn to. Often, we find that fish will strike this jerkbait right after it hits the water, and even if they don’t, a flurry of quick jerks will perfectly imitate a pack of scared, wounded baitfish, and are sure to attract predators.

In addition to thetopwater suspension, where this lure excels, it can be rigged to sit slightly lower in the water, given its sizeable lip, if topwater fishing is doing you no good and you don’t want to switch lures. This versatility means it merits a spot in just about any angler’s tackle box.

Livetarget Hollow Body Frog

If you’re doing some good-old-fashioned swamp fishin’, this is the lure for you. Totally hollow, and with a realistic design that perfectly imitates a frog, this realistic, weedless lure sits perfectly on top of waters that are totally choked out with weeds and lily pads, or other debris.

It's realistic silhouette helps attract prey, and the weedless design ensures that it’ll never get stuck, even in the most crowded of areas, and the soft material used to craft this lure ensures that, after the fish bites, it’ll get snagged by one of the two incredibly sharp hooks that are revealed as it’s compressed.

Fishing with this lure is relatively straightforward, but after you get a strike, you’ll want to wait a couple seconds so that the razor-sharp hooks are exposed once this little frog gets chomped – otherwise, you risk losing your catch.

Though it’s certainly more specialized than the other lures on our list, this is an incredible utility lure perfect for swamps and choked up creeks and lakes where you risk losing sub-surface lures to weeds.

Livetarget Blueback Herring Swimbait

This Blueback Herring Swimbait combines LIVETARGET’s ultra-realistic designs with a three-segmented design that imitates the motions of a real baitfish. They’re available in multiple lengths and colorways, and their subtle presentation drives fish crazy.

In addition to subtle balls that create a vibration and sound that attracts fish, the body sections of this fish tend to knock against each other as they flutter in the water, creating even more sound that draws predators in from far and wide.

The moderate-sinking version of this lure tends to sink at about 1’ per second, making it suitable for mid-depth fishing, while a heavier, faster-falling version is available with a heavily weighted head, which is more suitable if you’re looking for a heavier, deeper, longer lure with which to catch larger fish.

Livetarget Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait, Shallow

Last but certainly not least is one of LIVETARGET’s best stickbaits, and arguably one of the best stickbaits/jerkbaits on the market. This shiny little lure is designed with subtlety and responsiveness in mind, which makes it a great stickbait.

A variety of color schemes flash to bring in fish from far and wide. The realistic silhouette stays oriented correctly in the water. The neutral buoyancy construction lets you sit it either on the surface of the water. 

Or weight it to slightly below the surface, and the lip design helps you dive a little deeper if you wish. The responsiveness is where it really shines. The subtlest rod motions will produce whip-fast reactions from this jerkbait, and the interior design creates deep knocks that will attract your prey from great distances.

It’s certainly not a jerk bait for beginners, but once you start to get a feel for the quick reactions and great control that this lure offers, you’ll never want to go back to cheaper stick baits or jerk baits again.


This isn’t a full list of LIVETARGET’s offerings, but it’s a great example of their diverse offerings, covering freshwater, saltwater, and more specialized lure types. The ultra-realistic lure market is only growing, and LIVETARGET is at the forefront of the cutting-edge design that helps gives anglers an edge on the competition.

So check out these lures. They’re not cheap, but quality design, attention to detail, and unparalleled realism come at a cost. Besides the results speak for themselves. Once you use one of these lures, you’ll never want to go back to cheap bait shop lures again.

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Best Bass Fishing Lures for Sale

best bass lures on the market

There are tons of bass lures out there, all promising great results, and demanding a place in your tackle box.

But which types of lures are worth looking into? Which brands are industry leaders, and which type of lure will actually net you that gigantic bass you’ve been looking for? In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of bass fishing lure types, take a look at the best brands manufacturing those lures, and then give some specific product recommendations on best the best bass lures.

Read along, and learn with us.

  • Yamamoto Senko Rubber Worms
  • Simple but effective design
  • Embedded saltformula
  • Side-to-side action
  • Unparalleled versatility
  • wLure Assortment of 6 Crankbaits
  • Multiple Colors
  • Excelent visibility
  • Wobbling action
  • Perfect for bass
  • Booyah Buzz Spinnerbait
  • Rotating mirrored blade with a clacker
  • Three weight classes
  • Simple to use
  • Best to be used near dawn and dusk, near the surface
  • Value Pack Spinnerbait
  • Perfect for small bass
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Not very durable, but affordable
  • Come in packs of 4-6 and vary in size
  • Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jigs Bait
  • Streamlined balanced head
  • Great swimming action
  • Ultra-sharp medium wire hook
  • Excellent in the 12-15 ft depth range

Best Bass Fishing Lure Types

Though there are tons of different lure types specifically intended for bass, these are the four basic lures you should be looking for.

Plastic worms

Despite all of the advances in bass fishing technology made over the years, it’s hard to beat the quality, versatility, and functionality of the classic rubber worm.

These lures are appropriate for patient anglers who are willing to pay close attention to their rod, and they can be rigged up in tons of different ways depending on the situation.

rubber worms


Crankbaits are very versatile, suited to most water conditions, due to the fact that they can cover a large amount of water in a very short time.

However, care must be taken to select the proper crankbait for your application - they come in a huge variety of weights, shapes, and sizes. This is because, generally, you’ll be fishing in a straight retrieve, with most action coming while you reel in. Take care to vary your reeling motions, jerking and yanking your rod a bit to produce erratic motion, and produce more strikes.



Spinnerbaits combine three very important traits into one lure - they attract bass very well, they cover large distances, and they’re relatively weedless, making them suitable for fishing even close to shore or large patches of weeds. The shiny spinners on end flash and twist, attracting bass, and on the other side of the “safety-pin” design, there’s a variable-weight lead-head, as well as a sharp hook. Given the spinning action of the spinner, they’re generally retrieved straight and need very little jerking to produce strikes.



These are the lures with the highest skill level on our list, but they create far too many strikes to be ignored. Jigs are fished at the bottom of the water, unlike our other selections, and must be carefully finessed to produce jerky, skipping motions along the bottom of the water to produce great results.

Bass also do take jigs when they’re on their way to the bottom, but primarily you’re going to be looking to get your jig on the bottom of the water, keep it there, and vary its action to attract fish. The two primary differences between jig styles have to do with sinking rates and the action it gives off on strike. There are different common styles, but the “arkie-head” style jig is the most versatile and widely used, and a good starting point if you’re interested in jigging.


Recommended Products

Yamamoto Senko Rubber Worms

Yamamoto is the go-to industry leader when it comes to rubber worms, and with quality products like this 10-pack of Senko rubber worms, it’s not hard to understand why. This product’s simplicity is its strength.

Available in tons of different colors, this thick plastic worm comes embedded with a salt formula that releases when it’s tossed into the water and slows its fall rate, which combines with its side-to-side action and tail motion to make it a very attractive lure for bass and other fish.

It can be fished in tons of different rigs, including wacky-style, weightless, Texas-rigged, or Carolina rigged. It’s so versatile, and that unparalleled versatility makes it a favorite of both novice and experienced anglers everywhere.

However, these lures should be thought of as disposable. The unfortunate side effect of their effectiveness and action is that they will be lost and eaten quite a bit, which, combined with their higher price point, should be taken into consideration. You will absolutely get incredible results, but those results do come at a price. If you don’t mind going through a couple boxes of this bait, you won’t be disappointed in the results - a cooler packed to the gills (sorry for the pun) with delicious bass.

Rebel Crickhopper Crankbait/Top Lure

This cricket-shaped crankbait can also be used as a top lure, if desired, but it does excel at crankbaiting, especially when it comes to bass. This cricket/grasshopper-shaped lure can also attract perch and crappie and other small fish, and it’s also remarkably effective on bullfrogs! To use this specifically for bass, one user recommends the following process.

Cast this crankbait as far as you can, and wait a few moments. Take in almost all of your slack, whip your rod to the side for a quick jerk, then repeat to the other side. If you’ve not gotten a bite, begin reeling in until your line pulls above the surface - this causes the unique action of this crankbait to do a sort of “waddle” below the surface that drives fish nuts! You’ll want to to keep reeling it in, just fast enough to cause a ripple behind it. If you manage to reel it all the way back in without a bite, just repeat the process.

It comes in quite a few colors, with the darker ones very suitable and visible for clear waters on bright days, and plenty of bright neon green and yellow colors for muddier, deeper waters. It’s recommended for use with a double-loop line knot and an 8-10lb test line, so it’s perfect for freshwater fishing for small bass and other game.

Booyah Buzz Spinnerbait

The Booyah Buzz Spinnerbait has a unique design, with a “clacker” that smacks against the rotating mirrored blade, creating both noise and flashing light to attract fish to the bait. A 55-strand silicone skirt covers a high-quality mustard ultra point hook, and this spinnerbait comes in weights including ¼ oz, ½ oz, and ⅜ oz, ensuring that you can have a variety of different weights for differently-sized fish. It also comes in a selection of bright colors for day fishing, as well as a pure white and pure black colors that are more useful during dawn and dusk.

This spinnerbait differs from some others in that it’s intended to be used quite near to the surface, where its unique clacking action can attract the most fish.

Because of this, it’s recommended for use when fish are already active - near dawn and dusk, when baitfish are active, and when the water is smooth, and you see that the fish are active. While you can easily fish at other times, this is when you’ll really have the best results, and reel ‘em in, one after another after another.

It’s simple to use, as are most spinnerbaits. Cast it far and strong, and begin reeling in, slowly but consistently - not so fast that there’s no trail or sound, but not so fast that it’s skipping across or making tons of noise. You want a steady middle ground. Keep reeling in steady, and repeat if you don’t get a bite. It’ll take a little while to get a bite, but you will get very consistent results once you master the technique.

Value Pack Spinnerbait

If you don’t want to shell out for a more expensive spinnerbait such as the Booyah Buzz, you’ll still get good results with spinnerbaits like these that come in packs of 4-6 in varying sizes, colors, and styles. While the length varies on each of these spinnerbaits, they are all 0.62oz lures, so your action should still be quite consistent. 

They’re perfect for bass in the ~5lb range. These are a great choice if you’re just getting started using spinnerbait, and aren’t sure about how you’ll like it (or are worried you’ll lose an expensive lure and be stuck out on the water SOL).

Though they’re not exceptionally durable, they’re a great deal for the price, and well worth your time to check out if you’re just getting into using spinnerbait.

Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jigs Bait

The Strike King Tour Grade is a top-grade jig bait, designed specifically to incorporate a streamlined, balanced head which provides unparalleled swimming action, along with a durable, fully painted and color co-ordinated Perfect Skirt which covers an ultra-sharp medium wire hook.

It’s also designed to work well with craw-style trailer rigs and comes in both a 0.25oz and 0.375oz weight.

The quality design ensures a snare-free, weed-free jigging experience, and when combined with an appropriate trailer, it mimics a baitfish incredibly well, delivering especially great results in the 12-15 ft depth range. It’s a great lure to use when it’s still cold outside, as you can lure in fish still lurking at the bottom of the water who are a bit more sluggish and inactive.

Naturally, you’ll want to cast this jig quite far and allow it to settle for a bit until it sinks to the bottom. Then, begin jerking it a bit and draw it in slowly, allowing it to skip and skitter against the bottom, kicking up mud and attracting fish. It may be slow going at first, but once you get the hang of jigging, you’ll love adding this lure to your bass arsenal for those colder days when the fish at the top of the lake just don’t seem to be biting.


Of course, there are far more lure types than we mention above, but given the quality and ease of use of the above lure types, they’re the best to get started with if you want to do some serious bass fishing. Once you’ve mastered these lures, you may consider a topwater lure like a popper, but we recommend mastering these basic bass lures first. All suitable for mid-weight bass and other smaller fish, they’ll give you a great starting point.

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Best Pontoon Boats for 2018 Reviewed

Top Pontoon Boats Featured
Top Pontoon Boats Featured

Are you planning to beat the summer heat and catch some fish? If yes, then consider buying a top pontoon boat that is specifically designed to allow you to lounge around and do some fishing. Modern pontoon boats are designed with more space and are more comfortable than their predecessors. They also come in various designs making it very difficult for inexperienced anglers to choose the right kind of pontoon boat. This guide intends to make things easier for you. It reviews the top pontoon you could get on the market today.

Among the features, one should consider when choosing these vessels include the seat, comfort ability, the body type, and the frame. You also need to look at other aspects such as the storage, the design, and many other features that anglers look for in pontoon boats. This is a comprehensive review that includes the most pertinent information to help you make an informed decision when choosing an inflatable pontoon boat.

Top Pontoon Boats for 2018

Product Image

Product Name

Dimensions (Inches)

Weight Capacity (lbs)

Weight (Pounds)


Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat With Transport Wheel & Motor Mount 1

Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat

108 x 18 x 24



Sea Eagle Green 375fc Inflatable FoldCat Fishing Boat 1

Sea Eagle 375FC (The Fold Cat)

53 x 17 x 11



Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat With Motor Mount 1

Classic Accessories Colorado Boat

108 x 26 x 56



Sea Eagle 285FPB Frameless Pontoon Boat Deluxe Package 1

Sea Eagle 285fpb Pontoon Boat

20 x 20 x 8



Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat 1

The Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Boat

96 x 55 x 29



Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube 1

Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Tube

56 x 44 x 19



Togiak Inflatable Fishing Float Tube 1

Togiak Pontoon Float Tube

54.2 x 47 x 19



Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Frameless Fishing Pontoon Boat - Pro Package 1

Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon Boat

20 x 20 x 20



Skagit Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Skagit Inflatable Pontoon Boat

50 x 26.5 x 96



Pontoon Boats Review

1. Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat

The boat is 9 ft. and has a capacity of 400lb. It features a detachable storage bag, 20 pockets, and   two drink holders. The boat has a built-in transport wheel that makes moving quite convenient. It is made of heavy duty material and comes with other notable features such as retention cord, multi-position rod holder, and an adjustable cushioned seat.

Also, the boat comes with a mesh bag that allows the angler to set his anchor on the side of the boat. It is a top quality one-man boat designed to provide the angler with the best water experience. It comes with attractive features that anglers look for in pontoon boats.

TheColorado XT boat can carry a maximum weight of 400 pounds including the motor and the battery. The box dimension is 47.5 inches long, 24.25 inches wide and 15. 75 inches high.  The unit is 9 feet long and comes in a combination of pumpkin and sage colors. The original purchase of this unit gets a 2-year warranty.

Performance on Water

The boat performs superbly well on water, it is smooth and paddling it is relatively smooth because its seating position is raised.

Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat With Transport Wheel & Motor Mount 2

The boat comes with bolts, which are fixed on the steel frame and a foot rest that is strategically located to help the angler generate more power when needed. The units paddles are nicely fitted and will rotate back from their position giving the angler more power to paddle it.


  • It comes with detachable side pockets for storage
  • The side pockets can be removed making it more portable.
  • The rod folder can be configured in several ways.
  • It comes with a transport wheel that makes it easier for one to get to the fishing location
  • It is durable and constructed to last long.
  • PROS

  • The motor is silent since all the vibrations are absorbed in the wire bolting platform and shifted to the inflatable section of the boat.
  • It has many storages that allow you to access anything you may want while fishing easily. The boat comes with two insulating drink holders that are detachable pockets, which allow the angler to customize his options.
  • It comes with a removable basket that can easily be attached to the side.
  • The front side of the boat has a detention cord and comes with carabineer clips.
  • It has a rod holder which can be bolted in three different positions. It makes handling the pontoon boat much easier.
  • The boat comes with a wire storage like bin located behind the seat and which can be used as a battery platform.
  • It provides two options of bolting a rear trolling motor.
  • The boat comes with a transport wheel that helps to move your belongings to dry land locations. Also, the wheel slows down the boat when it is not in use, and this makes your journey secure and safer.
  • The seat and the backrest are heavily padded to guarantee you a safe and comfortable journey.
  •  The construction of the boat features a powder coated heavy steel that adds stability to the boat and makes it easier to control the boat.


  • The boat is a little bit expensive.
  • 2. Sea Eagle 375FC (The Fold Cat)

    This is a fold cat boat, which is also one of the top rated pontoon boats that can be used for fishing activities by anyone interested in quality fishing.

    It features a patent pending frame that folds quickly and weighs 75 lbs.  The boat can accommodate two people and has a maximum capacity of 650 lb. The boat consists of 1000 denier hull, which comes with a carrying bag and a foot pump.

    The Fold Cat is well thought out and designed to maximize the anglers experience. It is compatible with a 3 HP gas engine and has a speed of 8 knots. It features built in rod holders and measures 148'' by 54''.


    When it comes to performance, the inflatableFold Cat is stable and can be powered by motoring or rowing. It is the most portable inflatable you can get on the market.


  • It is designed in such a way that it takes only 5 minutes to assemble the boat.
  • The boat can accommodate two people and can carry a load of up to 650 lbs.
  • It is one of the boats designed for heavy duty use.
  • It is light weight and easy to maneuver
  • The boat's power can be increased by using an electric and gas motor.
  • The speed can withstand tides and headwinds
  • The boat can comfortably carry two adults and has a maximum carrying capacity of 650 lbs.
  • It can move at a maximum speed of 8-10 mph on a gas motor and 4-6 mph on an electric motor.  It comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • PROS

  • The unit can be rolled up and packed into a bag and transported.
  • Installing aluminum slats, seat mounts and rod holders is easy.
  • The pro angler package comes with a bag in which the angler can hold and store all the small components.
  • It comes with seat mounts that allow you to slide the chair in and out.
  • It is maneuverable and can be powered using an electric trolling motor, 3 HP gas or it can be paddled.
  • The boat can traverse through large bodies of water with ease. It flexes well and will cut through the wind waves with ease.
  • It has four-rod holders which allow the angler to carry and use more rods.
  • Sea Eagle Green 375fc Inflatable FoldCat Fishing Boat 2

    If you are looking for a boat that is stable and whose ergonomics makes casting and rowing easy, the Sea Eagle FoldCat is, certainly, one of the options you have.  It is a large water craft when inflated but can be packaged and taken to any of the fishing locations. The FoldCat allows one to attach a sizeable motor to it and can be used in varying fishing grounds.

    This is a brand new FoldCat 375 that gives the anglers a fishing vessel that will make them get on the water and start fishing. It is stable and easy to set up.  It is loaded with features that make it useful to both experienced and novice anglers.

    In constructing the boat, Sea Eagle uses aluminum flooring and a support system, designed to enables the angler to set up and inflate the unit in minutes. The support grid is sturdy and allows one to attach the rod holders, seat and other accessories. The FoldCat375 FC uses a thick and durable inflatable hull that enables the watercraft to keep tracking straight.

    3. Classic Accessories Colorado Boat

    The inflatable boat comes with insulated drink holders and 20 storage pockets. It has a capacity of 400lb and can adequately meet the demand of heavy users.

    The units mount is weather resistant and allows one to have the rod holder set in various positions.

    The boat comes with adjustable seat and foot rest as well padded plastics that add convenience. It also comes with quick combo valves and can easily be assembled even without tools. It comes with bladders that are resistant to heat and cold and comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • It has a generous storage capacity and comes with 10 mesh pockets and 12 zippered
  • It features a 2 position mount which makes it ideal for trolling.
  • The angler can set the pulley and cleat on either side to aid in control. 
  • The angler has the freedom of configuring the rod holder in different positions
  • It measures 108" X56" X 30" high when assembled.
  • The unit weighs 71.5 lbs and comes with an anchor system, a battery platform, a two position motor mount a padded seat, a detachable foam fly patch and a footrest.
  • It has an abrasion-resistant PVC bottom and features a steel tube frame coated with steel.
  • PROS

  • It is compact
  • The unit is quite functional
  • The boat has decent storage space
  • It has a good load capacity
  • It is a stable unit which can be padded with ease.
  •  The angler can adjust the seat and the footrest to increase comfort


  • It is heavy
  • The oars are heavy
  • The oar lock system has a lot of issues.
  • The storage spaces are not huge.
  • Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat With Motor Mount 5

    Even though this unit is not of high quality compared to other inflatable pontoon boats, it is one of the boats that is convenient and gives the paddler a lot of fun. The inflatable can be used in lakes, calm rivers, ponds and calm ocean bays. The unit is stable and comes with features that make it stand out from the rest. It comes with an anchor system that allows you to fish freely in moving water.

    Notice that Colorado pontoon is one of the cheapest options for anyone looking for an affordable and lowly priced boat. It has strong PVC bottom that is abrasion resistant and is made from tough steel tube frame. It also features heat resistant bladders and good quality valves.  The boat is of good quality and the best for anyone looking for a recreational boat. It is easy to set up and comes with 2 year warranty.

    It can be used to fish in flat water, but one can access remote locations if it is fitted with a trolling motor. Overall, it is a great option for anyone who wants for a convenient and portable cheap fishing vessel.

    4. Sea Eagle 285fpb Pontoon Boat

    The boat is lightweight, portable, built and constructed for rugged use. It can accommodate one person and has a capacity of 450 lbs. It is one of the lightest boats on the market, which weighs 42 lbs.

    When fully inflated, it becomes 9 foot long but can easily fit in a bag when deflated. The boat's hull is made of solid materials that guarantee durability.

    This boat comes with an optional swivel seat that gives the angler a 360-degree swivel capability.  Its floor is made of wood, and this gives the angler a greater casting capability. The boat is versatile and can be used in lakes, rivers, and saltwater.

    This is a frameless pontoon designed and build to meet the angler's needs. It exhibits qualities associated with Sea Eagles brand name. The unit is convenient, top in quality and gives the anglers what they look for in inflatables. It is light to carry yet it exhibits the qualities you need to face and handle whatever that may run under the water.

    Sea Eagle 285FPB Frameless Pontoon Boat Deluxe Package 2

    It has enough space and capacity that makes it ideal for beginners and experienced anglers. The unit can be rowed, paddled or powered using an electric motor. This means that you can take the unit anywhere and use it. It comes with a floor that is stable and which can stand and accommodate a wide range of fishing products. It makes this boat a great asset for anglers.


  • It comes with two built in rod holders.
  • It is light and portable.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty against defects and is NMMA certified.
  • It provides an option to mount a three HP electric motor or gas.
  • Comes with durable carry handles.
  • It has an aluminum footrest.
  • PROS

  • It is convenient and allows for quick set up, and one will be ready to start fishing in minutes.
  • It can be packed in a bag and fitted in the trunk of the car.
  • It inflates pretty fast and allows one to begin fishing almost immediately.
  • The 285fpb has become more popular since it is impressive and is a perfect tool if you are planning to go fishing in areas that cannot be accessed using boats.  Also, it can be used in any water ranging from fresh to salt water. This gives the anglers the freedom to fish anywhere whenever they want.

    5. The Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Boat

    It is built for flexibility and reliability. It is one of the modern pontoon boats that is 8 ft. long, has a capacity of 350lbs and enjoys a class 1 river rating. The boat comes with unique features such as adjustable foot rest, storage and folds down plastic seats.

    It comes with an armrest where you can put items and accessories. It also comes with temperature resistant bladders. With steel frame that is extra durable thanks to the powder coating. The boat is lightweight and is easy to operate.

    The unit is small but has plenty of storage spaces where smaller fishing gears can be stored. It also features a mesh platform where you can store your newly caught fish.

    The unit's bottom is made of a heavy duty PVC which is abrasion resistant and allows the angler to scrap against rough surfaces without the risk of puncturing the bladders. The unit's top is made of a tough nylon and features bladders that are temperature resistant.


    The Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Boat
  • It comes with a fold down seat that is convenient and durable.
  • The boat has plenty of storage in the mesh pockets and zippered.
  • It comes with a rear storage unit.
  • It features adjustable footrests.
  • It is high and visible.
  • Constructed from heavy duty materials.
  • It is a heavy duty unit that features PVC bottoms.
  • It is 6 ft. long.
  • The oar locks are steady.
  • PROS

  • They are affordable.
  • Rowing it is easy and is quite maneuverable.
  • It is puncture resistant.
  • Has three storage areas for fishing gears and accessories.
  • CONS

  • It is quite unstable when the wind is strong.
  • The unit tracks poorly.
  • The seats are quite uncomfortable.
  • It features a plastic seat that gets uncomfortable after a few hours of use.
  • The Roanoke Inflatable Boat is cheap and makes a great choice for anyone looking for a portable fishing pontoon. It is lightweight, durable and costs less. The unit features aluminum oars and a powder coated frame. It comes with special features such as stripping apron, storage seat, anadjustable foot rest and armrest pockets with zippers The aluminum oars makes it a highly maneuverable and can easily be transported.

    6. Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Tube

    This boat finds itself on the list of the best pontoon boat because it is durable and has high seat and float tubes that make it visible and ideal for anyone considering warm fishing.

    There is a hydrodynamic unit that can easily be steered, and which comes with adjustable shoulder straps. The unit features a reinforced bottom and a mesh platform that provides plenty of storage. It also comes with a mesh stuff pocket, zip pocket as well as insulated drink holders.


  • It is 56"L X 44''W and 19" H.
  • The unit is light weight and weighs 14 lbs.
  • It comes with a quick release apron.
  • It comes with a valve that makes it easy to inflate and deflate the boat.
  • The maximum load capacity is 350 lbs.
  • It comes with an extra high seat that guarantees a warmer and drier fishing experience. The seats improve visibility.
  • It has a hydrodynamic hull shape that improves steering and tracking.
  • It comes with two cargo pockets that are easy to open.
  • It features two drink holders.
  • Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube 2
  • It features a seat-back mesh pocket and interior zip pockets.
  • It has a rugged PVC bottom.
  • Has a large storage platform.
  • Has an adjustable backpacking shoulder straps.
  • Comes with one year warranty.
  • It features an orange rear visibility panel
  • It comes with a safety flag holder.
  • PROS

  • It is a versatile machine that can be used to access remote ponds.
  • The seat is somewhat comfortable and supportive. This allows the angler to have and enjoy longer stay in the water.
  • It tracks quite high.
  • The angler sits high and has a good elevation that gives him a wider view.
  • The unit tracks quite well.
  • The tube is bigger, light weight and is portable.
  • The unit is constructed from quality material.
  • CONS

  • A little water gets in the seat and may wet the angler.
  • It is one of the inflatable floats that any of the serious anglers would love to own and use. It is comfortable and performs well in water.  Anyone who buys this unit is guaranteed to enjoy the best of his time in the water.

    7. Togiak Pontoon Float Tube

    This tube was designed for individuals looking for a float tube that is suitable to help people relax. It is a good pontoon boat that can be used for fishing. It is lightweight and measures 12 lbs.  Setting this float tube is easy and will take you a few units.

    It features an adjustable back rest seat. The unit comes with a gear and spinning reel pocket and so you have no reason to worry where you will put your fishing gear or drinks.

    It comes with a high seat that provides the much-needed visibility and is built for long term use. The Togiak Pontoon Float Tube is reputed for its adjustable backrest is lightweight and allows for backpacking. This makes it an ideal and a nice float tube for recreation and fishing.


  • It has a capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Comes with safety flag pocket.
  • Comes with lash tabs and D-rings where creel bags and gears can be attached.
  • It has an armrest storage that offers additional storage.
  • It is compact and comes with a hydrodynamic hull that ensures stability and gives it excellent tracking and buoyancy.
  • Comes with a stadium seat and an adjustable backrest.
  • It features a unique sculpted design.
  • Comes with a rear mesh storage platform
  • PROS

  • It comes with a safety flag pocket
  • It is maneuverable and will conveniently take you where the fish are.
  • It is lightweight, easier to carry and comes with plenty of compartments for storing fishing gear.
  • The boat is easily propelled and will help you navigate through areas where the big fish hide.
  • It is an ideal product for first timers
  • The design is top notch and is made of quality fabric.
  • It is portable and an excellent boat for hiking.
  • CONS

  • It comes with two foam blocks that make it too bulky.
  • 8. Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon Boat

    It is also called the Sea Eagle 285 and is thought to be one of the best fishing boats that have been manufactured by Sea Eagle. The unit has a capacity of 450 lbs., is compact and can easily be placed in a bag and transported. It comes with a couple of Scotty rod holder, a floorboard, and a swivel seat.

    It is an ideal boat for fishermen since it has a capacity of 45 lbs. and comes with a three-year warranty. The unit has 3 HP and is made of fortified 1000Denier. It can be assembled within 5 minutes and can suitably be deployed in lakes, rivers or any other bodies of water.

    The unit is 9' long and 4' wide. The Frameless Pontoon Boat has an engine capacity of 3 HP and can manage a speed of 5-7 mph on gas and 3-4 mph on an electrical motor. The unit comes with an inflatable seat, 2-rod holders, a pouch, a clip-on bow and a repair kit.

    This is a frameless pontoon from Sea Eagle designed for fishing purposes. It is a frameless boat that is easy to set and deflate. It is a small boat with no parts to assemble and can easily be transported.  Also, the boat can easily be moved around by placing it in a trunk of your car or an RV.

    Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Frameless Fishing Pontoon Boat - Pro Package 2

    It can also be transported on an aircraft or a larger watercraft. The boat weighs 42 lbs. and was designed to be used in lakes in ocean bays wilderness, rivers, and remote ponds. It can suitably be deployed in a fishing spot that is not accessible to a large boat. The frameless Pontoon can be powered by being paddled or using a gas or electric motor.


  • It is built from quality, durable materials
  • It weighs 30 lbs.
  • Can be powered by a 3 HP engine.
  • It can inflate and deflate quickly.
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  •  It comes with a repair and carry bag


  • It is lightweight and rugged.
  • The boat is functional comfortable and portable.
  • It is a stable and has an excellent seat and other accessories that allow it to be rowed forward and backward.
  • CONS

  • The boat can only seat one person
  • If you are an angler looking for a boat that stands out from the crowed, the 285 Frameless Pontoon is one of the options you should consider. It is highly stable and guarantees you a stable ride. The boat has a wooden floorboard that gives it the stability an angler requires when in water. It comes with a deck mount and a soft-latching strap.

    9. Skagit Inflatable Pontoon Boat

    It is one of the boats that features a Skagit, which is a rear platform that boosts its capacity. The boat measures 96"L X 50"W X 26.5"H and has a capacity 350 lb. The boat weighs 62 lbs. With footrest and seat mount that could be adjusted to a wide range of length.

    It is one of the most recommended boats for anyone planning to go out to fish. The boat is built with a durable nylon top, has an abrasion proof PVC bottom and a spacious armrest pocket.

    It comes with two drink holders, 10 mesh pockets, and several zipper pockets. The Skagit comes with a ruler and a stripping apron. It comes with a footrest that is fully adjustable and non-slip. It also comes with easy to use inflation and deflation valves.


  • It is visible and comes with an armrest with zippered pockets
  • Comes with bladders that are resistant to cold and heat
  • It features an aluminum oars constructed and build for heavy duty use.
  • It features a steel tube with powder coating
  • The boat comes with a rear cargo platform with a heavy duty wire
  • It has enough storage spaces.
  • Its bottom is constructed using a tough PVC bottom and nylon tops and is made of powder coated steel tube frame.
  • Pontoon Boats Features

    There are several critical factors that one should always put in mind when planning to buy a pontoon boat. Thus, it is not right to just focus on the cost and the capacity at the expense of other factors that matter. Even though, the cost and the capacity are the two important factors that one should factor in his plans. 

    Note that at a glance all pontoon boats may look alike. However, they are different and therefore it is necessary that you differentiate between the great pontoons and mediocre ones. This review intends to simplify things for you and has picked on important items that you should consider when you go out to buy a boat. The information will help you learn more about the types available and will help you familiarize yourself with the available models.

    • Float Tube Vs Pontoon Boat

    Even though the terms may be used interchangeably, the two do not refer to the same thing. Typically, the pontoon boats are relatively larger and are more powerful than float tubes.

    • Heavy Duty Pontoon

    These boats can be used in rivers even though it can comfortably be used in lakes. As such, it is recommended that you choose heavy duty boat if you are planning to go fishing in rivers. Notice that float tubes cannot be used to fish in rivers. In fact, this is what brings out the difference between the pontoon boats and float tubes.

    Skagit Inflatable Pontoon Boat 01
    • Fiberglass Pontoon Boats

    These are pontoon boats made of fiberglass materials which make them light weight and durable. Unfortunately, repairing these materials could be costly compared to repairing boats made of other materials.

    • Foam

    It is critical to remember that a lot of pontoon boats are made of foam that gives them a solid fill that is not susceptible to leaking.

    All boats that are filled with foam are cheap, but they are slower and consume a lot of fuel. Also, repairing them may be as difficult as repairing the fiberglass. In most cases, one may require professional assistance.

    • Inflatable
    Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube 02

    They are the most popular pontoons on the market. They can be inflated and deployed to use. This makes them ideal for many anglers. They can be deflated and carried in the backpack with ease. The boats are available in different sizes and capacity hence they can be deployed in several fishing locations.

    • Aluminum

    These are boats with aluminum which is known for its anti-corrosive properties. The boats do not deteriorate even when exposed to moisture. They are lightweight and easy to fix compared to other types of pontoon boats.

    However, aluminum made boats have their drawbacks. They rust easily if they are submerged in sand and mud. The pontoons cost more and may not be ideal for anglers operating on a tight budget.  However, the boats are widely available are easy to set and have a generous capacity. So if you are an angler and you are planning to use any one of the pontoons discussed above, you have a wide option to choose from.

    • Top Manufacturers

    We have many manufacturers of pontoon models. However, the following are considered the best of all.

    • Classic Accessories

    The manufacturer is reputed for producing quality float tubes and boats. They manufacture different pontoon boats that serve the needs of various customers.

    • Sea Eagle

    This manufacturer is known for producing lightweight fishing boats that are not only stable but which can be deployed and used in different situations.  They manufacture boats that are durable and which can withstand rough terrains including being used in rivers.

    Sea eagle and Classic accessories are portable, lightweight and can suitably be deployed for fishing in the lakes and other locations. They are well-known brands that guarantee you quality products.

    Sea Eagle Green 375fc Inflatable FoldCat Fishing Boat 03

    So what the most important things to consider when choosing a Pontoon boat?

    • Weight

    Selecting a float tube that is lighter is better because it allows you to bring other gears as well. However, you need to ensure that the boat is both light weights and made of durable material.

    In the modern times, it is possible to get quality inflatable pontoon boats which can easily be put in your backpack and transported. Inflatable types are considered the best because they weigh less but can support hundreds of pounds when inflated.

     Also, choosing pontoons made of quality materials that are resistant to abrasion coated metal frames and heavy duty materials is recommended.
    • Capacity

    A boat that can carry a minimum of 300 lbs. or 450 lbs. is recommended. Typically, those that are designed for two people should carry a maximum capacity of 650 lbs. However, it is important to remember that packing your pontoon to the maximum capacity may affect the boat performance. If you repeatedly pack it to the maximum capacity, you will be forcing it to work harder, and this may have long term effect on its motor.

    • Backrest
    Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Frameless Fishing Pontoon Boat - Pro Package 04

    A pontoon that is well made has an adjustable back rest which allows the angler many hours of fishing without getting fatigued. It ensures that the angler is as comfortable as possible during the many hours they may spend fishing. Also, check out the footrest. It should be adjustable and comfortable.

    • Pockets and Storage

    A good pontoon boat must come with several storage compartments and pockets. It should have both mesh pockets and zippered pockets as well as a rear storage. If you are going to use it for fishing the storage and the pockets come in handy and can help to reduce the items one has to carry in the bag. However, if you are not the type that carries many gears, the additional pockets may be of no use. Just ensure that your pontoon has a fishing rod holder and that it is conveniently set.

     Notice that most manufacturers make a big deal out of the storage and pockets. This implies that the two are important especially in cases where one will be fishing for an extended period.
    • ​Motor Mount

    The fishing pontoon boats should come with a mount that allows the angler to install an electric or a gas motor.  Some research must be done before the right size is arrived at.

    Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Frameless Fishing Pontoon Boat - Pro Package 05

    Final Wo​rds

    So far, I believe you are better placed to buy a pontoon that is right for you. We have shed light on many types of pontoons and thus, if you are interested in a float tube that you can easily pack and carry around, then you can choose from the following top manufacturers: Cumberland, Classic Accessories, and Roanoke.

    If you are more concerned with durability, or you are looking for anything that accepts a gas motor, then you may have to choose any of the products from Sea Eagle. The products come in a variety of versions and load capacity giving you a variety of options to choose from. The 285FB are preferred because they are adjustable and stable. Picking one from Classic Accessories Cumberland is recommended because the product is well padded, convenient and could offer you the service you may be looking for.

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    Best Inflatable Kayak 2018 Reviews

    Best Inflatable Kayaks 2017 Featured
    Best Inflatable Kayaks 2017 Featured

    Inflatable kayaks are preferred over other kayaks because they are light.They are easy to transport and use. The rigid kayaks can be a bit on the expensive side and beyond the reach of many people. Also, the inflatable kayaks are well designed, and the angler does not have to worry about punctures. They are just as tough as any other kayaks made from hard plastic or wood.

    Notice that they can easily be bought online. However, the challenge is finding the most suitable kayak that will serve your needs and purpose. This review looks at the best 10 Kayaks on the market.

    Best Inflatable Kayaks 2017

    Product Image

    Product Name

    Dimensions (Inches)

    Weight Capacity (lbs)

    Weight (Pounds)


    Intex Challenger K1 Kayak 1

    Intex Challenger K1

    137.8 x 29.9 x 15



    Sevylor Quikpak K1 Kayak 1

    Sevylor Quikpak K1

    103 x 36 x 30



    Intex Challenger K2 Kayak 1

    Intex Challenger K2

    12.5 x 23.1 x 16.2



    Advanced Elements Frame Convertible 1

    Advanced Elements Frame Convertible

    20 x 15 x 15



    Sevylor Quikpak K5 Kayak 1

    Sevylor QuikPak K5

    33.5 x 8.5 x 20



    Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak 1

    Sea Eagle SE370

    34 x 19 x 11



    Airhead AHTK-2 1

    Airhead AHTK-2

    28.5 x 20.6 x 11.6



    Sevylor Big Basin 1

    Sevylor Big Basin

    18 x 10 x 24



    Advanced Elements FireFly 1

    Advanced Elements FireFly

    28 x 20 x 4



    Sevylor Fiji Kayak 1

    Sevylor Fiji Kayak

    124.8 x 34.8 x 35.5 



    Inflatable Kayak Reviews

    1. Intex Challenger K1

    It is one of the top classic kayaks with a proven record. It is the best and the most popular entry-level kayak on the market. The kayak guarantees beginners and seasoned kayakers instant fun. It comes with excellent features and is lightweight. Carrying it from the car to the water is easy. 

    The kayak is also strong and can carry a load of up to 220 pounds. This implies that it is suitably designed for children even though hefty adults can use it.  The vessel is MMMA certified and adheres to ABYC standards.  This kayak comes with eye-catching graphics that make it easier for an emergency responder to locate and find it in the case of emergency.

    It is made of a heavy, tough vinyl and can suitably be deployed in debris-laden rivers. The vessel can be used in rocky bottoms as well, but it may not withstand pointy logs or a sharp stick. This means that it is susceptible to punctures if care is not taken.

    One of the reasons why this kayak is popular is that it only takes 3 minutes to inflate it using the Boston valve. Also, it comes with a good inflatable foot cushion and seat which must also be inflated as well. Strapping the seat into place will take you about 15 minutes.

    Intex Challenger K1 Kayak 2

    The kayak is comfy and has plenty of space for your legs. Also, it comes with an adjustable seat that allows you to sit back and relax. The kayak features some space in front which can be used to carry any cargo as long as it is secured with a net.

    Notice that this kayak has a low-profile design and comes with a skeg which can be used to control the vessel or help in maneuverability.  Lastly, it comes with grab lines which are essential when you want to move it to the shore.


  • Intex is lightweight and can keep 220 lbs buoyant at any instance.
  • It is portable and can be collapsed down to fit in the trunk of your car. It makes it an ideal vessel for people who want to go kayaking far away.
  • The kayak is stable and can be used even by inexperienced people.
  • Comes with a cargo net where you can lock down your stuff.
  • PROS

  • It is an entry level kayak that is affordable
  • Setting it up and inflating it could be a challenge
  • It is tough and is designed to survive rocky shores
  • It is lightweight hence it is easy to transport and carry
  •  The kayak can easily be controlled


  • It is meant for recreational purposes and cannot be used for fishing.
  •  Anyone who owns a smartphone will be forced to leave it behind. Otherwise, it could become wet.
  • The skeg must be secured with waterproof tape otherwise it can easily fall off.
  • Intex is a great kayak for anyone who is running a tight budget but planning to get on the water. It is faultless, easy to maneuver and comes with sufficient storage space

    2. Sevylor Quikpak K1

    There are different types of kayaks out there with each one of them bringing something different and unique on the table to suit the needs and activities of different people. The Sevylor Quikpak K1 is not an exemption.

    Perhaps this vehicle was designed after realizing that carrying rigid kayak could be problematic especially if you are alone. Such kayaks are too heavy and unwieldy. On the contrary, the inflatable kayaks are lighter and can be carried by one person.

    The Sevylor Quikpak K1 takes 15 minutes to inflate and could be set up in just 5 minutes. The vessel was designed with some backpack which makes it easier for one to hike it to the water. Also, the unit comes with straps at the sides for easier paddling. The back pack can be of great use if you have a convertible that cannot fit in a kayak.

    The Sevylor kayak uses a 21 gauge PVC which makes it suitable for people planning to visit gentle lakes. Its bottom is made of tarpaulin, which is durable and suitable for various occasions. The unit is easy to inflate and can be used by senior citizens.

    Sevylor Quikpak K1 Kayak 2

    It uses multiple air chambers, and so when one of the chambers is punctured, it does not endanger your life since it cannot make it sink. The unit is stable, and the rider does not feel like he is going to tip over.

    Also, the rider can use the skeg to change the direction since it is quite responsive to changes. The Sevylor kayak is not meant for fishing, neither can it be used for choppy rivers. It can be an ideal vehicle if you live by a lake and you are a sightseeing enthusiast who loves relaxing rides.


  • Comes with a seat that doubles as a backpack and has a supportive back rest.
  • It is spacious and is efficiently designed to allow for stretching of legs.
  • It is rugged and lined with a tough PVC with a bottom that is reinforced to reduce punctures and tears. 
  • It is lightweight and can support 400 lbs
  • PROS

  • It features a backpack design that allows hikers who do not have cars to go kayaking without a problem.
  • It can be set up quickly meaning that it allows you more time in waters
  • It comes with multiple air chambers, and so one does not need to worry about a chamber that is punctured
  • It is stable
  • It changes direction easily.
  • CONS

  • It can get bouncy on choppy waters
  • One can get wet because of the water that comes from the paddle.
  • 3. Intex Challenger K2

    The world of kayaking is moving fast due to new manufacturing techniques and the ever changing technology. It makes the new Intex- Challenger to rank high among the many kayaks that come with features that anglers look for. Intex Challenger K2is an excellent 2-person kayak by Intex.  The vehicle is an ideal kayak for anyone planning to kayak on the gentle water. It was designed for beginners, and the paddler is free to bring a long a kid and still enjoy the ride.

    The vessel is longer than the K1 since it was designed for two people. It has a capacity of up to 400 pounds. It is made of the tougher heavy duty vinyl and is resistant to punctures.

    The unit can be used for fishing trips, or you could ride over rocks, and still, you will not end up with punctures. The vehicle can be patched easily, so you don't have to worry about punctures.

    Intex Challenger K2 features a storage space at the front which is secured by a mesh and is an ideal place to store fish. If you are alone, the 2nd seat can be removed to create more storage space. One can use the Boston valve to inflate meaning that it takes a few minutes to inflate it and enjoy your ride. Ideally, it will take about 20 minutes to set the unit.

    Note that the vehicle looks great and has an eye-catching design that enhances its safety.  The design makes it easier for anyone looking for an emergency service because it makes the paddler more visible and reduces instances of being hit by other crafts.

    Intex Challenger K2 Kayak 2

    The unit features a vinyl that is UV-resistant which makes the design not to fade. Also, it suffers least from wear and tear because of overexposure to sunlight.  Also, the unit is easy to control, and one can easily change its direction using the removable skeg. Notice that one can easily haul it to the shore and grab the lines on each end.


  • It is 11.5 ft. long with a capacity of 2 passengers and can handle 400 lbs.
  • It features an I-Beam support which makes it stable
  • It comes with a bright vinyl coating and eye catching graphics that makes it visible to reduce the risk of colliding.
  • PROS

  • This is a great vehicle for beginners who would rather use a kayak to travel on calm lake water since it is simple to use.
  • The unit is very maneuverable and allows one to control and determine where he wants to go.
  • It is a 2-person kayak with some extra weight which keeps it down even when the wind is very strong.
  • The unit's weight capacity allows it to handle two adults.
  • The unit is extremely portable, and you can carry it to the water even when you are alone. Also, you can bring it along in the trunk of the car, and it can easily be kept it in the closet.
  • It has tough materials, but you should avoid bottoming it regularly.
  • It has a removable second seat which affords you more space where you can store your stuff.
  • CONS

  • It requires at least 20 minutes to prepare the kayak. This is too much time.
  • It was not designed for white water conditions and can only be used in gentle lakes.
  • It does not come with special features you may need when you go for a fishing trip.
  • It comes with low-quality paddles
  • 4. Advanced Elements Frame Convertible

    People who sell this kayak are aware that great kayaks may have defects, so they check and ensure that the advanced element kayak delivered to buyers meets all the standards. Before it is delivered, it is inflated, pressure tested and locked up for 48 hours before it is packaged and shipped.

    It is an awesome one person vehicle that is a great asset for the beginners. The vessel is mostly bought by people who own a rigid kayak but who are looking for an inflatable kayak that can be used as a backup. However, one needs to get an appropriate paddle that is about 220 cm long to enjoy paddling.

    The inflatable kayak comes with seven air chambers, so there is no point to worry when you get a puncture. Also, inflating the chambers does not take long. Inflating the2 main chamber should take about 10 minutes while the rest will take about 5 minutes to fill.

    As soon one has inflated the chambers, you will have a rigid,firm and sturdy kayak which will not look like an inflatable. The kayak uses three layers of materials that make it difficult to puncture the vehicle.  

    This is a first kayak that is wide in design. The design helps to stabilize it. It comes with built in aluminum ribs which are meant to help boost the kayak's tracking. This makes it easier to slice through water even though it is slower than narrower kayaks with a hard shell. Even though, it is not overly slow.

    Advanced Elements Frame Convertible 2

    The kayak has several air chambers that reduce the storage space available. However, there is more space in front which requires some mesh netting to secure it.  The kayak can easily be deflated, packed and transported. Deflating it can take about 10 minutes, and this makes it easier for you to carry it in your bag. Also, it is easy to transport it in your vehicle or store it at home.


  • The kayak is easy to pack up and set up.
  • It is quite portable and can be stored without a problem.
  • It is durable.
  • It is moderately fast and is easy to control.
  • It is comfortable to sit on.
  • It is quite stable, so you don't need to worry about tipping over.
  • CONS

  • It can easily be paddled as long as you have the right length of a paddle. If the paddle is too short, your knuckles will rub against the kayak.
  • The storage space is inadequate.
  • It doesn't come with nice fishing features, and so it is ideal for recreational purpose only.
  • People who are 6 ft. tall may need to consider the bigger expedition version only.
  • 5. Sevylor QuikPak K5

    The vehicle is specially designed and looks like the running shoes. It is a convenient vehicle that is not just tough but agile and ready to go. The unit is lightweight and portable and comes with a backpack design, which makes it easy to transported or store it. The vehicle comes with side chords that allow you to bring along a paddle. When unpacked, the unit inflates easily and avails enough space for six footers. It weighs 250 pounds and is an ideal vehicle for adults.

    Essentially, this is an ideal kayak for beginners because it is easy to use. It comes with advanced features that make it suitable for experienced kayakers. The vessel is durable and makes use of 1000D x 1000D polyester at the bottom with a laminated two gauge PVC.

     The top of the kayak features 900D polyester and other materials that are resistant to punctures. The unit comes with an air leak-proof guarantee. It uses special valves which do not allow for any accidental air loss and incorporates an airtight system.

    The K5 is superior to other kayaks which are meant for beginners because it is a recreational kayak. The vehicle has adequate storage space and comes with a huge storage area, a bungee lacing, and D-rings.Also, it has built-in handles.

    Sevylor Quikpak K5 Kayak 2

    It is comfy to ride and has a built in footrest. The unit comes with tracking fins that make it easier to control it.  Also, it has a sleek design and is an ideal vehicle if you are looking for a perfect kayak to use when you go to your favorite lake.  It is a good kayak for both novices and experienced anglers. In fact, it can be tried out on class 2whitewater.


  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It can be folded into its backpack.
  • It measures 10' x2'10'' and weighs 23 lbs.
  • It comes with double lock™ valves.
  • It comes with an aluminum paddle and a hand pump.
  • It has a tracking fin and directional strake.
  • It comes with other nice features such as multiple D-rings bungee lacing, footrests, and seats that can be converted to a backpack.
  • PROS

  • It is lightweight hence it is very portable. Bringing it to the water is easier, but you can choose to use a motorcycle as well.
  • It can easily be stored at home.
  • Setting it up is easier, but it requires that you use an electric pump.
  • Riding in this boat is fun, and it can comfortably be used by people who are 6 ft. tall.
  • It can be controlled well and comes with tracking fins that work well and allows it to slice through water without a problem.
  • It comes with enough storage space for all your equipment.
  • It is a sturdy boat.
  • CONS

  • It is one of the products from Coleman whose customer support is poor.
  • It comes with many accessories which are responsible for the bad reviews. For instance, it comes with a paddle and a pump.
  • 6. Sea Eagle SE370

    It is one of the products from Sea Eagle that comes with cute looks. It is a good vehicle when in water, has plenty of amenities and performs great. The kayak is designed for two people, but it can easily fit three people.

    The unit weighs 650 pounds meaning that it is better than other kayaks, which are meant for two people but weighs 350 pounds. The Sea Eagle SE370 can accommodate two strong people. The kayak has a big capacity and allows you to bring along camping supplies that can last for several days. 

    Sea Eagle SE370 is a tough kayak that uses 38 mm Polykrylar for the hull. It has a hard floor that is I-beam constructed and comes with a hull material that is resistant to saltwater and the sun.

    The vehicle has the seams welded together to come up with a solid piece. It is resistant to puncture and claw, and so it will not present any problem if a dog claws it.

    It is one of the units that can deal with ocean surf and whitewater without a problem.  The unit comes with a self-bailing drain valve that helps a lot, but you must get free spray skirts. It comes with two fins that increase how the vehicle tracks while in water.

    For those who love camping, it is one of the units you should consider buying because it has a lot of storage space for all the supplies you need. Also, the second seat can provide more storage space if you need more. This makes it extremely versatile.

    Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak 2

    Note that the vehicle is lightweight and you can carry it alone in a single bag. It does not take long to set up and inflate. According to Sea Eagle, it can take you about 8 minutes to set it up and inflate. If you are not in a hurry, you may take 15 minutes.

    The unit has a larger carrying capacity and weighs 32 lbs. This allows the anglers to take a long enough gear and food stuff.


  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • I-beam construction floor.
  • The hull is sun and saltwater resistant.
  • It has two kegs at the bottom for speed and tracking.
  • PROS

  • Setting and inflating the unit is quick.
  • It is lightweight and portable.  It can be carried by one person and storing it is much easier. 
  • It cannot be punctured by a dog's nails so if you have a dog; you are free to paddle it around lazily without risking puncturing it.
  • It avails a lot of space for your stuff.
  • It can carry two heavy people.
  • This kayak should never be used for class 5 rapids.
  • It is easy to maneuver and tracks fairly well.
  • CONS

  • It does not move as fast as a rigid kayak even though this is a common problem to all kayaks.
  • If you don't have a lot of weight and you are using it alone, it could be problematic if you encounter strong winds,
  • The unit is durable but is prone to leaks especially if it is pierced by thorns. This makes it unsuitable if you are planning to take it down the river.
  • This is a good entry level boat that can be recommended to paddlers looking for a good but inexpensive kayak. It is a great vehicle for couples.
  • 7. Airhead AHTK-2

    It is a good two-person kayak that can handle 500 pounds of weight. The kayak can be used on moderate white water or gentle lake.

    It makes use of 2 Boston valves that are used to deflate and inflate the kayak. When deflated, it fits well inside a duffel bag or the trunk of the car. It is light and can be carried to the water by a single person.

    This kayak is tough when inflated and comes with three air chambers. It utilizes a strong 80 denier nylon which is UV and water resistant. The unit comes with a tubular l-beam floor with a strong and laminate reinforcement. Also, it comes with a stainless steel hardware and nylon which are all rustproof.

    Getting the vehicle into the water is easy thanks to the grab handle. Also, the vehicle performs better than other inflatables. It has a low drag, but its tracking is great thanks to the fins at the bottom of the unit. 

    The aft and the fore have a spray cover that guarantees extra comfort. It comes with a neoprene elbow guards. It also features a net at the bow, which could be used to secure the supplies you may choose to carry. The unit features a lot of 6D-rings at the stern and the bow.


  • It has sturdy D-rings that allows one to secure his gear.
  • It comes with a stretch net that provides extra storage
  • The seats are inflatable and convenient and feature support bracket.
  • PROS

  • It is excellent and highly visible when it is on the water
  • It comes with 500-pound weight allowance which allows it to carry two people.
  • Bigger users will enjoy enough space in the vehicle
  • The vehicle tracks and moves well in the waters, and so it can suitably be used for moderate white waters.
  •  Deflating and inflating it does not take a lot of time and effort.


  • Newbies will find it difficult to set and inflate the kayaks. The reason for this is that the instructions that come with this kayak are not helpful.
  • It is too heavy and carrying it over long distances could be a challenge
  •  The AIRHEAD Montana performance kayak is responsive maneuverable and inflatable. It features three chambers that are easy to inflate.

    8. Sevylor Big Basin

    If you are planning to take your kids for kayaking adventures, the Sevylor Big Basin is one of the options you have. The kayak has three seats and can accommodate two children. It has a capacity of 90 pounds and is NMMA certified. You will not have to worry about puncturing the unit since it is made of a heavy-duty PVC and comes with a rugged bottom tarpaulin.

    The unit makes use of an airtight system which does not allow any air to leak. Also, it comes with multiple air chambers meaning that a single puncture will not require emergency attention and may not endanger your life.

    It is a great tool for those who would want to venture into white waters. It offers a good ride and comes with comfortable and adjustable seats. It also comes with a spray cover which ensures that you remain dry as you enjoy your day on the water.


  • It can seat up to 3 people
  • It is made from a heavy duty PVC material that is durable
  • Has three air chambers and uses an Airtight® system that is leak proof.
  • The kayak has a weight capacity of 490 lbs.
  • PROS

  • The vehicle is leak-proof and cannot be punctured easily.
  • The unit has a tracking fin and strakes which ensure that it tracks well.
  • Removing the 3rd seat will give the second person a chance to paddle it without any problem.  However, it is possible to have three people paddling the Kayak.
  • It is quite durable.
  • It comes with comfortable seats with a back support and plenty of drink holders.
  • It comes with 1-year warranty.
  • CONS

  • It does not come with mesh netting, and so it’s hard to store some supplies.
  • It is slow if you are paddling it alone.
  • Can only be used in calmer rivers and lakes
  • Has limited storage option and does not provide space where one can secure the gear
  • 9. Advanced Elements FireFly

    This kayak is compact and is ideal for anyone looking for a light kayak that children can carry and have fun on the water. The vehicle is extremely light and could be carried by any teenager. Even though, the kayak can also be used by adults since it has a capacity of 250 pounds and comes with advanced elements Firefly that makes it easy to inflate the vehicle with a Twist lock and spring valve.

    Also, it features a rubber molded handles which could be used to bring it in and out of the water. Notice that the vehicle is durable and tracks quite well on the water.

     It comes with a rigid panel which defines the bow and stern and greatly enhances tracking. Also, the unit comes with a fin and landing plates that help to keep it in the required direction.


  • It is light, compact and portable
  • It comes with plenty of storage
  • It is durable
  • It is easy to set it up.
  • CONS

  • It is meant for gentle waters
  • It does not have much space to store your stuff or push your legs.
  • It does not move fast
  • 10. Sevylor Fiji Kayak

    It is a two person kayak with a capacity of about 400 pounds and comes with a fixed rear seat. However, the seat in the middle could be removed to give the legs more room for stretching.

    The vehicle is durable since it is made of a 22 gauge PVC which ensures that punctures are minimized. Also, it comes with multiple chambers whose job is to ensure that the vehicle is kept a float if any of the chambers is punctured.

    About air leaks, the kayak utilizes an airtight system which makes it leak free. It comes with special valves whose job is to make deflation and inflation quick and fast. The kayak is lightweight and could be carried by anyone.

    It is a stable kayak with grab lines at the stern and the bow which further increases its stability and makes it a great kayak for leisure travel. However, if you choose to use this boat, you should use spray covers to ensure that you don’t get wet.


  • Problems of air leaks and punctures are eliminated.
  • This is a great tool for leisure kayaking.
  • The boat is extremely stable.
  • It is a portable vessel.
  • CONS

  • The vehicle gets cramped when it is used to carry two people.
  • It is only suitable for beginners or anyone who wants a relaxed water ride.
  • The Process of Buying an Inflatable Kayak

    Having looked at the top kayaks on the market, it is critical that we talk about how you can buy an inflatable kayak. It is important that you consider a lot of factors including the pros and cons before you spend your hard-earned cash. The price of the kayak, the strength, and other factors are critical and should be considered as well before you make a final decision. Some of the questions you need to answer are:

    • How portable is the unit?
    Portable kayak 1

    All inflatable kayaks should be portable. In fact, this is why they are preferred compared to the rigid ones. However, some of the kayaks are more portable, are lightweight and can conveniently be taken to a water body.

    • The number of people who can fit in the Kayak

    There are kayaks for individual users which can only allow one person to go on an adventure. These kayaks have plenty of room for equipment and legs. However, we also have those that can accommodate three people. They come with removable seats and could handle 1 to 2 people.

    • The weight a kayak can handle

    The number of people the kayak can accommodate and the equipment they can carry is vital because it determines whether you buy a kayak or not. There is a 2-seater kayak, with a low weight limit which may only accommodate an adult and a child.

    The weight of the equipment you intend to carry is also a crucial factor one has to consider before buying a kayak. Kayaks with low weight limit may only carry an adult and a child. They may not be suitable for people planning to bring equipment or those going out for camping.

    Sevylor Big Basin 2
    • How easy is it to inflate the kayak?

    A kayak should take a few minutes to inflate. However, there are those that take longer before they can be inflated and used.

    • Is the kayak durable?

    The quality of the kayak is an important factor. How tough a kayak is and the material used to make it are all important since they determine whether the kayak is susceptible to punctures or not.

    • Was it designed for a specialized purpose?
    Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak 3

    Kayaks can be used for different purposes. There are those that can be used for fishing, while others are designed to be used for whitewater adventures. Also, there are those that are just meant to be used for recreational purposes.

    We have entry-level kayaks that are designed and meant for beginners and those that can be used by pros. As such, it is important that you check out the features that support the purpose you want to deploy the kayak to.

    • Will you get freebies?

    Some kayaks come with free air pumps and paddles while others do not. You need to check out if there are free offers.

    • Is it comfortable?

    It is important that you check out the amount of space available and whether it can fit everything you have. Kayaks that come with well-padded seats and those that have an ample back support and adjustable seats are the best options.

    • W​​​​hat about the storage space?

    Check out and ensure that your fishing kayaks have enough hatches and spaces for the equipment you will be carrying. Does it have cup holders or storage space where you can keep your smartphone?

    Airhead AHTK-2 2
    • How easy it is to control the kayak

    To find answers to this question, it is important that you check out the views about the features and whether the kayak can change direction easily. Also, check if it can be paddled with ease.

    • Is the kayak stable?

    A kayak that is not stable is dangerous. It could tip over when you are out fishing and endanger your life. Fortunately, we have plenty of kayaks that are stable and which you can sit on the side or stand on without risking tipping over.


    Even when you choose to limit your search to inflatable kayaks, you have plenty of options to choose from. There are many inflatable kayaks have greatly been improved on and are now being used by pros. They mean a lot and could be of great value especially if you know how to pick one that is meant for a particular purpose. Ensure that you know your needs beforehand and choose a kayak that can serve your purpose.

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    Best Gambler Fishing Lures

    Gambler Review
    Gambler Review


    Gambler Lures started out over 20 years ago with a mission to make the best bass fishing lures on the market. And they've certainly succeeded – Gambler can claim multiple BassMaster Classic Championships for their lures, and tons of other top tournament finishes. But they don't just make bass lures.

    • Gambler Lures Mean Fishing Jig
    • Shad-style body with a spinner
    • Double-sided design for vertical position
    • Realistic, natural behaviour
    • Great for beginner jiggers
    • Gambler Lures Game Changer Bait
    • Small lure, baitfish design with a spinning blade
    • Versatile, good for various fishing styles
    • Small and durable for hard-to-reach places
    • Falling presentation
    • Gambler Lures Swim Fishing Jig
    • Weedlees design for great swimming action
    • Best for bottom water fishing
    • Versatile enough to attract just about any bait
    • Excelent craftsmanship

    As Gambler has increased in prominence, they've added more versatile offerings, focusing on inexpensive softbaits with smart design and plenty of customization, that can be rigged in almost any way imaginable.

    Their offerings range from spinner jigs and weedless swimfishing jigs to stickbaits and jerkbaits, and a large variety of diverse "creature" jigs. Their lures are appropriate for just about any application, with a diverse lure selection that contains products appropriate for anything from saltwater trolling to small lake, freshwater shore fishing. Their products have even expanded to fishing accessories such as knives, tackle boxes, and apparel, among other accessories. But we’re not interested in that.

    • Gambler EZ Swimmer
    • Plastic design with a segmented tail
    • Side-to-side motion
    • Simple and cheap
    • Soft hookles construction
    • Gambler Ace Worm
    • Designed for natural, falling action
    • Realistic, squirming motion
    • Great for combining with weights
    • Very responsive
    • Gambler Lures Shakey Shad Fishing Bait
    • Hollow tail body
    • Vertical orientation in water
    • Excels in drop shotting
    • Natural presentation

    No, what we're here to do is take a look at some of the very best lures that Gambler has to offer. Ranging from spinners and spoons to swimbaits and a huge selection of diverse jigs, this list of products is sure to have something that'll catch your eye, whether you're a seasoned bass angler or just a beginner learning to jig and rig for the first time.

    Spinner Jig - Gambler Lures Mean Fishing Jig - Pack of 1

    One of the most unique lures that Gambler has to offer, the Mean Fishing Jig combines a shad-style body jig with a spinner that’s complete with a shad-head. This realistic design is in contrast to most spinners and bladebaits which feature no natural designs at all – they’re only shiny metal, designed to lure in prey from afar. And while those types of baits may lure them in, they often fail to produce strikes.

    Not so with this jig – the flashy bladed tail of the spinner brings them in, and the natural rubber body of the jig seals the deal, catching your prey firmly on the quality Gamakatsu hook.

    It's also easy to jig with and use as a dropbait – the double-sided design keeps the blade profile and shad bait vertical in the water and ensures that you'll always get the right angle for your strikes, and the natural soft plastic behaves realistically in the water, swaying back and forth with both the actions of the rod and the currents, while the spinner flashes wildly to bring in bass and other fish from far and wide.

    This is a great lure to go with if you’re beginning to jig, or learning other vertical fishing styles. It’s a great combination of realistic design and high-tech spinbait style, and its efficacy is only matched by its ease-of-use.

    Spoon/Jig - Gambler Lures Game Changer Bait-Pack of 1

    This lure can be thought of as the little brother of the Mean Fishing Jig above – it incorporates the same sort of naturalistic design but in a simpler, smaller package combining a baitfish design with a spinning blade attached just below the hook. This small profile allows it to be very useful in adverse conditions, such as windy weather that can sometimes blow larger bladebaits and spoons off course,

    It's versatile, too – you can either fish it jig-style with a drop-and-retrieve method or employ a standard cast-and-retrieve method like you would with a larger crankbait or standard spinner.

    Given its small profile and durable design, this lure is especially good for fishing among weeds and rocks, and other small, hard-to-reach areas where you may not be able to employ a larger jig or lure.

    Rigged up to sink, it’s got a great falling presentation, and it’s very responsive to motions from the angler, so you can make it dance between rocks and weeds easily and effectively, and don’t have to worry about losing it due to its small size and streamlined design.

    This lure is versatile and unique, and since it can be used both for jigging and dropbaiting as well as standard cast-and-retrieve methods, and can be used in adverse weather and water conditions, it’s highly recommended to help fill out your tackle box.

    Weedless Swimfishing Jig - Gambler Lures Swim Fishing Jig - Pack of 1

    If there's one style of lure that Gambler is known for above all others, it's their weedless swimfishing jigs. These jigs combine great craftsmanship, flashy skirts, and smart, weedless design to create swimfishing jigs that are a pleasure to use. Stick a worm or a swimbait on the end of the Mustad hook, and the skirt will protect it as you fish in even the rockiest conditions, and even through plenty of muck and weeds.

    Once you rig it up, there are plenty of fishing options for this lure. The best way to run it is as a bottom-water swimfisher jig, as combined with an appropriate bait, it creates a ton of dust and commotion along the bottom of the water that’s sure to catch attention, and it rarely gets snagged even in adverse conditions, so it’s consistent and easy to fish with.

    Its versatility is what really earns it high marks. It can be rigged with just about any bait, ranging from gigantic swimbaits up to 10" to smaller grubs, crawdaddies, and just about any other soft bait, or even live baits.

    For that reason, it's a great addition to any tackle box for those who love bottom-water jigging or those who are interested in doing so in the future.

    Swimbait - Gambler EZ Swimmer-Pack of 7

    If you're not into jigging, don't worry. Gambler has plenty of other bait offerings, like these soft plastic swimbaits crafted with a segmented tail and natural profile, perfectly designed for a great presentation when it's swum at just about any speed and depth. It can be rigged with either a belly weighted hook, or a screw-in weight, depending on your needs, and its soft construction means that it can be used with just about any hook.

    When reeled in quickly, the segmented tail flaps wildly from side-to-side, kicking up plenty of water and vibration, and when it’s reeled in slowly, there’s subtle, realistic side-to-side swaying motion that’s irresistible to fish. Combine that with its great sinking action, and there are plenty of opportunities for strikes on this bait, no matter how you choose to fish it.

    That’s why we love it – rigged properly, it’s useful as a drop-and-retrieve bait, or with faster, more consistent reeling techniques.

    No matter how you choose to use it, it presents naturally and draws in plenty of prey, and it’s customizable to just about any need, given its soft, hookless construction. The ways you can fish it are pretty much only limited to your imagination, (and your rigging gear) so we think it certainly deserves a place in your tackle box.

    Stickbait/Jerkbait Worm - Gambler Ace Worm-Pack of 8

    Gambler is also known for making some of the best worm stickbaits/jerkbaits on the market today. This specific Ace Worm is designed for a natural falling action that falls at a perfect, natural rate, and presents with a squirming motion that is as realistic as it is attractive to fish.

    It’s best fished in either a Texas or Carolina rig, depending on your surroundings – if you’re in weedy waters, you may want a Texas rig so that the hook isn’t exposed to the weeds and won’t catch. If you’re in deeper, weed-free waters, a Carolina rig is the way to go.

    You can even combine this worm with Gambler’s Rat’Lin Weights, which come in a variety of weights and sizes for all applications, and combine a great, all-brass construction with some added vibration which can help bring in fish during tougher conditions, or from farther away.

    Once you've got it rigged, it's pretty much up to you how you want to fish it. These baits are very responsive to the motions of the angler, and when you jerk them around, they present with a great, natural profile to fish in the water and produce plenty of strikes. And given their value and the multiple color options, you'll always have the right one for your water and weather conditions, and won't have to worry if you lose one to an especially harsh bite.

    Giggy” Drop Shot Bait - Gambler Lures Shakey Shad Fishing Bait - Pack of 10 (Green Pumpkin)

    This is another one of Gambler’s top products, and it puts a unique spin on classic jigging and dropbait techniques. Paired with a giggy hook, this lure has been designed with a “hollow-tail” body that keeps it oriented vertically within the water, and gives it a unique, natural presentation in the water. Tie a drop shot weight on the end, rig it up to stay about 2-3 feet off of the bottom of the water, and you’ll swear that this thing is magic.

    How you fish it from there is up to you – some prefer a jigging/jerkbait style where you twitch the rod around, causing the bait to dance around and react to your motions, and the motions of the water current. Others prefer to drag the bait, causing it to move actively and consistently a couple feet from the bottom. What you prefer to do is up to you – this bait can handle it all.

    Drop shotting is a great technique to learn, and if you’re interested, this is a perfect lure for it.

    The great thing about drop shotting is that it can be done just about anywhere, including really murky, weedy, or rocky waters, due to its mostly stationary technique.​ So whether you’re a drop shot master, or don’t even know what we’re talking about (here's a good beginner's guide) you’ll love this bait, combined with Gambler’s top-quality giggy hooks.


    This is only a sampling of Gambler’s offerings, and we’re sure that if you keep on poking around, you’ll find a Gambler bait that’s perfect for you. They’re an industry leader when it comes to soft bait (and the hardware you need to rig them up) and they certainly get great results.

    These lures are also relatively low cost compared to hard plastic lures, so they’re great if you want to beef up your tackle box with versatile swimbaits, jigs, dropbaits, and stickbaits, but don’t want to spend your kid’s college tuition doing it. So check out these products, learn more about Gambler, and find your next favorite lure.

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    Walleye Lures
    Walleye fishing is fun, but it can be tough. There are many different things to take into account when you’re[...]

    The Basics Of Trout Fishing Line


    Trout are actually quite different from many other smaller fish. Unlike a lot of other fish, trout have excellent eyesight, and generally, they live in clear, quickly moving waters, not murky, stagnant areas.

    In addition, trout are generally quite shy. This, combined with their great vision and clear-water habitats means that it’s very important to select a line that’s as small and invisible as possible. So, while there’s no one-size-fits-all trout solution, we can narrow down our choices somewhat...

    Firstly, trout are freshwater fish, and generally don’t grow to massive sizes. Coupled with their good eyesight and the fact that they spook easily, this means that braided superlines are not only excessively strong and stiff for use while trout fishing – their high visibility will likely scare trout away. So while you may prefer superlines for most other fishing applications – and who wouldn’t, with their great durability and small diameter – they are not appropriate for trout fishing.

    If we’re talking about the “Big Three” of fishing lines, it’s clear we only have two choices left. Monofilament and fluorocarbon lines.

    Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both types of lines, the applications that are better for each, and finish off with some product recommendations so that you can stop reading about trout fishing, and get out there for yourself.

    Monofilament - Advantages

    Good Water Visibility

    Monofilament has a great water refraction index, making it quite hard to see in the water. This is great for trout, as they are easily spooked, and can spot fishing lines quite easily if they’re too thick or colored. You’ll want a line that blends in well with the water, and monofilament can do that.

    More Durable 

    Fluorocarbon has has a reputation for being a little touchy when it comes to durability, and often developing “weak points” if abrasions happen multiple times in the same areas of line. Monofilament is very durable, and the tough nylon doesn’t have any problem with abrasion.

    Stretchier Than Fluoro For More Impact   Resistance

    Monofilament is quite stretchy – often up to 30% stretch – and this means that it can handle harsh impacts and bites quite well, and is more forgiving for beginner anglers than comparable fluorocarbon line.

    Easier To Work With Than Most Fluorocarbon Lines

    Despite advances in fluorocarbon technology and “soft” fluorocarbons, monofilament is still generally easier to knot, use, and work with, making it a great choice if you don’t like struggling to knot tougher line.

    Floats In The Water

    Flotation can be great for topwater fishing for trout, and for mid-water suspension rigs, or other precision water-column fishing.


    Nylon monofilament is very tough, and resists abrasion for high durability.


    Nylon monofilament is the most inexpensive line on the market, and easily the most popular, which can be a factor if cost is an issue while shopping for trout line.


    High Line Memory

    Nylon monofilament tends to have line memory problems – it will eventually snag, snarl, and become unusable. For higher quality mono, this can often take up to a year, though you may see more looping while casting and other issues far before that.

    Durable, But Thick

    While monofilament is more durable than most fluorocarbon lines, it’s also quite a bit thicker at higher lb test weights, making it a bit harder to manage in great lengths on reels, and making it harder to conceal in the water.

    Low Sensitivity

    The great stretch of monofilament is a double-edged sword – while it means great shock resistance and forgiveness when hooking fish, it reduces the overall sensitivity of the line, which can be a big problem when fishing for small, light trout that often strike tentatively.

    Can Become Waterlogged

    While some monofilament lines are coated with water-resistant materials, inexpensive mono can sometimes soak up water, which makes it harder to cast and work with, and reduces its strength.

    Fluorcarbon - Advantages

    The Most Invisible Line On The Market

    The refractive index of fluorocarbon in water is identical to water – it is absolutely invisible to fish, and this is especially desirable when hunting sharp-eyed and easily spookable trout in clear water. The less they see of your line, and the more of the lure, the better.

    Thinner Than Monofilament

    Not only is fluorocarbon line less visible in the water, it maintains a thinner diameter at higher test weights than monofilament does, despite monofilament durability. Combined with its low visibility, this means that trout will have a very hard time seeing your line, even when you’re using a 20lb+ test line.

    Sensitive, With Stretch

    Fluorocarbon has a good combination of sensitivity and stretch – while it’s not as stretchy as nylon, fluorocarbon line offers some forgiveness and shock absorption, and also has a much more tight and sensitive line feel, which is very handy when going after smaller freshwater trout.

    Sinks In The Water

    If you’re looking to do some deep water crankbaiting, jigging, or other deep water fishing for trout, you’ll want fluoro line. The natural sinking action of fluorocarbon line helps keep your lures as deep as possible for longer, giving you more opportunities to snag your prey.


    Unlike monofilament line, fluorocarbon has no waterlogging problems – the fluorocarbon material repels water, and will never get soaked or lose strength due to prolonged immersion in the water.


    Can Be Stiff and Brittle

    Fluorocarbon line can sometimes be harder to work with, especially in heavier test weights when the thickness increases. This can make it inappropriate for some spinning reels that require a thin, soft line like a monofilament, though generally just about all baitcasting reel will be able to handle fluorocarbon.

    Line Memory Problems

    Fluorocarbon has high line memory – even higher, in some cases, than monofilament. Combined with its more stiff material, this can make dealing with fluorocarbon quite tough, and it’s recommended that you change out your fluorocarbon line as soon as you notice line looping, snagging, or other signs of wear and line memory.

    Less Durable

    Fluorocarbon has problems with developing weak spots when abrasions happen to the same areas frequently, which can lead to lines snapping and decreases the overall longevity of the line.

    So What's Better For Trout Fishing?

    Well, there’s no clear winner. If you forced us to choose at gunpoint, we’d say that fluorocarbons are generally more popular for a reason – eagle-eyed trout have a harder time seeing them, and you can use a lower diameter line to avoid further spooking your quarry.

    But monofilament has its place too – inexpensive and easy to use, it’s a great option for slightly murkier waters, and performs just as ably as fluorocarbon – better, if you’re using it for topwater fishing.

    So in the end, the decision is up to you. Let’s take a look at some products from both of these categories of line now.

    1. Seaguar Red Label 100% Fluorocarbon 

    Seaguar is known for manufacturing some of the very best fluorocarbon on the market. They manufacture their own fluorocarbon polymers in-house, meaning they have total control over quality and blends of polymers, leading to a very consistent and great product.

    This specific fluoro line was crafted with softness and pliability in mind, so it’s quite flexible compared to some other fluorocarbon lines.

    In addition, it’s chemical resistant, UV resistant, and water-resistant, offering great durability and abrasion resistance, with a slight stretch giving it high-impact durability.

    Seaguar is known for quality, so if you need some fluorocarbon line for trout fishing, you won’t be let down by this product.

    2. P-Line Floroclear Clear Fishing Line

    A mix of both monofilament and fluorocarbon, this line by P-Line combines the best of both worlds. The refraction profile of the fluorocarbon and monofilament combine for a nearly invisible line, and the fluorocarbon also helps repel water, making this monofilament line totally waterproof, unlike some others on the market.

    This line also has fewer line memory issues than pure fluorocarbon line, and it’s easy to knot, unlike standard fluoro which can take special knots and a lot of work to get the perfect hold.

    In addition, the fluorocarbon coating is super smooth, meaning your line will fly through your rod guides quickly and easily for a superior cast.

    This line is a great blend of the positive characteristics of both fluoro and monofilament while minimizing some of the negative characteristics of each, making it a great choice for fishing trout.

    3. Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon 110 Yd Spool

    Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon is known mainly for its small diameter design.

    Which combines with a transparent water-refraction profile to create a nearly invisible line underwater – perfect for luring in wary trout. It’s also not as stiff as other fluorocarbon offerings, making it easier to knot – though you still may need to master a Palomar knot or use some super glue if you’re looking for a very tight hold on a hook or lure.

    Its small diameter belies its impressive strength – some users claim that Berkley Vanish can easily handle fish twice its rated test lb, making it quite impressive indeed.

    4. P-Line C21 Copymer Filler Spool

    Copolymer Monofilament is still technically a nylon monofilament, but instead of just one nylon polymer, copolymer lines use two or more, in an effort to create a more high quality, durable product.

    The copolymer design allows this line to use a smaller diameter while maintaining a high test weight, which is great when fishing for trout – the thinner the better, as they’re less likely to see your line and get spooked. It’s also got less stretch than a standard monofilament line, making it better for detecting small bites.

    This copolymer line also has fewer memory problems than lower quality monofilaments, making it a great choice if you’re looking for a more durable, long-lived line.

    5. P-Line CX Premium Clear Fluorescent Fishing Line 1000 YD Spool

    This offering from P-Line is another interesting product, combining top-quality copolymer monofilament with a fluorocarbon coating for a truly outstanding line.

    The unique design and fluorocarbon coating leads to a line with 30% less stretch than other comparable monofilament lines and an ultra-thin, strong design that also maintains a low line memory.

    It combines the flexibility and ease-of-use of monofilament, high quality of copolymer mono, and the refractive quality and casting smoothness of fluorocarbon in one convenient package, and in the 1000 yard spool, it’s quite a deal. If you’re looking for some incredibly versatile line and aren’t sold on pure fluoro or mono lines, this copolymer, fluoro coated line is your best bet.


    In the end, the style of line you use is up to you. Both monofilaments and fluorocarbon lines – and all the combinations in between – can catch trout, and every individual angler has his or her own preferences about what’s best.

    Just bear in mind the advantages and disadvantages of each type of line, and you’re sure to make the right decision. If you’re not sure what you’ll like, try getting a couple different types of line, and using them all. After you’ve fished with each for a little while, you’ll have a much better idea of what best fits your personal fishing style and preferred techniques.

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    Top Rapala Fishing Lures

    rapala lures
    Rapala Lures

    Founded in 1936, Rapala Lures is one of the oldest players in the game, and their experience and expertise show through in lures that are crafted to be classic and exceptional both in quality and in performance.

    The Rapala family of products has expanded rapidly, given the popularity of their lures, and now contains reels, knives, rods and reels and other fishing tools, and even clothing and storage.

    But don’t let their focus on other products fool you. Rapala was founded to build the best traditional fishing lures on the market, and they’ve never once wavered in their drive to create beautiful, functional, and durable lures out of quality materials.

    • Rapala Original Floater 05 Fishing Lures
    • Balsa wood construction for low weight
    • Naturalistic minnow profile
    • Topwater lure with a lot of splash
    • Versatile , responsive and affordable
    • Rapala Skitter Walk 08 Fishing Lure
    • Crafted for walking action
    • Immitates wounded or struggling baitfish
    • Weighted tail and off-kilter design
    • Natural silhouette and realistic eyes
    • Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure
    • Running dephts from 3' to 8'
    • Excellent responsiveness and heavy casting weight
    • Internal rattles for noise
    • Wounded fish side-to-side action

    And despite their functionality and high quality, these lures won’t break the bank, which makes them great for a new angler who’s looking to build up a quality tackle box, or a more experienced fisherman who’s looking to replace some older, worn out, or lower quality lures.

    They have a huge lure diversity, too. Crankbaits, jerkbaits, swimbaits, topwater walkers, suspenders, jigs, saltwater-focused lures, and plenty of others make up a lure selection that’s as expansive as it is quality.

    So with so many options out there, you may not know which lures to look at if you’re interested in Rapala’s offerings. Well, you might have guessed it – we’ve put together a list of some of the best and most diverse offerings that Rapala has to offer, and everyone from the greenest, driest fisherman to the most grizzled veterans are sure to learn a thing or two about Rapala lures, what they offer, and which products are right for them.

    So read on with us, and learn about Rapala and their products. You might just find something that catches your eye.

    • Rapala 1 1/2 inch Ultra Light Minnow
    • Crankbait designed fo realism and attractiveness
    • Loud rattle
    • Side-to-side movement with a wobbling action
    • Great underwater presentation
    • Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures
    • Specially designed BB chamber for extra noise
    • Realistic design with 3d eyes and external scales
    • Designe for long casts and versatility
    • Lipless design for less snags
    • Rapala Jointed 07 Fishing Lures
    • Neutral bouyancy and shallow to medium depth
    • Designed for extra long casts
    • Excellent for difficult conditions
    • Good for very slow retrieves

    Topwater floater - Rapala Original Floater 05 Fishing Lures

    The Rapala Original Floater 05 Brings incredible topwater fishing performance at a low price. Its balsa wood construction provides a lightweight, robust design, which pairs perfectly with a naturalistic minnow profile that provides a wonderful topwater silhouette, and it’s built with VMC black nickel hooks, which provide a great quality hold, and plenty of staying power.

    This 1.5-inch model is complete with a small lip to encourage topwater splashing and natural motion, and it comes in over a half-dozen different colors and finishes. And at the low price, you can easily pick up a model suitable for any weather or water condition.

    This lure can be fished in just about any way you could want to fish a topwater lure – it’s very versatile, and can be used with steady retrieve methods, stop-and-go retrieval methods, or even more technical twitch/jerkbait methods.

    The light weight of this lure provides incredible reaction to angler motion, so this bait can respond quickly even to slight motions of the rod, which helps when you’re trying to create a natural topwater presentation.

    It’s a simple equation – stunning versatility meets very low cost, and you can bet any topwater fisherman worth his salt has got a Rapala Original in his tackle box.

    Walker - Rapala Skitter Walk 08 Fishing Lure

    If walking action is your thing, you’re not going to want to miss out on the Rapala Skitter Walk 08 Fishing Lure. This lure is perfectly crafted for the Rapala® "Walk-the-Dog" Action known by anglers worldwide, with a weighted tail and off-kilter design perfectly suited to walking on the surface of the water. It’s also crafted with a natural silhouette, realistic eyes, and color options ranging from hyper-realistic to flashy golds, pinks, and neons that are sure to draw in predators, and the VMC SuperSharp hooks make sure that whatever grabs on stays on.

    Fish tend to strike this lure at one of two times – either right after it hits the water, or after you’ve started walking, pause, and resume. And this lure does walk brilliantly. It gives you just the right amount of natural motion, along with splashes and noise that perfectly imitates a wounded or struggling baitfish, and catches the attention of predatory fish from great distances.

    You’ll have the best results walking it in a relatively small area, and recasting often, as we find that this bait attracts strikes upon water-entry quite often indeed, so you’ll want to take advantage of that.

    Jerkbait - Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure

    If you feel like jerking something around, and nothing but a specialist will satisfy, the X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 lure is going to be just what the doctor ordered. Whether right at the surface, or at its max running depths of 3-8 feet, the X-Rap gives you unparalleled responsiveness and its heavy casting weight means you can really chuck it out there, even without too much extra rigging.

    It’s designed to sink to the appropriate depths with a side-to-side motion, and then suspend and roll to the side to trigger bites and to cause the internal rattlers to attract farther fish. Retrieval will cause the classic Rapala “wounded fish” side-to-side action that has made it a favorite of anglers worldwide.

    It’s an incredible shallow suspender and jerkbait, and if you’re looking for a more laid-back fishing style with less toss and retrieval, you certainly can’t go wrong with this lure.

    Ultralight crankbait - Rapala 1 1/2 inch Ultra Light Minnow

    Rapala is probably most famous for their crankbaits, and the Rapala 1 ½ inch Ultra Light Minnow is no exception. This thing can really pull in fish, and its finely designed body combines with a small lip to create a unique wobble and rattle that is incredibly attractive to fish. It’s also designed for realism and attractiveness to fish, featuring almost a dozen colorways, all of which have external, raised scales and realistically painted eyes.

    The action is what you’re really going to love, though. This little lure is weighted enough to give it a pretty long cast on its own merits, though you may want to rig it up with some more weights if you’re going for a really long cast.

    And once you let it sink a bit and get it moving, it’s a delight to reel in, and the loud rattle from this crankbait combines with a quick, realistic presentation in the water which combines side-to-side movement with a quick wobbling action that draws in predatory fish from far and wide.

    If you’re in the market for an ultra-light crankbait, but want one with fully-featured performance, a long cast, and a great underwater presentation, you’re not going to want to miss out on the Ultra Light Minnow.

    Rattler Crankbait - Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures

    This Rapala Rattlin 05 is one of Rapala’s best and loudest. It features a specially designed BB chamber which creates a ton of noise, yet is still realistic and attractive to fish. It’s crafted with a dedication to realism, with holographic 3d eyes, exposed external scales, and a bunch of different colors.

    It’s designed to sink, and designed for long casts, and the balanced design always ensures a good profile and presentation when it’s sinking in the water, and when you need it most. It’s also incredibly versatile, with a realistic presentation and effective responsiveness at a huge variety of retrieval rates from extra-slow to as fast as you can crank your reel, and the lipless, compact design allow you to use it in areas where other lures might snag, such as in weedier waters, near rocks, or even during shore-fishing.

    Given its great presentation both during motion and while stationary, we recommend fishing this lure with a jerky retrieval method – toss it out as far as you can and let it sink for a while, then reel it in a bit, pause, reel it in a bit faster, pause, reel it in slower, and so on. Varying the speed and pausing every couple seconds allows the lure to move from a wobbling, stationary position to a more steady forward-facing fluttery swim, and causes a ton of noise from the finely-tuned BB chamber to attract your prey.

    There’s a reason Rapala is renowned for its unique lipless crankbaits, and this Rapala Rattlin’ 05 is no exception. If you’re a crankbait lover, you owe it to yourself to try this lure out. It’s versatile effective, and above all… it’s fun to use!

    Jointed Rattling Crankbait - Rapala Jointed 07 Fishing Lures

    If you’re looking for a crankbait that’s a little more high-tech and natural, you may be interested in this Rapala Jointed 07, which has been designed for a neutral buoyancy, shallow-medium running depth, and an extremely long cast which combines with a loud rattle, realistic presentation, and straight-and-true retrieval action that makes this a pleasure to fish with if you’re looking for more of a swimbait experience.

    This is a great lure to turn to in harder water conditions too, or when fish seem like they’re a bit tetchy or wary, and won’t bite other lures.​

    The natural presentation is aided by the jointed design, and it produces a very lively, baitfish-in-distress action that even the most stubborn and grizzled fish won’t be able to ignore for long.

    It’s also suited for super-slow retrieves, as the jointed body ensures a natural presentation even when you’re barely moving it – the water will push it around for you, and the smartly-jointed design and rattles will help do the rest – so it’s a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like casting and retrieving constantly, and is looking for more of a laid-back fishing experience.


    Rapala has remained one of the kings of high-quality lures for decades, and it seems unlikely that will change anytime soon. Their combination of experience, smart design, and high quality at a fairly low price point make them the go-to lure of tons of experienced anglers, and that’s because their lures get results.

    So whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, you should check out these lures, and give the rest of Rapala’s offerings a look. They’re not as cheap as your dime-store bait shop lures, and they’re not as expensive or cutting-edge as some of these johnny-come-lately lure companies, but they have endured the test of time, andfor a good reason. These lures work. What more could you want?

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    Best Monofilament Fishing Line

    Best Monofilament Fishing Line
    Best Monofilament Fishing Line

    Monofilaments one of the oldest and most popular fishing lines on the market, and if you ask a non-fisherman to identify fishing line, monofilament is probably what will pop into their head. However, monofilament wasn’t always popular.

    When nylon monofilament was first created by DuPont in 1939, it was very stiff and wiry, making it quite hard to handle and cast. Users loved how strong and light it was, and its transparent nature, as well as great knot-holding abilities, but it took a while for monofilament to catch on, due to its difficulty of use.

    DuPont kept innovating, and by the 1960s they had created a soft, flexible nylon monofilament that still maintained the durability, low visibility, and tight knot holds that had made their first experiments a success.

    This new filament was very inexpensive, and it became very popular for use on entry-level rods and reels. Since then, monofilament lines have continued to lead the industry when it comes to effective, low-cost fishing line, and DuPont’s original formula inspired a huge variety of imitators.

    Monofilaments get their name from their design – unlike braided lines, monofilaments use just one long, extruded filament, resulting in a line with tons of stretch and durability that remains quite sensitive.

    Nylon is by far the most popular material, usually in either single-polymer or multiple-polymer configurations, depending on the fishing characteristics desired by the angler. However, some companies have begun creating monofilaments with more advanced polymers like Dacron, Dyneema, and PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) that were previously only used for braided superlines.

    Let’s take a look at the advantages, disadvantages, and applications for monofilament lines now.

    Advantages Of Monofilaments


    Nylon monofilaments are by far the most inexpensive type of line to produce, since these lines are made from less advanced materials, and are extruded in a relatively unsophisticated process compared to fluorocarbon and braided lines.

    Neutral Buoyancy

    Unlike braided superlines and heavy fluorocarbons, most monofilaments maintain a neutral water profile, making them very useful both for topwater rigs and for shallow suspension fishing.

    Invisible In The Water

    Most monofilament is completely clear, and refracts very little light in the water, leading to a nearly invisible water profile that won’t spook fish.

    High Tensile Strength

    The strength of monofilament is easily on par with fluorocarbon – though neither of these lines are as strong as braided superlines.

    Forgiving and Easy To Use

    That same stretchiness of monofilament makes it especially suited for newer anglers – if you set your hook incorrectly, or have a very tight drag and get a strike, stiffer lines have a tendency to punish you, either by snapping outright, or ripping a hole through the mouth of the fish you’re trying to catch. Monofilament can stretch quite a bit, and that makes it easier for more inexperienced anglers to set their hooks properly, and still catch fish even if they’ve got a tight drag.

    Easy To Knot, With High Hold

    Some more advanced braided lines and fluorocarbons require specialized knots and sometimes even glue to make sure their knots have a great hold – monofilament’s softness and stretchiness mean that just about every knot type can be secured tightly and easily, again making it easier to use for novices or those who don’t want to bother learning a complicated knots.

    Durable and Shock-Absorbent

    The stretchy characteristics of monofilaments – up to 25% stretch in some lines – mean that monofilaments can stretch to absorb shocks of hard fish strikes, and can also take quite a beating from obstacles in the water like rocks, wood, or whatever else you may be running into.


    There is a huge variety of monofilament on the market, made in different diameters, materials, colors, and for different applications.

    Drawbacks Of Monofilaments

    Less Durable Over Time

    Some nylon monofilament and other materials tend to absorb water, and can degrade rapidly with use, especially under heavy heat and sunlight. Some of the more advanced monofilament materials manage to alleviate this problem, but monofilament is still generally the least expensive product on the market.

    Not Great For Deepwater Fishing

    The need for very high strength, durable lines that last a long time make monofilament a poor choice for intensive, deepwater fishing for large animals, as it can rapidly degrade, and its stretchiness can be a drawback when you’re working with longer line lengths.

    High “Line Memory”

    The more you use a given monofilament line, the harder it will be to work with, resulting in occasional snags and snare on the line when you’ve been using the same line for months at a time.

    Not As Strong As Braided Lines

    Monofilament will require a much thicker line per pound of tensile strength compared to braided lines, though its tensile strength is on par with most fluorocarbons.

    Doesn’t Sink

    This isn’t a drawback as much as it’s a specific application problem – if you need sinking line, look to fluorocarbon or braided superlines.

    Absorbs Water

    In extended-duration applications, nylon monofilament has a tendency to become logged with water, which reduces its strength and makes it heavier.

    Not as sensitive as other lines

    While monofilament is pretty sensitive, the stretchiness that makes the material forgiving and easy to use can lead to a mushierlinefeel, making it harder to discern light bites from smaller quarry.

    Recommended Application

    Monofilament is best for smaller, freshwater all-purpose fishing, and in heavier weights it can be used for more heavy-duty, specialized applications, though often you’d be better off with superlines in those cases.

    It’s especially suited for novice anglers who need more experience to be able to use a more sensitive and non-stretchy line. This is one of the main reasons that entry-level rods usually come with a nylon monofilament installed – along with its low price, of course.

    Monofilament is great if you tend to favor topwater fishing rigs and suspending rigs, as it doesn’t sink readily and can easily maintain a neutral water profile underwater.

    Monofilament is also popular as a leader and tippet – its near-transparency in the water makes a thin monofilament the perfect material to use at the end of a thicker superline or fly line, as it won’t spook fish and lends a natural presentation to your lures.

    And of course, monofilament is perfect for situations where you require its strength and shock absorbency – it’s well suited to some larger fish that tend to struggle, and can be surprisingly strong at larger diameters. Just make sure you’ve got a large enough reel to accommodate a thick monofilament.

    Monofilament is also popular as a leader and tippet – its near-transparency in the water makes a thin monofilament the perfect material to use at the end of a thicker superline or fly line, as it won’t spook fish and lends a natural presentation to your lures.

    Product Recommendation

    1. Stren High Impact Fishing Line

    This monofilament from Stren is about as classic as you can get. It comes in a gigantic reel with plenty of yardage-per-dollar, and it’s available up to a 60lb test line, so there are plenty of options no matter what kind of game you’re fishin’ up.

    It’s tough, invisible in the water, and abrasion resistant, and has great knot strength, just like all nylon monofilament lines. It’s great for use by itself, or as a leader or tippet if you need to top off a superline, or a fly line.

    It’s not going to win beauty contests, it doesn’t incorporate high-tech flash and wizardry, and it’s not going to catch the fish for you, but it’s a great deal, a great line, and a great spool to have stashed in your garage when you need to restring a bunch of rods.

    2. Berkley Nanofil Uni-Filament Fishing Line

    This line from Berkley is quite interesting – it’s almost a hybrid line, but it’s closer to a standard monofilament than a superline or other braided line. It uses a unique gel-spun polyethylene hybrid.

    It features hundreds of microscopic monofilaments that are all aligned and pressed together, resulting in a line that has braided superline characteristics such as minimal stretch and incredibly high tensile strength, yet remains soft and pliable, with a near-transparent water profile.

    This results in a line that casts like a dream, has incredible durability, and minimizes the drawbacks of typical mono – it won’t get waterlogged, it doesn’t stretch too much, and it holds up well in all conditions. If you’re looking for a high-tech mono replacement, you’re gonna want to snag this spool up.

    3. Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool

    Trilene is Berkley’s proprietary multiple-polymer nylon blend that’s specifically meant to emphasize the positive attributes of monofilament while the reducing negative characteristics such as line-soddening, lower sensitivity, and lower longevity.

    The result is a strong, durable monofilament product that combines a high tensile strength with a much more controlled stretch – it won’t be nearly as stretchy as standard mono, so it’s a bit harder to use, but this means increased sensitivity without sacrificing a bit of line forgiveness.

    However, just like all monofilaments, it does have a bit of a “line memory” problem, resulting in some snags and spooling issues after months of use. Overall though, it’s a great product if you’re looking for something a little more advanced than standard monofilament

    4. Hi-Seas Grand Slam Monofilament Line

    Some people swear by monofilament for trolling applications, and if you want to try it out for yourself, this line from Hi Seas is certainly appropriate.

    Unlike most monofilaments, it’s incredibly durable, and suited for saltwater as well as freshwater trolling operations, and while it’s a bit less sensitive and more stiff than other nylon mono, it doesn’t sacrifice shock absorption or durability, so it’s great when you’re getting hits from big fish in deep waters.

    However, it is quite a bit stiffer than thinner diameter, less strong mono – it’s quite hard to use on smaller rods and reels, and in situations where you’re casting and retrieving often. This makes it better suited for trolling applications, whether in saltwater or in deep freshwater lakes.

    5. Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate-Monofilament Superline

    Spiderwire is mainly known for their line of top-notch braided superlines, but this product is a high quality, durable monofilament, built out of an ultrathin, proprietary monofilament blend that’s 33% stronger than standard monofilament while still maintaining the same diameter.

    It also doesn’t stretch quite as far as cheaper mono – 15% rather than the 25%+ that can be seen in some bargain products, making it ideal if you love monofilament, but don’t need the excess stretchiness that can come along with it.

    It’s a great choice if you’re trying to bridge the gap between more inexpensive monofilaments and more expensive, easily visible superlines, and a durable, easy-to-use line that’s useful in just about any water conditions.

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    Storm Lures

    storm lures
    storm lures

    Storm Lures is certainly an interesting company – their corporate motto is “Think Like A Fish.” They’re dedicated to truly understanding what makes fish take the bait, and how to best simulate realistic baits and appeal to huge varieties of fish with consistent, versatile products.

    For this reason, they offer one of the widest varieties of products that a single lure company makes – including hardbaits, hybrid baits, and softbaits. They don’t just focus on a single kind of bait because they don’t believe that all fish are attracted to just one kind of bait.

    Besides their versatile, varied offerings of bait materials, they also offer several unique innovations to set them apart from other lure companies, such as their UV Bright™ technology.

    • Storm WildEye Live Pike 04 Fishing Lures
    • Hybrid style lure
    • Needle point hook for good holding power
    • Ultra realistic
    • Exceptional for bass and pike
    • Storm WildEye Swim Shad 03 Fishing Lures
    • Bio-salt impregnated tail for a mild salt flavor
    • Nickel needlepoint hook for a great hold
    • Natural swimming motion
    • Holographic foil finish
    • Storm Twitch Stick 10 Fishing Lure
    • Crankbait-style rattlebox
    • Works best as topwater lure
    • Creates a good amount of noise
    • Realistic minnow-style profile
    • Storm Smash Shad 5 Fishing Lure
    • UV bright finish with visible scales
    • Extra loud rattle
    • Versatile and quick
    • Excellent for smaller lakes and rivers
    • Storm WildEye Spin Shad 03 Fishing Lure
    • Hybrid spinnerbair / swimbait
    • Willow leaf design for superb natural rotation
    • Realistic profile
    • High quality and durable

    This technology was created specifically to reflect more light than any other lure on the market, increasing the visibility of their lures by using a unique combination of optical brighteners, reflective surfaces, and fluorescent paints. That all adds up to a lure that’s bright and clear, perfect for punching through murkier waters, and for shining far and wide when the water is clear, and fish are feeding by sight.

    Their hybrid baits are perhaps their most unique of all – they incorporate softbody features like top-hooks that are stuck in the body, with long, flexible and rubberized tails, as well as hardbait features like rattle chambers, suspender hooks, and natural, realistic paint jobs.

    These lures are truly the definition of “more than the sum of their parts”, blending the best and most useful elements of both bait styles into a brilliant, versatile package, and are one of the many reasons that Storm Lures is making waves in the fishing industry.

    Hybrid Swimbait - Storm WildEye Live Pike 04 Fishing Lures

    This lure by Storm is a perfect example of the hybrid style they’re known for. Made of a semi-soft, yet rigid and durable body, it comes equipped with a VMC needle point hook on the top ridge of the lure, and a VMC treble hook suspended from the belly, giving it plenty of holding power and angles from which it can snag your prey. It’s also created to be ultra-realistic, unlike some standard soft baits.

    The paint job is created with a naturalistic design that incorporates “flash-foil” where relevant, increasing visibility. It also incorporates Storm’s WildEye technology – 3D eyes that are purpose-built to be natural and convincing.

    These lures are especially good for larger bass and pike, but they come in smaller sizes for smaller lake or freshwater fishing. They are best fished with a steady cast-and-retrieve to take advantage of the natural swimming motion, which is aided by the soft, flexible rubber tail.

    And given their neutral buoyancy, they can be rigged to fall to whatever water depths you prefer.

    If you’ve never tried a hybrid lure before, this one is a great place to start. It truly combines the best of both worlds – the great paint jobs and belly-suspended treble hooks typical in hardbaits, and the soft, natural and convincing swimming action that’s usually only presented in softbaits.

    Soft Swimbait - Storm WildEye Swim Shad 03 Fishing Lures

    This swimbait from Storm sets itself apart from the pack in several ways. First, it’s created with an ultra-soft, yet durable body style, and cast and colored in over a half-dozen colorways that are versatile and convincing. This realistic body and soft design is complemented by a holographic foil finish and ultra-realistic 3d eyes.

    Second, it incorporates a bio-salt impregnated tail that attracts fish from far and wide with a mild salt flavor that won’t scare away more wary fish. They’re also pre-rigged with VMC nickel needlepoint hooks that provide a great hold, so you won’t have to worry about losing a fish after a bit, unlike some other similar softbaits.

    Third, the presentation of this lure is excellent. It’s a pretty small lure, weighing in at only .25oz, but it can really bring in fish with its natural swimming motion combined with the subtle salty scent that its tail gives off.

    They’re best fished in a steady cast-and-retrieve motion with plenty of side-to-side movement to really kick up water and augment the natural swimming motion – cast it as far as you can, and being reeling. Jerk your rod to the side and reel in, pause for a moment, then jerk to the other side, and repeat. Doing so creates an enticing presentation that is irresistible to fish.

    Because it’s so versatile and fun to fish with, we recommend sticking a few of these bad boys in your tackle-box. Coming in versatile colors, and at a relatively low price, you can nab one to use in any weather or water conditions, and once you start reeling them in with the WildEye Shad, you’ll never want to stop.

    Suspending Jerkbait - Storm Twitch Stick 10 Fishing Lure

    This lure is, simply, one of the most fun suspending jerkbaits we’ve ever used. Unlike lots of jerkbaits that function best as a topwater lure, this one is specifically designed with a small lip and neutral buoyancy profile that lets you stick it a few feet deep in the water column, and get to jerkin’. Unlike many jerkbaits, it incorporates a crankbait-style rattlebox that contains multiple rattlers and makes plenty of noise and commotion under the water.

    Combined with its realistic minnow-style profile, 3D eye technology, and great paint job with external scaling, and the premium VMC black nickel hooks, and you’ve truly got a killer lure on your hands.

    As far as fishing it goes, it’s incredibly responsive, wobbling and shaking with even the slightest twitches of the rod, and it’s easy to make it dart back and forth, even at its max depth of about 6 feet. It’s best to fish it by casting it out and letting it sink to its maximum depth, and then moving it in small, horizontal dashing motions as you move up in the water column.

    Once you’re about a foot from the surface, let it sink again, and repeat. This method makes the wobbling and twitching presentation of this lure incredibly prominent, and allows the rattling BBs in the body to make maximum commotion, and bring in your prey.

    It’s hard to overstate how fun this jerkbait is to use. It’s incredibly responsive and effective. Some out there may think that jerkbaits are ineffective and boring, but if they rig up one of these lures, we think we could convince them otherwise.

    Midwater Hardbody Crankbait - Storm Smash Shad 5 Fishing Lure

    The Storm Smash Shad is one of the most versatile and fun crankbaits on the market today. This particular version, the 05, is a smaller offering which runs at a max depth of 5’, but other models can dive up to 12’, making this lineup of lures a great choice for all your midwater crankbait needs.

    It’s made with a realistic, UV Bright finish complete with visible scales and 3D eye technology for a flashy, yet natural look that really attracts fish, especially when combined with the explosively loud rattle and the rolling, lurching action that it picks up at high retrieval speeds.

    This lure isn’t just a high-speed retrieval or trolling crankbait, though – it maintains a great rolling action at just about all speeds, so you can feel free to jerk it around, rig it up to drop, or just keep it low and slow on the retrieve – it does it all.

    It’s durable, too – a high-quality plastic body pairs with ultra-secure VMC black nickel treble hooks to make a lure that can hold up to plenty of bites (and there will be plenty of bites).

    It’s just plain fun to use a crankbait this well made. Its versatility, and restrained, smaller design make it a must-have for smaller lake and river fishing.

    Spinner Combo - Storm WildEye Spin Shad 03 Fishing Lure with Gold Blade

    Who doesn’t love a spinner? Hint – it’s not fish – they go wild for this thing! This lure combines a high-quality, flashy spinner on one end with a three-pack of Storm’s Shad 03 soft plastic lures to place on the jig on the opposite side, creating a hybrid spinnerbait/swimbait that’s as effective as it is fun.

    The blade is built in a “willow leaf” design that pairs with a stainless-steel ball bearing that attach it to the rest of the lure, allowing unmatched, natural rotation and spin with the water to create a flashy presentation that can pierce through even the murkiest of waters.

    And on the other side, the Storm Shad 03 is built with a foil design that’s just as flashy, and incorporates a realistic profile, as well as Storm’s 3D eye technology, to create a spinnerbait that’s a cut above standard jig and grub offerings.

    And given the high-quality jig hook, you can rig it up with just about anything you want, once your Wildeye Shad supply runs out – skirts, grubs, worms, live baits – just about anything you can imagine. The high-quality spinner rig can take some real abuse and still hold up just fine, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re going to lose your blade. You can just focus on reeling in the fish.


    There are plenty of other Storm Lures products – Topwater rattlers, suspenders, deep-trolling crankbaits, salt-impregnated softbaits, jigs, and even more, but we can’t go over all of them her.

    This article simply highlights some of their most versatile, interesting, and unique options, and we can safely say that Storm manufactures some lure styles that you simply cannot get anywhere else, such as their unique hybrid designs, and even their more traditional soft andhardbaits are top quality, and deserve a look if you’re stocking up on fresh lures before fishin’ season starts up in earnest.

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    Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

    Top Fluorocarbon Lines
    Top Fluorocarbon Lines


    Although when it was first introduced, its high-tech and advanced material limited fluorocarbon line to niche usefulness as a high-strength saltwater leader, it’s become one of the most popular types of fishing line on the market today. It’s renowned for a host of positive traits – low visibility in water, low price, high strength and waterproofing, and a low diameter, among others.

    But what applications is fluorocarbon appropriate for? We’ll go over the positive and negative traits of fluorocarbon line, talk about its appropriate uses, and then give you some product recommendations.

    • Seaguar Red Label 200 Yard Fishing Line
    • Best for catching sensitive fish
    • Ligthweight and natural presentation
    • Slow sinking action with low underwater visibility
    • Great line feel and superb durability
    • Seaguar Invizx 200 Yard Fishing Line
    • Crafted in a proprietary extrusion process
    • Flexible and strong
    • Lightweight with a small line diameter
    • Strong yet sensitive casting experience
    • Seaguar Invizx 1000 Yard Fishing Line Spool
    • Excellent bulk buying option
    • Good choice for stacking up
    • Top quality, in-house manufactured line
    • 1000 yard spool
    • Seaguar Blue Label 25 Yards Leader
    • Available from 2lb to 80lb line weights
    • Low stretch, high durability
    • Double Structure Fluorocarbon structure
    • Great sinking action
    • Rio Fluoroflex Plus Tippet 30yd
    • Very small diameter and excellent strenght
    • Ideal to use as a tippet
    • Nearly invisible in water
    • Durable, strong and easy to work with


    The first and foremost advantage of fluorocarbon line is that it’s extremely hard to see in water – its low diameter, transparent color, and the fact that it doesn’t distort light that passes through it means it’s unlikely to be noticed at all by fish, making it perfect when you need to avoid spooking a fish, or for use as a leader on heavier, more durable casting lines or fly lines.

    In addition, it’s very sensitive when compared to some other monofilaments like nylon – the tightly packed molecules in the polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) that most fluorocarbon lines are made of transmit energy and telegraph information more quickly and efficiently than some other comparable monofilaments, which allows for a tighter, faster response to bites, quicker hook setting, and better sensitivity in the water.

    It’s also more durable and abrasion resistant than more inexpensive nylon monofilaments of comparable thickness. This allows it to be used in tougher waters and in places that are less friendly to less durable lines, like rocky shores or underneath piers and other places where you can expect to encounter obstacles.

    It’s also totally waterproof – it won’t become sodden or absorb any water, maintaining its strength and durability when immersed for long periods of time. And fluorocarbon also has better hooking power than comparable monofilaments, because it has less flex and stretch, allowing a faster and more consistent hooking action upon strikes.

    Finally, although fluorocarbon is usually about the same diameter as comparable strength monofilament, it’s hard-to-see, non-refracting qualities in the water allow you to select a thicker line, which will deliver more strength and still be near-invisible while sitting in the water.

    Drawbacks and Limitations

    Of course, fluorocarbon has its limitations. Firstly, it’s not as manageable as some other lines, as it has a high “line memory”, which ages it more quickly than other comparable monofilaments and braided lines, which have a relative low line memory. It’s also stiffer, which, combined with high line memory, can mean that it’s harder to work with and more likely to lead to snags and tangles – although modern rods and reels are more smooth and help to manage tough line more easily.

    And although it’s stronger than nylon monofilaments, it’s less able to handle quick, heavy shocks – although it is very strong under load, heavy pressure can lead to line-snap, so when fishing for heavier quarry, you’ll need to fish with a looser drag – if you fish too tight, you risk the line snapping when a large fish makes impact, which can lead to loss of not only the fish, but your lure and rig as well.

    Fluoro also sinks a lot faster than nylon mono and braided lines, so it’s not as good for topwater applications like jerk baiting, and it’s also not appropriate for suspending lures and rigs. However, this sinking action does make it very good for depth trolling, and for deep crankbait cast-and-retrieval methods, so it’s not necessarily a drawback – just a feature that make this line better for some applications than others.

    In addition, it can be tough to get tight, consistent knots on fluorocarbon line – usually you’ll need to wet the knot before cinching it up tight, or else it may come undone once it hits the water. They’re best tied in palomar or trilene knots, which may be tougher for novice anglers to tie properly.


    Fluorocarbon is idea on rods and reels used to fish smaller game, especially in areas where you need low visibility with plenty of strength and hook setting power, along with decent stiffness and great sensitivity.

    And while fluoro can be used on its own, its positive attributes are amplified when it’s used as leader or tippet material – you minimize the line memory problems caused by fishing exclusively with fluorocarbon lines, and you gain a low-profile, impossible to detect leader or tippet that is almost totally invisible to fish, so they won’t get spooked, and can focus on the naturally moving bait or lure that you’ve rigged up.

    Overall, fluorocarbon line occupies a middle-ground between more tough and stiff lines such as braided options, and more inexpensive, less durable lines like standard nylon monofilaments.

    It has plenty of great characteristics that distinguish it, and every angler should have some fluoro on hand – whether you’re rigging up a new fly rod or setting up a smaller rod and reel setup for freshwater fishing, its myriad of positive characteristics make it a great choice when you need a blend of power, durability, and invisibility.

    Our Recommendations

    This selection of fluorocarbon line is best used for spinners and baitcasters when you’re going after smaller prey – though they do offer up to 20lb line weights.

    This line is especially useful for setups where you’re going after sensitive fish that are easily spooked – it’s built for a natural, easy presentation that’s lightweight, and a slow sinking action that combos beautifully with its “barely-there” underwater visibility.

    It’s also very soft and sensitive, allowing a great line-feel that’s much appreciate when working with smaller fish.

    It maintains the durability that fluorocarbon is known for, too – it’s UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbent and high density, and is impervious to both cold and hot conditions, delivering a consistent and easy to use product.

    This line by Seaguar is a bit more expensive than some other 100% fluorocarbon lines on the market, but it’s crafted in a proprietary extrusion process that leaves it flexible, strong, and maintains a light weight and small line diameter, leading to a strong yet sensitive casting experience that’s perfect for both baitcasters and spinning reels.

    Unlike other companies in the market, Seaguar produces their own PVDF fluorocarbon material in-house – many competitors simply buy their PVDF from overseas producers who create the material in gigantic bulk shipments, or buy their material from another manufacturer (like Seaguar).

    Since Seaguar is both the manufacturer and the seller of their own line, they can produce high-quality line and still maintain a lower cost than some other brands, meaning you’ll get more for your money, and know that your line will be strong, sensitive, and top-quality, with all of the constant innovation and manufacturing knowledge that Seaguar brings to the table.

    If you’re rigging up a couple dozen rods (or just looking to not buy fluoro line again for a couple years) this option form Seaguar might appeal to you – the same top-quality, in-house manufactured line you see above, this 1000-yard spool of Invizx Fluorocarbon line is probably one of the best bulk buying options for your money.

    This product by Seaguar is great if you’re looking for a leader for a fly rod, or any fishing setup, and want high quality fluorocarbon with minimal stretch and maximum durability. The Double Structure Fluorocarbon (DSF) structure gives it great tensile strength, and good impact and abrasion resistance.

    In addition, this line is designed to have a great sinking action, just like all fluoro line – which makes it great when you’re doing some deeper crankbaiting, or if you need a leader for a sinking or sinking-tip fly line.

    Available in anywhere from 2lb to 80lb line weights, it’s versatile, durable, and nearly invisible to fish – all of which make it a great choice for a leader or tippet.

    5. Fluoro Tippet - Rio Fluoroflex Plus Tippet 30yd

    If you’re looking for an invisible, top-quality tippet, look no farther than this offering by Rio – this line is made of 100% fluorocarbon at one of the smallest, yet strongest diameters on the market, and is easy to manage and knot, making it ideal for use as a tippet.

    Its near-invisibility in the water combined with its strength and highly manageable qualities make it a great pick for a tippet, especially in calmer waters or places where fish are highly alert, and you need to make sure you don’t spook them, and it’s usable both in saltwater and freshwater.

    If you’ve never used a fluoro tippet and are wondering what the hype is about, you’ll want to check this product out. It’s durable, strong, and easy to work with, and totally invisible in the water.


    There’s no such thing as “one perfect fishing line” – they’ve all got separate uses and applications, and fluorocarbon is no exception. Sought after for its invisibility, durability, and great sensitivity, it nonetheless falls short in some applications.

    Despite this, its overall usefulness and quality, along with its ability to be used as a leader and tippet on other types of fishing lines, means that every angler should have a spool or two of high-quality fluoro somewhere in their tackle box, and our list of products above is a great place to start.

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