How to Troll for Crappie: Gears, Baits, and Speed

How to Troll for Crappie Gears, Baits, and Speed

Slow trolling for crappie, also known as spider rigging, is a highly effective and productive crappie fishing technique.

This fishing technique will work in any bodies of water given the right crappie trolling tips. This is the practice of using multiple poles fanned out in the back or front of a boat. Then letting the boat slowly glide on the water, and watching out for bites on each line.

Trolling for Crappie Is Best For:

* fishing when crappies are scattered in a large area
* searching for crappie
* learning the great spots in a new lake

Learn How to Troll for Crappie in a LakeLearning how to troll for crappie is exciting and will let you catch heaps of fish when done right. Here we will discuss the proper gears, proper trolling speed, and more crappie fishing trolling tips.

Slow Trolling for Crappie: Basic Gear

The following are the three primary gears you would need for a successful trip slow trolling for crappie:

1. Multiple rods. When trolling, anglers usually use more than two rods. However, the number of rods and the hooks on each line should be within the limit of the state or lake regulations. So you should check with your local government or lake regulatory bodies if there are any or how many rods are allowed per angler.

2. Rod handle or rack. The rod handle or rack is where you will mount your rods. A standard rod handle can hold up to four crappie rods. Using two rod handles will allow you to spread out and cover a much larger area. Each rod tip should be separated by at least 4 feet to avoid the entanglement of lines.

3. Troll motor. The trolling motor will make it possible for your motor to push you along as slowly as possible. This is absolutely crucial when slow trolling for crappie. The motor should be easy to use and able to do its job with little supervision so you can concentrate on your other fishing tasks.Trolling for Crappie with a Spider Rig

Crappie Trolling Speed

Finding and maintaining the right crappie trolling speed entails complete boat control. This is so important since the boat control is also what is controlling your rod. The right speed depends on a number of factors such as area and the season you’re fishing in.

Many anglers testify how effective a crappie trolling speed range of 0.3 to 0.8 mph is in luring crappie. Sometimes, though, you might need to go a little faster than this to keep your baits up and to fishing lure in shallow water.

More Crappie Trolling Tips

* It’s fairly easy to get bites using crappie trolling during spring, but the challenge is in landing the fish. Use quick-set hooks and lightweight rods to better lock into the fish and catch them as easily as possible.

* The toughest time of the year to use slow trolling is mid-summer to early fall. To attract crappies enough to make them chase your bait, use heavier weights and increase your motor speed.

With these crappie trolling tips in your pocket, go and try trolling for crappie yourself. Make sure to use proper gears, maintain the right crappie trolling speed, keep the crappie trolling tips in mind, and practice. Practice, practice, practice until you learn by heart the best practice on how to troll for crappie.