When is the Best Time to go Fishing?

5 / 5 ( 3 votes ) The question asked by many fledgling anglers. The conundrum faced by many who would consider themselves well versed in the art and science of catching a fish. When is the best time to fish? I am sure we all have that one crazy uncle who insists that the …

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Top 5 States for Anglers

Great fishing can be found across the nation, from coast to coast and every waterway in between. Still, there are some states that stand proud of their great fishing. Narrowing this down is a difficult task. What makes great fishing? What kind of fishing? What species? Opportunities abound and we have endeavored to cover them …

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Fishing Knots For Braided Line

Uniknot for braided line

Wondering what the best fishing knots for braided line are? The same old knots that you use with mono won’t necessarily work with braid. I’ll cover what knots to use with braided fishing line when connecting straight to a hook. We’ll also cover what knot to use when connecting to a mono or flouro leader. Combine these knots …

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