TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) Review

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TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings)

TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) 1

Rating: 4.8/5

Gear Ratio




- The TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) is built for durability and strength.

- Sports anti-reverse feature.

- It also offers an option for left-handed people.


- Not suitable for significantly large fish such as bass or pike.

- Some anglers may find the handle a little oversized.

- A lot of operational procedures are manual.​


Baitcasting Reels Comparison

  • Shimano 200IHG Curado RH
  • PV power handle grips
  • Shimano Stable Spool design
  • X-Ship gearing system
  • SVS Infinity braking system
  • Daiwa Tatula-R100XS
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum frame
  • 8 bearing system
  • Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag UTD
  • T-Wing system
  • Abu Garcia Revo STX
  • Aluminum and carbon fiber construction
  • 11 bearing system
  • Carbon Matrix Drag system
  • Magnetic braking system
  • KastKing Rover Round Reel
  • Stainless steel ball bearings
  • EVA grips
  • Carbon fiber drag system
  • Centrifugal brake system
  • Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Reel
  • Enhanced gear ratio of 9.0:1
  • D2 gear design
  • Carbon Matrix drag system
  • Infini II spool design


TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) 2

The TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) is a well-known reel for its fluid operation. With a strong SIC line guide, strong cast and a massive drag, anglers can rest easy when they have the reel on their side.

Main Usage

It is equipped with a big power handle and 8 precision stainless steel ball bearings; this reel is the best-suited tool for fluke fishing in both freshwater and saltwater adventure fishing escapades. Once an angler is assured of rust, corrosion free experience, they have their zeal and the sea to explore and not to worry about stalling tools anymore.

TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) 3

The reel sports a one-piece CNC Aluminum frame; a machine cuts forged aluminum alloy spool, instant anti-reverse technology and a 5:2 gear ratio for the best torque. If you like pursuing the medium size fish right in your pond or out in the wild waters, you can count on The TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) for a great fishing experience.

Product Features

The Gear Ratio:

Experienced anglers have always pointed out the need to have a reel that offers a significantly high gear ratio. These folks have a good reason. See, when a reel has a higher gear ratio, an angler gains a lot of torque advantage. This is the power of the reel to withstand the common struggles when the reel has an uncompromising client on the hook end.

So when the gear ratio is as high as 5:2 as is the case with the TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings), an angler can focus on other important aspects of the fishing activity. The high strength brass precision gear makes sure that every move an angler makes achieves its intention. With 8 gears, anti-reverse technology, and clever engineering, this reel offers great casting and retrieving experience.

Drag System:

The TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) Sports utilizes the patented press-aluminum star drag system technology. There is a single roller for power lock. The drag system offers the angler the security of the catch. Fairly heavy fish can force and stretch the drag on this reel without causing damage or risk the breaking of the line.

With a capacity to comfortably tackle up to three kilograms of fish, The TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) is a decent reel for easy fluke fishing, even out in the deep sea.

It would be unfair to readers if I forgot to mention that The TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) is also equipped with a centrifugal braking system that ensures precision. It is fitted with efficient ball bearings for the line roller.

TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) 4

The Body/Fram:

The TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) features a large body frame that makes it easy to hold and operate various accessories. With a forged one piece tough aluminum, an angler can count on this reel for durability. It is made of stainless steel parts that guard against corrosion, even when venturing in salt water environments.

TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) 5

It is fitted with a large power handle that makes it easy to control while pursuing evasive fish. It has a left cover compact design and a smooth rounded body that looks ergonomic and impressive. Even with its king size looks, the reel is easily portable. It allows for long hours of fishing without the weight of the reel coming in the way of an angler’s fishing-energy.


The spool is carefully designed to provide the angler the precision in casting control. It is also versatile and robust because it can accommodate more than a couple of line types including the braided ones. It has been designed to prevent line tangling too. This spool is made of forged cut aluminum.

It is a double anodized and perforated spool that offers both efficient services in while casting and durability. It is a big spool that can withstand even the toughest of lines in the rigors of fishing anywhere. It is a multipurpose spool with the capacity to operate smoothly even in salty waters.


The TICA LE Striper Bait Casting Reel (8 Ball Bearings) is non-corrosive. It is fitted with the trending anti-reverse feature and provides line options. The forged aluminum parts provide reassurance to the angler when tackling relatively stubborn fish. It is also strong and durable.

Perhaps, the most outstanding feature on this reel is the patented star drag system. The centrifugal brakes also offer the desired precision braking properties for anglers. There is a quick remove side plate. The efficiency guaranteed by the 8 bearings cannot be overemphasized.

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