Shimano Triton Lever Drag 25BX Reel Review

Shimano Triton Lever Drag 25BX Reel

Shimano Triton Lever Drag 25BX Reel 1

Rating: 4.9/5

Gear Ratio




- An efficient and sizeable power handle.

- Graphite body.

- Accurate and steady long distance casting.

- Optimally tweaked for big game hunting.

- Has a versatile and dynamic 2-speed option.


- The handle is relatively small. It would be better if slightly enlarged.

- The reel could be made a little modern and fitted with soft grip properties spotted on other reels.


Shimano Reels Comparison



Shimano Triton Lever Drag 25BX Reel 2

Shimano Triton Lever Drag 25BX Reel is a high-performance reel with the capacity to handle heavy loads on the hook end of the line.

You will also appreciate the ability of the reel to accommodate a variety of line types. If you are out for live bait casting, you are likely to prefer this reel because of its precision tweaks.

Main Usage

Shimano Triton Lever Drag 25BX Reel is ideally designed to tackle the king size fish that present formidable challenges to anglers. It is also one of the best-suited reels for trolling.

Shimano Triton Lever Drag 25BX Reel 3

It is fitted with stainless steel gears and a shaft for maximum resistance to corrosion and durability. This is also the reason why many anglers will prefer this reel over others for saltwater fishing ventures.

Product Features

Drag System:

It is a lever drag reel. It is the preferred choice when it comes to tackling the big fish or casting on tough water terrain. A lever drag reel is designed to offer toughness and strength to the angler for easy handling of a big tuna, bass, striped marlin, spike and the like. Shimano Triton Lever Drag 25BX Reel provides a strong drag experience.

The drag system is further refined with ball bearings with impregnated fabric. The reel features stainless steel bearings designed to provide durability and smooth operational experience in harsh environments such as in salt water conditions. The drag is smooth running and also allows for long-running targets. It has an efficient heat dissipation system and a drag system that is easy to balance.

Casting Controls:

It is easy to control the casting process with Shimano Triton Lever Drag 25BX Reel. It has no backlash effects even when handling heavy fish. Anglers also enjoy a large line capacity with this reel. With the high tension capabilities and a counterbalanced handle, the casting process is worth an angler's while.

The reel offers a steady casting and anchoring; with no wobbling or shaking in the casting process. You will also love the precision with which the bait is cast. Tale reel also comes with a high line capacity. Anglers can accurately cast their bait and present it smoothly without troubling the water surface.

Shimano Triton Lever Drag 25BX Reel 4

The spools:

The spool is made of forged aluminum. It is a big spool that guarantees service under pressure. The corrosion resistant qualities make it an attractive pick for anglers venturing in salt water conditions. Users of this reel will also enjoy the quick line retrieval capacity as facilitated by the spool design that is aligned to the gear ratio.

Shimano Triton Lever Drag 25BX Reel 5

The gear ratio provides optimal torque advantage and quick back off options as the situation demands. It is also fitted with a loud clicker that signals you at the smallest bite by a fish on the hook end; even when you are fishing in noisy environments.

Body/ Frame:

The body is made of one piece aluminum graphite frame. It is strong and durable and fitted with an equally secured noncorrosive side plate. It comes with a large handle that makes it easy to control and offers a relatively easy and steady grip.

The frame is made of noncorrosive metal; an important design choice that makes the reel a reliable and resilient beast for the big game anglers. It also comes with an ergonomic power handle. It is light to the feel and offers the sturdiness needed when tackling the large clients on the hook end of the line.


Shimano Triton Lever Drag 25BX Reel is a versatile reel. It is fitted with a host of features and tweaks to give it an edge when it comes to the angling aspects that matter. It comes with an effective power handle that makes every tackle and moves an angler makes effortless and accurate.

It is a noncorrosive beast with the power to tackle the big game in the deep sea. It also has powerful casting control features and a lever drag system; unbeatable in big game hunting. Other high-tech features include an oil ported knob and a high line capacity. Anglers also have a choice to use some line types. The retrieve rate is one of the fastest in reels in its class.

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