Shimano Saragosa SW Reels Review

Shimano Saragosa SW Reels

Shimano Saragosa SW Reels1

Rating: 4.1/5

Gear Ratio




- There is a range of reel sizes that you can choose from depending on your preferences.

- The reels are well-made and well-designed.


- These reels are a little on the expensive side.

- You need to carefully choose which size you buy so the reel fits the purposes you have for it.


Shimano Reels Comparison

  • Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Reel
  • Hagane construction
  • X-Ship gearing
  • 35” line retrieval
  • 20 lb. drag force
  • Shimano Stradic CI4+3000 Spinning Reel
  • X-Ship gearing
  • Reinforced carbon material
  • Waterproof drag system
  • 6 S-ARB ball bearings
  • Shimano Stella STLC3000XGFI Spinning Reel
  • 19.8 lbs. maximum drag
  • 36.6” line retrieve
  • S-Direct drive system
  • 13 bearings
  • Shimano Syncopate 2500 FG
  • Propulsion spool lip
  • Graphite frame
  • Quickfire II system
  • Propulsion Line Management system
  • Shimano Sahara 3000 FE
  • Graphite frame, side plate, and rotor
  • Cold forged aluminum spool
  • 4 bearing system
  • Slow Oscillation system


Versatility is the name of the Shimano Saragosa SW's game. You can use these reels for trolling, jigging, bottom fishing, as well as live bait. The Saragosa line also has some of the most reliable Shimano reels made for saltwater fishing.

Shimano Saragosa SW Reels2

The reel also comes in different sizes, ranging from the 5000 to the enormous 25000, to suit the particular needs of anglers.

The smaller sizes are made for casting and jigging, while the larger sizes are made for larger game like tuna. With this range of sizes and uses, the Saragosa SW line has something for every kind of saltwater angler.

Main Usage

As mentioned above, reels in the Saragosa SW line have a lot of uses. Mainly, however, these reels are for saltwater and bluewater fishing. Saltwater fishing involves catching fish like bass, trout, and muskies. Bluewater fishing, meanwhile, involves catching even larger fish like tuna, marlin, and even sharks. Bluewater fishing is also called big-game fishing or offshore sportfishing.

Thus, Saragosa SW reels are made for hard work. Large saltwater and bluewater fish are known for fighting hard, so the reel you use has to be able to fight back. The right reel from the Saragosa SW line will have your back when you're facing down a seven-foot long marlin.

Shimano Saragosa SW Reels3

These reels can definitely take a lot of abuse and come out of the other end unscathed. Reliability and durability like this is an important characteristic in reels that handle big game. You won't go wrong with a Saragosa SW reel.

Product Features

Reel Frame:

The reel frame of the Saragosa SW line is made of aluminum, which is a common choice in reel frames. Aluminum has low density and is therefore lightweight. This is an important feature in a reel; if a reel is too heavy, wrangling fish may be difficult. Don't be fooled, though; aluminum may be lightweight, but it is strong and durable.

Since the reel will be spending a lot of time in a saltwater environment, corrosion is a real possibility. Fortunately, aluminum is a corrosion-resistant metal, which makes it an excellent choice to create a reel frame.

Ball Bearings:

Shimano fitted the Saragosa SW line with S-ARB (shielded and anti-rust bearings). Many ball bearing systems on reels frequently experience rust, especially those in lower-quality reels. This won't be a problem in a Saragosa SW reel. These bearings will resist rust, which is an important quality to have in a saltwater environment.

Maintaining the bearings is also simple and easy. You can take the shield off to clean the bearings and get them working like new again. You can also apply some oil to ensure that they work smoothly and quietly. Maintaining this ball bearings system is easy as pie.

Shimano Saragosa SW Reels4


Shimano used cold-forged aluminum to create the spools for the Saragosa SW reels. Cold-forged aluminum is stronger and more durable than diecast aluminum. Because your line will be under a lot of pressure and stress once it's engaged, a strong and durable spool is beneficial.

Shimano Saragosa SW Reels5

With this spool, you can focus all your attentions on wrangling that fish out of the water and onto your boat.

You won't have to worry about how your reel and spool are holding up. A spool this strong will hold up under pressure and do its job well.


Saragosa SW reels have Super Stopper II Anti-Reverse, which completely eliminates backplay. This means that you won't feel that backplay that reels without the Super Stopper II Anti-Reverse have. Without this feature, you'll feel the backplay on the reel handle when you reel forward or backward.

All it takes to engage anti-reverse is flipping a switch. When you flip this switch, you can reel forward, but you won't be able to reel backward. Simply flip the switch back when you need to reel back. The Super Stopper II Anti-Reverse is imple yet effective when it comes to eliminating backplay.


These reels are reliable, durable, and well-made. You have a selection of reel sizes that have a variety of functions on the open water. These reels are made to handle whichever saltwater or bluewater game you want to catch, as long as you choose the proper reel size for the job.

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