How to Catch Crappie in Muddy Water


4.3 06 Many anglers avoid muddy water when crappie fishing because it’s extremely difficult to fish when your targets can’t see your bait. However, muddy waters offer you a unique opportunity to know more about crappie behaviors and how to take advantage of these. You can even catch more fish than in clear waters! Here, …

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The Best Types of Crappie Knots


0.0 00 There are numerous different ways to tie crappie knots, and each serves its own purpose. Some fishers prefer to use double crappie knots, single knots, or Palomar knots. Which knots to use depends on what kinds of fishing methods they will use. In this article, we will describe two ways of tying a …

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How to River Fish for Crappie


3.7 63 Crappies are commonly found in still lakes and reservoirs throughout the year. They often stay hidden under the cover of brush piles, underwater structures, and human-made structures. Catching fish in still water is already a fun endeavor, but catching fish in rivers where there is a constant flow of water is whole new …

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Drop Shotting for Crappie


0.0 00 Drop shotting for crappie is straight-forward, easily used fishing technique used by newbies and seasoned fishers alike when fishing for crappies. This is especially helpful during cold days when crappies are lethargic due to the cold water. This makes it perfect for winter months. Many fishers use it as an alternative technique during …

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