Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Outfit Review |
Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Outfit Review

Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Outfit Review

Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Outfit

Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Outfit 1

Rating: 4.7/5






- The rod is compact and easy to carry

- It’s particularly lightweight

- The spool guarantees effortless and seamless casts


- The rod might break if handled carelessly



There is a significant amount of different considerations that you need to account for in order to purchase a great fly fishing rod and the accompanying reel. The rod alone could be quite challenging to shop for, let alone the reel with all of their different characteristics.

This is something which could take a tremendous amount of time as well as quite a lot of nerves and effort. Not everyone is prepared to go through this, especially given the fact that fly fishing is usually just a hobby.

Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Outfit 2

However, this is amongst the most demanding types of fishing out there and it’s one that you need to be well prepared for. The rod and the reel are by far the most important components of your equipment that you have to account for and this is why you need to make sure to make the right call.

Accounting for all of the above, we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with a convenient Fly Fishing Outfit brought to you by Temple Fork. So, without any further ado, let’s go right ahead and have a look.

What's the outfit good for?

This is a combo which comes with a fast-action rod which means that it’s going to be good for different types of fish that you catch when fly fishing.

Trout of any kind is the ideal game but you could easily fish for larger ones as well. This is something that you should account for. It’s due to the fact that the rod is rather stable and powerful, which means that it won’t bend as much.

Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Outfit 3

Fly fishing requires a tremendous amount of precision and the reel and line are particularly important for this matter. This outfit combines great units, designated to ensure that everything is handled as per the highest standards.

Product Features

The fishing rod:

Now, if you are a beginning fly caster, this overall outfit is what you might be looking for. The fly fishing rod is awesome for beginners due to a few different factors.

First, the medium-fast action means that the rod is going to bend from the half way line onwards, hence providing the caster with the necessary controlling capabilities. This is something that you want to take into consideration.

Moreover, the rod is going to go back to its original form moderately fast. This makes the rod feel good in your hands without making it particularly stiff.

Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Outfit 4

Furthermore, the overall material that the rod is constructed from is IM6 Graphite – a premium material with a lot of durability and longevity. It’s also particularly lightweight, which is definitely something that you should be looking out for.

The rod disassembles in 4 different pieces, making it particularly compact and easy to carry. This is also something that you might want to lay attention on as one-piece designs are quite challenging when it comes to transportation. The rod assembles quickly and it doesn’t require any previous experience or knowledge.

The fishing reel:

The reel and the line are also included in the outfit, which is something very beneficial. The reel itself is made out of cast aluminum, ensuring serious durability while maintaining the relatively lighter weight.

Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Outfit 5

The weight itself is well-calculated as when it comes to fly fishing, the reel needs to introduce a good weight for counterbalancing the rod when casting. This is something important.

The spool is also quite smooth, guaranteeing effortless and seamless casts. The line is weight-forward, which will allow you to precisely target the locations where you want to lay down the fly.

This is one of the most important things that you need to consider when fly fishing. Bait placing is absolutely critical. At the same time, the line is quite durable which means that it’s highly unlikely to snap and get you to lose your catch.


All in all, the Temple Fork NXT Outfit contains everything that a beginner fly fisher should be looking out for. The price is also fairly affordable which is something to consider. At the same time, it’s also important to note that the entire combo comes with a Custom Cordura case included in the price.

You wouldn’t have to worry about storing your rod or how to carry it. The entire thing is particularly compact and lightweight and there is absolutely nothing that should concern you when it comes to transportation.

It’s perfectly portable and fits conveniently in the back of your trunk. This is definitely a combo worth considering.

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