Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead Rod Review

Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead

Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead 1

Rating: 3.2/5






- The rod give you a broad range of choices for fishing

- Highly sensitive rods

- Great casting power

- Many high-tech features


- Sometime, the stainless steel guides may be a hindrance during casting because they sometimes stick



Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead is a series of fishing rods that have been designed with a host of performance-enhancing features for the ultimate angling experience.

Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead 2

These are rods that can be used by both experienced anglers and newbies alike. All a newbie needs to do is select the appropriate rod for the tasks at hand.

Main Usage

The series of rods ranges from light to heavy power types. Therefore, you have the freedom to go for the fish types you want with Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead in your hands. The rods are typically heavy target poles though. They come with high sensitivity and impressive action that gives fish little time to escape.

The spinning rods are fitted with modern tech features that will blow you away. The fact that these rods are made of the trendy IM-6 graphite material should signal you that you are dealing with a high-end rod that comes at a considerate price. It is fitted with stainless steel guides to allow you the freedom to venture in a broad range of fishing environments; including salt water surroundings.

Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead 3

I was also impressed with the split cork handles that give you the best balance you will ever experience with rods in this range. These rods are equipped with a range of features to enhance your fishing outcomes.

Product Features


You have been given a rich choice with Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead. The rods range from light to fast action types. There are other options in between this range. The IM- graphite technology offers the best sensitivity and the required stiffness to set the hook and rein in that fast-running salmon and steelhead.

The rod comes with the versatility that you need for adventure fishing and handing the stubborn fish types. It offers a gradual flex with the ultimate stiffness that you need to fight big bass too. These poles give you great casting in general. It is a two piece rod, but it has a natural feel to it. It recovers fast after casting and features a seamless connection for the best sensitivity.


The power of Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead cannot be overstated. The rod specs speak volumes about its capacity to handle heavy drag pressure, significantly heavy bait and large fish. It is made of the enhanced IM-6 graphite carbon. This is what gives it the toughness needed in great fights with salmon. 

The rod is also reinforced with a blank that has its resin evenly spread throughout the graphite fibers to give the ultimate power under pressure. It flexes stiffly but cannot break easily. It is also designed to handle a range of line types. You are provided with the freedom to choose a rod from the series to fit your fishing objectives.

Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead 4


This rod is light; although you still have a range to choose from, for your convenience. It also comes with the capacity to handle both light and heavy lines. 

Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead 5

The two piece design ensures that you can easily carry the rod around while on travel or just stretching your fishing grounds to the far end. 

Fitted with rubber cork grips and split handle, you are assured of a rod that gives you great service with the optimal comfort. You can hold it for hours on end but still feel comfortable. The split cork handles allow for great balancing in your arms. It also features light and comfortable reel seats.

Sensitivity, Recovery, and Brittleness:

Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead is made of IM-6 graphite material. It provides the highest sensitivity for fishing rods. It has a stiff blank but allows a steady, gradual flex to avoid breaking. Its great power is what makes it the best choice for hunting salmon.

If you choose to go for the fast action or medium heavy types, you are set up for a great fishing experience that allows you to go for almost any target you want. The rod also recovers reasonably fast; thanks to its stiff attributes. The Shakespeare rods can flex significantly but steadily. The tubular blanks have been reinforced with the evenly spread out resin, within the graphite fibers, for optimal power and flexible qualities.


Shakespeare Wild Series SalmonSteelhead is a durable and strong rod for handling big and long-running fish like salmon and steelhead. The rod can be used effectively in both pond fishing and riverside stand-up angling.

It has been made to balance perfectly so that it can be used for long periods without straining the arms. The split handles also offer optimal balance and comfort during casting.

The fact that you have a rod that can handle both small and big fish is a welcome idea. It is light and can be used in travel fishing missions.

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