Strike King Lures

Strike King Lures

Summer has become a distant memory and the cold crisp days of fall are upon us. Many fishermen have winterized their boats on pilings with shrink wrap, and their fishing rods are in storage for the winter. With deer season upon us many who fished in July and August are now out with their rifles.

Yet, there are those of us who will put on our long john’s, our LL Bean jackets and boots and get out in the boat for some fall fishing. It is a joy to be on a lake or the bay with the colorful fall leaves and brisk air, getting wet and cold but going for that elusive see bass or crappie. To us, the idea of winterizing our boat is as foreign as going to Florida to ski or going to Norway to swim.

As the deer mate and the bears prepare for hibernation, we are rigging our Strike King Lure through the tree. As fair weather anglers prepare to mow down a buck we are the one four-wheeler at the boat dock in a deserted park. We are the ones that airplane passengers and pilots see as a tiny dot as they fly over the bay or river. When at work or alone we dream of casting our Ugly Sticks with Strike King Lures into the deep clear waters.

Here Are The Lures We Use

Strike King Square Bill Crankbait

This lure has a brown color. It has a square bill design will entice fish as it wanders and swims through the water with the looks of a minnow. The off cover makes it look like a moving sea creature and helps entice migrating schools of fish, who will compete for their prize dinner. It is visible and prominent in shallow water ranging from 3 to about six feet. 

The bait has no internal rattles which lures fish that might swim past with too much sound. The Strike King Square Bait Crankbait works best in back bays. If you use it in the surf, you need to cast it beyond the waves. Anglers have reported that if you pick the right spot, you can catch a bass within a few seconds of casting.

It comes in many colors, including sexy shad and sexy bluegill. It does not get stuck to wood if you fish off a dock. With its distinct color it is good for catching fish in the mud. It is buoyant.

Strike King Rage Tail Bug Lure

This is a top selling plastic lure that gives off a coffee scent. They use it as a Carolina rig bait and is for bait behind the Jointed Structure Head.

You wrap it tight to maintain the shape before use and made with plastic that is flexible and gives it the moving action in the water. It is great for catching bass even when it sits on the bottom because it continues to move. It is great for catching bass even on days when the fish don’t seem to bite.

Strike King Red Eye Shad Bait

With the name red eye, we are not talking about an overnight plane ride. This lipless bait that the pro staff designed has good, flexible movement in the water. With its rattles, premium hooks, visibility in the fresh water, and 3-dimensional eyes. It is one of the most visible and tempting lipless baits on the market.

As it falls through the water, moves and rattles with its vanadium code cut hooks it will draw shad even from a long way away. If the water is clear you might enjoy watching it bob and move. It is also good for catching bluefish, striped bass, and white perch. In northern waters, it catches northern Pike, and largemouth.

Although part of the attraction is the color, sometimes the fish will eat the color off. But, it still catches even when discolored as the combination of movement and rattling attract many breeds.

Strike King Bitsy Minnow Bait

This is one of the best lures for kids and beginners. Many live bait users start their fishing career with minnows; this is a good substitute. It is a similar color to the Strike King Red Eye Shad Bait only it resembles a minnow and not shad. Minnows are among the favorites of all saltwater fish and some fresh water breeds. It is 1.5 inches long and comes in a variety of appealing colors. This includes shades of brown, silver, and green.

The Strike King Bitsy Minnow Bait does not rattle. You should tie it to your mono preferable not combines with another lure, as even a swivel will affect its action in the water. It works well when you use an ultralight rod and reel, such as a children’s rod and reel 4 lb. to 8 lb. It is not meant for long casting.

If you are a beginner or you prefer a lot of small fish over a few large ones, this is the bait for you. It is good catches smallmouth bass, crappies, bluegill, pumpkinseed, pickerel, yellow perch, and sunfish. If you are a beginner and do not know much about fishing, this is the Strike King Lure for you.

Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait

This lure is a great spinnerbait for beginners who use light rods. The white color of the spinner is a magnet for stripers. But it comes in many color combinations.

Despite its small size, it can catch largemouth bass, crappie, rock bass, and bluegill. It works best when combined with a Colorado Diamond blade.

Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Copper Jig Bait

This lure is for use in water with heavy cover, whether in shallow or deep water. It contains a Gamatsku black nickel heavy wire hook to be able to survive the pulls in and out of seaweed and algae. Unlike the Strike King Bitsy Minnow Bait, and the Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait this is best used with heavy rods. It works best on Fluorocarbon or braided lines.

The hook is sharp and does not bend. This makes it useful in trees, swamps, and murky water. With the many colors, it comes in it makes it visible to fish even in clouded and murky water.

Strike King Bleeding Bait Mini King Spinnerbait

This bait has a bleeding skirt spinner which gives the appearance of bleeding. Making it attractive to fish of every breed. The spinnerbait is light and casts well. It is irresistible to largemouth bass.

Strike King Rage Tail Craw

This lure has the shape and color of a crayfish. It is 4 inches long and it is useful with a Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, weightless, or as a jig trailer. It comes in several colors each with its own tail design for different breeds of fish.

This Strike King Lure is flexible and durable. It is well packaged to preserve the shape, but they can be flexible in the water and handle the bites of several fish. They work well of a Gamatsku Wide Gap Hook sizes 2 or 3. It emits a coffee flavor which seems to attract bass. The fish often bite the claws first, but they are durable.

Strike King Redfish Magic Saltwater Spinnerbait

This blade is soft, bendable but durable giving it good movement in the water with the ability to endure nibbles and bites from fish. It includes a stainless-steel wire needlepoint hook, a gold blade, and a gold swivel. The lure itself has red eyes and attracts the reds.

It is the best lure for reds and has worked for trout and stripers. Use a fluorocarbon leader to keep the fish from escaping. The spinner can keep it from breaking off in the weeds.

Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzzbait

This lure swings and makes a loud cackling sound when it hits the water, this helps the fish find it. The hook stays on so you do not lose it to a fish that you would have caught. It is a good lure for the top of the water. When you reel it in vary the speed that you reel it in.

You have the choice of three weights, half an ounce, quarter ounce or three eights of an ounce.

Strike King Bitsy Bug Mini Jug Bait

– Like the Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Copper Jig Bait this lure has protection from your losing it in the weeds. It’s inverted tie line provides further protection from loss on rocks.

It is flexible and moves in the water and the plastic covering is durable. Although it is one of Strike King’s newer lures it is effective for small-mouthed bass.


Strike King Lures are good for baiting all kinds of fish. You can use them for rods and reels of all sizes and makes. Most of them come in many colors, have coatings and make sounds to attract the fish. They have lures for children and beginners, as well as lures for seasoned fishermen and women who want to catch a specific breed of fish. They are effective for catching fish in all seasons.

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