Shimano SUCX68MH Sellus 1-Piece Worm/Jig Cast Rod (6-Feet 8-Inch Medium Heavy) Review

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Shimano SUCX68MH Sellus 1-Piece Worm/Jig Cast Rod (6-Feet 8-Inch Medium Heavy)

Shimano SUCX68MH Sellus 1 Piece Worm Jig Cast Rod 1

Rating: 4.0/5






- The rod provides significantly enhanced rod control

- The rod is capable of handling higher pressure

- It is quite sensitive and perfectly balanced


- It is a 1-piece rod, making it quite hard to store and to carry around


Shimano Rods Comparison

  • Shimano Solora 2-Piece Spinning Rod
  • Lenghts from 5'6" up to 7'0''
  • Two-piece body construction
  • Six models of varying strenths
  • Fiberglass construction with Shimano guides
  • Shimano FXS 2-Piece Spinning Rod
  • Lenghts from 7' up to 9'
  • Aero glass construction
  • Excellent cost-to-value
  • Great durability
  • Shimano Trevala Casting Rod
  • Lenghts from 5'8" up to 7'0''
  • Designed for saltwater use
  • Two types of guides
  • Good balance
  • Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spinning Rod
  • Lenghts from 5'6" up to 7'0''
  • Graphite composite construction
  • Designed for freshwater use
  • Lightweight and solidly sensitive
  • Shimano Sojourn 2-Piece Spinning Rod
  • Lenghts from 5' up to 7'
  • Graphite composite construction
  • Designed for freshwater use
  • Forward reel style


Shimano is a world renowned manufacturer when it comes to fishing rods. This is generally a very good sign to look for when you are purchasing a fishing rod. It means that the product will be of high quality and will abide by the necessary industry standards.

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

Of course, this particular rod has a lot more to offer and it relies on much more than just the reputation of the manufacturer. With high quality products and great characteristics, the rod is worth taking a look at.

What is it good for?

The first thing that you need when you choose your own fishing rod is the purpose that you have designated for it. What kind of fishing do you prefer?  Going out in the open ocean with your boat or do you prefer idle fishing by the lake high up the mountains? Maybe you are an artisan fly fishing specialist and enjoy spending your fishing trips knee deep in the river?

Shimano SUCX68MH Sellus 1 Piece Worm Jig Cast Rod 3

All of these are quite important when it comes to your rod. With the current set of characteristics, the Sellus Jig Cast Rod is perfect for a range of different fishing undertakings but as it is, it’s particularly well suited for big-game fishing inshore or out in the open. ​Of course, you can tackle some serious fish in freshwater rivers and ponds as well. The rod is functional and diverse and it’s particularly effective.

With this in mind, let’s go right ahead and take a closer look at some of the specifications.

Product Features

Power :

The power is one of the most integral components that you’d have to pay attention to when it comes to your new fishing rod. This is pretty much the resistance that the pole has to bending. Therefore, the more powerful it is – the less it’s going to bend.

This particular rod bends moderately mainly from the half point line upwards. This is a good thing if you want to go for larger fish and it’s going to provide you with significantly enhanced rod control. This will also ensure that you handle and tackle the fish comfortably without any issues which is quite important.

Rod Action:

When speaking of power, it’s also quite important to determine the action of the rod. This is another important characteristic which is going to have a serious impact and effect on your overall experience. The action of the fishing rod determines exactly how much the pole will bend and how quickly it would recover to its original form.

This is another characteristic which determines the endurance as well as the overall pressure that the rod can handle. Quick-action rods, such as this one, are capable of handling higher pressure as they recover quicker. This is why you wouldn’t have issues going for big fish.

Shimano SUCX68MH Sellus 1 Piece Worm Jig Cast Rod 4

Balance and sensitivity:

Both of those characteristics are quite important. Right off the bat, the construction of the rod is of high quality and the material is 24 ton graphite blank. This means that you can expect to catch all the hits and not miss one as the rod is quite sensitive.

Shimano SUCX68MH Sellus 1 Piece Worm Jig Cast Rod 5

On the other hand, it’s quite well-rounded and perfectly balanced at the same time. It has a custom shaped EVA split grip handle as well as aluminum oxide guides, allowing for the rod to be great for handling.

There are no issues that you should expect and you can easily use it for longer sessions without feeling overly exhausted.


This is one of the most important characteristics and that’s why we saved it for last. All of the aforementioned ones are heavily dependent on the weight of the rod. This one comes at 6-feet and 8-inches which is quite alright when it comes to medium heavy power rods. It’s going to ensure that it doesn’t bend that much.

The only thing that a lot of people are quite puzzled about is the fact that this is a 1-piece rod, making it quite hard to store and to carry around. However, this is something which any experienced angler will appreciate as it provides endurance and stability – qualities which are heavily sought after.


With all this in mind, it goes without saying that this is properly performing and well-rounded fishing rod which is definitely abiding by the highest standards.

This is something particularly beneficial and it’s a good thing to know. The rod will provide you with a lot of opportunities.

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