Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder Outdoor Fishing Tool Sonar Sensor Boat FF Depth Locator With LCD Display Review

Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder Outdoor Fishing Tool Sonar Sensor Boat FF Depth Locator With LCD Display

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Are you tired of wasting the first few awesome hours of every fishing trip that you go on trying to identify the best fishing spot? Maybe you want to get in your boat and just identify the best place to cast without having to waste time and bait as well as nerves and effort?

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While this would have required quite a lot of effort back in time, now, with the advancement of modern technology it’s not only possible – it’s something that a tremendous amount of people are doing.

With advanced and contemporary sonars, also known as fish finders, you can quickly identify the best fishing spot for the day and take full advantage of it.

The Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder is one of these units that we want to bring to your attention. It has quite a lot to offer on the table so let’s quit wasting time and take a comprehensive look at what’s behind the door.

Main Usage

This is a very popular model as it is slightly more affordable in comparison. At the same time, it’s a favorite choice of many anglers as it’s portable and it works brilliantly. The unit could be used by both professional fishermen and amateurs alike in order to benefit from the unit and locate where the fishes are through the sonar sensor. The package comes with a high-powered and high-quality transducer.

You need to mount the latter in order to start taking advantage of the many benefits which stem from using the Signstek FF-003. Once you are through with this, there is nothing else for you to be concerned with. It’s perfect for newbies and semi-professional fishermen.

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However, if we have to be completely honest, the first type of audience prefers it more mainly due to the lower price tag and the relatively great performance which it offers. So, let’s take a look at what’s on the table.

Product Features


Obviously, the first thing that you want to take a look at when it comes to purchasing your sonar is the frequency at which it’s capable of performing. This one comes with a dual-frequency high-quality transducer which works at 200 kHz and 80 kHz as well. 

The frequency of the unit is going to determine the overall effectiveness of the product in different fishing undertakings. For instance, transducers which offer high frequency operation are better for shallower water. When you want to go for deep water fishing, you should be looking for a lower frequency output. The maximum depth range is set to 240 ft. at 80 kHz and the minimum one is set to 2 ft. at 240 kHz. This means that the sonar is particularly versatile.

Screen Resolution:

The screen resolution is commonly a rather overlooked feature that some people tend to disregard. However, when it comes to it, it is one of significant importance. The reason for that is pretty simple – the better the screen resolution, the easier for you it would be to determine the intensity of the school fish, the type of fish as well as the speed at which it’s moving.

This is going to enable you to make actionable decisions on whether or not you will take advantage of the information. Furthermore, if you are able to isolate the type of fish which the school consists of, you would also be able to determine what kind of bait and lure to use.

This is something very important. The higher the screen resolution is – the better. This one comes with a fairly satisfactory one, given the affordable price tag. The resolution is V240xH160 which will provide you with an all in all clear picture.

Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder 4


Older models were black and white and this should come to you as a surprise. Modern technologies, however, have evolved quite a lot and, as such, this has changed significantly. The more colorful the sonar is, the easier it would be for you to identify critical factors such as depth as well as the size of the fish and the distance between them.

Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder 8

This one comes with 512 colors. The display uses TFT LCD technology which is pretty convenient.

Powered by 4 triple-A batteries and being waterproof, you can rest assured that the product is particularly effective and it would do you good. Even though the display isn’t that large – only 2.8 inches, it’s more than enough to transmit the data that you need.

Additional Specifications:

There are quite a few different things that make this product even better than it sounds. There is an auto zoom bottom tracking as well as quicker manual zoom which allows you to identify the type of bottom you are dealing with.

There is an audible fish as well as depth alarm. You can set the latter from between 3 and 99 ft. The life of the battery is truly excellent, guaranteeing the much needed longevity.


All in all, this is a very convenient product which comes with a significant amount of features that you wouldn’t normally expect in a cheaper unit like this. With this in mind, the Signstek FF-003 fish finder is a favorite choice of a lot of different beginners.

Of course, there are more powerful and highly-performing options but they are also a lot more expensive. If you are looking for a great multifunctional option for your early years of fishing, this is the unit to get and you can rest assured that you would not regret it one bit.

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