South Bend Finalist Fly Rod 8.5 Ft Review

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South Bend Finalist Fly Rod 8.5 Ft

South Bend Finalist Fly Rod 8.5 Ft 1

Rating: 3.9/5






- The rod is inexpensive

- It’s well-rounded and perfectly constructed

- It’s highly portable


- It requires to be carefully handled


Fly Rods Comparison


Fly fishing is the epitome when it comes to skills and artisan abilities in the quick river stream. There are a lot of things that you would most definitely need to take into account but the rod is one of the integral components which will determine the overall experience that you have. With a lot of different things to consider, a fly fishing rod is definitely challenging to find. 

South Bend Finalist Fly Rod 8.5 Ft 2

With this in mind, we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with a great option with quite a lot of advantages. The rod is also quite affordable and it employs materials of the highest quality, which is definitely something that you should account for.

What is it good for?

The South bend Finalist Fly Rod is specifically designed for intensive and fast-paced fly fishing. What is this? Well, fly fishing is a very specific type of fishing undertaking which is going to require a tremendous amount of skills and effort if you want to master it.

Have you ever seen those guys in the river which are knee-deep and are constantly casting their bait in and out of water? The white line of their rods is one thing that makes them pretty attractive to watch. Well, this is called fly fishing. You are knee-deep in the water and you are constantly waiving the line in order to ensure that you’ve hit the sweet spot. You let the bait stay there for a moment and you do it again.

South Bend Finalist Fly Rod 8.5 Ft 3

What’s the point of those quick casts? Fly fishing, as the name suggests, targets fish who are eating flies. This is also your bait – flies. Of course, they are manmade and artificial. The quick casting is a technique which will ensure that the bait mimics the behavior of a regular fly which hovers over the water and then flies away again.

Now that you are aware of what this is, let’s see what the South Bend Finalist Fly Rod has to offer.

Product Features


The length is one of those characteristics which are particularly integral. This one is 8.5 feet long, which is fairly long. The fishing rod is incredibly compact and when you are done assembling it, the entire length is greatly convenient and it complements the sensitivity of the rod. 

This, combined with the high quality of the materials is definitely something that you want to account for when it comes to it. All in all, the entire rod disassembles into one convenient kit which could easily be carried in a corner at the back of your trunk. This makes it particularly portable and compact which is a great benefit.


The rod comes with medium-power capabilities, which means that it’s not as easy to bend. This is very important. As we mentioned above, this is a technique which requires a lot of swinging. As the casts are carried out rapidly, the tip of the rod needs to be hold stable in order to ensure that it doesn’t mess up the targeting.

This is of significant impact as it’s going to ensure the accuracy of your casts. Furthermore, the medium-power means that the rod is, after all, flexible and bending which will allow you to tackle conveniently large fish which are commonly encountered in quicker currents.

South Bend Finalist Fly Rod 8.5 Ft 4


South Bend Finalist Fly Rod 8.5 Ft 5

Medium action is there to guarantee that the rod takes back its original form quickly but it doesn’t bend that much to disrupt your undertakings.

This is a characteristic similar to the previous one but it’s also quite distinctive. The medium action rod is considered to be amongst the best options when it comes to fly fishing.


This is undoubtedly one of the things that you need to be perfectly well aware of. The balance is the thing which is going to ensure that the rod feels good in your hands while at the same time it doesn’t jeopardize other specifications such as the length, weight and sensitivity, for example.


All in all, if you are looking for a compact yet fairly long fly fishing rod, this one is definitely amongst the best options.

The price is fairly affordable and the materials which comprise the rod are truly high-end and of the greatest quality.

The rod is designated for splendid fly fishing undertakings and you can rest assured that it’s one that is very convenient. It’s well-rounded and perfectly constructed which is always a quality that you should be looking for in a fly rod.

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