Shakespeare One-Piece Ugly Stik Big Water Standup Tuna Rod (5-Feet 6-Inch) Review

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Shakespeare One-Piece Ugly Stik Big Water Standup Tuna Rod (5-Feet 6-Inch)

Shakespeare One Piece Ugly Stik Big Water Rod 6

Rating: 4.7/5






- It is extremely sensitive and lightweight.

- It is cheap,


- The seat gets loose over time and can easily break.



If you are an experienced angler, you need a rod that is not only durable but which will not have a problem catching big blue marlins, tuna or wahoo. You need a rod you can trust to do the job regardless of the prevailing fishing conditions. 

Shakespeare One Piece Ugly Stik Big Water Rod 5

The Shakespeare One-Piece Ugly Stik Rod is one of the tools you can trust to do the job for you. This is a short pole that performance better and is more durable. It will help you catch more fish, and feature a comfortable grip.

Main Usage

The Ugly stik weighs 1.7 ounces and is designed for great water angling. This is a perfect rod to try out if you are visiting the tropical fishing ground since it is designed to stand challenge found in this areas. It features the EVA grip and is 72.00 x 2.00 x 1.00 Inches in dimension. The pole is versatile and is capable of pulling anything in the range of 30lb.

Also, the pole has a sensitive tip that makes it easier for the angle to feel the fish when it breathes near the bait. And, the rod comes with stainless steel hoods that are unbreakable and comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Shakespeare One Piece Ugly Stik Big Water Rod 3

Also, the ugly stik come in 3 collections: lighter action, medium action, and heavy action. The lightweight pole casts great and is as strong as any other pole. It can also handle anything and can suitably be deployed to pursue any fish.

Product Features

Power :

Shakespeare One-Piece Ugly Stik is a great rod and a true workhorse. The pole is capable of sustaining a weight of about 45 pounds suspended at its end. Also, the pole can be bent for one complete bend without showing signs of cracks or breaking.

This makes the rod ideal for deep and heavy sea fishing. It is the type of a rod that allows an experienced angler to handle a large fish such as musky with ease. The fact that the rod comes in light, medium and heavy action categories gives the angler a wider selection depending on the targeted fish.

Recovery, Sensitivity and Brittleness

Shakespeare One-Piece Ugly Stik is a multipurpose rod designed to meet the needs of most anglers. It comprises a graphite core coated with the fiberglass which gives the rod the sensitivity it requires without compromising its strength.

The fiberglass is strong and more responsive. It comes in different types including the 6'6" and 7" pole which gives anglers a greater distance that helps to improve on accuracy.

The fact that this is a one piece rod means that no degree of sensitivity is lost as it is in the case of two-piece rods. This ensures that the angler does not miss a strike.

Shakespeare One Piece Ugly Stik Big Water Rod 1


The Shakespeare One-Piece Ugly Stik is made of graphite. Graphite is less dense than any other metal hence it makes the rod stiffer but lighter in weight. 

Shakespeare One Piece Ugly Stik Big Water Rod 7

This makes it easier to cast the pole and plays a great role in flexing the rod tip to help to build energy in the flex. The lighter weight helps to cast the bait effectively.

Note that the rod is more sensitive and the angler will be notified as soon as the fish strikes the tip, which is critical when there is a light target at the end.


The Shakespeare One-Piece Ugly Stik rod flexes quite well when power is applied. It can bend one complete circle without breaking and easily transfers the power to the blank rod.This balances the power for casting the rod and fighting the bass. The rod's action is superb and makes it easier to fight the fish as soon as it gets hooked.


Shakespeare One-Piece Ugly Stik rod is one of the rods that is carefully designed to ensure that its value meets the performance. It is an all-around fishing pole that gives anglers a better chance of ripping from their investment. 

The pole combines fiberglass and the graphite to give the world the best fishing rod on the market. It is an inexpensive rod that is suitably designed for casual and young anglers.

Note that the rod's design guaranty sensitivity and greater performance. And the 5-year warranty makes it a must buy rod for both experienced and novice anglers.

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