Shimano Torium SW Saltwater Stardrag Mulitplier Reel Review

Shimano Torium SW Saltwater stardrag mulitplier reel

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4.5/5

Gear Ratio




- Metal reel body with high rigidity

- 3+1 Stainless steel ball bearings

- High Reel Gear Ratio 6.2:1

- CF Aluminum Cold Forge Spool for increased strength and durability

- Maximum Drag 24 pounds


- Not suitable for surf casting

- A little bit heavy and bulky

- The reel seat fits imperfectly on the jig rod


Saltwater Reels Comparison

  • Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel
  • Sealed HT-100 Slammer Drag system
  • Full metal body and sideplate
  • 5 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Watertight design
  • Abu Garcia ORRA 2 Inshore Low Profile Reel
  • X-Crafted alloy frame and sideplates
  • 6 stainless steel HPCR bearings
  • Duragear brass gear
  • MagTrax brake system
  • Shimano Stella SW-B 5000 HG Spinning Reel
  • 14 S-ARB bearings
  • 5.7:1 gear ratio
  • Stainless steel core
  • X-Tough Drag system
  • Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel
  • Six stainless steel ball bearings
  • Auto-Trip baitfeeding system
  • Hydro Block watertight drag seal
  • Precision elliptical gearing system
  • Daiwa DF100A Giant Spinning Fishing Reel
  • Smooth, multi-disc drag
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • Rugged metal construction
  • 3.4:1 gear ratio


Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

Nothing beats the experience of saltwater fishing, especially on days when you return with a big fish in your net. Irrespective of your favorite fishing point, be it a pier, boat, or jetty, the joy of saltwater fishing is unparalleled. With that said, how much you’ll enjoy saltwater fishing is directly related to the quality of your saltwater reel.

Pick a winner like Shimano Torium SW Saltwater stardrag multiplier reel and you’ll immensely enjoy the deep sea scene—and the attention you’ll get thanks to the big fishes you will catch with it.

Main Usage

A saltwater reel, Shimano Torium SW Saltwater stardrag multiplier has a metal body with high rigidity. With this reel, you don’t have to worry about body flexing because of its superb body stiffness and impact resistance. The metal frame helps keep moving parts in perfect alignment. By using the latest and most advanced anodizing, painting, and plaiting techniques, the makers have ensured that this reel has a durable and beautiful finish.

Additionally, the CF aluminum cold forged spool, which is stronger than diecast aluminum or graphite pools, ensures you not only enjoy maximum stability while fishing but also optimal smoothness when reeling in the line. Furthermore, its one piece frame construction also helps you get optimal support when you reel in a large fish.


This saltwater reel features super stopper anti-reverse with one-way roller bearing to eliminate back-play. It also features stainless steel ball bearings, which are ideal for high salinity environments.


Product Features

Reel Body:

Shimano Torium SW Saltwater stardrag comes with a Hagane body, a strong metal reel body that has high rigidity. Thanks to the body stiffness as well as impact resistance, you are not likely to experience body flexing. The later in turn will lends more cranking power. This reel is lightweight and extremely suitable for vertical jigging as well as butterfly jigs.

It has a one-piece frame construction, which ensures you get greater support when you reel in a large fish.

Reel Size:

Reel size is extremely important because if you get it wrong, your freshwater or saltwater fishing experience would be less than perfect. Designed for performing superbly in saltwater, Shimano Torium SW Saltwater is a great choice for those who want to catch up to 20 lb fishes. With it reel size being ideal for medium-sized fishing, customers can catch Gag Grouper just as easily as Cod or even larger fish.


The reel works superbly well for butterfly jigs and vertical jigging, but you can also use it for bottom fishing without a worry in the world.

Reel Gear Ratio:

Are you looking for a high-speed retrieve? If yes, then you should look for a reel with a higher gear ration, something in the range of 6:1.


With a gear ration of 6.2:1, Shimano Torium SW Saltwater is a high speed model. Ideally you would want to have all three types of reels, slow-speed, medium-speed, and high-speed, in your arsenal, but if you usually catch small-sized or medium-sized fishes, you must opt for a high-speed retrieve, like this one..

The reel has almost zero no back play, so using it is easy and simple.

Drag System:

The drag system of Shimano Torium SW Saltwater is excellent. As the drag is smooth, the probability of you encountering broken lines and losing a fish are extremely low. While the manufacturer’s product description list the maximum drag at 24 lb, many customers have claimed to be able to successfully drag meatier weight, even about 30 lb. This says a lot about the tenacity and ease-of-use of Shimano Torium SW Saltwater drag system.

Whether you love freshwater or saltwater fishing, one thing you are likely to want from your reel’s drag system and that is a smooth, non-constructive drag. Shimano Torium SW Saltwater doesn’t disappoint on this front. In fact it actually pleasantly surprises you.


An extremely smooth reel with a super-efficient drag system, Shimano Torium SW Satwater stardrag multiplier reel offers great value for your money.

Whether you use this saltwater reel for fighting large Dorado or catching tuna, you’ll love just the way it gives you much more support when you reel in a large fish.

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