Quantum Cabo Spin Reel Review

Quantum Cabo Spin Reel

Quantum Cabo Spin Reel Rating: 4.4/5 Gear Ratio Weight Price PROS – The pros of Quantum Cabo Spin Reel are that it is very light weight and has the smooth drag system.- When you take it in your hand, it will feel excellent. Quantum Cabo Spin Reel is made with lots of line capacity as well …

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Quantum Optix Reel Review

Quantum Optix Reel

Quantum Optix Reel Rating: 4.1/5 Gear Ratio Weight Price PROS – The Quantum Optix Reel has a very light weight compared to the other reels available in this price range.- The graphite frame is very durable, and the adjustable front drag has excellent line control.- There is aluminum spool for the smooth line fed along with …

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Quantum Triax Reel Review

Quantum Triax Reel

Quantum Triax Reel Rating: 3.3/5 Gear Ratio Weight Price PROS – The best thing about Quantum Triax Reel is the price. It comes at a very affordable price along with the best features. – It is ideal for both sea and freshwater. – It is lightweight so you can carry it anywhere with you. CONS …

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Quantum Accurist Reel Review

Quantum Accurist Reel

Quantum Accurist Reel Rating: 3.6/5 Gear Ratio Weight Price PROS – If you are interested to buy Quantum Accurist Reel then you must know that, it is a very good deal in such an attractive price. – Apart from this, Quantum Accurist is very lightweight and efficient.- This product also have durable multi-coated finish, quick …

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