Ross Animas Spey Reel Review

Ross Animas Spey Reel

Ross Animas Spey Reel 1

Rating: 3.5/5

Gear Ratio




- If you are tight on budget and looking for one of the best reels for fly fishing then this one is for you. It is not just lightweight but very efficient as well.

- The Ross Animas Spey Reel will keep running no matter what it faces. The reel is very smooth, and the drag system is robust so, you will not face any difficulties while catching fish.


- There are no such problems with this one. It is the best selling fly fishing reel in the USA. You can rely on this reel without and confusion.


Ross Reels Comparison

  • Ross Animas Fly Fishing Reel
  • Can be used for saltwater fly fishing
  • Solid aluminum frame
  • Powerful drag system
  • Left and right-hand conversion
  • Ross Flyrise Fly Reel
  • Award-winning Evolution LT Drag system
  • Precise and sensitive drag adjustment
  • New drag knob design
  • Dependability underneath demanding conditions
  • Ross Evolution Fly Fishing Reel LT
  • Teflon-impregnated drag material
  • Freshwater, warm water, and saltwater application
  • Triple redundancy drag system
  • Covers line weights between 1-9
  • Ross Rapid Reel
  • Large arbor design
  • Rulon disc drag
  • Reverse tapered handle
  • Lightning-quick line pick up
  • Ross Flystart Fly Fishing Reel
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Delrin 500P disc drag system
  • Left and right-hand configuration
  • Self-lubricating drag system


Fishing has been one of the most popular hobbies for a very long time. People enjoy various types of fishing, for example, ice fishing, saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, fly fishing, etc.

There is no shortage of the fly fishing accessories in the market these days. Indeed, the increase in popularity of the fly fishing has made the gears easily available in the market over the past decade.

Ross Animas Spey Reel 2

One of the most important things that need to be considered is the fly fishing gears. This is because there are hundreds of brands available in the market, but not all of them are worth the time and money.

If you want to catch the satisfactory number of flying fish, then you need to choose the flying fish reels very carefully. Otherwise, you will end up with the wrong one, and ultimately, all of your efforts will go in vain. One vital piece of equipment is a good ice fishing reel.

Faulty ice fishing reel will not just some you no fish but also take away the joy. If you are looking for a good reel for fly fishing then here you will get all the information about the best fly fishing reel.

Main Usage

A fly reel does more than just hold the line. The Ross Animas Spey Reel has one of the best reels in the world, and it is preferred by a lot of experts. The Ross is popular for creating the finest fly fishing tools available in the market. The manufacturer says that they are committed to the quality of the product because each and every fly fishing accessories is built by rigorous testing.

The Ross Animas Spey Reel is the guarantee of the skilled professionals to continually exceed the expectation as well as the satisfaction of the customers. The customers are euphoric with the performance and quality of this product.

Ross Animas Spey Reel 3

Ross Animas Spey Reel is made with high-quality materials. It is not just durable but also very effective. If you buy this reel, you will be able to get the satisfactory result. Ross Animas Spey Reel is not lighter in weight rather they are bit robust so that, the users can balance the longer rods easily with the help of this. This is the best seller fly fishing rod in the USA.

Product Features

Ross Animas Spey Reel is very popular for its features. This product is used widely by the experts. People recommend this for a satisfactory as well as enjoyable fishing experience. Within the budget, this reel has the capability to be the number one fly fishing reel in the world.

Reel Body and Frame:

Reel body is also known as the housing. It can be made of graphite or aluminum or even the combination of both. In the cheaper reels, graphite is used while in the expensive ones aluminum is mainly used as it gives more strength to the reel. However, graphite makes a great reel body and frame as well.

The body of the Ross Animas Spey Reel is made of the solid aluminum frame which gives it the strength to fish in any water. This is bit heavier than the other fly fishing reels, but this is a very advantageous characteristic. It helps to keep the balance while aiming to the water.

Drag System:

One of the most important aspects of a reel is the drag system, and the customer needs to be very conscious at the time of buying this. The drag is responsible for the applying of pressure to the hooked fish and also letting out the line at the time of the fight.

 You cannot expect to catch a good number of fishes if you do not have a smooth and high-quality drag. You will be surprised to know that, the Ross Animas Spey Reel has powerful drag system. This helps the reel to apply sufficient pressure at the time of pulling large fishes. This drag system assists in having an excellent grip at the time of pulling the fish carefully from the water.

Ross Animas Spey Reel 4


Spools are one of the most important parts of the fly fishing reels. If you do not pay attention towards it, then it may happen that, all your hard work went into vain just because of not checking the spool while buying it.

Ross Animas Spey Reel 5

The Ross Animas Spey Reel is consists of one piece frame spool, one piece spool, handle a drag knob as well.

This function has made the fishing a lot easier. This is surely one of the best features of the Ross Animas Spey Reel.


Ross Animas Spey Reel is designed for all types’ water. You can use this product in freshwater, warm water as well as saltwater. This has the quick release locking spool, and smooth left hand to right hand retrieve conversion. You will be able to catch fishes very comfortably with this one.


This is the best seller in the USA. The price is within range, and the light weight has made it perfect for fly fishing. The features of Ross Animas Spey Reel are amazing. Both experts and amateurs prefer this. The professionals say that this is a must have for those who love and enjoy fishing. If you are looking for a fly fishing reel, then this one is perfect for you.

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