Why Use a Tungsten Ice Fishing Jig over Lead?


When in the cold and crisp winter air over an icy lake, using a tungsten ice fishing jig can aid you in many ways. Making your trip and experience more enjoyable because of how easy these are to use is one major advantage.

Tungsten jigs are preferred over lead jigs for the effectiveness. Professional ice anglers will use these on their rods due to their ability to sink more quickly than a lead jig. Tungsten jigs are rapidly becoming the new hot topic amongst anglers all throughout the community. Here are a few reasons why Tungsten jigs are the best way to go ice fishing.

Why the Tungsten Ice Fishing Jig Has Grown in Popularity:

Tungsten_vs_Lead_Angling_Jig_for_IceMost anglers like to remove the excess slush and broken up ice after drilling their hole. This can be a big mistake since the extra slush and ice can provide you with an added advantage. Crappies can frighten easily when there is a bright light shining through the water. Bright light is exactly what a cleaned out hole in the ice will give the fish underneath. It is almost like you are warning them to stay away.
Professional ice anglers know that extra slush covering the hole will block sunlight and can give you and the fish you are trying to attract a more natural setting. However, the challenge of this added slush is getting through it without having to use much larger and more noticeable jigs. Jousting is a method used by most anglers during ice fishing. They do this by thrusting the jig through the slush using the tip of their rods. Heavy, metal tungsten jigs slide through the icy water quite smoothly, eliminating the risk of breaking your rod trying to punch through the slush. Why go through the risk and the trouble of jousting if you don’t need to?

Tungsten Jigs Provide a Fast, Heavy and Straight Drop:

Tungsten jigs are preferred to lead jigs due to them weight. One of these tungsten weights will sink more quickly than a lead one that is the same size. This gives you a more efficient cast which also means a more rapid catch. With this metal, it is faster to determine whether or not there’s fish in the water.

Professional ice anglers love the straight drop it provides. This allows you more control over your line, avoiding getting it caught in rocks or vegetation. The heavy jig will also enable you to create a cloud by stirring up the water when it hits bottom, thus, attracting more crappies. It also produces a clicking sound when it hits bottom, achieving the same effect. The straight drop also eliminates line twists and tangles.

Jigging, a Technique Used by Professional Ice Anglers:

Angling_Jigs_for_Fishing_on_the_IceSince it sinks quickly and smoothly moves in the water, Tungsten gives you the added advantage of aggressive jigging. Crappies easily attract to vibrations and fast movement. Slowly pulling in the jig triggers and lures the crappies to play catch.

Tungsten jigs can better mimic the crappie’s usual food. Given the same weight as larger lead jigs, using a tungsten ice fishing jig gives you the ability to teases the crappies with less effort.

Since it is 30 times heavier than lead, having a few of these heavy jigs will give you more of a chance to attract a larger catch. So why are you still using that old lead jig? Try what all the professional ice anglers are using now. Purchase a tungsten jig today and catch more with less effort.


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