Benefits of a Tandem Kayak Compared to a Single Kayak

Tandem Kayak

Kayaking is a great time for lovers of adventure and is a great workout all around.

If you’re an experience kayaker, transitioning to a tandem kayak will come easy.

If you’re new to kayaking, tandem kayak is a great way to get introduced to the sport.

So what is a tandem kayak?

A single kayak is one in which only one person rides in the kayak and is generally smaller. In a tandem kayak, two people ride together and paddle in sync.

Some tandem kayaks feature dual foot pedal drives. This gives riders the option of paddling or pedaling.

A question that might pop into the head of someone interested in kayaking, or even an experienced adventurer is: which uses make one type better?

Well it’s very subjective, but there are certain benefits that a tandem kayak have over a single kayak.

It’s more fun to go on an adventure with a friend.

Almost anything is more enjoyable with good company, and a tandem kayak is one of the best examples of that. If you know someone interested in kayaking, think about the type of bond you have.

You’ll find that going on a tandem kayak will be more fun and create stronger memories and bonds than taking two single kayaks.

Some people may prefer the peace and solace of going on a single kayak. But if you get along well with the other paddler, it’ll usually be significantly more fun to share your journey.

Tandem kayaking may be cheaper

When you tandem kayak, there are two people on one kayak, which means you only need to buy or rent one kayak.

True, a tandem kayak will be more expensive than a single kayak. But a tandem kayak will almost always be cheaper than two single kayaks.

That means that when it comes to having a two-person adventure, a tandem kayak is definitely the more financially sound decision.

Keep in mind this doesn’t always have to be the case. Depending on the quality, brand, and size of your tandem kayak, it may cost as much as two single kayaks or even be more expensive.

We’ll be giving you tips on which kayaks to buy, according to The Marine Lab’s tandem kayak recommendations. In the majority of cases though, a tandem Kayak will have more value for money than a single Kayak will as long as you have a partner.

A tandem Kayak is usually more stable.

You have probably seen videos of people in Kayaks comically (or maybe not so comically) fall out of their kayaks.

This is especially common in more turbulent water or if the kayaker in question is not very experienced. While a tandem kayak isn’t immune to these situations, it is generally more stable.

Due to its larger size and longer frame, a tandem kayak, is usually heavier. This normally leads to greater stability than the average single kayak.

Also, having a partner with you means that you’ll generally be safer. If you lose balance or fall over, you will have your partner right next to you to help you in case you need it.

It will help synchronize with your partner

When you tandem kayak, you have to synchronize with your partner. Many people can consider tandem kayaking to be an exercise that can strengthen your bond with whoever your partner is.

Some companies actually use tandem kayaking as a team-building exercise. So, if you’re interested in learning how to work better with someone, tandem kayaking could be a good choice.

Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak 3

It’s great if you want to bring a child along.

You may have a child that you want to introduce to kayaking but the child is not old enough to paddle their own kayak. Then a tandem kayak is the perfect solution. This will also work if you want to bring your dog along too.

I’m convinced!

Buying a kayak can be a fairly intimidating experience. Especially buying a tandem kayak, where you are responsible for the kayaking experience of two people.

Still, this does not take away from the enormous value a tandem kayak could provide. Remember, you’re buying only one kayak for two people.

The tandem is definitely much more stable, and it helps build a synchronization between you and your partner. At the end of the day, you want the best kayaking experience you can get, and the tandem kayak definitely delivers!

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