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Shakespeare Medium Action Ugly Stik Bigwater Combo Review

By Nick Simpson | Rod and Reel Combo

Shakespeare Medium Action Ugly Stik Bigwater Combo

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 3.9/5






- It is affordable

- Can be used in both salt and fresh water


- The rod is not suitable for people who fish regularly



Buying a rod that can be used to fish bass is a must if you are an angler who fishes for fun. In this case, you need a rod that is a little bit stout, with a great backbone and which will get the job done easily. 

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

One of the products available for consideration is the Shakespeare Medium Action Ugly Stik Bigwater Combo.The combo is easy to use and is designed for both fresh and saltwater fishing. The set comes with a reel that is an ideal set for anglers who seldom fish.

Main Usage

The Ugly Stick Bigwater Spinning Combo was meant for anglers who engage in fun fishing. It includes a 2-piece rod that comes with durable EVA handles that guarantees long-term comfort. The pole features genuine Fuji guides and comes with a seat that allows the angler to use the combo with little difficulty.

This is Shakespeare's special combo that consists of a graphite reel that boasts of an anodized aluminum spool and ball bearing. It is an excellent set you can comfortably use in both salt and freshwater fishing.


The combo is affordable and is an ideal product you would consider buying for a relative with fishing inclinations. Also, the combo comes with a reliable multi-disc drag system, is nice looking and could make a great addition to your stock.

Product Features


The Ugly Stick Bigwater Spinning Combo features a rod that is 6'6'' long. This is a moderate length that makes the rod ideal for anglers who prefer medium sized rods. It gives the angler full control and enables them to tackle hard fighting fish with ease.

It is the best rod you can buy if you are the type of angler that plies the fishing trade in narrow rivers since it allows you to control the proceeding and gives you average casting power. Even though, the rod does not have the power you would want when playing with a large fish.


Ugly Stick Bigwater Spinning Combo features a rod that is capable of handling a line weight of 8-14 lb and a lure weight of 3/16- 1/2oz. That means that it is a rod that can be relied on to fish both medium and large size fish such as walleye, big northern, catfish. 

It is stiff and does not break easily even when subjected to extreme conditions. This rods that is recommended for bass fishing since it is a moderate fast action rod that allows the angler to detect when the prey bites the lure and set the hook.


Power :

It is a medium power rod that requires little effort to bend. It has a lot of backbone and is an ideal pole for anglers who fish in water with a thick cover.

The rod can handle a line that weighs up to 14lbs and is designed to carry a lure of up to a/2 oz.

It makes it an ideal rod for anglers targeting fish such as bass and musky. It is a well-balanced rod that does not fatigue anglers regardless of the time they spend fishing.



The Ugly Stick Bigwater Spinning Combo comes with a rod that is categorized as moderate fast action rod which bends a third of the way of the rod's blank. This makes it ideal for any targeting medium sized fish. The tip is sensitive - thanks to the lightweight graphite blank.

Anglers who fish with this rod find it easier to set the hook, and it is ideal when using single hooks, jig, spinnerbait and Texas rig soft plastic. The load is released as soon as the rod stops and releases the bait. This allows the angler to cast the rod.


Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater Combo is certainly one of the sets an angler can use to defeat the underwater challenges. It is constructed using the Ugly Tech™ that gives it the extra backbone that allows it to tackle the hard fighting fish with ease. 

The combo features a graphite reel with 8 bearings, one of which is anti-reverse. This allows for a smooth drag and retrieve. It also features a 6'6'' pole that is suitable for anglers who fish in narrow rivers. Also, the pole features durable EVA rod grip that makes it easier to control and remain in charge when fighting bass.

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