Best Fly Fishing Line


At first glance, fly-fishing lines seem simple as can be. Look at the handle of your rod. It says “6”. That means you need a 6-weight fly line. Buy one, and you’re done, right?If only it was that simple. Unfortunately, the popularity of fly fishing and the proliferation of fly equipment has lead to many …

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Livingston Lures

Livingston Lures Review

Founded by Robert Castenada, Livingston Lures has made a mission out of combining classic, realistic lure design with cutting edge technology to create unique, diverse, and effective fishing lures.Their main claim to fame is their proprietary EBS (Electronic Bait Sound) technology. A far cry from the rattling BBs or bearings used in old-fashioned fishing lures …

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Heddon Lures

Heddon Lures Review

Heddon Lures was first established by James Heddon in 1898, in Dowagiac, Michigan. They can safely claim to be one of the very oldest lure companies in the world. Their reputation began to grow from the very start of beginning of the company when Mr. Heddon was manufacturing wooden frog “plugs” carved from broom handles.What …

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Hogy Lures

Hogy Lures Review

When you’re looking for great fishing lures, you only have one thing on your mind, and that’s catching the most fish possible. Catching all those fish requires the right combination of the skill, and the right equipment. If you plan on catching a variety of fish, than Hoy lures may be a great place to …

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Top 5 Scott Fly Rods

Scott Fly Rods Review

When you’re talking about top-of-the-line fishing rods, you are most likely referring to Scott Fly rods. Scott Fly Rods has been around since 1974 and pride themselves for their passion in rod-making craftsmanship, namely how all their rods are handcrafted in Montrose, Colorado. They take pride in their simplistic design that omits the use of …

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Strike King Lures

Strike King Lures

Summer has become a distant memory and the cold crisp days of fall are upon us. Many fishermen have winterized their boats on pilings with shrink wrap, and their fishing rods are in storage for the winter. With deer season upon us many who fished in July and August are now out with their rifles.Yet, …

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Best Fishing Lures for Saltwater

saltwater lures

When it comes to saltwater fishing, having the correct equipment is key. While the rod and reel are certainly important factors in creating a successful fishing trip, choosing the correct lure is equally as important.By nature, lures are meant to mimic the sounds, movements, and appearance of baitfish in order to bring in larger species. …

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Top 5 Lures for Salmon

Not only are salmon the most commonly eaten type of fish, but they are also the most common target for game fishing. In fact, some states have even established salmon stocking programs to ensure a steady supply. Their migratory patterns allow them to thrive in both freshwater and saltwater conditions, giving anglers a wide variety …

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Best Crappie Rods for Sale

Crappie is, by far, the most common and easy to catch species of fish in North America. Fishing for crappie can certainly be an enjoyable and dynamic experience, as crappie often hide around boulders, logs, and weeds. While very common, crappie tend to be relatively small in comparison, so having the right equipment is important.When …

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Top Rated Line Counter Rods


Line counter rods are a great tool for any fisherman who is looking to start trolling. Rather than manually count various fishing line depths, line counter rods and reels will do the work for you. Combining a line counter rod with the right reel results in accurate depth measurements, making it easier to maintain patterns. …

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