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St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod PS66MF Review

By Robert Johnson | Fishing Rod Reviews

St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF

St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF 1

Rating: 4.7/5






- Offers a combination of features that make fishing both productive and fun

- The rod can be used in both inshore and onshore angling activities

- It offers fast action for the best and accurate hook setting and large fish handling


- Some users find it a little too rigid for casting light bait

- May not be easy to carry in your backpack since it is a one piece rod


St. Croix Rods Comparison


St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF 2

Like other St. Croix spinning rods, St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF is a flexible rod option that is made out of graphite. St. Croix Premier Rods are some of the fastest action and lightest fishing rods you will find in the industry.

St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF is an attractive travel rod that offers you a combination of portability and comfort during angling events, plus the strength you must have to take home reasonably-sized catches.

Main Usage

St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF offers a combination of fast action and stays light. That means that it is a versatile option that you can use in a wide range of fishing environments. Quick action rods are known to give fish little chance to escape.

St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF also allows you to set your hook quite fast and hard. The design masters at SC have managed to pull out of their bags unique feature combinations that have traditionally been thought impossible. The rod also offers high sensitivity that helps an angler react fast as the situation demands.

St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF 3

With 6 feet 6 inches of length, anglers have been presented with a rod that offers the highest sensitivity possible while giving a strong backbone that will secure those stubborn togs from the bottom. Although some anglers have found the use of this rod onshore, it is the ideal option for inshore fishing, given its length.

Product Features

Power :

When you have a rod as light as St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF, you begin to wonder whether its power has been compromised somewhere in between. However, if you look more keenly, you notice that apart from the strength of the graphite material that makes the blank, the rod has been made to measure an optimum 6 feet and six inches.

It comes with the medium heavy power rating that gives plenty of flexibility for that fast action. It can handle from those light panfish to reasonably sized bass. It is made of graphite with a maximum tapering capacity to flex when needed without giving in to pressure. Its length offers a perfect balance for the angler to control events.

Rod Action:

St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF is rated as a medium heavy action rod, but it gives you faster action that you expect. It also allows anglers to set the hook fast in a fish’s mouth with accuracy and power. It is a one piece rod. This makes its quality to be more consistent throughout its blank. You do not have to deal with play or shake as sometimes happens with some multiple piece rods on the market.

Since it is a fast action rod, anglers can count on this rod to catch reasonably large fish. It has a stretch of allowance for a range of lines.

With a line weight of up to 14lb, St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF is what you need on your side for your adventure fishing needs.

St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF 6


St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF is a light rod. This means that it is the ideal rod to use for both light and heavy fishing missions. 

St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF 5

With its comfortable premium cork handles, anglers have a rod they can carry in their hands for long hours without complaint. Since it is a light rod that is made of graphite, it offers one of the highest sensitivities.

It is this sort of combination that an angler needs for that ultimate reaction time allowance for catching the slippery species under water. The graphite blank has been manufactured with the resilience needed to withstand heavy pressure.

Recovery, Sensitivity, and Brittleness:

St. Croix is known for its technological innovativeness. Therefore, it is appropriate to find out how they have managed the above issues with their light offering that is the St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF.

Well, for starters, you will realize that the rod is made of graphite. Although graphite is known to offer a lot of power, it needs special technologies to make it less brittle so as to prevent it from easily breaking under pressure such as might arise when a rod is a fast action one like this one is.

The tapering of this rod has been tuned to be just at the midpoint between stiffness and flexibility. Consequently, you are provided with a rod that can withstand a lot of pressure. Its length and the material used guarantee sensitivity. Regarding recovery, its fast action and the fact that it has a modest tapering, makes it bat less, and thus, offers reasonable recovery speed.


If you are looking for a light rod that you can still use to target some big underwater clients, you are best placed trying out St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod, PS66MF. 

It is a medium heavy rated rod that gives you a combination of resilience, portability, power and the reliability that SC has offered on its rods for years. It comes with awesome casting distance potential; enhanced by its fast recovery tune-ups.

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